Skilled Bay Cycling Classic - NE

Australia, January 3-7, 2001

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Race 2 - January 4th: Torquay - 12.30 pm

Race two of the Bay Series saw the competitors move to Torquay, on a short, fast and exciting 650 m course. Starting on the Esplanade, the riders travelled around Price, Pride, and Bell streets on a blistering hot 37 degree day.

Women - Evans' turn on top

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Evans gets it
Photo: © James Victor

Anna Millward (Jayco-VIS) was looking for revenge after losing the first race yesterday to Rochelle Gilmore, and started the race quite agressively. After just seven minutes of the race, she and a group of five others attacked in what turned about to be the race winning move.

Other members of the group included Bridget Evans and Sara Carrigan (Qld), Katie Mactier (Jayco-VIS), Naomi Williams (Tas) and Hayley Rutherford (WAIS). Despite some extremely hard chasing by Gilmore's NSW team, the six escapees managed to lap the field with approximately 10 minutes to go. Gilmore won the bunch sprint for 7th, while the leaders battled it out.

Millward tried a solo move, but the remainder of the break were vigilant enough and they were all together with one lap to go. For the second time in two days, Anna Millward was outdone in the sprint, with Bridget Evans taking the honours today as well as the overall race lead.

Men - McEwen two from two

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NSW in front
Photo: © Impact Services

The men's race was a different affair to the women's event, with the peloton staying together to contest a bunch sprint after a very fast race. Once again there was early action from Sprint leader, Kristjan Snorrason (Balance), who was trying the same trick to improve on his tally i.e. go hard, early and often. However, NSWIS rider, Brent Dawson was having none of that, and eventually took out all three intermediate sprints, giving him the jersey.

The race was too fast for anyone to stay away long, and yesterday's winner Robbie McEwen (Crown Casino) was looking quite good, as was Stuart O'Grady (Skilled). The Pura Milk/NSWIS team contributed to the pace, as did Jamie Drew (Jayco) and the ever present Snorrason.

However, it came down to another bunch sprint, won again by McEwen from Dawson, O'Grady and Graeme Brown. This gives McEwen a clear lead in the Bay Series standings after race 2.


B Grade Men

1 Jeff Hopkins (NSW)
2 David Robert Pell
3 Douglas Hunt (NSW)
4 Paul Kenny
5 Roberto Salvedeo
6 Jason Benny-Morris
7 Nash Kent (NSW)
8 Herbert Donovan
9 Brad Bullock
10 Chris Morandin


1 Bridget Evans (Qld)
2 Anna Millward (Vic) Jayco-VIS
3 Naomi Williams (Tas) TIS
4 Sara Carrigan (Qld)
5 Katie Mactier (Vic) Jayco-VIS
6 Hayley Rutherford (WA) WAIS
7 Rochelle Gilmore (NSW) NSWIS
8 Lyndelle Higginson (Vic)
9 Susanne Jolidon (Vic)
10 Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl)

Leader after race 2

1 Bridget Evans (Qld)
2 Anna Millward (Vic) Jayco-VIS


1 Robbie McEwen (Qld) Crown Casino
2 Brent Dawson (NSW) Pura Milk-NSWIS
3 Stuart O'Grady (SA) Skilled
4 Graeme Brown (NSW) Woolmark-AIS
5 Hilton Clark Jr (Vic) Skilled Development Squad
6 Greg Henderson (NZl) Balance
7 Kristjan Snorrason (Vic) Balance
8 Matt Wilson (Vic) Fitzroy Cycles
9 Nick Gates (NSW) Crown Casino
10 Brett Aitken (SA) Jayco Caravans

Leader after race 2

1 Robbie McEwen (Qld) Crown Casino