Results and Reports for May 27-28

United States of America

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Tour of Somerville
Clarendon Cup Criterium
Capitol Cup Criterium
Andy Finch Memorial
Warner Center Criterium

57th Tour of Somerville

Somerville, NJ, May 28, 2000



1. Jonas Carney (USA) Shaklee
2. Dave McCook (USA) Shaklee
3. Roberto Gaggioli (USA) DeFeet
4. Adam Hodges Myerson (USA) Breakaway Couriers
5. Franky Van Haesebroucke (Bel) Navigators
6. Jonathan Wirsing (USA) Snow Valley


1. Tina Mayolo (USA)
2. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Charles Schwab
3. Jen Dial (USA)

Clarendon Cup Criterium

Arlington, VA, May 28, 2000


Men - 50 miles/80 km

Pro 1/2

1 Dave McCook (USA) Shaklee
2 Jonas Carney (USA) Shaklee
3 Mark McCormack (USA) Saturn
4 Kevin Monahan (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
5 Franky Van Haesebroucke (Bel) Navigators
6 Vasiliy Davidenko (Rus) Navigators
7 Rainiel Sanchez (USA) Rubio Bike Team
8 Steve Sevener (USA) Zaxby's
9 Eddy Gragus (USA) Jelly Belly
10 Charles Dionne (USA) volkswagen
11 Johathan Wirsing (USA) Team Snow Valley
12 Antonio Cruz (USA) Saturn
13 Robbie Ventura (USA) Saturn
14 Oscar Pineda (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
15 Ryan Guay (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
16 Jason Waddell (USA) Arlington Velo
17 Frank McCormack (USA) Saturn
18 Brent Arthurs (USA) Ahby Street/Lifetime Results
19 Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn
20 Roberto Gaggioli (USA) DeFeet
21 Chris Schmidt (USA)
22 Colby Peirce (USA) Shaklee
23 Mike Zingaro (USA)
24 Scott Edge (USA) Team Charlotte
25 Russell Miller (USA) Zaxby's
26 Jonathan Atkins (USA) Zaxby's
27 Greg Wolf (USA) Team John Eustice
28 Andrew Crater (USA) Breakaway CRCA
29 ?
30 Matt Minard (USA) Jelly Belly
31 Matthew Koschara (USA) Navigators
32 Chad Gerlach (USA) DeFeet
33 Mike Ley (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
34 Skip Menard (USA) Team Snow Valley
35 Zach Browne (USA) NCVC-Spokes

1 Nicole Reinhart (USA) Saturn
2 Nicole Freedman (USA) Charles Schwab
3 Laura VanGilder (USA) Charles Schwab
4 Susanne Sonye (USA) Saturn
5 Rosalind Reekie-May (NZl) New Zealand
6 Carmon Richardson (USA)
7 Tina Mayolo (USA)
8 Lorie Struzik (USA) Team Delaware
9 Clara Hughes (Can) Saturn
10 Cassandra Ramirez (USA) Tri-State Velo/Amoroso
11 Janine Verstraeten (USA) Trek CYBC
12 Katrina Berger (USA) Charles Schwab
13 Charmian Breon (USA) Altoona Cycling Team
14 Sherri Stedje (USA) Jogmate
15 Jenn Dial (USA)
16 Elizabeth Emery (USA) Charles Schwab
17 Kori Kelly (USA) Procter & Gamble
18 Deirdre Murphy (USA) CRCA
19 Angie Vargus (USA)
20 Tiffaney Pizzulo (USA)
21 Kathleen Gleason (USA) Jogmate
22 Susan Helm (USA) TriCyclists BRC
23 Sarah Uhl (USA) Trek CYBC
24 Shannon Hutchison (USA)
25 Cheryl Binney (USA) Procter & Gamble
26 Becky Conzelman (USA) Bike Doctor
27 Margan Huixing (USA) All American Bicycle Club
28 Emily Thorne (USA)
29 Tina Skelley (USA) Altoona Cycling Team
30 Mina Pizzini (USA) Procter & Gamble

Womens 3/4

1 Becky Conzelman (USA) unattached
2 Heidi Woolever (USA) NCVC-Spokes
3 Kiersten Johnson (USA) Artemis
4 Lauren Franges (USA) Tri-State Velo
5 Jennifer Leonard (USA) Evolution
6 Janelle Hubbard (USA) Arlington Master's Velo Club
7 Susan Helm (USA) Tri-Cyclists BRC
8 Terry Sweitzer (USA) Team Delaware
9 Jessica Peil (USA) unattached
10 Siobhan Briley (USA) NCVC/Spokes
11 Laura Borgelt (USA) unattached
12 Nicole Menotti (USA) Avalon
13 Christine Harding (USA) NCVC/Spokes
14 ?
15 Sami Fourtner (USA) Arlington Master's Velo Club
16 Amy Lowry (USA) Fugi
17 Pamela Raines (USA) HDK/Sentara

Capitol Cup Criterium

Washington D.C., USA, May 27, 2000


Wet and slippery conditions marked the men's and women's criteriums that made up the Washington Capitol Cup, however crashes were relatively few. The women's race was won by Charles Schwab's Katrina Berger in a solo break starting from early in the race. Despite attempts from to chase her down, the rain made it too difficult to keep things going around the tight circuit. The bunch sprint was won by Mina Pizzini (P&G) from Jen Dial, of


Womens 1/2/3

1 Katrina Berger (USA) Charles Schwab
2 Mina Pizzini (USA) Proctor & Gamble
3 Jenn Dial (USA)
4 Shannon Hutchinson (USA)
5 Tina Mayolo (USA)
6 Laura VanGilder (USA) Charles Schwab
7 Cheryl Binney (USA) Procter & Gamble
8 Carmen Richardson (USA)
9 Rosalind Reekie-May (USA) unattached
10 Angie Vargas (USA)
11 Cori Kelly (USA) Proctor & Gamble
12 Deirdre Murphy (USA) CRCA
13 Tania Duff Miller (USA)
14 Tiffaney Pizzulo (USA)
15 Cassandra Ramirez (USA) Tri-State Velo/Amoroso
16 Sherri Stedje (USA) BBC
17 Sarah Uhl (USA) Trek-CYBC
18 Charmian Breon (USA) Altoona Cycling Team
19 Emily Thorne (USA)
20 Liz Begosh (USA) Trek-CYBC
21 Marjan Huizing (USA) All American Bicycle Club
22 Kathleen Gleason (USA) Jogmate
23 Lenora Felker (USA) Charles River AP
24 Bianca Netzler (USA)
25 Catherine Powers (USA) Century Road


John Lieswyn's report

100km, 50 laps, 2km city circuit with 7+ turns. Rain.

Memorial Day weekend in DC. There are thousands of tourists, veterans, and bankers on Harleys checking out the memorials all over downtown despite the rain.

I spent Thursday flying to Greenville SC to pick up my car which needs to get to the northeast for my impending cross country move. Friday I drove 9 hours. All in all I got 90 minutes of riding in over the last 2 days, so my legs didn't feel very strong as the race got going. After 13 laps my teammate Sylvain Beauchamp opened a gap behind me and shouted "go!".

I really didn't want to be in a long breakaway - It was hard to follow Mercury's Steve Zampieri as he was going really well especially in the corners. After several laps together at a lead of about 15 seconds, another Mercury man Henk Vogels joined us. Now this guy had horsepower. Hanging on for dear life, I conceded the race to Henk and Steve. I would try and help, I wouldn't sprint at the finish, and take 3rd. Henk seemed fine with it but every time that I couldn't take a turn at the front Steve would open a gap and let Henk go. My big tactical error was in not staying glued to Henk's wheel. Zampieri didn't have the juice to stay away by himself but Henk certainly could. At 16 laps to go I called Steve's bluff when he opened a gap. The best I could do against these guys was 3rd while back in the pack Sylvain and our sprinter Dave McCook could potentially improve on that. I thought for sure Mercury wouldn't give up a guaranteed 1-2 finish. I was wrong as Steve totally quit pedaling and Henk was gone solo.

In half a lap Steve and I looked at each other as we lost a 35 second lead on the field. Team 7Up (who'd been chasing the three of us for half an hour) blew to bits and quit chasing at the same time. Henk built his lead to over a minute. Back in the group I was furious at Steve & Mercury and furious at myself for giving up a podium finish. In the interest of saving strength for tomorrow's Clarendon Cup (another stop on the US Pro Tour, with double today's prizemoney) I dropped out at 8 laps to go. There will be no quitting and no excuses for me tomorrow.

Mercury won the race but didn't sweep the podium as Robbie Ventura (Saturn) finally found his legs to finish 2nd, and Shaklee's powerhouse sprinter Dave McCook took 3rd. Yeah Dave! Over and out.

Results - 100 km

Pro 1/2 

1 Henk Vogels (Aus) Mercury
2 Robbie Ventura (USA) Saturn
3 Dave McCook (USA) Shaklee
4 Kevin Monahan (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
5 Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn
6 Eddy Gragus (USA) Jelly Belly
7 Matt Minard (USA) Jelly Belly
8 Steve Sevener (USA) Zaxby's
9 Charles Dionne (USA) Volkswagen
10 John Bickmore (USA) Yahweh Tokyo Joe's
11 Jesse Lawler (USA) Zaxby's
12 Johathan Wirsing (USA) Team Snow Valley
13 Alexandre Lavallee (USA) Kissena
14 Chad Gerlach (USA) DeFeet
15 Jason Waddell (USA) Arlington Velo
16 Adam Hodges Myerson (USA) Breakaway-CRCA
17 Andrew Crater (USA) Breakaway/Crca
18 Oscar Pineda (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
19 Brent Arthurs (USA) unattached
20 John Walrod (USA) L'Equipe Cheval
21 Mike Zingaro (USA)
22 Brian Whitcomb (USA) L'Equipe Cheval
23 Sylvain Beauchamp (USA) Shaklee
24 Blair Saunders (USA) Team Delaware
25 Skip Menard (USA) Team Snow Valley
26 Antonio Villatoro (USA) 7-UP
27 Josh Collingwood (Aus) Jelly Belly
28 Juan Pineda (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
29 Mike Creed (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
30 Steve Zampieri (USA) Mercury

Sr. Men 3

1 Paul Wood (USA) Cycles de ORO
2 John Murray (USA) beans-reinhardt
3 Ed Frank (USA) VCB/Race Pace
4 robert horton (USA) beans-reinhardt
5 Grant Connelly (USA) Avalon
6 Kenneth Hall (USA) Whole Wheel Velo
7 jason moore (USA) beans-reinhardt
8 Craig Dodson (USA) Avalon Racing
9 Matthew Mega (USA) AT&T
10 Jack Sells (USA) AT&T
11 Paul Basler (USA) AT&T
12 Ramon Benitez (USA) Artemis
13 Todd Hosterman (USA) Team Harrisburg
14 Steven DonTigny (USA) Ashby Street/Lifetime Results
15 Keith Inklovich (USA) Red Glare Cycling
16 Kenny Brown (USA) Bear tooth Capital
17 Todd Hosterman (USA) Team Harrisburg
18 Lief Hands (USA) Squadra Coppi
19 Tod Schmidt (USA) unattached
20 ?
21 Michael King (USA) Prince William Elite Racing
22 George Yoder (USA) Freddie Fu
23 Franklin Peele, Jr. (USA) NCVC/Spokes
24 Paul Langlois (USA) Prince William Elite Racing (PoWER)
25 Christopher Beck (USA) LSV/Degroens

Sr. Men 4/5

1 Erick Rodenburgh (USA) First Capital Velo
2 Hugh Wallace (Usa) Courier One/Main Street Beer Co.
3 Mike Buchness (USA) Team Bike Doctor
4 Keith Sandbloom (USA) unattached
5 Eric Peterson (USA) Minnesota Cycling Team
6 David Bozak (USA) Team Extreme
7 Allen Pritchard (USA) unattached
8 Ryan McKinney (USA) William & Mary Cycling Team
9 Jason Meidhof (USA) NCVC/Spokes
10 Shawn Tunstall (Usa) Courier One/Main Street Beer Co.
11 Glenn Walton (USA) unattached
12 Keith Jackson (USA) unattached
13 Paul Rothlisberger (USA) unattached
14 Brian Steele (USA) Team Extreme
15 David Studner (USA) unattached
16 Johnny May (Usa) Squadra Coppi
17 Thomas Ragland (USA) Squadra Coppi
18 James Bender (USA) Bike DR
19 Greg Rattray (USA) Squadra Coppi
20 Kelsey Oliver (Usa) Appalachian State University
21 David Wilson (USA) WWVC
22 Joseph Tindal (USA) Manchester Cycle
23 Corey Twyman (USA) National Capital Velo Club
24 Doug Oates (USA) Squadra Coppi
25 Brian Rist (USA) Bike Doctor/Cannondale

Masters 35+ 

1 Joseph Baremore (USA) DC Velo
2 David Osborne (USA) ARTEMIS
3 Gaston VEGA (USA) Atlantic Cycling
4 Joseph Deatib (USA) Snow Valley
5 Michael Price (USA) Prince William Elite Racing
6 Ramon Benitez (USA) Artemis
7 Aubrey Gordon (USA) Team Squiggle
8 Gene Petrella (USA) Quaker City Wheelmen
9 Rick Schenck (USA) Cycor/contes
10 Channing Houston (USA) NCVC-Spokes
11 James Littlejohn (USA) Team Snow Valley
12 John McGill (USA) Patuxent Velo
13 Keith Mitchell (USA) BBC/Golds
14 Mark Sommers (USA) unattached
15 Tom Meyer (USA) VCB/Race Pace


1 Kevin Zutell (USA) FCCC
2 Jeffrey Via Jr. (USA) Chesapeake Wheelman/Thulman Eastern
3 Bobby Lea (USA) Team Fuji
4 Thomas Zweig (USA) Safefit-Performance Friction
5 Brian Bonato (USA) Red Rose Rockets
6 Jamie Scotto (USA) MT Airy Bicycle Club
7 Ian Byrd (USA) NECSA/Mike Fraysse
8 Adam Forgione (USA) CW/Thulman Eastern
9 Jonathan Fallone (USA) Squadra Copi
10 Offie Clark (USA) Chesapeake Wheelman
11 Syd Lea (USA) Team Fuji
12 Brian Bodensteiner (USA) Squadra Copi

Andy Finch Memorial

Castle Rock, CO, May 27, 2000

Results - 43 miles

1. Scott Moninger USA) Mercury
2. Doug Zeiwack (USA) 7-Up-Colorado Cyclist  	1.00
3. Chris Baldwin (USA) Navigators
4. Clark Sheehan (USA) 7-Up-Colorado Cyclist 	1.30
5. Chris Fisher (USA) Flanders-Prefetex

Warner Center Criterium

May 28, 2000


1. Greg Mendicino (USA)
2. Thurlow Rogers (USA) Mercury