Hobart Carnival - IM

Australia, January 7, 2001



By Rod Morris

Tasmanian scratchman Nathan Clarke won only his third major "home State" handicap wheelrace on January 7 with victory in the $2000 Hobart Wheel. Clarke, who will represent Australia at next week's Oceania Games in Sydney, defeated a class field, which includd ace American Jame Carney, who less than a week before had won the prestigious Burnie Wheel.

Clarke, Carney and consistent Tasmanian rider Gareth Atkins were the three scratchmen to qualify for the 2000 m wheel final on the tight New Town track. But for most of the race, it looked as though the middle to front markers were going to steal the glory.

Local Hobart rider Andrew Loft, who earlier in the day had won the 1000 m Lightning Handicap, was impressive throughout the race and it wasn't till Clarke produced something special in the final 200 m, that Loft was beaten. Carney had to settle for third while Launceston youngster Ron Crawford took fourth, just ahead of Launceston Wheelrace winner Abram Manion.

The 19th "Bikes & Spikes" Carnival was marred by wet weather and although all the running events went ahead, cycling officials had to abandon eight races, including the A Grade Scratch. The Tasmanian Carnivals action now has a week's spell before the popular St Helens Carnival is held on January 20.


Snug Tavern Hobart Wheelrace 2000 m

1 Nathan Clarke 	Scr (2.09.81)
2 Andrew Loft 		180 m
3 Jame Carney 		Scr
4 Ron Crawford 		190 m

Ray Appleby Cycles Lightning Handicap 1000 m 

1 Andrew Loft 		90 m (1.05.07)
2 Ben Elliott 		85 m 
3 Josh Simpson 		75 m 

Senior Elimination

1 Jame Carney (USA) 
2 Nathan Clarke (Tas)
3 Gareth Atkins (Tas)

Sprint Derby

1 Jame Carney (USA)	12.19 
2 Steve Price
3 Gareth Atkins (Tas)

Under 13 Hobart Wheelrace

1 Alex Holden 		10 m 
2 Chris Cunningham 	10 m 
3 Carrie Price 		20 m 

Under 15 Hobart Wheelrace

1 Nathan Jones 		100 m 
2 Grace Sulzberger 	160 m 
3 Natasha Mapley 	160 m 

Under 17 Hobart Wheelrace

1 Matthew Goss 		80 m 
2 Andrew Cox 		100 m 
3 Kirby Piscioneri 	140 m

Under 13, 1000 m Handicap

1 Chris Cunningham 	10 m 
2 Alex Holden 		10 m 
3 Carrie Price 		20 m

Under 15, 1000 m Handicap

1 Ebony Manion 		80 m 
2 Natasha Mapley 	80 m 
3 Grace Sulzberger 	80 m

Under 17, 1000 m Handicap

1 Kirby Piscioneri 	70 m 
2 Sam Masters 		90 m 
3 Matthew Goss 		40 m

Washed out -

A, B, C and junior scratch races.
A Grade Points Score and motor pace.

Results courtesy of Rod Morris/Morris Media