News for November 18, 2000

Kelme to continue

The popular Spanish team, Kelme-Costa Blanca will continue into 2001, patron Pepe Quiles announced today. Quiles said that the team had a lot of good will in the cycling community, and was particularly happy with the volume of supportive email that they have received in the past few days, from Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, New Zealand and the USA. "The good will that characterises our company forces us to continue," he said.

However, Quiles is still unhappy about the Heras situation, and is discussing with his lawyers whether to file suit against US Postal for "inducing a rider to break their contract."

It seems "99 percent likely" that Sevilla will re-sign with Kelme, and will not be using decree 1.006 to break his contract, as Heras did. However, Quiles is unhappy about dealing with both Heras and Sevilla's agents, with the latter being particularly aggressive in his representation of young cyclists.

Oscar Sevilla commented that Kelme "is a great team, but has an insufficient budget to retain all their riders." He added that he had several offers from other teams, but he was near to a renewal agreement with Kelme.

According to team management, there will be 26 riders in the team next season, with Sevilla being targeted at the Tour de France. The aim is to repeat their good results of this year.

Pantani case resumes

Marco Pantani's sporting fraud case continued in the court of Forli today, with more arguments about the origins of his high hematocrit after his accident in Milan-Turin in 1995. The levels of electrolytes (sodium, potassium and calcium) in Pantani's blood were used by the prosecution as evidence that Pantani's 60.1 percent hematocrit was unnaturally attained. According to the prosecution, these levels were quite normal, and were not compatible with the "step by step to 60 percent" construct that was put forward previously by Pantani's defense.

Next on the agenda in the trial will be an examination of Pantani's medical dossier, which contains details of his hematocrit at various times.

Collinelli comments

Italian pursuit specialist Andrea Collinelli who was left off the Olympic team after failing a drug test, commented about a new Italian anti-doping law, that prohibits the use of drugs to better one's performances. He thought that it would be a weak law, because "the controls still don't find most of the substances. However, it is an important decision, a strong deterrent for those who would consider doping."

He added that for it to be more effective, it would have to be globally implemented, because "athletes are still tempted to dope in order to compete against others who do. The new law is good with regards to health, but to stop cheating it would have to be a world-wide law, otherwise we will be penalised."

Collinelli was philosophical about his own case, where he was given a 10 month suspension for having taken fentermine. He still claims that he did not take it voluntarily, but the 10 month ban was at least better than going to jail. He intends to train normally in the interim, and is seeking a reduced suspension.

Ongarato hurt

Alberto Ongarato (Mobilvetta Design-Rossin) has been involved in a training accident near Padova along with his teammate, Francesco Arazzi. The two were hit by a car, the driver of which did not stop. Ongarato suffered a mrcro-fracture to his pelvis, and will not be able to train for at least 20 days. Arazzi was unhurt.

Andorra may host two stages of the Vuelta

The minister of Tourism and Culture in Andorra, Enric Pujal, is still awaiting an answer from the organisers of the Vuelta a España to see whether they will be able to host two stages of the race next year. Andorra also asked the Société du Tour de France a similar question but have been officially rejected.

The first stage would enter Andorra via France and would involve a finish at the ski station in Pal, as in 1998. The second stage would be a mountain time trial finishing at the top of Arcalis. On the next day, the race would leave Andorra la Vella to go back into Spain.

Saturn and Timex merger official

By John Alsedek, correspondent

Team Sports and the Saturn Corporation today made official what has been rumored for two months: that Timex would be joining the Saturn cycling program as a major partner. With both the Saturn Cycling Team and the Timex women's program already having been linked via Tom Schuler's Team Sports management group (which also includes the Volvo/Cannondale mountain bike team), the merger made good sense: "For Saturn, Timex is a logical choice in our cycling endeavors. They are an outstanding American company whose timepieces have helped Timex become a household name", said Christine Rivers, Marketing Program Manager for the Saturn Corporation.

The process originally began back in August, when Timex's Corporate Sponsorship and Promotions Manager Christine Johnson was attending the Tour de 'Toona. While there to see the Timex women's team in action, Johnson also experienced some of the men's event, and asked Timex team manager Giana Roberge about the possibility of getting Timex involved in that side of the sport as well.

After briefly contemplating starting a Timex men's squad, Roberge suggested an idea that had occurred to her previously - joining forces with the Saturn Cycling Team, which has a long and distinguished track record in both men's and women's racing. It clicked immediately, according to Roberge: "Timex was looking for someone whose goals are similar, and Saturn was a perfect fit."

Roberge and Team Sports President & General Manager Tom Schuler presented the concept to Saturn executives, who, after some initial concerns, gave it the green light. Since then, Roberge and Schuler have been putting in long hours to make it happen: selecting and signing riders, consolidating staff, and, most daunting of all, working out the logistics of having two squads competing on four different continents. The result is a 21-rider Saturn program that will still be maintaining a strong U.S. presence, but will be giving far greater emphasis to overseas competition. For Timex's Johnson, the latter is a very important consideration: "Due to the proven effectiveness domestically with our involvement in cycling, Timex desires a bigger presence internationally."

They're likely to get it too, judging by the rosters of the two squads. Both the men's and women's lineups have gotten significant upgrades over what were already very competitive 2000 rosters. The men may have lost the likes of Tony Cruz (U.S. Postal Service) and Chris Wherry (Mercury), but feel that they have more than made up for it with the addition of riders such as late-2000 acquisitions Ivan Dominguez and Tim Johnson, as well as Dane Soren Peterson and Canadian powerhouse Eric Wohlberg.

Over the past few years, the Saturn men have been competing occasionally in Europe; for 2001, they will be doing considerably more overseas events, including some of the smaller tours, with the focus on creating a strong international team that can compete in an event like the Vuelta in a few years. The women will be likewise be racing on the Continent a great deal, with the Women's World Cup as their primary goal. While the women's squad will be without two of its top performers from 2000 - Dede Demet-Barry (retired) and the late Nicole Reinhart (who will be memorialized on the new team jersey, described by Roberge as "a very classic, simple design") - there are nonetheless very capable new recruits prepared to carry the Saturn banner, including riders Kimberly Bruckner and Anke Erlank; Kim Davidge from Elita; and German speedster Ina-Yoko Teutenberg. It's a well-balanced lineup capable of challenging on all terrain- particularly the sprints, where Teutenberg and 2000 holdover Petra Rossner should be a nearly unbeatable duo.

The improvements aren't all in the rosters, either, as both Saturn and Timex are committed to actively using the program in mainstream advertising. It's a great opportunity for the Saturn Cycling Team, and for cycling in general, according to Roberge: "Overall, for cycling, it's realy exciting - two great companies coming together like this. We're supplying a petrie dish for mainstream marketing of cycling that could end up benefitting other teams."

Saturn will continue to use cycling promotions and the team to assist over the over 450 Saturn retailers nationwide expand their customer base, while Timex will be using the team as part of an intensified program to gain a more substantial international market share of timepieces and heart rate monitors. Still, in spite of the additional exposure the Saturn Cycling Team will garner, the focus is still on winning bicycle races, and Schuler feels that the team's riders are in an ideal position to do just that: "Saturn's proven strength will be further enriched by Timex to create a more powerful team formation, bringing the best of two companies together. Our athletes will be the ones to gain the most from this partnership, and I am grateful to both Saturn and Timex for their vision and belief in all of us."

Team Roster

Director: Jim Copeland
Manager: Giana Roberge



Michael Barry
Erin Hartwell
Trent Klasna
Harm Jansen
Frank McCormack
Mark McCormack


Matt Decanio
Ivan Dominguez
Chris Fisher
Tim Johnson
Søren Peterson
Eric Wohlberg



Lyne Bessette
Clara Hughes
Anna Millward
Petra Rossner
Suzanne Soyne


Kim Bruckner
Kim Davidge
Anke Erlank
Ina Teutenberg

Polish team news and transfers

Atlas Lukullus Ambra

Two new riders: Marcin Lewandowski (Legia) and Igor Bonczukow (Moldavia), the latter who came 5th in the World's ITT one year. At the moment, the team is: Wojciech Pawlak, Robert Radosz, Jaroslaw Ryszewski, Marcin Sapa, Tomasz Lisowicz, Marek Maciejewski, Przemyslaw Mikolajczyk, Jacek Mickiewicz, Lewandowski and Bonczukow.

Four more will be added to the team (14 in total) and the final composition will be announced at a press conference on December 14.

Mat Ceresit CCC

Felice Puttini (Swi, Alessio) will be joining the team but the future of 2000 team leader Piotr Przydzial is still uncertain - he may go abroad, but no longer to Lampre.

The squad so far is: Przydzial, Marcin Gebka, Cezary Zamana, Mariusz Bilewski, Jaroslaw Rebiewski, Dawid Krupa, Radoslaw Romanik, Ondrej Sosenka (Cze), Wladimir Smirnow (Ltu), Luca Belluomini (Ita). 14 riders are also expected.

Mróz Supradyn Witaminy

The new rider will be Adam Wadecki, younger brother of Piotr who is off to Domo. Leaving the team are: Mickiewicz, Wojtas and Wolski, while Zbigniew Piatek will return from MAT Ceresit CCC.

The team so far is: Piatek, Mateusz Mróz, Dariusz Skoczylas, A. Wadecki, Grzegorz Wajs, Dariusz Wojciechowski, Piotr Chmielewski, Kazimierz Stafiej, Eugen Wacker (Kgz), Bogdan Bondariew (Ukr), Raimondas Vilcynskas (Ltu) and Remigius Lupeikis (Ltu).

Legia Bazyliszek

Departing: Rebiewski, Jezowski, Lewandowski, and Karsnicki.

Incoming: Kacper Sowinski and Grzegorz Zoledziowski (at the moment in French U-23 teams), Sebastian Jezierski and Przemyslaw Tokarski (who have track pursuit experience).

The squad at the moment is: Grzegorz Mrozinski, Robert Koj, Marek Blazej, Krzysztof Zasada, Hubert Nowak, Jaroslaw Welniak, Sowinski, Zoledziowski, Dariusz Rudnicki, Marek Salinski, Tokarski and Jezierski.


The new man is Krzysztof Ciesielski (from Atlas) but apart from that there are many uncertainties. The squad so far: Grzegorz Krejner (track kilometre TT specialist), Marek Kaminski, Krzysztof Krzywy, Grzegorz Rosolinski, Pawel Szaniawski, Ciesielski, and Mariusz Kolicki.

Courtesy of Daniel Marszalek

Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola

The combined Italian team, Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola (directed by Davide Boifava in 2001) is looking at a weaker line up next season after losing several top riders. World Champion Romans Vainsteins, the Casagrande brothers and Matthew White are some of the departures, but there are also several new acquisitions. Giuseppe Di Grande (Festina), Nicola Miceli (Alessio), Nicola Minali (Alexia Alluminio), Diego Ferrari, Mauro Gerosa (Tacconi), Paolo Bossoni (Cantina Tollo), Gabriele Balducci (Fassa Bortolo), Eddy Mazzoleni (Polti) and Peter Luttenberger (ONCE) will all join the team next year.