Swiss National Championships - CN

Gansingen, Switzerland, June 25, 2000

1999 Results     Time trial championships

Elite Men's road race

Zberg wins Swiss title in a small group sprint

The Swiss road champion for 2000 is Rabobank's Markus Zberg, courtesy of a strong performance on the circuit at Gansingen. He beat two Post Swiss riders, Marcel Strauss and Roger Beuchat who were part of a 10 man group that had escaped on the second last lap. Prominent members of this group included Tour de Suisse winner, Oscar Camenzind (8th) and Mauro Gianetti (6th). However, there were also some notable absences, including last year's winner, Armin Meier who stopped after 90 kilometres. Niki Aebersold and Alex Zülle also missed the move, with the latter finishing some 4 minutes down in 20th.

Camenzind had tried a bit too early in the race, but ended with the mountain points prize. The final attack though came from Zberg on the 11th of 12 laps, taking Camenzind and Uwe Straumann with him. They were joined by seven others to make a 10 strong top group.

Afterwards, Zberg said that he had no doubts that he could win. In the sprint, he left no room for error and clearly beat the two Post Swiss riders.

Results - 186 km

1. Markus Zberg (Rabobank)                            4.29.34 (41.399 kph )
2. Marcel Strauss (Post Swiss Team)       
3. Roger Beuchat (Post Swiss Team)       
4. Daniel Schnider (La Française des Jeux)       
5. Felice Puttini (Alessio)       
6. Mauro Gianetti (Vini Caldirola - Sidermec)       
7. Uwe Straumann (Phonak Cycling Team)       
8. Oskar Camenzind (Lampre - Daikin)       
9. Roland Meier (Cofidis)                                0.10
10. Sven Montgomery (La Française des Jeux)              0.11
11. Roland Müller (Team Nürnberger)                      0.55
12. Peter Jörg (KIA-Villiger Suisse)                     1.25
13. Pierre Ackermann (Post Swiss Team)       
14. Cédric Fragnière (Phonak Cycling Team)       
15. Reto Bergmann (Post Swiss Team)       
16. Fabian Jeker (Festina)                               1.29
17. Niki Aebersold (Rabobank)                            1.32
18. Christian Heule (Post Swiss Team)                    3.09
19. Pierre Bourquenoud (Phonak Cycling Team)       
20. Alex Zülle (Banesto)                                 4.16
21. Mathias Braun (Post Swiss Team)       
22. Gregoy Rast (VC Mendrisio - Casino Admiral)       
23. René Stadelmann (Phonak Cycling Team)       
24. Milovan Stanic (Team Insubrica Suisse)               4.57
25. Alexander Aeschbach (Leonardo Coast Wattenscheid)    5.35
26. Christian Traffelet (Team Mephisto-Romer's)          5.54
27. Stefan Zoss (Team Mephisto-Romer's)                  6.07
28. Daniel Aeschlimann (Hohenfelder - Concorde)       
29. David Loosli (GS Seat-Kona-Radio Argovia)            6.14
30. Michael Albasini (VC Mendrisio - Casino Admiral)       
31. Jörg Strauss (Team Mephisto-Romer's)       
32. Beat Obrist (Team Saeco-Wetzikon)                    6.16
33. Alexandre Moos (KIA-Villiger Suisse)       
34. Patrick Dubacher (GS Schaller//Mega-Shop//Trek)      6.20
35. Jean Nuttli (GS Schaller//Mega-Shop//Trek)           7.03
36. Reto Küng (GS Hörmann Scheidegger)                  16.46
37. Rafael Bayer (GS Seat-Kona-Radio Argovia)           16.50
38. Aurélien Clerc (Team Mephisto-Romer's)       
39. Thomas Uhr (Team Mephisto-Romer's)       
40. David Senn (Team mita-medic)       
41. Marc Kerker (Team Saeco-Wetzikon)       
42. Martin Bolt (GS Seat-Kona-Radio Argovia)       
43. André Deppeler (GS Hörmann Scheidegger)       
44. Florian Lüdi (Team Mega-Bike/Job One/Trek)       
45. Marc Müller (Team Saeco-Wetzikon)       
46. Philipp Steiner (Team mita-medic)       
47. Jacques Chapatte (Festina Espoirs)                  16.55
48. Stefan Felder (GS Hörmann Scheidegger)       
49. Pirmin Adler (Team Insubrica Suisse)       
50. Roman Burkard (GS Hörmann Scheidegger)       
51. Gérard Anzenberger (GS Seat-Kona-Radio Argovia)       
52. Roman Peter (GS Seat-Kona-Radio Argovia)            16.59
53. Daniel Senn (Team Saeco-Wetzikon)       

Mountain prize:

1. Oskar Camenzind (Lampre - Daikin)                    20 pts
2. Pierre Ackermann (Post Swiss Team)                    9
3. Alex Zülle (Banesto)                                  6
4. Daniel Schnider (La Française des Jeux)               5
5. Roland Meier (Cofidis)                                4
6. Roland Müller (Team Nürnberger)                       3
7. Felice Puttini (Alessio)                              3
8. Roger Beuchat (Post Swiss Team)                       2
9. Niki Aebersold (Rabobank)                             2
10. Marcel Strauss (Post Swiss Team)                     1