Results and Reports for November 25-28


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Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium
Eastern Suburbs CC Criterium
Melbourne Cup on Wheels
Anthony Rappo Memorial Race
Carnegie Caulfield CC Criterium

Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium

Waverley Park, Mulgrave, Vic, November 28, 2000

Melbourne’s weather: 35C at 17:30 with a strong North wind which promptly went to the West as C and D grades started, providing relief from the heat but providing challenges of its own. 128 hardy souls turned out prepared to challenge each other and the elements.

A grade. Aspirants for the club’s team for the Summer of Cycling Series (Bay Crits and Melbourne ­ Sorrento) are starting to make bids for the five available positions, resulting in fine, attacking racing with the selectors paying close attention to the many likely candidates. Hard efforts early took away a group of eight that promptly set about taking a very rare lap on this difficult 2km circuit. With the lap taken approaching the final few minutes the group started to attack each other. The dash for the line was conducted in a sudden downpour that blew in from the west as the bell rang. Despite having to dodge stray spectators running for shelter Jason Benney nipped in ahead of Peter Landis, trackie Warren Knevitt and regular placegetter Colin McEvoy.
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Mauro Alvarez
Photo: © Mark Chadwick

Colombia’s Mauro Alvarez graduated to A grade after his stylish sprint win from the 35 odd riders surviving a high tempo B grade race in the trying conditions. One fall mid-race as Mick Buckley clipped a wheel in the cross-wind, the usual pointy bits chewed up, Buckie’s off to the doctor. Glen "Mr Plod" Hutchison scored the second placing from Peter Costello and Mick Whyman.

C grade let Jason Davey slip away late in the race to register a strong solo win, staying away from some 15 riders chasing in the wind. Steve Brooks held off Simon Clarke by a wheel as Nick Gibson threw too late in fourth.

Kim Scrutton slipped through the handicappers net (for the last time) into D grade. Having ridden away 15 minutes into the race he soloed in 40 seconds ahead of the remnants of the bunch. Ray Smith took the field sprint from Anthony Dean and Boyd Friis.

The kids in E grade battled inspired all who saw them battle the blustery wind with Mike Downing winning, Peter Johnstone second and Sean Burke third.


A Grade
1 Jason Benney			
2 Peter Landis
3 Warren Knevitt		
4 Colin McEvoy	
B Grade
1 Mauro Alvarez
2 Glen Hutchison
3 Peter Costello
4 Mick Whyman
C Grade
1 Jason Davey	
2 Steve Brooks
3 Simon Clarke
4 Nick Gibson
D Grade
1 Kim Scrutton
2 Ray Smith
3 Anthony Dean
4 Boyd Friis
E Grade
1 Mick Downing
2 Peter Johnstone
3 Sean Bourke

Eastern Suburbs CC Criterium

Heffron Park, Maroubra, NSW, November 28, 2000

Traditional summer evening windy conditions returned to Heffron Park tonight with a howling North Easterly blowing across the circuit. This typical summer wind enables most riders to pedal at 60kph down the home straight only to grovel back over the 2 little 'hills' at just over 30kph. With clear skies and warm temperatures the rider numbers were the biggest so far, which doesn't necessarily mean that the B and C grade bunches will travel faster - bigger grades at Heffron Pk usually mean more riders sitting in!

A grade were on a mission to avenge being handicapped out of the places last week and rounded up a disorganised B grade with 5 to go and C grade a lap later. With Steve Williams (Caravello) showing the form which earned him the yellow jersey in last month's Sun Tour, the leading group was down to just 10 riders at the bell. Steve Williams simply rode away from the remaining A grade riders and Chris Sutton (St George) showed perfect riding skills (it must be in the family genes) to hold out Chris Rule and John Sunde for B grade, while Danny Iannazo (Brats) finished very strongly to claim C grade.


1 Steve Williams (Caravello)

2 Anthony Spurgeon (Caravello) 

3 Brad Mills (Norths)

4 Andrew Curro (Bicisport)

5 Geoff Cook (Sutherland) 


1st B grade

Chris Sutton (St George)


1st C Grade

Danny Iannazo (Brats Tri

Melbourne Cup on Wheels

Vodafone Arena, Victoria, November 25, 2000
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Vodafone Arena
Photo: © Mark Chadwick

The 64th running of the 2000 metre Melbourne Cup on Wheels on the newly opened Indoor Velodrome demonstrated the Vodafone Arena's suitability as a cycling venue.

The crowd of around 2400 enjoyed protection from the weather for the first time after the migration of Victoria's premier track events from the aging Northcote Velodrome. The riders took to the boards with panache and put on a great show.

The field for the title event of the night was composed of the top 3 riders from six qualifying heats.

The Heats

Heat 1	

1 Paul Bailey		2.13.21

2 Stephen Sansonetti

3 Warren Knevitt 

Heat 2 	

1 Craig Arnel		2.14.53

2 Andrew Stewart

3 Paul Kenny 

Heat 3 	

1 Ben Jackson		2.13.24

2 Justin Evans

3 Jason Niblett 

Heat 4 	

1 Mark French		2.15.24

2 Keith Oliver

3 Bernie O'Dea 

Heat 5	

1 Ryan Bayley		2.07.16

2 Adrian Sansonetti

3 Tristan Gerrish 

Heat 6 	

1 Nicholas Sanderson	2.16.31

2 Robert Wilson

3 Stephen Pearce 

The resultant Final field lined up with a great gaggle of riders between 90 and 120 metres causing a fair traffic jam at the gun.

Start list
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Lined up
Photo: © Mark Chadwick

Handicap Mark (m)

180		Keith Oliver - World Masters Champion (59 yo)

165		Craig Arnell

140		Andrew Stewart

120		Paul Kenny

120		Warren Knevitt - Made every major final last season.

120		Tristan Gerrish

120		Nicholas Sanderson

110		Ben Jackson

110		Stephen Pearce

110		Paul Bailey

105		Mark French - Holder of all U17 Vic Track Titles except Pursuit

105		Bernie O'Dea

90		Stephen Sansonetti

90		Justin Evans

70		Jason Niblett - World Jnr Champ, Olympic Sprint

65		Robert Wilson - Winner '99 Burnie Wheelrace

35		Adrian Sansonetti

25		Ryan Bayley - World Jnr Champ, Sprint & Olympic Sprint

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Action from the final
Photo: © Mark Chadwick

The field was all together early, Ryan Bayley misread the lap counter and bolted at two to go followed quickly by 16 yo Mark French. Bayley realised his error in time to see French fly past, arms in the air only to hear the ringing of the bell!

A fall in the field, a roar from the crowd and French was back on the gas as Justin Evans and Ben Jackson made the lead group a foursome with a bare ten-metre lead.

Justin Evans (Courthouse Hotel) picked up the $2000 winners check from the tiring Ryan Bayley (Bike Force) with Ben Jackson (Fitzroy Cycles) third, holding Mark French (VIS) in fourth. A $1900 lesson young "Frenchie" will never forget.

Ryan Bayley later went on to establish the flying 200 mark for the track of 10.727

Melbourne Cup on Wheels

2000m handicap, final

Justin Evans (90m)	2.11.33

Ryan Bayley (25m)

Ben Jackson (110m)

Mark French (105m)

Support races

Women/W19 3000m Scratch

1 Rochelle Gilmore

2 Katrina Purcell

3 Vanessa Crawford

Men's E grade 4000m Scratch

1 Neville Brodie

2 Rick Talbot

3 John Buckworth

Men's D grade 4000m Scratch

1 Geordon Murray

2 Jim Spanswick

3 Keith Oliver

Men's C grade 4000m Scratch

1 Tommy Nankervis

2 Andrew Stewart

3 Peter Trigar

Jnr Sprint Match

1 Ryan Bayley         11.14    11.25

2 Jason Niblett 

Women/W19 1500m H'cap

1 Sue McCarthy

2 Sally Robbins

3 Elizabeth Williams

Men's A grade Eimination

1 Tim Bennet

2 Robert Wilson

3 Stephen Sansonetti

Men's Sprint Derby

1 Sean Eadie          11.54

2 Gavin White

3 Shaun Collins 

Mixed Olympic Sprint

1 Rochelle Gilmore, Shane Perkins, Sean Eadie  	51.21

2 Rahna DeMarte, Michael Ford, Gavin White 	51.55

Men's U17 Elimination

1 David Tanner

2 Alexander James

3 Kieran Love

Men's A grade Kierin

Ht 1 

1 Adam Carter		12.04

2 Jason Niblett 

Ht 2 

1 Ryan Bayley		11.27

2 Dean Taylor 

Ht 3 

1 Shaun Collins		11.23

2 Todd Wilksch 


1 Shaun Collins		11.54

2 Adam Carter

3 Ryan Bayley 

Women's Sprint Derby

1 Rochelle Gilmore	13.05

2 Rahna DeMarte

3 Sandra Smith 

Men's B grade 4000m Scratch

1 Ben Jackson		4.51.64

2 Mark French

3 Stephen Pearce 

Men's A grade 5000m Scratch

1 Robert Wilson		5.37.92

2 Tim Bennett

3 Adrian Sansonetti 

Courtesy of Mark Chadwick

Anthony Rappo Memorial Race

Smithfield, NSW, November 26, 2000

Well, what a day. The weather was great, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. All the hard work over the last few months has paid off, as we had an amazing field of 196 riders. We wish to thank all the riders that turned up and gave their support. A special thank you to Waratah Veterans for their great support. We would also like to thank all the helpers for their work in the canteen, setting up, cooking the BBQ's, the list goes on.

Anthony's parents were on hand today to present the winners trophy to each grade. Photo's will be available to view on the website soon


A Grade - 35 Starters

1 David Wyman (Lidcombe)

2 Luis Trueba (Penrith)

3 Andrew Curio (Lidcombe)

4 Campbell Kerr (Sutherland)

5 Klayton Smith (Parramatta)

B Grade - 48 Starters

1 David Young (Bankstown)

2 Geoff Stoker (Harliquin)

3 Ivan Colig

4 Ben Isaksen (Lidcombe)

5 Sebastian Trueba (Penrith)

C Grade - 37 Starters

1 Philip Stokes (Penrith)

2 Murray Tulett 

3 Alban McGuiness (Waratah Vets)

4 Graham McClymont 

5 Dean Venturado (Marconi)

D Grade - 51 Starters

1 Adam Hotchkiss (Illawarra)

2 Noel Annett 

3 Bob Hines (Marconi)

4 Chris Young (Parramatta)

5 Clive Hannerson 

E Grade - 25 Starters

1 Ivan Quiros (Marconi)

2 Eve Hood (Harliquin)

3 Troy Dippel 

4 Mark Burgess 

5 John Seager 

Courtesy of Brad Hooker

Carnegie-Caulfield CC Criterium

Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave, Vic, November 26, 2000
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Relaxed before
Photo: © Mark Chadwick

The morning after the Melbourne Cup on Wheels drew many a yawn from the riders' backing-up from the late finish. 152 took to the sunny, warm conditions with relish.

A grade's race was over at 23 minutes into the hour. An early move by Club Road Champ Kristjan Snorrason (returned from Canberra just for the weekend), Simon Gerrans (VIS) and Ashburton Cycles' Robert Boag was allowed to go, with the remaining A graders discovering too late how difficult it can be to pass B grade. The next thing they knew the three escapees rejoined the bunch from behind. The 1000m circuit lends itself to high speed and doom is spelt H E S I T A T I O N. With three a lap up the decision was made to finish the bunch a lap ahead of the escapees. Confusion reigned as the plan seemed beyond some. Brendan Rowbotham (Fitzroy Cycles) slipped away in the dying laps to take fourth, with Snorrason, Gerrans and Boag having their own little sprint to finish in that order.
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The A grade break
Photo: © Mark Chadwick

66 in B grade and apart from holding up A grade at the crucial moment the race of the B's seemed to be one of short lived attacks. The finale saw most of the bunch together, spread across the finish line en bloc.

John Kennedy, what can be said about the flamboyant owner of Melbourne Elite Sports? He arrived promising this was a try out ride in C grade as he's planning to resume his glorious track career. Sitting in the bunch for the bulk of the race Big John crossed the line on the tops to register the win, B grade at least forever. Justin Dovaston, backing up from last night's track racing managed second from Nick Gibson third. Simon Walker was audibly distressed at placing only fourth with his girlfriend present.

D grade took its ten minute neutral then proceeded to shed riders almost each lap. The pace was higher than of recent past and the sprint was contested by around half the field of 18 starters. Robert Gilpin took the top step from Trent Clifford, Peter Calveros and Boyd Friis.


A GRADE - 30 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps

1 Kristjan Snorrason 

2 Simon Gerrans (VIS) 

3 Robert Boag (Ashburton Cycles) 

4 Brendan Rowbotham (Fitzroy Cycles) 

B GRADE - 66 Starters, 1 hour + 3 laps 

1 Hugh Watson

2 Rohan McLellan 

3 Dennis Bowen-Day

4 Frank Cipriano

C GRADE - 38 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps

1 John Kennedy

2 Justin Dovaston

3 Nick Gibson

4 Simon Walker

D GRADE - 18 Starters, 45 minutes + 3 laps

1 Robert Gilpin

2 Trent Clifford

3 Peter Calveros

4 Boyd Friis

E GRADE - 3 Starters, 30 minutes + 3 laps

1 Amy Phillips

2 Leanne Church

3 Patrick Lane

Courtesy of Mark Chadwick