Results and Reports for May 25-27, 2001

USA - Road

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Cloudsplitter Classic - NE
Quad Cities Criterium
Tour of Somerville
Bound Brook Criterium
Burlington-to-Burlington RR
Snake Alley Criterium

Cloudsplitter Classic - NE

Lake Placid - Saranac Lake, NY, May 26-28, 2001


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Genevieve Jeanson
Photo: © Joseph Moore

The women's race result was never in doubt from the opening time trial as Genevieve Jeanson honed her skills at the Cloudsplitter Classic for this weekend's world cup race in Montreal.

Jeanson rode impressively, posting a time trial time that rivalled the best of the Pro, I, II men. She then helped teammate Amy Jarvis to the win in the Hell of the North Road Race and destroyed all in the final criterium, lapping the main field twice on a 1.2-mile course. New Zealand's Melissa Holt, after struggling with mechanical problems in the road race, managed to nail down second in the criterium despite being closely marked the entire race by Jeanson's Rona teammates Gabriela Gonzalez de Ferrat and Manon Jutras and Jarvis. Jarvis finished in second overall and Gonzalez de Ferrat was third.

The men's race was a different story, coming down to time bonuses in the final stage as the deciding factor. Despite considerable help from his Team Volkswagen teammates, Martin Gilbert was stripped of the race leader's jersey in the final sprint in the Saranac Lake criterium by Rocky Mountain's Lucas Curran, who took the win and the 15 seconds. Mike Kuhn of Aquafina-MHCS rounded out the top three overall.

Final GC Results

Pro 1/2 Men
1 Curran Lucas (Rocky Mountain)                        4.25.52
2 Martin Gilbert (Team Volkswagon)                        0.13
3 Mike Kuhn (Aquafina-MHCS)                               0.24
4 Francois Parisien (Team Volkswagon)                     0.24
5 Paul Rego (Atlas Cold Storage/ Ital Pasta)              0.42
6 Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold Storage/ Ital Pasta)         0.46
7 Todd Herriott (Gap/Strictly Bicycles/CRCA)              0.58
8 Nathaniel Hammond (Excite - Smartfuel)                  1.00
9 Adam Garlapaw (Shickluna)                               1.02
10 Eric Juzysta (GMBC/ Excite-Smartfuel)                  1.05
11 Osmond Bakker (Isotec)                                 1.10
12 Corey Jay (Team Volkswagon)                            1.14
13 Mike Jones (Central NY Cyclists)                       1.16
14 Martin St-Laurent (Team Volkswagon)                    1.18
15 Jason Priest (Century Road Club Association/Dash)      1.22
16 Zack Blaser (Aquafina)                                 1.23
17 Simon Small (Atals Cold Storage/ Ital Pasta)           1.24
18 Jeff Hanson (Atlas Cold Storage/ Ital Pasta)           1.32
19 Dan Maggiacconna (Jet Fuel)                            1.37
20 Sam Kopper (Sobe/Headshok)                             1.54
21 Jonathan Card (Saturn Of Toledo/Cane Creek)            3.40
22 Corey Gladish (Team Volkswagon)                        4.07
23 Roger Aspholm (westwood velo)                          4.08
24 Bruno Langlois (Team Volkswagon)                       7.42
25 Eric Takayama (GMBC/ Excite-Smartfuel)                11.50
26 Christopher Paton (Gears Racing)                      12.02
27 Michael Moore (Gears Racing)                          12.19
28 Martin Nuckle (Team Volkswagon)                       12.22
29 Mike Larochelle (Isotec)                              16.42
30 John Roden (Shickluna)                                16.51
31 Shawn Milne (Wheelworks-Cannondale)                   17.01
32 Robert Bailey (Excite Smartfuel)                      18.21
33 Eugene Boronow (Century- SBCG)                        18.36
34 Amos Brumble (CCB/Volkswagon)                         21.29
35 Christopher Garlapaw (Shickluna)                      21.53
36 Jeff Craddock (CCB/Volkswagon)                        22.35
37 Josh Davison (CRCA/ Renissance)      26.47
38 Daniel Levesque (Excite/Smartfuel)                    28.58
DNF J.D. Bilodeau (NCC /
DNF Lincoln Brown (Excite-SmartFUEL)
DNF Pascal Choquette (Team Volkswagon)
DNF Ian Carleton (Excite-Smartfuel)
DNF Chad Davis (GAP/Strictly Bicycles)
DNF Mark Hekman (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles)
DNF Andrew Hickman (Gears Racing)
DNF Stirling Mcarthur (Gears Racing)
DNF Matt Loftus (NCC /
DNF Ryan Pinkham (Wheelworks-Cannondale)
DNF Darrien Rush (Atlas Cold Storage/ Ital Pasta)
DNF Marc Andre Salois (Team Volkswagon)
DNF Pat Shea (Atlas Cold Storage/ Ital Pasta)
DNF Todd Turner (Chris Cookies/ Swan Cycles)
DNF Bret + Williamson (Kissena)
DNF Jason Skalski (Shickluna)
DNF Matt Kings (Independent)
DNF Chad Crochowina (Jet Fuel)
DNF Thad Lavallee (CCB/Volkswagon)
Pro 1/2 Women
1 Genevieve Jeanson (Rona)                             4.30.20
2 Amy Jarvis (Rona)                                       6.27
3 Gabriela Gonzalez De Ferrat (Rona)                     16.09
4 Manon Jutras (Rona)                                    16.15
5 Melanie Claude (Bermuda National Team)                 24.01
6 Melissa Holt (Pittsburgh Cycling Club)                 30.04
7 Raphaelle Lemieux (Rona)                               32.00
8 Ann Marie Miller (Gearworks/SRP)                       33.54
9 Nina Strika (RLX Polo Sport)                           34.23
10 Kirsten Grasshoff (Wheelworks/IF)                     34.31
11 Sophia Radecki                                        34.41
12 Sheri Frasher                                         34.51
13 Julia Hawley (CTS / Cranford)                         37.54
14 Brenda Bahnson (Wheelworks/IF)                        38.55
15 Lenore Imhof (CTS / Cranford)                         58.38
DNF Melanie Dorion (Andre Lalonde Sports)
DNF Kathy Sarvary (MidState Cycling Club)
DNF Michele Smith (Wheelworks/IF)
DNF Tara Parsons (CRCA/ RLX Polo Sport)
DNF Julie Walsh (RLX Polo Sport)
DNF Allyson Fox (Talgo America)
Cat 3 Men
1 Robert Hacker (Evolution Racing)                     3.44.05
2 Seth Hosmer (NH Cycling Club)                           0.55
3 Ian Beilby (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)                1.10
4 Greg Allen (CRCA/union square cafe)                     1.23
5 Todd Rowell (NEBC/Cycle Loft)                           1.29
6 Nathanael Ziccardi (PDQ cleveland)                      1.30
7 Matt Boobar (rockshox/ watervile valley)                1.39
8 Ross Krause (NCC /                         1.43
9 James Mathews (Dartmouth College Cycling)               1.45
10 Mukunda Feldman (NCC /                    1.47
11 Lawrence Perera (Essex County Velo)                    1.48
12 Bill Bither (BCA/Tosk)                                 1.49
13 Tyler Wren                                             1.56
14 Michael Barton                                         1.58
15 Matt Hawkins                                           2.43
16 Derek Walsh (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)              4.58
17 Christopher Delisle (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)      5.22
18 Mark Alden (Westwood Velo)                             6.18
19 Jeff Leake (NCC /                         7.28
20 Peter Stewart (Peoplesoft/ UVM)                        8.00
21 John Podesta (DASH)                                    8.13
22 Peter Schildt (Wistahickon)                            9.15
23 Chad Butts (Central New York Cyclists)                 9.18
24 Conor Coffey (CCb/Volkswagon)                          9.54
25 Mike Swanwick (Chris Cookies/Swan Cycle)               9.58
26 Jeff Gauthier (GMBC/Excite/Smartfuel)                 10.09
27 Troy Kimball (Westwood Velo Cycling Team)             10.37
28 Brian Weightman (NCVC/ Spokes Etc.)                   10.41
29 Dan Staffo (Handlebars cycling co.)                   11.26
30 Ryan Mele (NECSA/FRAYSEE)                             12.53
31 Jeff Demarest (Team Army-USAC)                        14.34
32 Harold Chan (                            22.58
33 David Youngblood (NCC /                  23.10
34 Christopher Bushover                                  27.01
35 Eric Goodson (Boston Road Club)                       27.08
36 Percy Carter (First State Velo Sport)                 30.49
DNF Eric Bowker (Catamount Cycling Club)
DNF Andrew Boxer (Killington-Pico Cycling Club)
DNF Dylan Brillhart (Team Aquafina)
DNF John Caruso (Carl Hart/GBSC)
DNF George Fisk (capital bicycle racing club)
DNF Jason Grover (espoir de laval)
DNF Nicholas Johnson (Wissahickon Cyclery)
DNF Dan Kane (Chris Cookies/ Swan Cycle)
DNF Mat Katz (corner cycle)
DNF Jeremy Krupat (Verge/Test Pilot)
DNF Craig Labadie (NCC /
DNF James Mcdade (CRCA/
DNF John Morrell (Corner Cycle)
DNF Edward C Parsons Jr (Laurel Bicycle Club)
DNF Russ Pfister (Watchung Wheelman)
DNF Matthew Quinn (GMBC)
DNF Andrew Riss (CRCA/AXIS)
DNF Mike Spangenberg (BCA/TOSK)
DNF Isaac St Martin (NHCC)
DNF Paul Stanton (Saturn of Toledo)
DNF Mike Sutter (westwood velo)
DNF Brian Thompson (Chris Cookies/ Swan Cycles)
DNF Michael Todrin (NCC /
DNF Glenn Turner (Wissahickon Cyclery)
DNF Tim Tobbe (Chris Cookies/ Swan Cycles)
Cat 4 Men
1 John Van Vranken (Univ. of Vermont / Schwinn)        3.36.08
2 Kevin Bouchard-Hall (University of Vermont)             1.40
3 Thomas Pennell (CRCA - Union Square Cafe)               4.42
4 M. Justin Lubeley (                     4.49
5 Shepherd Myers (Web Event/hvvc)                         4.52
6 Erik Schmidt (OOC)                                      8.36
7 Jeffrey Fisher (Maine Cycling Club)                     9.06
8 Scott Korhonem (GMBC-Excite/Smartfuel)                  9.23
9 Brian Stevenson (Mercer-Bucks cycling Club/Harts)       9.31
10 Jamey Driscoll (GMBC Excite smartFUEL)                 9.38
11 Steven Burget (Shickluna/BBC)                          9.40
12 Steven Kramer (Lebanon Valley Velo)                    9.41
13 John Nale (NCVC)                                       9.59
14 Damon Parke (Team Rage/Harpoon)                       10.16
15 Rick Trojanowski (essex county velo)                  10.49
16 John Michael Hackett (Killington-Pico Cycling Club)   12.26
17 Ryan Themig (Boston Bicycle Club/B2C)                 12.36
18 Ben Kubas                                             12.45
19 Jed Kornbluh (RC Cola/Cheerleaders)                   12.54
20 Tim Huneck (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)              13.00
21 Blake Booysen (Boston Road Club)                      13.04
22 Mike Carney (Team Harrisburg)                         13.06
23 Miroslav Koulnis (UVM)                                13.15
24 Paul Mcdonnell (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)          13.23
25 David O'brien (NA)                                    15.02
26 Ben Turits (CNYC)                                     15.10
27 Greg Fiore (N/A)                                      15.16
28 Keith Jennings (NECSA)                                15.36
29 Robert Hanlon (FLCC)                                  15.55
30 Dean Miller (Team Liquid Motion)                      16.02
31 Gregory Chase (CNYC)                                  16.23
32 Steve Kundman (Hites Bikes/Fox Velo)                  17.08
33 Adam Milligan (Pro Peloton Velo)                      17.24
34 Andrew Diekema (Onondaga Cycling Club)                17.31
35 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine CC)                 18.02
36 Jason Eley (uvm)                                      18.17
37 Michael Mchale (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)          18.19
38 Kevin Farley (BCA/Tosk)                               18.24
39 Alvin Nordell (NCC)                                   18.27
40 David Rose (Northeast Bicycle Club-NEBC)              18.33
41 Darin Shriver                                         19.05
42 John Schwarz                                          19.39
43 Brad Ferguson                                         19.47
44 Marc Davidoff (Mercer Bucks Cycling Club/)            20.00
45 Tom Mcclure (Mercer Bucks Cycle Club)                 21.40
46 Craig Milano (HVVC web                     23.05
47 Bernard Landa (BCA/Tosk)                              23.16
48 Andy Fleming                                          24.16
49 Steven Bonadio (NEBC/Cycle Loft)                      24.36
50 Christian Schwabe (Shickluna)                         25.24
51 Oscar Purwin (NHCC/S&W Sports)                        26.05
52 Jeff Alexander (Team Roar)                            26.27
53 Anthony Rotter                                        27.09
54 Kevin Putnam                                          27.13
55 Vinnie Gruss                                          30.24
56 Christian Nooney (GMBC/Excite-Smartfuel)              33.12
57 David Macleod (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)           34.34
58 George Stergiou (New Hampshire Cycling Club)          34.39
59 Brian Butts                                           35.08
60 Jason Waliger                                         37.59
61 Emil Bakke (Montclair Cyclists Racing)                39.42
62 Derrick Dumoulin (New Canaan Cycling Club)            42.16
63 John Rotations                                        44.39
64 John Mele (TRBC/TREK)                                 46.58
DNF Doug Allen
DNF Matt Beaugard (Penn State Univ/Philadelphia)
DNF Tim Bingham (Team Syracuse/Occ)
DNF Paul Brubaker (Northeast Bicycle Club)
DNF Jeff Cash (Unattached)
DNF Peter Cummings (Buffalo& Erie Bicycling Club)
DNF Charles Dietz
DNF Ted Erkkila (CBRC)
DNF Daniel Giger (Setanta CRCA)
DNF Bill Haslett (Sunapee - Banagans)
DNF Michael Peters (Team Harrisburg)
DNF Jay Provencher (Earl's Cyclery)
DNF John Saint (Team Syracuse)
DNF Richard Sherman
DNF Shawn Standen (Green Mountain Bike Club)
DNF Chris Tidd (Genesse Valley Cycling Club)
DNF Anthony Vinciquerra (Onondaga Cycling/Team Syracuse)
DNF Ken Warner (Team Harrisburg)
DNF James Weightman (Ashby Street Racing)
DNF Owen Wood (Team Towners)
DNF Greg Borzilleri
DNF Jordan Handy
DNF Heikki Hall
DNF Patrick Rabice
DNF John Todd
Cat 3/4 Women
1 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP)                       4.06.43
2 Shauna Gillies-Smith (Gearworks/SRP)                    0.15
3 Kate Sherwin (Dartmouth)                                0.35
4 Laura Schmidt (Verizon Wireless)                        0.38
5 Sara Barker (                              0.57
6 Aimee Vasse (Wheelworks/Independent Fabrication)        1.39
7 Penny Buchar (                             2.55
8 Caroline Hacker (Evolution Racing)                      4.15
9 Megan Morse (Independent Fabrications)                  4.28
10 Susan Fredrickson (BOB)                                4.51
11 Beth Renaud (CRCA/WSF Setanta)                         5.11
12 Frances Harrison (CRCA/WSF Setanta)                    5.16
13 Janet Proctor (Sunapee-Banagans)                       8.24
14 Sara Cushman (Gearworks/SRP)                           8.35
15 Ann Mullen (SBCG/Century Road Club)                    8.56
16 Nina La Rosa (Excite/SmartFUEL/GMBC)                   9.01
17 Sylvie Burlot (CRCA, RLX Polo)                        11.09
18 Loren Launen (CRCA (Renaissance-Dash))                11.22
19 Christina Malin (GMBC/ Excite-Smartfuel)              11.24
20 Kristi Roberts (Setanta/CRCA)                         14.10
21 Regina Hammond (CRCA)                                 20.15
22 Susan Del Pino (CORNER CYCLE)                         22.43
23 Rachel Brown (NCC/                        23.15
24 Andrea Grossman (CRCA/Dash-Renaissance)               24.43
25 Donna Anderson (Evolution Racing)                     32.53
26 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)                     33.39
DNF Pamela Bonin (Unaffiliated)
DNF Jaimie Epstein (Dash Renaissance/CRCA)
DNF Katherine Farago (NEBC/Cycleloft)
DNF Lynn Faulhaber (CRCA/Dash-Renaissance)
DNF Leslie Jennings (CRCA - SBCG)
DNF Jane Kenyon (RLX/Polo Sport/CRCA)
DNF Jennifer Williams (Tom's Pro Bike Shop/Buffalo BC)
DNF Zuzana Ecerona (Espoirs De Laval)
DNF Christine Lemerise (BU)
DNF Robin Reed (RLX/Polo Sport/CRCA)
DNF Erin Farnsworth (Gearworks/SRP)
DNF Jaryn Finch (Future Champions)
DNF Veronica Jennings
Master 30+ Men
1 John Mckone (GMBC/Excite-Smartfuel)                  3.42.28
2 Glenn Swan (CTS/Velocity)                               2.44
3 William Caligari (Berkshire Cycling Association)        3.10
4 Andy Ruiz (smart fuel-excite-gmbc)                      3.27
5 Brian Wirtz (Zephyr Cycling Team)                       3.40
6 William Yabroudy (AFD)                                  3.42
7 Robert Mann (Union Cycling)                             3.46
8 Enrique Cubillo (Keith Haring Foundation)               3.55
9 Ben Bourne (                           4.04
10 Morgan Stebbins (CTS (Charmichael Training Systems)    6.33
11 Benjamin Haydock (GMBC/Excite-smartFUEL)              10.09
12 John Tomlinson (Century-SBCG)                         11.36
13 Craig Bertoldi (Essex County Velo)                    21.16
14 Martin Brudha (Montreal)                              23.50
15 Paul Marchese (Excite-Smart Fuel)                     23.50
16 Geoffrey House (bca/tosk)                             24.13
17 Dennis Osowski (Summit Freewheelers)                  27.41
18 James Escobar (New Canaan Cycling Club)               30.14
DNF Michael Lalune (Cornwall CC)
Master Men 45+
1 David Rath (GMBC Excite/SmartFUEL)                   3.47.55
2 Timothy Groesbeck (CCB International/Volkswagen)        2.01
3 Stephen Simpson (C.T.S. / Velocity)                     2.24
4 Jonathan Howard (Zephyr Cycling Team, Inc.)             2.56
5 Gordon Clarke (NEWMARKET EAGLES)                        3.03
6 William Sawyer (NEBC)                                   7.06
7 Attilio Nicosia (Shickluna)                             8.46
8 Donald Chickering (                       11.04
9 Neil Hendry (Newmarket Eagles)                         16.19
10 Thomas Cooper (NEBC Cycle Loft/EMC)                   17.00
11 Gary Gurney (CBRC)                                    17.06
DNF Igor Moskalev
DNF Peter Johnson (Genesee Valley Cycling Club)
DNF Peter Wilson (Cyclonauts Racers, Inc.)
DNF Jerry Collette
DNF Dana Castro (Zephyr Cyliing Team)
DNF Keith Smith (Cornwall CC)
DNF Robert Ketchen
DNF Roman Paczka (Twilight)
DNF David Thomashow, Md (Team ROAR)
DNF Len Battifarano (CRCA)
DNF Justin Crocker (Excite-Smartfuel)

Courtesy of Joseph Moore

Quad Cities Criterium

Rock Island, IL, May 29, 2001


By Jason Waddell

This is the last race of the four race Memorial Day weekend. They save the big money race for the last day and the Pro 1/2 field was vying for the $9000 prize list.

The course is laid out in a figure 8 that connects in the center so that fans get many view points of the race from one location. The course is flat as a board and the turns are wide enough that you have no need to brake at all. The average speed on this course is easily around 30mph.

The race itself was full of attacks and no attack lasted longer than 5 laps of the 48 lap race. With the speed super high and with no breakaway attempt having the right make-up of riders the field sprint seemed inevitable.

Riders were not content with this and with only three laps to go there was a group of 5 off the front of a group of around 8 chasing them with the remaining field of the 151 man field that started.

With only 2 laps remaining the whole of the field was together again and the race was on. On the back side with half a lap to go Steve Cate (Mercy Fitness) jumped and was immediately covered by Robbie Ventura (US Postal) and Paul Martin (Go Mart). With Cate leading out of the last turn Ventura had a free ride to the finish with Martin taking second with Cate third.

Results - 48 laps

1 Robbie Ventura (USPS)
2 Paul Martin (GoMart)
3 Steve Cate (Mercy Fitness)
4 Jason Waddell (

Results and report courtesy of Jason Waddell 

Past winners

2001 (2) Robbie Ventura (USA) 
1999 Steve Sevener (USA)
1998 Chris Washkevich (Can)
1997 Robbie Ventura (USA)

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin

Tour of Somerville

Somerville, NJ, May 28, 2001

Wohlberg and Underwoord win Tour of Somerville

Saturn's Eric Wohlberg and Fuji's Christina Underwood took the honours in the 2001 Tour of Somerville, that was held on the Monday of the Memorial Day weekend. The cyclists were competing in one of the USA's oldest races, in front of a 20,000 strong crowd.

The men's race was 100 kilometres, with the deciding break occurring at 20 laps to go. A group of 9 escaped, and took nearly a minute over the field. Tim Johnson, Eric Wohlberg (Saturn), Mark Walters (Navigators), Kirk Willet (Prime Alliance) and Snow Valley's Jonathon Wirsing were included in the break.

With 4 laps to go, Walters made an threatening attack, managing to open up a 15 second gap. Wolhberg and Wirsing quickly closed it down, and caught Walters on the last lap. Wohlberg's sprint was too good for the other two, and he finished ahead of Wirsing and Walters.

In the 40 km women's race, all of the early breaks were chased down by the sprinters teams on the falt circuit. Belgian rider Stephanie Hannos (VeriZon) attacked, with Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn) taking her wheel. The pair looked to have the race won, but's Tina Mayolo fancied herself in a bunch sprint, and told teammate Marjon Marik to pull them back.

Marik did the job, and with two laps to go, it was all back together. Mayolo was headed for the win as she came round the final corner, until Christina Underwood (Fuji) came around her. In a close finish, 35 year old Underwood just got her wheel in front of Mayolo for the win.



1 Christina Underwood (Fuji) 
2 Tina Mayolo ( 
3 Laura Van Guilder (Verizon Wireless) 
4 Lauren Franges (Tri State Velo) 
5 Shannon Hutchinson (Litespeed Atlanta) 


1 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn Cycling Team) 
2 Jonathon Wirsing (Snow Valley) 
3 Mark Walters (Navigators) 
Past winners
2001 (2) Eric Wohlberg (Can) 
2000 Jonas Carney (USA)
1999 Eric Wohlberg (Can)
1998 Jonas Carney (USA)
1997 Brett Aitken (AUS)
1996 Julian Dean (NZl)
1995 Jason Snow (USA)
1994 Jame Carney (USA)
1993 ???
1992 Jonas Carney (USA)

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin

Bound Brook Criterium

Somerville, NJ, May 27, 2001


Newly signed Saturn Rider, Kristy Scrymgeour, won her first race for the Saturn Team today.

Competing at the Bound Brook Criterium in New Jersey, Scrymgeour and her Saturn teammates dominated the 15-mile flat criterium. Saturn's Kim Davidge and Ashley Kimmet were aggressive throughout the race, but it was not until five laps to go that Scrymgeour was able to escape the relatively small women's field. With the aid of her teammates, Scrymgeour's gap opened to 35 seconds by the last lap. Laura Van Gilder (Verizon) won the field sprint for second over Tanya Duff Miller. Kimmet and Davidge both placed in the top ten.

The Men's race was held on the same flat four-corner course. Saturn's Eric Wohlberg was in an early break with 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist Marty Nothstein which never gained more than a few seconds. When this was reabsorbed, the winning break formed containing Wohlberg, Oleg Grichkine (Navigators), Kevin Monahan (7-Up) and Charlie Eisendorf (Mengoni). The break nearly lapped the field, gaining 1:27 on the remaining chasing group of 15. In the finish it was Grichkine over Monahan. Wohlberg was third over Eisendorf.



1 Kristy Scrymgeour (Saturn Cycling Team) 
2 Laura Van Guilder (Verizon) 
3 Tanya Duff Miller (Counties Manuka) 
4 Sara Uhl (Trek) 
5 Roz Reekie May (Morrinsville Wheels) 
7 Ashley Kimmet (Saturn Cycling Team) 
9 Kim Davidge (Saturn Cycling Team) 


1 Oleg Grichkine (Navigators) 
2 Kevin Monahan (7-Up) 
3 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn Cycling Team) 
4 Charlie Eisendorf (Mengoni) 
5 Franky Van Haesebroucke (Navigators) 

Burlington-to-Burlington RR

May 25, 2001

Results (80 miles)

Cat 1/2/3/Pro

1 Robbie Ventura (U.S.Postal)
2 Jim Baldesare (Geo Mart)
3 Jason Waddell (
4 Frank Pipp (CZ Velo)
5 Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)
6 Darren Pipp (CZ Velo)
7 Tommy Wilson (Best of the Bay Cyclists)
8 Andrew Broas (
9 Brian Forbes (Jelly Belly)
10 Drew Deters (Atlanta Cycling)
11 Steve Josephy (THF Racing)
12 Gustavo Carrillo (Bianchi/Grand Peformance)
13 Steve Tilford (Moots/Shimano)
14 Ryan Barnett (
15 Norman Carter (Jelly Belly)
16 Chad Dean (Brazen Dropouts)
17 Phil Southerland (Zaxby's Cycling Team)
18 Darryl Uhcer (Cityscape/Higher Gear)
19 Nat Campbell (Morgul-Bismark/Vitamin Cottage)
20 Jeff Kramer (CZ Velo/ Pillar Level Valley)
21 Michael Cragun (KCBC)
23 Joshua Carter (C.Bike.Com)
24 Paul Ellis (Cityscape-Highergear)
25 Ben Huff (Vitamin Cottage/Margul Bismark)

Cat 4/5

1 Justin Rumley (ISU Cycling)
2 Rob Oberbeck (Nova/15Corp)
3 Jeff Sall 
4 Justin Hyde (ICCC)
5 Marc Hollander (Divice/DMO's/Bike World/Impact)
6 Shawn Harless (Morris Trucking)
7 Mike Papini (Quad City Bike Club)
8 Alex Ihnen (Tortuga)
9 Matt Billingsley 
10 Chad Martel (Mack)
11 Richard Adamczyk (Team Mack)
12 Eric Melton 
13 Jon Yetley (Two Bee)
14 Tone Burke (Il State Bike Club)
15 Adam Froemming (Flanders)
16 Chris McIntyre 
17 Jonathan Kloppenburg (Alterra Coffee)
18 Christopher Reed (ICCC)
19 Ben Danhoff (Vanatched)
20 JAck West (ISU Cycling)
21 Craig Buhman 
23 Benjamin Coles (Wheatland)
24 Jon Edgington 
25 Jeffrey VanDuyne 
26 Jason Ribando 
27 Joe Andrews 
28 Conn Day (Two Bee Racing)
29 John Danzer 
30 Richard Fristik (QCBC / Swiss Valley)
31 Mike Morrison (unattached)
32 Douglas Whyte (University of Iowa)
33 Tom Erps (Swiss Valley)
34 James Kinsinger (COBRAS)
36 Mike Benson (SwissValley/Q.C.Bike Club)
38 Craig Bissell (Wheeler's Racing)
39 Timothy Case (Sqvadra Covlsa)
40 Shane Ellickson (Two Bee)
43 Andrew Durbin (Hawkeye)
44 Mark Reynolds 
45 Joe Taber (Hinckley Springs)
46 Richard Gilmore (Des Moines)
47 Rob Keller 
48 Mike Hunter (BikeBurlington)
49 Joe Holt 
50 Tony Gordon (QCBC)
51 William Boyd (ABD Cycle Club)
52 Dave Binder (XXX Racing)
53 Patrick Leslie (Stoten Cycles)
54 Michael Shover (XXX Racing)
55 Catherine Walberg (Trek/Volks)
56 Thomas Harrington (Quad Cities Bicycle Club)
58 Jason Broderson (Athletic Junction)
59 Steven Junge (Hawkeye)
61 Damin Thomas (Melon City)
63 Chris Ribando (Velo Force)
64 Tracy Thompson (Bike Burlington)
65 Joseph Tragesser (DMCC/DMOS)
66 Christopher Maharry (Midwest Rolling Thunder)
67 Jim Logan (DMCC/DMOS)

Snake Alley Criterium

May 26, 2001


Cat 1/2/Pro

1 Jason McCartney (JellyBelly)
2 John Lieswyn (7up/Colorado Cyclist)
3 Steve Tilford (Moots/Shimano)
4 Jed Schneider (KCBC)
5 Paul Martin (Gomart)
6 Dale Sedgwich (Bianchi-Turkey Store)
7 Robbie Ventura (U.S.Postal)
8 Brian Sheedy (Cityscape - Higher Gear)
9 Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
10 Dewey Dickey (Bianchi/Turkey Store/Grand Perf.)
11 Christian Davenport (River City Racing Club)
12 Bill Stolte (Wheatland Cycling Team)
13 Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)
14 Gustavo Carrillo (Grand Performance)
15 Benjamin Sharp (Mom)
16 Andrew Broas (Reality
17 Jon Tarkington (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark)
18 Christian McCarthy (FCRC-Trek/VW)
19 Nat Campbell (Morgul-Bismark/Vitamin Cottage)
20 Michael Kehrberg (Team Tortuga)
21 Frank Dierking (Great Dane Velo Club)
22 David Wolfe (Morris Trucking)
23 Ben Raby (Athletes by Design)
24 Darryl Uhler (Cityscape - Higher Gear)
25 Rusty Miller (Zaxby's Cycling Team)
26 Dan Possley (Atheletes By Design)
27 Greg Krisko (Cityscape-Higher Gear)
28 Kenny Labbe (U.S.Postal)
29 Bret Crosby (Hybrid Racing)
30 Matthew Gates (Super Team Racing)
31 Kevin Hankens (Iowa City Cycling Club)
32 Ben Huff (Vitamin Cottage/Margul Bismark)
33 Tracy Smith (Velo Force)
34 Ryan Nenninger (Hinckley Springs Racing Team)

Cat 3 (19-29)

1 Brian Schaning (PCW Cycling Inc)
2 Bryce Mead (TREK VW)
3 Tony Kisch (ICCC)
4 Brian Heneghan (Webcoe/Alta Velo)
5 Erik Tomlinson (XXX Racing)
6 Brian Eppen (Cannondale Midwest)
7 Chad Cagle (Sun and Ski)
8 Jim Holmes (Cannondale Midwst Cycling)
9 Jad Sutton (RCRC)
10 Aaron Rukgabar (ICCC)
11 John Seehafer (Pro Peloton Velo)
12 Aron Huerta (Mercy)
13 Darin Schlake (OBCR/Fisher)
14 Jason Ozenberger (Earth Riders Racing)
15 Jerry Witham (Bicycle Stop)
16 Lee Venteicher (Cannondale Midwest)
17 Adam Froemming (Flanders)
18 Robert Schrank (Joy Mix)
19 Christopher Mount (UCUC)
20 Jason Mount (Morris Trucking)
21 Brian Schwaller 
22 Chris Ramsey (XXX RAcing)
23 Joshua Udall (Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro)
24 Jason Pratt (CRRC/Mathis
25 Jeffrey Jones (Sunset Cyclery)
26 David Kay (Bellin)

Women Open

1 Catherine Walberg (Trek-VW Midwest)
2 Christine Miller (Trek Volkswagen Midwest)
3 Cynthia Mommsen (The Olympic Club)
4 Brenda Black (Boise Cascade Office Products)
5 Sherri Stedje (BBC/Schwinn)
6 Amy Matson-Hyland (Trek/VW Midwest)
7 Jody Koch (Trek-Volkswagen Midwest)
8 Natalie Visser (Team Museum Cycling)
9 Beth Leasure (AST)
10 Suzanne Johnson (Museum Cycling Team)
11 Shelly Wilson (Ann Arbor Velo)
12 Amy Babcock (Trek VW)

Women Cat 4

1 Shannon Walsh (Trek/VW Midwest)
2 Kristen Meshberg (Trek-Volkswagen Midwest)
3 Sarah Tillotson (XXX Racing)
4 Andrea Mugge (Cannondale Midwest)
5 Francine Chavez (Alberto's Sport)
6 Anita Chelette-Cunningham (Apache)
7 Julie Snell (Trek-Volkswagon)
8 Krista Rettig (Capitol Velo)
9 Randi Ritter (Tortuga)
10 Tamara Wilm (TDS/Telecom)
11 Monique Karlen (TDS Telecom/Capitol Velo)
12 Laura Morgan (TDS Telecom)
13 Jessica Tschampa (Hinkley Springs)
14 Natalie Jacobson (CVC/TDS Telecom)
15 Laurel Stevens (Smart Cycling)
16 Jenni Snavely (Hinkley Springs)

Masters 30+ Cat 4/5

1 Chad Martel (Mack)
2 Doug Manno (Red Rock Velo)
3 Tracy Thompson (Bike Burlington)
4 Chris Martel (Team Mack Racing)
5 John Boyd (N/A)
6 Jon Hahn (Apache Racing)

Cat 4

1 Alex Ihnen (Tortuga)
2 Alex Hahn (Apache)
3 Jonathan Kloppenburg (Alterra Coffee)
4 Micah Moran (Boulevard/Diablo)
5 Aaron Bolton (Lindsey Wison College)
6 Aaron Bobinsky 
8 Micha(el Zycinski Indiana Univ)
9 Michael Murdin (Seattle Velo. Armundo's)
10 James Lennon (PCW Cycles)
11 Craig Sweeney (University of Colorado)
12 Mark Desjardin 
13 Marc (Hollander Divice/DMO's/Bike World/Impact)
14 Matt Gaines (Team Apache)
15 Bryan Happel (Big Shark)
16 David Sachs (Alberto's Sport)
17 Joshua Lukins (DMCC/DMOS)
18 Jeff Tackbary (Bicicletta)
19 Cassel Lessinger (Hinckley Springs Racing Team)
20 Adrian Redd (XXX Racing)
21 David Smathers (CRRC Mathis Brothers)
22 Scott Kuzminski (Team Kaos/UNMC)
23 Petar Tomich (Valley Bike & Sport)
24 Thomas Clark (Brazen Dropouts)
25 Chad Vandelune (Max Vandelune)

Cat 5/Citizen

1 Tom Burke (Illinois State University)
2 Jason Ribando 
3 Timothy (Case Squadra Covlsa)
4 Clint Halley (Athletic Junction)
5 Jeffrey Whiteman 
6 John Lee
7 Chris McIntyre 
8 Shane El(lickson Two Bee Racing)
9 Chris Strout 
10 Mark Rey(nolds )
11 Jayson Blackowicz (Proctor Racing)

Masters 30+

1 Brian McGuire (The Olympic Club)
2 Scott Wade (Gearworks)
3 Ben Neff (Brazen Dropouts)
4 Michael McShane (Sam Swope/Roark)
5 Paul Nilsen (Brazen Dropouts)
6 Stephen Spencer (Auto
7 Frank Jakofcich (KCBC)
8 Dave Stedje (BBC/Schwinn)
9 Andrew O'Gunn (St.Louis CC)
10 Derrick Nickel (Cody Racing)
11 Matthew Stewart (Fox River Schwinn)
12 Paul Swinard (Cityscape/Highergear)
13 Greg Wiex (Team Wisconsin)
14 Marco Vasquez (Team KAOS NHS/UNMC)
15 Richard Nelson (Team Motoqua)
16 Scott Wall (DesMoines Cycle Club)
17 Steve Meek (Teri Meek)
18 Greg Springborn (Peoria Bicycle)
19 Darrell Bratton (Team Mack Racing)
20 John Handlogten 
21 Eric McRae (ABD)
22 David Lippold (KCBC)
23 Lynn Neir (Wheelers)

Masters 40+

1 Scott Wade (Gearworks)
2 Richard Nelson (Team Motoqua)
3 Thomas Price (Allegheny Cycling/Guiness/GT)
4 Paul Hahn (Apache)
5 Steve Hall (Velo Force)
6 Bruce Tanner (KCBC Racing Team)
7 Peter Erdoes (CRRC-Mathis Brothers)
8 Charles Townsend (Bianchi/Grand Performance)
9 Bill Crum (Velo Force)
10 Gus Ferrer (Damiani)
11 Barry White (Apache)
12 Kevin Noone (Children First Cycling Team)
13 Dan Dubes (Team Bissell)
14 Chris Rassekh (Allegheny Cycling/Guinnes/GT/MENT)
15 Bob Foote (St Louis Cycling Club)
16 Mark Olson (South Chicago Wheelman)
17 Rick Toler (Team Dayton 2003)
18 Scott O'Dell (Northwave)

Masters 50+

1 Scott Dickson (KCBC)
2 Larry Fitz (Northwave Midwest Masters)
3 Jim McDonald (Columbia Bike Club)
4 Robert Brust (RCRC)
5 Ian Lochridge (Team Apache)
6 Raymond Sapp (Columbia Race Team)
7 Mick Mathews (Brazen Dropouts)
8 Richard Adamczyk (Team Mack)
9 Michael Lavery (Northwave Midwest Masters)
10 Don Severns (Bike Burlington)
11 James Kinsinger (COBRAS)
12 James Stephens (Team Apache)
13 Claus Claussen (St.Louis Cycling Club)

Juniors 10-12

1 Michael Beard (Ann Arbor Velo Club)
2 Ben Schneider (BikeBurlington)
3 Michael Sanders (Bicycles Unlimited)

Juniors 13-14

1 Alexander Boyd 
2 Tim Cable (Bike Burlington)
3 Alex McManis (Bike Burlington)
4 Charish Minard (Bike Burlington)
5 Matt Marshall (Bickel's)


1 Michael Lange (NOVA/IS Corp)
2 Mike House (Go-Mart)
3 Chad Kilawee (Nova Cycle Sport)
4 Nicholas Reistad (NOVA/ISCORP)
5 Andy Bettinger (Nova IS Corp)
6 Andrew Bates (Nova/Iscorp)
7 Chris Goettig (Nova/Is Corp.)
8 John Eggebrecht (Nova/IS Corp)
9 Andy Odell (Nova/IS corp)
10 Rob Oberbeck (Nova/ISCorp)
11 Sal Rizzo (Athletes by Design)
12 Zach Carrett (Columbia Bike Club)
13 Stephen Saye (Hinckley Springs/IBRS)