Results and Reports for March 9

20th GP Dirk Grepdon

Wanzele, Belgium, March 7, 2000

20 kilometers before the finish, Koen Beeckman, Fabien De Waele and Oleg Pankov were involved in a spill. No-one was seriously injured however.

Results - 170 km

1 Tony Bracke (Bel) Collstrop                4.02.00 (42,149 kph)
2 Andy De Smet (Bel) Spar
3 Matthew Hayman (Aus) Rabobank
4 Danny Baeyens (Bel) Collstrop
5 Martin Van Steen (Ned) Farm Frites
6 Geert Omloop (Bel) Collstrop                  0.29
7. Raymond Meijs (Ned) Team Cologne             0.36
8. Jans Koerts (Ned) Farm Frites
9. Bert Scheirlinckx (Bel) Collstrop
10. Andy Vidts (Bel) Vlaanderen 2002
11. Scott Guyton (Nzl) Flanders
12. Wim Feys (Bel) Palmans
13. Marcel Duijn (Ned) Rabobank
14. Werner Vandromme (Bel) elite                1.50
15. Stijn De Peuter (Bel) Palmans
16. Martin Johansson (Swe) Collstrop
17. Donatas Virbickas (Lit) Collstrop           2.38
18. Remco van der Ven (Ned) Farm Frites
19. Bart Heirewegh (Bel) Spar
20. Michel Vanhaecke (Bel) Tönissteiner
21. Vladimir Smirnov (Lit) Palmans
22. Manu Lhoir (Bel) Lotto
23. Hans De Meester (Bel) Collstrop
24. Aart Vierhouten (Ned) Rabobank
25. Patrick D'Hont (Bel) Française des Jeux

91 starters

Complete results thanks to Stefaan Degryse

UK Roundup for March 4-5, 2000

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Jack Granger Memorial

Unlike the previous year, the day dawned bright and cold for this year's Jack Granger memorial road race in Middleton (UK). Jack Granger was a founder member of the Rockingham Forest Wheelers and its president for 40 years. Jack was also a keen helper at club events until his untimely death in October 1995.

The day consists of two races, one for category 3, 4, Women and Juniors riders. The memorial race in the afternoon for category Elite, 1, 2 riders. The 16km (10 mile) course for the race is undulating with the main hill being "big chain ring" and not too difficult for the strong riders with probably the worst bits being the long drags into the cross winds.

The main race of the day had a class field with riders like UK number 1 Gordon McCauley along with Mark Lovatt, Rod Ellingworth and of course Aarron McCaffrey who seems to be riding better than ever this year with lots of confidence and after a good winter of hard miles. Anyone who has ever trained with Aarron, as I have, will know that there is no "plodding" involved and the results are there for all to see.

The race started easily enough for a 100km race with the main hitters sitting back in the field catching up with old times while this reporter gleefully hoped this would continue for a few laps but alas Mark Lovatt put in the main dig after the climb on the first lap to try and bring the other main contenders to the front. This worked effectively enough as a small group went away for a mile or so before it was brought back and Lovatt had another dig followed by a massive attack from Gordon McCauley with a number of riders in tow. All this within the space of a few miles.

In the crosswinds after 10km, the field split as the riders tried to get on terms with the leaders and as the field crossed the line, there were three distinct groups riding at 50kph plus on the tailwind section. The race then developed into a break with all the main hitters in there and the peloton chasing but losing time as every kilometre went by.

On the last lap, with the break down to four riders, there were plenty of attacks as each of the hitters who were all pretty evenly matched, took turns at trying to get rid of the others. It was however a four up sprint from which Aarron McCaffrey, many people's favourite, who won the sprint in dominate style while climber Lovatt surprised McCauley by taking 2nd with Ellingworth in 4th place and completing what was a formidable break.

Next Sunday, many of the main contenders come together do battle in the first Premier Calendar event, the Oleum-Starlight Grand Prix. All of them look in fine form with McCaffrey now one of the favourites after two excellent rides in two weeks. Although having designed the course for the race, McCauley is also looking forward to it as his form gets better each week. Looks like being a cracker of a race! Report on this next week a little later than normal due to my wedding which will take me away for a few days.

Results - 100 km

1 Aaron McCaffrey Heffs Bike Shop(Jackson Print)            2.20.41
2 Mark Lovatt (Provison Powerbar)
3 Gordon Mccauley (Equlibrium Essentia Oleum Race Team)
4 Rod Ellingworth (Team Mcell)
5 Keith Haddon (Terry Wright Cycles-Raleigh RT)                0.30
6 Mike Harrison (Tunstall Wheelers)                                                0.34
7 Vince Freeman (Terry Wright Cycles Raleigh RT)               6.56
8 David Staff North Road CC                                                                            7.00
9 Simon Gaywood (Cycle Club Luton)
10 Steve Dring (Terry Wright Cycles Raleigh RT)
11 Richard Smith (Alsys-Bradgate CRT)
12 Paul Dring (Terry Wright Cycles Raleigh RT)
13 Richard Lewis (Rutland CC)
14 James Holland-Leader (DCS Automotive (UK) RT)
15 Peter Todd (Fenland Clarion CC)
16 David Langlands (Fenlend Clarion CC)
17 Jamie Fisher (Cycle Club Luton)
18 Huw Roberts (Paramount CRT)
Spring Road Race

The first race, the Spring Road Race, had a full field including a single female rider in the form of Susan Carter (Schils-Letchworth) who is one of the UK's leading women's cyclists and several juniors.

The race consisted of a number of attacks early on from which a break went away and was never caught. The bunch stayed largely intact for the race, and were hardly ever more than a minute or two down. At the finish, Richard Edwards (CC Luton) outsprinted Robert Guest and promising junior Adam Henly (High Wycombe CC). Fourth was Thomas Collier (VC ST Raphael/Waite Contracts) some 12 seconds down after chasing for a long period to get back on terms with the break. The bunch sprint for 5th place was won by Phil Rayner (Welland Valley) from Don Parry.

Results - 65km

1 Richard Edwards (Cycle Club Luton)                             1.39.55
2 Robert Guest (Private Member)
3 Adam Henley (High Hycombe CC)
4 Thomas Collier (Vc St Raphael)                                                0.12
5 Phil Rayner (Welland Valley Wh)                           `                   0.48
6 Don Parry (Nene Valley RT)
7 Eddy Glutton (Rockingham Forest Wheelers)
8 Iain Roche (Cycle Centre RT)
9 Gary Griffiths (Stourbridge CC)
10 Susan Carter (Letchworth Schils)
11 Rowland Summerlin (Rockingham Forest Wheelers)
12 Gary Elliott (Milton Keynes C & TC)
13 James Cartwright (Royal Sutton CC)
14 Gavin Stone (Wetland Valley)
15 Jim Carr (Alsys-Bradgate CRT)
16 David Bates (Hinckley CRC)
17 Richard Bray (Ray Velo)
18 Colin Summerfield (VC Meudon)
19 Matthew Bridge
20 Martin Seal (Vc Chesterfield)
21 Luke Kubicki (Rockingham Forest Wheelers)
22 Matt Tudor (Alsys-Bradgate CRT)
23 Matt Wood (Team Keyne-Trek)
24 Ashley Hill (Raf CC)
25 Paul White (Welland Valley Wh)
26 Harry Henley (High Wycombe CC)
27 Andy Wearing (Coventry RC)
28 James Stokes (Kettering CC)
29 Philip Wilkinson (Rockingham Forest Wheelers)
30 Victor Barnett (Wetland Valley Wh)
31 Lynden Leadbeater (Fenland Clarion CC)
32 Mark Stanley (Sunn RT)
33 Simon Ensor (Coventry RC)
34 Timothy Hepworth (Stourbridge CC)
35 Martin Rolbin (Fenland Clarion CC)
36 Colin Durrant (Leamington CC)
37 John Buxton (Alsys-Bradgate CRT)
38 Jack Peterson (Rockingham Forest Wheelers)
39 Julian Freeman
40 James Bean (Strafford upon Avon CC)
41 Chris Gunter Alpha RC
42 Martin Bunker Nene Valley RT
39th Silverbeck Rymer-Eddie Soens Memorial Handicap

Results - 80km (50 miles)

1. Julian Ramsbottom (Private Member)                                                1.48.52
2. Phil West (Middridge CRT)                                                                                            0.05
3. Anthony Malarczyk (                               0.12
4. Stephen Cummings (Alsager-Adidas MRT)                                                            0.17
5. Rod Ellingworth (Team Mcell)                                                                     0.19
6. Gary Adamson (Asics AVC)                                                                                             1.17
7. Russell Downing (Private Member)
8. Stephen Stoneman (
9. Mark Lovatt (ProVision-Powerbar)
10. Dan Bridges (Alsager-Adidas MRT)
11. Martin Ford (Private Member)
12. Chris Steele (Coventry Olympic CC)                                                              2.47
13. Ian Stott (Blackburn & District CTC)                                                            2.54
14. Andrew Tinsley (Team Travelwise)                                                                2.56
15. Steven Fullerton (Richmond & Darlington CC)
16. Bill Nickson (Ribble Valley CRC)
17. Andrew Martin (
18. Tom Southam (Alsager-Adidas MRT)                                                                3.06
19. James Notley (Stonefield Cycles)
20. Neil Swithenbank (Alsager-Adidas MRT)                                                           3.09
21. Steve Ramsey (Private Member)                                                                   3.53
22. Adam Hardy (Pete Read Racing - Caygill)                                                         4.05
23. Lee Matthews (Liverpool Mercury RC)                                                             4.13


Lap 5 Mark Baker (Team Velosport)
Lap 10 Mark Baker (Team Velosport)
Lap 15 Bill Nickson (Ribble Valley CRC)
Lap 20 Stephen Stoneman (
Lap 25 Rod Ellingworth (Team Mcell)

Category Awards

2nd Cat Andrew Tinsley (Team Travelwise)
3rd Cat Chris Steele (Coventry Olympic CC)
4th Cat Ian Murray (Prescot Eagle RC)
Jnr Chris Daddy (Cottingham Coureurs RT)
Vet Bob Varney (Milton Keynes C&T Club)
Lady Sally Boyden (Clarke Contracts CRT)


1 Mark Baker                                                35 pts
2 Julian Ramsbottom                                                             28
3 Stephen Stoneman                                          14
Gerry Thurlow Memorial

Noted time trialist, Andrew Horner was the winner of the long running Jerry Thurlow memorial on a cold, very windy but sunny Spring day in Lincolnshire. Andrew Horner and Ben Hallam attacked with one lap to go with Horner dropping Hallam who was swept up by the four chasers and dropped again in the final few miles.

Horner rode extremely well in the hard conditions and even though he only had 10 seconds for the best part of 10 miles, he managed to hold off the chasers who were working hard to catch him. Among the chasers was the local club's Gavin Daley who pleased local supporters when he took the sprint for second. A special mention to 4th category rider Greg Thorley who was on his own for seven or eight miles and held on to take the award for first 4th cat. Thanks to organiser Roger Hobby for giving us the results over the phone.

Results - 50 km

1. Andrew Horner (VC St Rapheal/Waite Contracts)            1.32.27
2. Gavin Daley ( Velo Club Lincolb/TMS ImpSport)               0.20
3. Ian Furniss (Dinington Racing Club)
4. Colin Sinclair (Hull Thursday RC)
5. Julian Lowes (JC Cooke)
6. Ben Hallam (Data Phoniex Racing Team)                                           1.42
7. Greg Thorley (Bob Jackson Racing Team) - 1st 4th Cat.   3.04
8. Damon Elvington (Hull Thursday RC)                                              3.35
9. Richard Wellburn (VC York)
10. Ken Corbet (South Yorkshire Police)                                            4.03
11. Dan Harding (ALSYS Bradgate)
12. Luke Baker (Skegness Wheelers)                                                 5.13
13. Rob Keenes (Universal Cycling Club)                                            5.25
14. Paul Everleigh (RAF Cycling Team)
15. Linden Leadbetter (Fenland Clarion)
16. Jason Taylor (VC Lincoln/TMS-ImpSport)
17. Keri Williams (Banbury Star)
18. Paul Hardy (Sheffield Phoneix)
19. Martin Rolbin (Fenland Clarion) all
20. John Buxton (ALSYS Bradgate)
21. Edwin Kaye (Alford Wheelers)
22. Ward Jefferson (Leeds Cycle Racing Club)
23. John Walters (Universal Cycling Club)
24. John Maul(Lincoln Wheelers)
25. Andrew Dawson (Team Chef)
26. Jim Gill (Selby CC)
27. David Jones (Leeds Cycle Racing Club)
28. Martin Lloyd (Velo Club Lincoln)
29. Andy Sykes (Private Member)
30. Mike Ward (Axholme Wheelers)
Neil White Memorial

Top UK rider Chris Newton (Middridge CRT) continued his fine showing this season with a dominant win in the Neil White Memorial Pursuit, a local for event for the former McCartney professional. 59 riders took part in the handicap style race.

Results - 70km (45 miles)

1. Chris Newton                         1.43.45
2. Phil West (Middridge RT)
3. Ian Hellawell (Middridge RT)
4. Kevin Brennon (Dinngton)
5. Ronny Batey (VC Azzuri)
6. Colin Ash (Knaresborough RT)
7. Richard King (Ferryhill Wheelers)
8. Chris Herbet (Zeuz RT)
9. Martin Gibson (Houghton CC)
10. Seth Smith (Whiterose /Volkswagon)
1st 3rd cat outside the top six was Steven Kenny
1st 2nd cat outside the top 6 was Richard King
Wally Gimber Memorial

Held in memorial of Wally Gimber, a full field of 80 starters on a reasonably unulating course did battle in fine but cold weather. The race pattern was that a break of four went away early on with Andy Lyons, Rohan Horner, Paul Pickup (Liphook Cyles) and Trevor Morgan with Pickup puncturing and the break staying away. The chasing bunch split a few times but never managed to get organised to being the break back.


1. Andy Lyons
2. Rohan Horner (VC St Rapheal/Waite Contracts)
3. Trevor Morgan (Festival RC)
4. Peter Sweetenham (Twickenham CC)
5. Paul Crook (Heffs Cycles)
Twickenham CC - 4th/Women

Results - 50km (30 miles)

1. Mike Clutton, Charlotteville CC
2. Allan Parkinson, Fareham Whls
3. Andrew Daniels, Twickenham CC
4. Les Hook, Bath RC
5. Malcolm Martin, Southborough & Dist.
6. Dylan Lang, London Rowing Club
7. Tony Scott, Hounslow & Dist.
8. Alan Denman, Crawley Whls
9. Mark Robinson, Twickenham CC
10. Martin Shirley, Unity CC