Results and Reports for March 17-25, 2001


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Australian National Junior Track Cycling Championships
Eastern Suburbs CC Criterium
Gold Coast CATS CC Criterium
Prince Albert Inn Tasmanian Super Madison
NSW State Criterium Championships
Clarence St Cyclery Track Cycling Carnival
Manly Warringah Road Race

Australian National Junior Track Cycling Championships

Chandler velodrome, Qld, March 21-25, 2001


U15 Women 500 m Time Trial
1 Hayley Wright (Qld)                  39.68
2 Jaclyn Kejda (NSW)                   41.53
3 Amanda Spratt (NSW)                  41.76
4 Jessica Tanner (Vic)                 41.81
5 Hayley Russell (Qld)                 42.53
6 Naomi Adams (NSW)                    42.83
7 Hannah Bush (Vic)                    43.23
8 Lisa Walker (Qld)                    43.47
9 Natasha Mapley (Tas)                 43.69
10 Tahlia Clayton (Vic)                44.49
11 Dardenalla  Finegan (WA)            45.98
12 Therese Rhodes (NT)                 46.94
U15 Men 500 m Time Trial
1 Nathan Moore (Qld)                   37.21
2 Gerard Murphy (Vic)                  38.06
3 Steven Phelan (ACT)                  38.99
4 Greg Beer (NSW)                      39.27
5 Tyler Mclachlan (NSW)                39.28
6 Mario Giramondo (Vic)                39.43
7 Scott Sunderland (WA)                39.47
8 Ryan Worn (Vic)                      39.54
9 Cobey Parnell (Qld)                  39.90
10 Jackson-Leigh Rathbone (NSW)        39.91
11 Ben Fielding (Tas)                  39.91
12 Ben Simonelli (Qld)                 40.02
13 Alexander Franzanelli (WA)          40.35
14 Matthew Bonham (Tas)                40.56
15 Matthew Stephens (NT)               41.35
16 Daniel Ellis (ACT)                  41.63
17 Jack Rhodes (NT)                    41.68
18 John Rayner (Tas)                   41.71
19 Adam Davis (NT)                     41.85
20 Phillip  Khourey (WA)               43.45
U17 Women 500 m Time Trial
1 Kirby Piscioneri (Tas)               38.44
2 Lucy Stewart (ACT)                   39.28
3 Rebecca Borgo (NSW)                  39.42
4 Lauren Carroll (ACT)                 40.09
5 Samantha Masters (Tas)               40.63
6 Apryl Eppinger (Vic)                 40.65
7 Renee Braithwaite (SA)               40.82
8 Brigid Farrell (Vic)                 41.03
9 Kate Nichols (NSW)                   41.05
10 Michelle Rowe (Vic)                 41.37
11 Michelle Crisp (Qld)                41.42
12 Jessie Maclean (ACT)                41.52
13 Naomi Venables (SA)                 41.75
14 Victoria Freeland (Vic)             41.76
15 Amelia Hallam (Qld)                 42.43
16 Eve Hood (NSW)                      42.86
17 Megan Windsor (NSW)                 42.94
18 Kimberley Hanssen (Qld)             42.96
19 Sara Tims (WA)                      43.27
20 Lee Van Dongen (SA)                 43.46
U17 Men - 500 m Time Trial
1 Andrew  Taylor (NSW)                 34.95
2 Shane Perkins (Vic)                  35.10
3 Sean Finning (Vic)                   35.61
4 Daniel Thorsen (Vic)                 36.15
5 Clint Johnson (Qld)                  36.28
6 Mark Frendo (Qld)                    36.42
7 Luke Wright (SA)                     36.44
8 Leigh Sunderland (WA)                36.52
9 Peter Wattenhofer (WA)               36.80
10 Phillip Stokes (NSW)                36.80
11 Michael Ford (Vic)                  36.81
12 Tim Barrett (Qld)                   36.87
13 Chris Pascoe (NSW)                  36.93
14 Alex Bird (ACT)                     37.02
15 Jason Chilcott (WA)                 37.09
16 Keith Rose (NSW)                    37.19
17 Mathew Rex (SA)                     37.25
18 David Klyne (Tas)                   37.33
19 Matthew Goss (Tas)                  37.38
20 Daniel Fletcher (WA)                37.51
21 Ty Winduss (Tas)                    37.83
22 Luke Carroll (ACT)                  38.01
23 Michael Young (ACT)                 38.46
24 Jason Jones (Tas)                   38.48
25 Nicholas Scaife (SA)                38.54
26 Corey Heath (NT)                    38.59
27 Brendan Mouatt (NT)                 39.04
28 Callan Taylor (SA)                  39.94

WU15 Sprint
Qualifying - Flying 200m
1 Jessica Tanner (Vic)           13.64
2 Jaclyn Kejda (NSW)             13.74
3 Hayley Wright (Qld)            13.88
4 Lisa Walker (Qld)              13.96
5 Hayley Russell (Qld)           14.11
6 Melissa Moffatt (NSW)          14.34
7 Amanda Spratt (NSW)            14.45
8 Hannah Bush (Vic)              14.47
9 Tahlia Clayton (Vic)           14.65
10 Natasha Mapley (Tas)          14.85
11 Therese Rhodes (NT)           15.15
12 Dardanella  Finegan (WA)      15.80
WU15 Sprint Finals
1 Jessica Tanner (Vic)
2 Hayley Wright (Qld)
3 Jaclyn Kedja (NSW)
4 Haley Russell (Qld)
5 Amanda Spratt (NSW)
6 Melissa Moffatt (NSW)
7 Natasha Mapley (Tas)
8 Lisa Walker (Qld)
MU15 Sprint
Qualifying - Flying 200m
1 Nathan Moore (Qld)             12.44
2 Joel Davis (Qld)               12.78
3 Tyler Mclachlan (NSW)          12.90
4 Ben Fielding (Tas)             13.04
5 Gerard Murphy (Vic)            13.04
6 Mario Giramondo (Vic)          13.10
7 Steven Phelan (Act)            13.25
8 Scott Sunderland (WA)          13.27
9 Ryan Worn (Vic)                13.29
10 Greg Beer (NSW)               13.38
11 Alexander Franzanelli (WA)    13.43
12 Matthew Bonham (Tas)          13.66
13 John Rayner (Tas)             13.81
14 Adam Davis (NT)               13.82
15 Luke Cridland (NSW)           13.82
16 Jack Rhodes (NT)              13.89
17 Daniel Ellis (Act)            13.94
18 Matthew Stephens (NT)         13.97
19 Ben Simonelli (Qld)           13.98
20 Doug Forde (WA)               14.18
MU15 Sprint Finals
1 Nathan Moore (Qld)
2 Tyler Mc Lachlan (NSW)
3 Scott Sunderland (WA)
4 Joel Davis (Qld)
5 Mario Giramondo (Vic)
6 Gerard Murphy (Vic)
7 Steven Phelan (Act)
8 Ryan Worn (Vic)
WU17 Sprint
Qualifying - Flying 200 m
1 Rebecca Borgo (NSW)            12.80
2 Lucy Stewart (Act)             12.81
3 Kirby Piscioneri (Tas)         13.09
4 Lauren Carroll (Act)           13.18
5 Lucy Manderson (Qld)           13.35
6 Brigid Farrell (Vic)           13.38
7 Samantha Masters (Tas)         13.47
8 Jessie Maclean (Act)           13.49
9 Kate Nichols (NSW)             13.54
10 Renee Braithwaite (SA)        13.59
11 Naomi Venables (SA)           13.61
12 Michelle Crisp (Qld)          13.74
13 Apryl Eppinger (Vic)          13.92
14 Eve Hood (NSW)                13.99
15 Hannah Banks (Qld)            14.11
16 Victoria Freeland (Vic)       14.35
17 Lee Van Dongen (SA)           14.49
18 Sara Tims (WA)                14.91
WU17 Sprint Finals
1 Kirby Piscioneri (Tas)
2 Rebecca Borgo (NSW)
3 Lucy Stewart (Act)
4 Lucy Manderson (Qld)
5 Brigid Farrell (Vic)
6 Lauren Carroll (Act)
7 Kate Nichols (NSW)
8 Jessie Maclean (Act)
MU17 Sprint
Qualifying - Flying 200 m
1 Shane Perkins (Vic)            11.65
2 Sean Finning (Vic)             11.89
3 Daniel Thorsen (Vic)           11.95
4 Luke Wright (SA)               12.00
5 Peter Wattenhofer (WA)         12.04
6 Andrew  Taylor (NSW)           12.06
7 Mark Frendo (Qld)              12.19
8 Tim Barrett (Qld)              12.25
9 Warren Scott (NSW)             12.26
10 Leigh Sunderland (WA)         12.28
11 Mathew Rex (SA)               12.39
12 Clint Johnson (Qld)           12.43
13 Benjamin Miles (WA)           12.46
14 Corey Heath (NT)              12.47
15 Matthew Goss (Tas)            12.48
16 Andrew Wyper (NSW)            12.51
17 Alex Bird (Act)               12.53
18 David Klyne (Tas)             12.58
19 Nicholas Scaife (SA)          12.75
20 Ty Winduss (Tas)              12.77
21 Luke Carroll (Act)            12.93
22 Brendan Mouatt (NT)           12.94
MU17 Sprint Finals
1 Shane Perkins (Vic)
2 Andrew Taylor (NSW)
3 Sean Finning (Vic)
4 Luke Wright (SA)
5 Daniel Thorsen (Vic)
6 Warren Scott (NSW)
7 Peter Wattenhofer (WA)
8 Matthew Rex (SA)

Courtesy of Cycling Queensland

Eastern Suburbs CC Criterium

Heffron Park, Marourba, March 20, 2001

With daylight saving drawing to close this weekend, Tuesday nights in Sydney just won't be the same as the curtain comes down on another exciting summer of Tuesday night Heffron Park racing. No more spending all day Tuesday mentally preparing for racing, worrying about eating enough at lunchtime, but not too much, keeping the liquids up, making sure the bike was running properly, putting the good wheels on if necessary, keeping an eye out for late afternoon summer storms and most all, trying to stay focused at work for the afternoon, when all you really want to do is lie down for a rest before racing. And who said we took it seriously?

Over 250 riders raced during the summer and although the last few weeks became a little predictable as various riders attempted to protect their points in the 12 week pointscore competition, the racing was always first class and continues to attract high calibre fields.

Tonight's final race for the season was missing our international visitors who have returned to their team commitments overseas, so it was left to Club big hitters Stewart Campbell, Laurent Vignes, Andrew Curro, Anthony Spurgeon, Liam Kelly and co. to make an impression on a fired up B grade who once again got off to a good start.

A grade were not quite up to their usual "flat out from the gun" standard, and once again took the first of the 15 laps fairly steadily. However, Stewart Campbell and the Eastern Suburbs boys didn't have an incentive to chase B and C grade, as he already had enough points to win the series. Therefore, A grade steadily ate away at the B grade lead, with riders in the latter working almost efficiently!

With 3 laps to go, C grade in sight and still no sight of A grade, B grade again took the initiative and set the pace over the last lap to set up another overall win. Unlike last week's bunch gallop, John Sunde split things up when he attacked after catching C grade, only to be caught on the finishing straight by a perfectly timed run from Scott Nolan and Peter Carscadden who repeated their placings from last week.

David Johanson rode gallantly to take 3rd place and also win the the C Grade pointscore by a handsome margin which suggests next season he will start in B grade.

John Sunde won the A&B grade Sprint King competition with an impressive 82 points which were mainly accumlated in the past few weeks by a lot of coercing and support from fellow B graders.

The winner of the 2001 Summer Criterium Series goes to the biggest motor of them all, Stewart (Computer) Campbell, who demonstrated yet again what power riding really is, no matter how good the competition is.

Big thankyous go to the Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club, especially Pat Johnston; Randwick Botany for the use of their clubrooms; Tony and Jenny Spurgeon for handling the race numbers and entry fees and to our St John Ambulance man, Roy. Thanks also to everybody who came and raced and everybody who came and watched. See you next summer.


1 Scott Nolan (Sutherland)
2 Peter Carscadden (Sutherland)
3 David Johanson (Eastern Suburbs)
4 David Young (Bankstown)
5 P Lynch (Easts)
1st A Grade
Stewart Campbell (Easts)
1st C Grade
Paul Kelly (Sydney CC)
Final Series Pointscore 
Name                  Grade  Points
Stewart Campbell        A      26 pts
Paul Rowney             A      23
Laurent Vignes          A      21
Stuart Dangerfield      A      19
Scott Nolan             B      14
Anthony Spurgeon        A      13
Sung Cho Ho             A      12
Peter Carscaden         B      10
David Johanson          C       9
Liam Kelly              A       8
Matthew Warner-Smith    B       7
Lee Kaliski             C       7
John Sunde              B       5
T. Sinclair             A       5
Victor Pires            C       5
Robert Hampshire        B       3
Simon Harding           C       3
Clive Hammerson         C       3
Graham Betts            B       3
Andrew Foggin           B       2
Jan Weber               B       2
M.Lonie                 A       2
Chris Jenkins           C       2
Charlie Topfer          B       2
David Young             B       2
Frank Conceicao         C       1
Tony Caruana            C       1
Brent McParland         A       1
Scott Buckton           C       1
Jose Munoz              A       1
Nick Bisello            C       1
Andrew Curro            A       1
Matt White              A       1
Antonio Iannacito       B       1
Peter Lynch             B       1
Sprint King
John Sunde                     82 pts
Stewart Campbell               58
Stuart Dangerfield             31
Paul Rowney                    26
T Sinclair                     22
David Gowty                    19
Laurie Vignes                  17
Antonio Iannacito              14
Matthew Warner-Smith           13
Ben Isaksen                    11
Jose Munoz                      9
Sung Cho-Ho                     8
L.Kelly                         8
Steve Nolan                     8
Jan Weber                       7
Bart Hickson                    6
Phillip Kelehar                 5
Paul Hanly                      5
P. Blake                        5
Bob Hampshire                   5
Anthony Spurgeon                5
N.Kypreos                       5
Mark Stoneham                   5
Nick Bisello                    4
Andrew Foggin                   4
Matt White                      3
David Young                     3
Peter Carscaden                 3
S Callum                        3
S Genakis                       3
Jonathon Chowns                 3
David Young                     2
P.O,Neill                       1
M.Price                         1
Klaten Smith                    1
Doug Hammond                    1
David Johanson                  1
D.Bender                        1
Andrew Curro                    1
A Feltman                       1
Graham Betts                    1
C Grade Pointscore
David Johanson                 36 pts
Simon Harding                  16
C.Hammerson                    13
Nick Bisello                   11
Lee Kaliski                     8
Tony Caruana                    6
Scott Buckton                   4
Frank Conceicao                 3
T.Harneman                      3
Victor Pires                    3
Paul Kelly                      3
Wayne Gould                     1
T Jenkins                       1

Gold Coast CATS CC Criterium

Burleigh, Qld, March 18, 2001

The fields were big, the weather was hot, and the racing was fast at Burleigh this weekend. A Grade was strengthened by the inclusion of Brisbane rider Ben Day, who placed 14th in the 2001 Tour Down Under, and New South Welshman Phil Thuaux, who burst onto the national cycling scene when he finished 8th in last year's Commonwealth Bank Classic. Unfortunately Thuaux punctured in the first five minutes and was unable to rejoin the field within the allotted time, so he was out of the running immediately.

There were early minor attacks which came to nothing, but with 15 minutes to race Day and Mark Laspina moved decisively clear and seemed to have the race between them. However Laspina found a novel way to get dropped by his breakaway companion. After taking a drink he proceeded to put his water bottle not back into his bidon cage, but into his rear wheel, and although he stayed upright it did slow his progress somewhat. So Day continued on to a strong solo win, Greg Pooley jumped the field in the last lap for second and the bunch sprint was won by Under 19 rider Daniel Newnham.

B Grade was also won in a lone break, by Craig Reston, with Tim Francis leading the bunch home, visiting Brisbane rider Flynn Ryan took out C Grade, the evergreen Master Stan James got the verdict in D Grade, and Vince Nucifora won a competitive E Grade.


A Grade - 60 minutes + 3 laps
1 Ben Day
2 Greg Pooley
3 Daniel Newnham
4 Tim Mumford
B Grade - 50 minutes + 3 laps
1 Craig Reston
2 Tim Francis
3 Will Pratt
4 James Butcher
C Grade -  40 minutes + 3 laps
1 Flynn Ryan
2 Karl Rameau
3 John Mildenhall
1st Lady Diane Van Stiphout
D Grade - 30 minutes + 3 laps
1 Stan James
2 Neil Williams
3 Martin Davis
1st Lady Carrie Smith
E Grade - 20 minutes + 3 laps
1 Vince Nucifora
2 Doug Wood
3 Sarah Rota
Courtesy of Geoff Frost

Prince Albert Inn Tasmanian Super Madison

By Rod Morris

To be sure, to be sure, Devonport riders Gareth Atkins and Nathan Clarke stole the show in the 2001 Tasmanian Super Madison at the Launceston Silverdome on St Patricks Day (March 17). Fresh from their victory in the recent Tasmanian Madison Championship and a bold seventh placing in the tough Bendigo Madison - which included Sydney Gold Medal Olympians Scott McGrory and Brett Aitken - Atkins and Clarke entered the race as the team to beat and rode accordingly.

Such was their dominance, Atkins and Clarke won 11 of the 15 intermediate sprints and finished second in the other four. They were also extremely conscious of any other team attempting to steal a lap away from them, although there were no real serious challengers throughout the course of the 185 laps of the 285 m Silverdome circuit.

Atkins, a former Launceston Wheel and dual Rosebery Wheel champion and Clarke, winner of this year's Hobart Wheelrace, proved a formidable duo. They set the early tempo, grabbed the lion's share of the sprint points and watched every move like a pair of expectant fathers.

Daniel Cutting and Caleb Manion were a gallant second - also featuring in every sprint - but their tally of 48 points was well behind the leaders.

Tasmanian Institute of Sport riders Stephen Rossendell and Bernard Sulzberger needed to feature in the final sprint to ensure they took third ahead of reigning Launceston Wheel champ Abram Manion and his partner Cameron McCormack.

In earlier races, Nathan Clarke and Stephen Rossendell won the Tasmanian Mens and Tasmanian Under 19 Scratch Championships respectively while Louise Yaxley and Belinda Goss did likewise in the women's category.

Saturday night's racing also provided the Tasmanian Under 17 and Under State team a valuable hit out before this week's Australian Junior Track Championships at Queensland's Chandler Velodrome.


1 Gareth Atkins/Nathan Clarke                72 pts
2 Caleb Manion/Daniel Cutting                48
3 Bernard Sulzberger/Stephen Rossendell      24
4 Abram Manion/Cameron McCormack             20
5 Luc Gilmore/Mark Matthews                   9
6 Matthew Conn/Nathan Hingston                1
7 Stephen Price/Steve Aitken                  1
8 David Dennis/Peter Smith                    1
9 David Oliver/Andrew Loft                    0

Seven laps behind:

10 Michael Maine/John Kingston                0

Other results

Tasmanian Men's Scratch Championship: 
1 Nathan Clarke
2 Daniel Cutting            
3 Gareth Atkins 
Tasmanian Women's Scratch Championship
2 Louise Yaxley
2 Meg Sulzberger
Tasmanian Under 19 Men's Scratch Championship
1 Stephen Rossendell
2 Abram Manion
3 Bernard Sulzberger
Tasmanian Under 19 Women's Scratch Championship
1 Belinda Goss
2 Emily Williams
3 Lisa Strange
Women's Points Score
1 Belinda Goss
2 Meg Sulzberger
3 Kirby Piscioneri
Women's Derby
1 Louise Yaxley 
2 Meg Sulzberger 
3 Belinda Goss
Under 17 Points Score
1 Matthew Goss 
2 Daniel Cameron 
3 Jason Jones 
Under 17 Elimination
1 Matthew Goss 
2 Jason Jones 
3 Ty Winduss
Under 15 Scratch
1 Matthew Bonham 
2 Natasha Mapley 
3 John Rayner
Under 15 Derby 
1 Matthew Bonham
2 John Rayner 
3 Will Robinson
Under 15 Elimination
1 Matthew Bonham 
2 John Rayner  
3 Natasha Mapley

NSW State Criterium Championships

Criterium Circuit, Bass Hill, March 18, 2001

Mark Renshaw, Bathurst continued his brilliant form winning today's Open Criterium Championship just edging out Jeff Hopkins (Bankstown Sports Club) and Nash Kent (Northern Sydney - Trek). The race which attracted some 50 starters was run over 1 hour around the very picturesque, quick yet technical 800m circuit.

Jeff Hopkins looked to have had it won with 100 metres to go, however, Mark Renshaw unleashed a brilliant burst to the line claiming Hopkins by centimetres.

This win gives Renshaw the treble for the weekend, winning the NSW State Kilometre Time Trial Title on Friday night, the NSW State Derny Championship on Saturday night and the NSW State Criterium Championship today.

Rochelle Gilmore continued her dominance at these Championships with another resounding win in the Womens Criterium Championship from Katie Brown and Katherine Bates.


Open Men (60 min + 2 laps)
1 Mark Renshaw (Bathurst)
2 Jeff Hopkins (Bankstown)
3 Nash Kent (Northern Sydney)
Masters Men Div 1 & 2 (50 min + 2 laps)
1 Liam Kelly (Eastern Suburbs)
2 Robert Upton (Harliquin)
3 Laurent Vignes (Northern Sydney)
Masters Men Div 3 & 4 (40 min + 2 laps)
1 Walter Machado (Penrith)
2 Robert Hampshire (St George)
3 Richard Mulberry (Bicisport)
Masters Men Div 5 (30 min + 2 laps)
1 Keith Oliver (Parramatta)
2 Mark Nicholls (Sutherland)
3 James Ryan (Penrith)
Junior U/19 Men (50 min + 2 laps)
1 Christopher Sutton (St George)
2 Luke Dale (Eurobodalla)
3 Fernando Duran (Penrith)
Open Women (35 min + 2 laps)
1 Rochelle Gilmore (Bankstown)
2 Katie Brown (St George)
3 Kate Bates (Parramatta)
Masters Women (30 min + 2 laps)
1 Kerrie Crisp (Parramatta)
2 Karen Dutton (Sutherland)
3 Sandra Notley (Central Coast)

Clarence St Cyclery Track Cycling Carnival

Dunc Grey Velodrome, Sydney, March 17, 2001

Some 2,000 spectators — the season's larget crowd — witnessed great racing with Sydney Olympic medalists Gary Neiwand and Sean Eadie showing great speed and tactical prowess to finish first and second respectively in the NSW State Kieren Championship with Shawn Collins Victoria a close third.

The Clarence Street Cyclery Wheelrace Cup Final was fast and furious. The back-markers of Mark Renshaw and Jeff Hopkins spending their energy catching the middle-markers. 16 year old Alexander Sommer (Lionel Cox Protégé) jumped from the pack with 1.5 laps to go and sizzled home a clear winner from Matt Farmer and the evergreen Warren Doyle.

The excitement intensified when the 7 finalists in the NSW State Derny Championship took to the track. It was going to be fast from the outset with the large crowd edging on their riders. Michael Stokes led the way holding the race at 59kph for 36 of the 40 laps. Much jockeying was taking place behind the leader, however, all attempts to wrestle the lead were to no avail. The last 4 laps were scorchers with Keiren Cameron and Mark Renshaw lifting the tempo to 73kph to take the lead from Stokes. In the closing metres, Renshaw just nudged out Cameron from the young up and coming Christopher Sutton.

Rochelle Gilmore made it a clean sweep in the Women's Points Race Championship by easily taking out the 25km event from Katherine Bates and Natalie Bates. Rochelle is showing great form on the track and last week finished third in the Women's World Cup Road Race in Canberra.


NSW Keirin Championships Final 2000m
1 Gary Neiwand (Victoria)
2 Sean Eadie (Bankstown)
3 Shaun Collins (Victoria)
4 Shaun Hopkins (Parramatta)
5 Ryan Bayley (Wstn Aust)
6 Mark Renshaw (Bathurst)
Clarence St Cyclery Cup Wheelrace
1 Alex Sommer (Bicisport)
2 Matthew Farmer (Bathurst)
3 Warren Doyle (Nthn Sydney)
4 Brian Appleyard (Sydney)
NSW Derny-Paced Championships 10,000m
1 Mark Renshaw (Bathurst)
2 Keiren Cameron (Coffs)
3 Christopher Sutton (St George)
Men's Aces Sprint Derby 100m (6 Laps)
1 Gary Neiwand (Victoria)
2 Ryan Bailey (West Australia)
3 Sean Eadie (Bankstown)
Men's A Grade 3000m Scratch Race
1 Ryan Bayley (Midland CC)
2 Jeffrey Hopkins (Bankstown Sports CC)
3 Warren Doyle (Northern Sydney CC)
Men's B Grade 3000m (12 Lap) Scratch
1 Daniel Rutherford (Bankstown Sports CC)
2 Campbell Kerr (Sutherland Shire CC)
3 Phillip Dixon (Bicisport CC)
Men's C Grade 2000m Scratch Race
1 Peter Barnard (Southern Cross CC)
2 Andrew Carter (Orange Ctc)
3 Keith Oliver (Illawarra CC)
U19 Men 3000m Scratch Race
1 Matthew Farmer (Bathurst CC)
2 Fernando Duran (Penrith Panthers CC)
3 Scott Dixon (Dubbo CC)
U/17 Men 1500m Scratch Race
1 Christopher Pascoe (Dubbo CC)
2 Phillip Stokes (Penrith Panthers CC)
3 Warren Scott (St George CC)
U/17 Men 15 Lap Motor Pace
1 Andrew Taylor (Dubbo CC)
2 Warren Scott (St George CC)
3 Keith Rose (Wagga Wagga CC)
Dulwich Hill U17 Men 750m Handicap
1 Phillip Stokes (Penrith Panthers CC)
2 Warren Scott (St George CC)
3 Brenton Crawley (Wagga Wagga CC)
Junior Stars Of The Future Handicap
1 Scott Harding (Southern Cross)
2 Jonathon Cridland (Randwick/Botany)
3 Craig Seage (St George)
NSW Women's Points Race Championship
1 Rochelle Gilmore (Bankstown Sports CC)
2 Katherine Bates (Parramatta CC)
3 Natalie Bates (Parramatta CC)
Women's U/19 12 Lap Motor Pace
1 Rochelle Gilmore (Bankstown Sports CC)
2 Katie Brown (St George CC)
3 Katherine Bates (Parramatta CC)
Womens' U/19 1500 Scratch Race
1 Rochelle Gilmore (Bankstown Sports CC)
2 Natalie Bates (Parramatta CC)
3 Katie Brown (St George CC)
Women's U/19 1000m Trek Wheelrace
1 Christine Riakos (Northern Sydney CC)
2 Toireasa Ryan (Bathurst CC)
3 Nicole Malloy (Coffs Harbour CC)
U/17 Women 1500m Scratch Race
1 Kate Nichols (St George)
2 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)
3 Megan Windsor (Bathurst)
Jim Bundy U/17 Women 750m Handicap
1 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)
2 Megan Windsor (Bathurst)
3 Kate Nichols (St George)
U/17 Women Elimination
1 Rebecca Borgo (Illawarra)
2 Kate Nichols (St George)
3 Megan Windsor (Bathurst)

Manly Warringah Road Race

West Head, Sydney, March 18, 2001

A/B Combined 42km
1 Jimmy Finch (Manly Warringah)         1.14.00 (34.05 km/h)
2 Ross Chaffer (Manly Warringah)           0.08
3 Tim Bennett (Bicisport)                  0.10
4 David Pegley (North's)                   0.50
5 Roland Ellis Hornsby                   
6 Ross Hodgson (North's)                   1.30
7 Tim Groves (North's)                     2.00
8 Graham Betts (SA)                        8.00
9 Robert Hodgson (North's)                 8.30
DNF Wayne Ellis (Port Macq)                 
D/C  Combined   42km                
1 Adam Hall (Manly Warringah)           1.19.40 (31.63 km/h)
2 Andrew Thomas (North's)                  0.01
3 Paul Klempner (Bicisport)                0.10
4 David Cogur (North's)                    1.06
5 Doug Langusch (Bicisport)                1.10
6 Martin Hardinge (Manly Warringah)        2.10
7 Kevin Lucus (Manly Warringah)            3.50
8 Adam Lever (Manly Warringah)             3.55
9 Andrew Biggs (Manly Warringah)           5.10
10 Jade Kiang (Manly Warringah)            5.11
11 Tony Obrian (North's)                   9.00