Cykeltouren - NE

Sweden, May 22-27, 2001

 Stage list    Start list 

The Stages

  • Stage 1a - May 22: Garphyttan - Ånnaboda, 3.8 km ITT
  • Stage 1b - May 22: Ånnaboda - Kumla, 108.3 km
  • Stage 2 - May 23: Kumla - Laxå, 165.7 km
  • Stage 3 - May 24: Örebro - Karlskoga, 147.4 km
  • Stage 4 - May 25: Ånnaboda - Hällefors, 178.2 km
  • Stage 5 - May 26: Hällefors - Kopparberg, 159.6 km
  • Stage 6 - May 27: Kopparberg - Örebro, 149.3 km


Two years ago Bergslagstouren, a four days stage race, was held as a warm up for the Tour of Sweden. Last year troubles with the road authorities stopped the race but now the Örebro County Cycling federation and the clubs in the area are back with a new tour better than ever.

The race covers seven stages in six days ant this time features a Dutch top amateur squad, MGI Fietsen, that rode the Tour of Sweden last year. John Talen is the top name among the Dutch. A Danish national team with Jimmy Hansen from Team Fakta and veteran track ace Jimmi Madsen is the other top number among the foreign teams. For the Swedish riders this is the chance to prove that they are worthy of a spot in some of the national teams in the Tour of Sweden in a few weeks time.

Starting list

Falu cykelklubb                Team Dole/FKT

Daniel Söderström (Swe)        Mattias Carlsson (Swe)
Stefan Carlsson (Swe)          Mattias Carlzon (Swe)
Magnus Lömäng (Swe)            Henrik Edvardsson (Swe)
Patrik Stark (Swe)             Robert Nilsson (Swe)
Joakim Tjärnlund (Swe)         Fredrik Lindberg (Swe)
Peter Resar (Swe)              Niklas Rönnerling (Swe)

Team Velodrom/Falkenbergs CK   Team Västerås CK

Mikael Andersson (Swe)         Fredrik Johansson (Swe)
Magnus Albertsson (Swe)        David Johansson (Swe)
Mattias Eriksson (Swe)         Lars Johansson (Swe)
Anders Julin (Swe)             Fredrik Lundblad (Swe)
Johan Svensson (Swe)           Peter Lundblad (Swe)
Martin Axelsson (Swe)          Tobias Nilsson (Swe)

Upsala CK                      Danish National Team

Markus Andersson (Swe)         Jesper Larsen (Den)
Jan Mattsson (Swe)             Jimmy Hansen (Den)
Viktor Sjöström (Swe)          Jimmy Madsen (Den)
Tobias Stridsberg (Swe)        Ari Hojgaard (Den)
Jonas Emanuelsson (Swe)        Jacob Andersen (Den)
Magnus Ljungblad (Swe)         Nicolaj Kjaergaard (Den)

Motala AIF                     Team Avanti Finland

Jocke Bernström (Swe)          Mika Keurulainen (Fin)
Fredrik Johansson (Swe)        Markus Karvonen (Fin)
Fredrik Lindell (Swe)          Juha Posio (Fin)
Björn Sjöberg (Swe)            Margus Salumets (Est)
Mattias Reck (Swe)             Oskari Kargu (Est)
Janno Aksin (Swe)                            

Team ECI-CK Falken             CK Hymer

Daniel Eriksson (Swe)          Daniel Brandt (Swe)
Nicklas Andersson (Swe)        Marcus Johansson (Swe)
Henrik Andersson (Swe)         Michael Johansson (Swe)
Andreas Larsson (Swe)          Mikael Segersäll (Swe)
Alex Cantareo (Swe)            Rikard Sjöberg (Swe)
Mikael Olausson (Swe)          Andreas Sommarström (Swe)

Swedish National Junior Team   Västergötland CF

Dennis Persson (Swe)           Johan Flodin (Swe)
Lucas Persson (Swe)            Klas Johansson (Swe)
Thomas Lövqvist (Swe)          Jonas Rydberg (Swe)
Rickard Hopp (Swe)             Johan Levin (Swe)
Johan Jelvin (Swe)             Robert Johansson (Swe)
Gabor Veszpremi (Swe)          Johan Kullberg (Swe)

Team Crescent                  Team Dalarna

Gustav Larsson (Swe)           Andreas Johansson (Swe)
Tobias Lergård (Swe)           Mats Hedlund (Swe)
Jonas Ljungblad (Swe)          Roger Karlsson (Swe)
Jonas Olsson (Swe)             Tommy Karlsson (Swe)
Petter Renäng (Swe)            Andreas Papp (Swe)
Erik Wendel (Swe)              David Andersson (Swe)

Skoghalls CK-Hammarö           Team MGI Fietsen

Mikael Hägg (Swe)              John Talen (Ned)
Marcus Juneholt (Swe)          Ferdi van Katviek (Ned)
Andreas Svensson (Swe)         Johan Bruinsma (Ned)
Robert Österling (Swe)         Oliver Penny (GBr)
Örjan Gustavsson (Swe)         Jan Schilder (Ned)
Stefan Birgersson (Swe)        Peter van der Velden (Ned)