Results and Reports for March 3-4, 2001


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NSWCF Track Championships
Mersey Valley-Devonport Cycling Club RR
Manly Warringah Cycling Club, Brookvale Criterium

NSWCF Track Championships

Dunc Gray Velodrome, Bankstown, NSW, March 4, 2001


Junior U/19 Men's 24 km (96 Laps) Point Score  
1 Matthew Farmer (Bathurst CC) 
2 Christopher Sutton (St George CC) 
3 Michael Stokes (Penrith PCC) 
4 Fernando Duran (Penrith PCC) 
Men's 20km (80 Laps) Scratch Race   
1 Jeff Hopkins (Bankstown Sports)       24.24.79
2 Graeme Brown (St George CC) 
3 Stephen Wooldridge (St George CC) 
4 Daniel Rutherford (Bankstown Sports) 
Women's Sprint Finals
1 Nicole Malloy (Coffs Harbour) 
2 Katie Brown (St George) 
3 Zoe Southwell (Parramatta) 
4 Lee Johns (Harlequin) 
Junior U/19 Men's Sprint Finals
1 Alexander Sommer (Bicisport) 
2 Christopher Sutton (St George CC) 
3 Fernando Duran (Penrith PCC) 
4 Matthew Farmer (Bathurst CC) 
Men's Sprint Finals
1 Sean Eadie (Bankstown Sports) 
2 Shaun Hopkins (Parramatta) 
3 Jeff Hopkins (Bankstown Sports) 
4 Greg Mcfarlane (Kilkenny SA)

Courtesy of NSWCF

Mersey Valley-Devonport Cycling Club RR

Thirlstane, Tasmania, March 4, 2001

Half of the newly crowned Tasmanian Madison champion team combination, Nathan Clarke continued his good form in the first of the Mersey Valley-Devonport Cycling Club's road races for the 2001 season. Clarke, fresh from victory with partner Gareth Atkins in the State Madison title, turned his attention to the 30 km road event, held in the Thirlstane region last week. While a solid six rider A Grade group quickly reeled in the frontmarkers, the result was left in suspense till the final 200 m.

Daniel Cutting made a bold break at around the 500 m mark and it appreared as though the remainder of the group weren't prepared to chase. But Clarke put in a brilliant sprint over the last 200 m and caught Cutting just short of the finish line. Nook rider Mark Jamieson rode solidly to take third place.


1 Nathan Clarke 
2 Daniel Cutting 
3 Mark Jamieson 
Under 13
1 Alex Holden
2 Daniel Jamieson
3 Adrian Goss 
Courtesy of Rod Morris 

Manly Warringah Cycling Club, Brookvale Criterium

March 4, 2001

A Grade 40km + 2 Laps 
1 Liam Kelly (Easts)
2 David Johns (North's)
3 Bart Hickson (Caravelo)
4 Brad Mills (North's)
B Grade 40km + 2 Laps 

1 Michael Moit (North's)
2 Jimmy Finch (Manly Warringah)
3 Mark Rooney (Manly Warringah)
4 Ross Chaffer (Manly Warringah)
C Grade 30km + 2 Laps 
1 Brett Davis (Bicisport)
2 Matt Kenny (Bicisport)
3 Andrew Thomas (North's)
4 Raul Westbrook (Waratah Vets)
D Grade 30km + 2 Laps 
1 Martin Hardinge (Parra)
2 Andrew Biggs (Parra)
3 Jade Kiang (Manly Warringah)
4 Chris Dawe (Manly Warringah)

Courtesy of Peter McNamara