41st Druivenkoers Overijse - 1.3

Belgium, August 22, 2001

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Serge Baguet wins Druivenkoers

Serge Baguet (Lotto-Adecco) has won the 41st Druivenkoers Overijse, held one day after the Dr. Tistaert Prijs in Zottegem to form a two day (mini-)series. Baguet, winner of stage 17 in the Tour de France, continued to demonstrate his good form by taking the race from Vincent Cali (Collstrop) and Ivailo Gabrowski (Jean Delatour).

The race was a standard format: Three large laps (31.3 km) followed by seven small laps (13.7 km) in the town, including once up the Speelberg each lap. The parcours was certainly hillier than yesterday's race, and the weather was even warmer.

The race came back into town with a group of 11 riders away with a 2'04 lead: Robbie McEwen (Domo), Renaud Boxus (VdC), Corey Sweet (BankGiroLoterij) , Igor Abakoumov, Dimitri Muravyev (Domo), Christophe Edaleine (Jean Delatour), Vincent Cali (Collstrop), Bjørnar Vestøl (Fakta), Tom Flammang (Cofidis), Johan Vanderberg and Jeff Louder (Landbouwkrediet).

Chasing them was the main peloton, which succeeded in closing the gap to 1'10 on the fourth lap. But there was a counter-attack from Serge Baguet, Vincent Cali, Bjørnar Vestøl, Dimitri Muravyev and Christophe Edalaine. This group was joined by Jurgen Van de Walle (Landbouwkrediet) and they built a slender 30-50 second lead over the chasing group.

On the second last lap, Baguet, Cali and Gabrowski attacked, and that was the final selection. The next three on the road were Jurgen Vandewalle, Dimitri Muravyev and Christophe Edalaine, but they were unable to close the gap.

Serge Baguet easily accounted for Vincent Cali in the sprint, with Gabrowski finishing third a little way back. Dimitri Muravyev led the next group home for fourth, over 2 minutes behind.

Results - 185 km

1 Serge Baguet (Bel) Lotto-Adecco                         4.34.00 (40.51 km/h)
2 Vincent Cali (Fra) Collstrop-Palmans
3 Ivailo Gabrowski (Bul) Jean Delatour
4 Dimitri Muravyev (Kaz) Domo-Farm Frites-Latexco            1.29
5 Christophe Edalaine (Fra) Jean Delatour                    1.40
6 Jurgen Van de Walle (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
7 Arkadiusz Wojtas (Pol) Nurnberger                          1.57
8 Bjornar Vestol (Nor) Fakta                                 2.12
9 Bert Scheirlinckx (Bel) Collstrop-Palmans
10 David Debremaeker (Bel) Charleroi-New Systems
11 Andrey Kasheschkin (Kaz) Domo-Farm Frites
12 Sébastien Matozza (Bel) Charleroi-New Systems
13 Janek Tombak (Est) Cofidis
14 Jacob Gram Nielsen (Den) Fakta
15 Thierry Marichal (Bel) Lotto-Adecco
16 Raymond Meijs (Ned) Team Cologne
17 Marc Chanoine (Bel) Charleroi-New Systems
18 Marc Streel (Bel) Collstrop-Palmans
19 Camereon Hughes (Aus) Team Down Under
20 Chris Peers (Bel) Cofidis
21 Thierry De Groote (Bel) Collstrop-Palmans                 3.46
22 Edward Dunning (Ned) Axa-VVZ CT
23 Kevin Hulsmans (Bel) Mapei-Quick Step                     4.05
24 Igor Abakoumov (Ukr) Domo-Farm Frites-Latexco
25 Jo Planckaert (Bel) Cofidis
26 Roger Hammond (GBr) Collstrop-Palmans
27 Bjorn Leukemans (Bel) Vlaanderen-T Interim
28 Glenn Chadwick (Aus) Team Down Under
29 Michel Van Haecke (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
30 Allan Bo Andresen (Den) Fakta                             5.40

Courtesy of Ronald Schipper

Past winners

2001 Serge Baguet (Bel) Lotto-Adecco
2000 Michel Van Haecke (Bel) Tönissteiner-Landbouwkrediet
1999 Sergei Ivanov (Rus) TVM-Farm Frites
1998 Sergei Ivanov (Rus) TVM-Farm Frites
1997 Andrej Tchmil (Ukr)
1996 Erik Breukink (Ned)
1995 Johan Museeuw (Bel)
1994 Johan Museeuw (Bel)
1993 Herman Frison (Bel)
1992 Vjatcheslav Ekimov (Rus)
1991 Ronny Van Holen (Bel)
1990 Dirk De Wolf (Bel)
1989 Carlo Bomans (Bel)
1988 Marc Sergeant (Bel)
1987 Adri Van der Poel (Ned)
1986 Marc Somers (Bel)
1985 Rudy Dhaenens (Bel)
1984 Jean-Marie Wampers (Bel)
1983 Walter Dalgal (Ita)
1982 Guido Van Calster (Bel)
1981 Rudy Pevenage (Bel)
1980 Alphonse De Wolf (Bel)
1979 Ludo Peeters (Bel)
1978 Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
1977 Frans Verbeeck (Bel)
1976 Joseph Bruyére (Bel)
1975 Eddy Merckx (Bel)
1974 Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
1973 Roger Swerts (Bel)
1972 Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
1971 Georges Pintens (Bel)
1970 Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
1969 Antoine Houbrechts (Bel)
1968 Wim Schepers (H)
1967 Alphonse De Bal (Bel)
1966 Eddy Merckx (Bel)
1965 Joseph Spruyt (Bel)
1964 Willem Van den Eynde (Bel)
1963 Henri De Wolf (Bel)
1962 Joseph De Wit (Bel)
1961 Ludo Janssens (Bel)

Past Winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin