World Mountain Bike Championships - CDM

Sierra Nevada, Spain, June 7 - 11, 2000

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Day 1 - June 7: Team Relay Championships

Spain reigns again

Last year in Åre, Sweden, the Spanish team won the inaugural team relay event in front of France and Canada. This year, with a very similar team they did it again, blitzing the Swiss and Italians after coming from behind. Their team of Roberto Lezaun, Marga Fullana, Inaki Lejarreta Errasti, and Jose Antonio Hermida got off to a bad start in the four lap race, as first rider Roberto Lezaun came in last position to hand in his armband to the next rider Fullana. However, Fullana managed to peg the time back to the Canadians who were leading, and who later fell back to second last after Jamie Douglas had a mechanical.

Italy (Marco Bui, Leonardo Zanotti, Mirko Faranisi, Paola Pezzoa) and Switzerland (Christophe Sauser, Florian Vogel, Barbara Blatter, Silvio Bundi) were the leaders on the penultimate lap but the Spanish were making a lot of ground. Onthe final lap, Hermida passed Pezzo who was Italy's last rider, and cross the line nearly six minutes in front of the Italian. Pezzo was also passed by Swiss Silvio Bundi who ensured the silver for his country.


1 Spain           2.08.14     250 pts
2 Switzerland        4.50     200
3 Italy              6.03     170
4 Poland             7.30     150
5 Australia          8.32     130
6 Great Britain     10.17      95
7 USA               10.30      90
8 Germany           10.42      85
9 Russia            10.51      80
10 Belgium          10.55      75
11 Brasil           17.23      71
12 Canada           18.32      67
13 Czech Republic   21.24      63

DNF France
DNF Colombia