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Australian Criterium Championships

Brisbane, Australia, November 10, 2001

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It's McEwen again, one lap up

By Gareth Coco

Wet, wetter, wettest. Brisbane put on a wet, miserable day for the riders . The crowd huddled under umbrellas or sat in the cafes lining the race route as did the riders before and during the race.

The race started and riders started going out the back straight away. As the strung out peloton headed onto the back straight for the second lap, Nathan O'Neill and Robbie McEwen made a break which turned out to be the winning move. After 25 minutes they had lapped the field and first and second were decided. All the time riders were being dropped and just pulling out.

35 minutes later and there were three laps to go. The first would be the sprint for third and the final two were just for Robbie and Nathan to fight out the number one position.

There was confusion coming to the end of the first extra lap as several riders jumped for the finish - Jans Koerts (I think) took third. Next lap around the remaining riders are still going hard when the officials pulled them out. Several riders were not happy.
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McEwen wins
Photo: © Tim Francis

Robbie and Nathan took a slow final lap and onto the finishing straight, Robbie was ahead and won the race



1 Robbie McEwen (Aus) Domo-Farm Frites
2 Nathan O'Neill (Aus) Ceramiche Panaria
3 Jans Koerts (Ned) Mercury


Gilmore Wins 2001 Australian Criterium title

By Phil Wilson

Rochelle Gilmore once again showed that she is one of Australia's most dominant road sprinters by taking the Australian Criterium title for the 2nd consecutive year in Brisbane.
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Rochelle Gilmore
Photo: © Tim Francis

With fellow European based AIS team members, Sara Carrigan, Kim Shirley, Katie Mactier and professional Bridget Evans from Qld, the race was full of action.

Gilmore was the hot favourite for the 40 mins+3 lap race at the South Bank circuit, and took the bonus sprint at the half way point. But the more recognised endurance riders like Mactier, Carrigan and Shirley were constantly attacking against her, trying to tire her out for the sprint to the line, there were attacks right up until the last few laps.

In the end it all came together for Rochelle on the the day to seal the victory from Bridget Evans (Qld) and Katie Mactier (Vic).



1 Rochelle Gilmore (NSW)
2 Bridget Evans (Qld)
3 Katie Mactier (Vic)

Past Winners


2000 Brett Aitken


2000 Rochelle Gilmore (NSW)