La Classic du GP de Beauce - 1.5

Canada, June 16, 2001

Elio Aggiano wins in Canada

At the end of a long breakaway that started during the first part of the race, Elio Aggiano (Mapei) won the Grand Prix de Beauce in Canada. He beat Polish rider Zbigniew Piatek (Mroz) in a 2 man sprint, averaging 46 km/h for the 160 kilometre race.

Aggiano will be continuing his stay in Canada at the Tour de Beauce, which runs from June 18-26. Today's win is his first win of the season.

Report courtesy of Mapei-Quick Step

Results - 160 km

1 Elio Aggiano (Ita) Mapei - Quick Step                       3.32.48 (46.72 km/h)
2 Zbigniew Piatek (Pol) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy                 0.02
3 Raimondas Vilcinskas (Ltu) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy            0.19
4 Gordon Fraser (Can) Mercury - Viatel                           0.33
5 Dominique Perras (Can) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurances    0.35
6 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Saturn Cycling Team                        0.45
7 Eugen Wacker (Ger) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy
8 Czeclaw Lukaszewicz (Can) Team Canada
9 Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Cycling Team
10 Christophe Gauthier (Fra) Saint-Quentin Oktos                 0.49
11 Soren Petersen (Den) Saturn Cycling Team
12 Chris Fisher (USA) Saturn Cycling Team                        2.19
13 Jesus Zarate (Mex) Tec Tecos
14 Nicolas White (RSA) Team HSBC                                 7.02
15 Ross Hooker (Can) Team Canada
16 Markus Kammermann (Swi) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurance   7.08
17 Zbigniew Wyrzykowski (Pol) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy           7.09
18 Danniel Spence (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
19 Robert Foster (Ger) Team Nurnberger                           9.33
20 Vassili Davidenko (Rus) Navigators Cycling Team
21 Morten Hegreberg (Nor) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems
22 James Ball (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
23 Pierre Olivier Boily (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
24 Chris Baldwin (USA) Navigators Cycling Team
25 Doug Ziewacz (USA) 7Up - Colorado Cyclist
26 Owen Hannie (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
27 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Team Canada
28 Micheal Sayers (USA) Mercury - Viatel
29 Dominique Rollin (Can) Sympatico.Ca Cycling Team
30 Bogdan Bondariew (Vkr) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy
31 Sttephane Gremaud (Swi) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurances
32 Bart Herirweah (Bel) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems
33 Ryan Guay (USA) 7Up - Colorado Cyclist
34 Patrick Sinkewitz (Ger) Mapei - Quick Step
35 Jason Crookham (Can) Sympatico.Ca Cycling Team
36 David Mckenzie (Aus) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurances
37 Endi Capelle (Bel) Saint-Quentin Oktos
38 Jurgen Werner (Ger) Team Nurnberger
39 Daren Lill (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
40 Martin Gilbert (Can) Volkswagen
41 Siro Camponogara (Ita) Navigators Cycling Team
42 Derek Bouchard-Hall (USA) Mercury - Viatel
43 Malcom Lange (RSA) Team HSBC
44 Federico Colonna (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
45 Svein Tuft (Can) Team Canada
46 Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn Cycling Team
47 Oleg Grishkine (Rus) Navigators Cycling Team
48 Ian Mcleod (RSA) Team HSBC                                    9.47
49 Brendon Vesty (NZl) Navigators Cycling Team
50 André Salois Marc (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
51 Jacob Herker (Can) Team Canada
52 Jens Zemke (Ger) Team Nurnberger
53 Arquimedes Lam (Mex) Tec Tecos
54 Mathieu Beliveau (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
55 Joern Reuss (Ger) Team Nurnberger
56 James Perry (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
57 Josh Hall (Can) Sympatico.Ca Cycling Team
58 Simon Kessler (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
59 David Chassot (Swi) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurances
60 Martin Nuckle (Can) Volkswagen
61 Alexandre Lavallée (Can) Team Canada
62 Henk Vogels (USA) Mercury - Viatel
63 Gladish Corey (Can) Volkswagen
64 Antonio Rizzi (Ita) Mapei - Quick Step
65 Juan Gabriel Sanchez (Mex) Tec Tecos
66 Min Van Velzen (Can) Team Canada
67 Philippe Viau-Dupuis (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
68 David Tani (Ita) Mapei - Quick Step
69 Joerg Foester (Ger) Team Nurnberger
70 Piotr Chmielenski (Pol) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy
71 Francois Parisien (Can) Volkswagen
72 Cesare Diciento (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
73 Eddy Ratti (Ita) Mapei - Quick Step
74 Cameron Macleod (RSA) Team HSBC
75 Claudio Astolfi (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
76 Jeremy Maartens (RSA) Team HSBC
77 Philippe Koehler (Fra) Mapei - Quick Step
78 Burke Swindlehurst (USA) Navigators Cycling Team
79 Andrew Randell (Can) 7Up - Colorado Cyclist
80 Laurent Paumier (Fra) Saint-Quentin Oktos
81 Gabriel Colombo (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
82 Rodney Green (RSA) Team HSBC
83 Artour Babaitsev (Rus) Team Nurnberger
84 Alexandre Cloutier (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
85 Remegijus Lupeikis (Ltu) Mroz - Supradyn Witaminy
86 Oleg Kozlintine (Kaz) Saint-Quentin Oktos
87 Jean Francois Racine (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
88 Federico Giabbecucci (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
89 Jean Philippe Houle-Paradis (Can) Equipe Du Quebec
90 Frederic Ruberti (Fra) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurances
91 Scott Moninger (USA) Mercury - Viatel
92 Emmanuele Negrini (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
93 Jose Garcia (Mex) Tec Tecos
94 Neil Macdonald (RSA) Team HSBC
95 Florencino Ramos (Mex) Tec Tecos
96 Vincent Templier (Fra) Saint-Quentin Oktos
97 Erik Sanders (USA) Ficonseils - RCC Conseils Assurances
98 David De Bremaeker (Bel) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems
99 Eduardo Garciano (Mex) Tec Tecos                             10.04
100 Jose Luis Castel (Mex) Tec Tecos                            10.08
101 Dan Maggiacomo (Can) Sympatico.Ca Cycling Team              10.11
102 Renaud Boxus (Bel) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems         10.14
103 Jay Cory (Can) Volkswagen                                   10.19
104 Marc Chanoine (Bel) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems        10.20
105 Chris Wherry (USA) Mercury - Viatel                         10.22
106 Jurgen Landrie (Bel) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems       10.24
107 Charles Dionne (Can) 7Up - Colorado Cyclist                 11.10
108 Bruno Langlois (Can) Volkswagen                             11.27
DNF Baden Cooke (Aus) Mercury - Viatel
DNF Chad Grochowina (Can) Sympatico.Ca Cycling Team
DNF Sebastien Mattozza (Bel) Ville De Charleroi - New Systems
DNF Morne Bester (RSA) Team I.B.M. Lotus
DNF Martin St-Laurent (Can) Volkswagen

Starters: 113
Abandons: 5