35th Circuito del Porto - 1.6

Italy, May 6, 2001


By Brian Stephens, Australian team coach

The 35th Circuito del Porto was held just outside Cremona. The rain in the morning cleared to a fine day and the heavens waited until after the race to open up again. The race is run over 16 laps of a flat 11 km lap around Cremona's port area.

The Aussie team worked as well together as I have ever seen them. Every break that went down the road had a representative from the team. After many attempts, a break of 8 put distance into the main field with Scott Davis taking the intermediate sprints.

Everything came together on the last lap with Gene Bates getting involved in the next berak. It was short lived but Juro Alvisi managed to get clear of that group as the main group caught them. The bunch sprinted for 2nd with Allan Davis being pipped for 2nd by Yuriy Ivanov. Graeme Brown was 6th.

Results - 176 km

1 Juri Alvisi (Ita) Eternedile         3.53.45 (45.176 km/h)
2 Yuriy Ivanov (Ukr) Site Frezza          0.04
3 Allan Davis (Aus) AIS Australia 
4 Marco Gelain (Ita) Parolin 
5 Alberto Tomelli (Ita) Eternedile 
6 Grame Brown (Aus) AIS Australia 
21 Daniel Mackey (Aus) AIS Australia 

Sprints classification

1 Scott Davis (Aus) AIS Australia 
3 Gene Bates (Aus) AIS Australia