Results and Reports for June 24-25


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40th Anniversary Nevada City Classic
BMC Tour of San Jose

Managed Race for the Gate 2000
Colorado District Road Championships
Housatonic Hills Road Race
Cargas Criterium

40th Anniversary Nevada City Classic

Nevada, June 25, 2000



1.  Belem Guerrero (Mex)
2.  Julie Young (USA)
3.  Suzy Pryde (NZl) Saturn
4.  Meredith Frommer (USA) Capitol Velo 
5.  Tina Mayolo (USA)


1. John Peters (USA) Mercury
2. Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn

BMC Tour of San Jose

San Jose, CA, June 24, 2000

By John alesdek, correspondent

Nicole Reinhart (Saturn) and Gord Fraser (Mercury) both moved to within one victory of their respective monster paydays by winning today's BMC Tour of San Jose. Contested on a tricky 1.3-mile circuit in beautiful downtown San Jose, both the women's and men's events came down to field sprints- but that doesn't mean they weren't animated....

In the 35-mile women's race, it was basically Saturn vs. everyone else, as Reinhart's teammates had to deal with a constant flurry of attacks. Things got a little dicey for them about two-thirds of the way through, when Timex's Tracey Gaudryn - who had just arrived in San Jose barely twelve hours earlier - got away in a move that had 'solo victory' written all over it. Though Saturn was able to reel her back in, they were immediately faced with doing it all over again, as Annie Gariepy (Elita) launched a counterattack. Gariepy, with Saturn's Anna Wilson in tow, quickly picked up nearly fifteen seconds. With just seven miles to go, things looked bad enough that Wilson actually dropped back to aid in the chase. That spelled the end to Gariepy's game effort...and then it was's turn, as Julie Young countered. But with domestiques like Wilson, Clara Hughes, Susy Pryde, and Suzanne Sonye, it was all together going into the final two hundred meters, as Reinhart easily took the sprint. Afterwards, she gave credit where credit was due: "My teammates were great, and my win is a result of their hard work."

And speaking of hard work, Fraser's win came as the result of what has become a familiar sight on the U.S. racing scene - the powerhouse Mercury squad having its way with the rest of the field. After letting some early attacks go, Mercury took over at around the midway point. However, one man who was not cowed by their display of power was Shaklee strongman Eric Wohlberg, who launched a fearsome solo attack that never gained more than ten seconds, but impressed nonetheless. However, as in the women's race, it was all together going into the final lap - and that's when things REALLY heated up. Mercury had its train going, but Saturn's Harm Jansen was doing his best to disrupt things- drawing the ire of Mercury's Henk Vogels in the process.

His hard work seemed to be rewarded: while Fraser easily took the win, Jansen's mates Robbie Ventura and Antonio Cruz took second and fourth....or so it seemed. After the finish, Ventura was relegated to 50th due to miscommunication by race referees: when he flatted midway through the race and was unable to get a wheel with the proper gearing at one support pit, he was directed by an official to cut the course and go to the other. However, the chief referee ruled that, despite that, Ventura had not completed the full course and was therefore stripped of his second place. It tainted what had otherwise been a fine event. Said Saturn team manager Andy Lee afterwards, "It's unfortunate that Robbie should lose second place because of something that had absolutely no bearing on the race."

As a result of their victories, Reinhart and Fraser now have the opportunity to hold their own destinies, and maybe a whole lot of cash, in their hands come September 17th....

Anna Wilson's report

On Saturday we raced a 55km criterium in San Jose. This wasn't just any old criterium - it was the third of the BMC series. This year, BMC has added a bit of spice to racing in America. If the same person can win all 4 BMC criteriums, they will take home $US 250,000. So far, Nicole Reinhart, a Saturn rider, has won two of the BMC criteriums and Saturday was the third one. So we were all highly motivated to help her to her third victory in the series.

We had five Saturn riders at the race: Susy Pryde, Suzanne Sonye, Julie Hanson, Nicole Reinhart and me. There were plenty of other teams at the race - most notably Timex, Autotrader and Elita - and I think they all had an unwritten agreement to try and prevent us getting the $250,000 bonus.

The race was hard from the gun and we had a lot of work to do to contain things and bring it to a bunch sprint for Nicole. All of us had periods during the race where we were totally spent and it was all we could do to hang on the back and try to recover so we could get back into the fray. But luckily we didn't all have our bad spell at the same time so there were always a couple of Saturn riders at the front, covering attacks. Tracey Gaudry and Annie Gariepy both had solo breaks off the front for a couple of laps but with 3 to go, everyone was together and ready for a sprint. Susy started our lead-out for Nicole with half a lap to go. I took over once I saw other riders starting to try and move up and I took Nicole to the final corner. She didn't let us down from there. It was an incredible feeling to see her cross the line first. Only one race to go in the series!!

I am off to Massachusetts on Tuesday to race a 4 day tour there starting on Thursday.


Women - 35 mi/56.4 km

1. Nicole Reinhart (USA) Saturn          1.34.02 (36.0 km/h)
2. Tina Mayolo (USA)
3. Nicole Freedman (USA) Charles Schwab
4. Tracy Gaudry (Aus) Timex
5. Karen Dunne (USA) Elita
6. Anne Samplonious (Can) Independent
7. Belem Guerrero (USA) Independent
8. Laura Van Gilder (USA) Charles Schwab
9. Anna Wilson (Aus) Saturn
10. Karen Kurreck (USA) Independent
11. Cheryl Binney (USA) Procter & Gamble
12. Brenna Wolford (USA) Independent
13. Jennifer Eyerman (USA) jane Cosmetics
14. Catherine Cardwell (USA) Charles Schwab
15. Pamela Schuster (USA)
16. Suzie Marshall (USA) Independent
17. Desira Uteg (USA) Independent
18. Meredith Miller (USA) Independent
19. Odessa Gunn (Can) Timex
20. Heather Cole (USA) jane Cosmetics
21. Kim Davidge (USA) Elita
22. Michele Rickert (USA) Independent
23. Annelie Chapman (USA) jane Cosmetics
24. Aileen Loe (USA) jane Cosmetics
25. Annie Gariepy (Can) Elita
26. Andrea Ratkovic (USA)
27. Julie Hansen (USA) Saturn
28. Megan Troxel (USA) Independent
29. Lauren Smith (USA) Independent
30. Kimberly Bruckner (USA)
31. Julie Young (USA)
32. Suzanne Sonye (USA) Saturn
33. Suzy Pryde (NZl) Saturn
34. Shannon Hutchinson (USA)
35. Chloe Black (USA) Independent

Men - 50 mi/80.6 km

1. Gord Fraser (Can) Mercury 			2.04.26 (38.86 km/h)
2. Eddie Gragus (USA) Jelly Belly
3. Tony Cruz (USA) Saturn
4. Graeme Miller (NZl) Shaklee-Marin
5. Oscar Pineda (Gua) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
6. Jonas Carney (USA) Shaklee-Marin
7. Michael Johnson (USA) Net Zero
8. Frank Van Haesebroucke (Bel) Navigators
9. Kevin Monohan (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
10. Greg Medinilla (USA) Net Zero
11. Jamie Paolinetti (USA) Net Zero
12. Jaun Pineda (Gua) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
13. John Lieswyn (USA) Shaklee-Marin
14. Paul Martin (USA) Navigators
15. Henk Vogels (Aus) Mercury
16. Trent Klasna (USA) Saturn
17. Pelle Kil (Ned) L'Eequipe Cheval
18. Matt Koshara (USA) Navigators
19. Tim Larkin (USA) Lombardi Sports
20. Roberto Gaggioli (USA) De Feet
21. Ryan Lane (USA) Net Zero
22. Ryan Guay (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
23. David McCook (USA) Shaklee-Marin
24. Steve Speaks (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
25. Sean Watkins (USA) Team Dare
26. Eric Wohlberg (Can) Shaklee-Marin
27. Clark Sheehan (USA) 7UP-Colorado Cyclist
28. Richard Del (USA) Valle Spokesman USA
29. Florencio Ramos (USA) Team Tecos
30. Peter DeVeor (USA) Lombardi Sports
31. Jose Jimenez (USA) Team Tecos
32. Derek Bouchard-Hall (USA) Mercury
33. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators
34. Mat Anand (Czn) Alto Velo
35. Brendan Vesty (NZl) Navigators
36. Josh Collingwood (Aus) Jelly Belly
37. John Glover (USA) L'Equipe Cheval
38. James Mattis (USA) Alto Velo
39. Steve Chrpachynski (USA) De Feet
40. Jose Garcia (USA) Team Tecos
41. John Walrod (USA) L'Equipe Cheval
42. Nathan Dahlberg (NZl) Village Ped
43. Chad Gerlach (USA) De Feet
44. Michael Sayers (USA) Mercury
45. Norm Carter (USA) Jelly Belly
46. JD Dursu (USA) Lombardi Sports
47. James Hodnett (USA) Lombardi Sports
48. Dean Meyer (USA) Lombardi Sports
49. Robbie Ventura (USA) Saturn
50. Mark McCormack (USA) Saturn

Managed Race for the Gate 2000

Nashua, New Hampshire, June 24, 2000


Pro 1/2/3

1 Doug Ziewacz (USA) Team 7-Up-Colorado Cyclist
2 Jonathan Page (USA) Cannondale-Wheelworks
3 Andrew Donaldson (USA) Galaxy Sports Marketing-Giant Pro-Am CT
4 Daniel Belisle (USA) 
5 Michael Cread (USA) Team 7-Up-Colorado Cyclist
6 Dustin Rademacher (USA) CRCA/Hot Tubes
7 Andrew Crater (USA) 
8 Peter Volers (USA) Galaxy Sports Marketing-Giant Pro-Am CT
9 Tim Johnson (USA) CCB Volkswagen
10 William Skinner (USA) 
11 Justin Lillie (USA) Galaxy Sports Marketing-Giant Pro-Am CT
12 Adam Hodges Myerson (USA) Breakaway-CRCA
13 Cedric Greaux (USA) 
14 Keith Burgoyne (USA) Northampton CC
15 Peter Brennan (USA) Galaxy Sports Marketing-Giant Pro-Am CT
16 jason williams (USA) piedmont flyers
17 Mathieu Fagan (USA) 
18 Skip Foley (USA) CCB Volkswagen
19 Shawn Mottram (USA) OSVC/AFD Airbrush
20 Chandler Delinks (USA) 
21 Andrew Mills (USA) Richard Sachs-CYBC
22 Gregory Wolf (USA) 
23 Kyle Gates (USA) Community Bicycle Supply-Boston BT

Men 4 

1 Jason Weale (USA) NHCC-S&W
2 pete martel (USA) northampton CC
3 Barry Greenberg (USA) NEBC-Cycle Loft-Sun Microsystems
4 Steven Gauthier (USA) NEBC-Cycle Loft-Sun Microsystems
5 Brian Largne (USA) 
6 Paul Rhodes (USA) Ciclismo Sportivo Ardagna
7 William Casazza (USA) BOB
8 Steve Seabury (USA) Team SCARR
9 Gene Ruiter (USA) unattached
10 Ethan Parsons (USA) 
11 Stephen Dudley (USA) 
12 Paul Boudreau (USA) Essex County Velo
13 Stuart Dorman (USA) Boston Road Club-ATA-Vintage etc.
14 Robert Kramer (USA) 
15 Bill Bushey (USA) CCB Volkswagen

16 Jim  Millerando (USA) 
17 Timothy Guilbeault (USA) Providence Velo
18 Darren Hartung (USA) NHCC-S&W
19 Skip Brown (USA) 
20 James Olson (USA) NEBC-CycleLoft-Sun Microsystems
21 Nate  Dubler (USA) 
22 Michael Despres (USA) 
23 Craig Bertoldi (USA) Essex County Velo
24 Rich Battaglia (USA) SMCC
25 John Parker (USA) NEBC-Cycle Loft-Sun Microsystems
Women 1-2

1 Sue McDonough (USA) FUJI Racing Team-Agilent
2 Laura Kibelsbeck (USA) Matador Design- Hudson Valley Velo Club
3 Lenora Felker (USA) C.R.A.P.
4 Emily Thorn (USA)
5 Brooke O'Connor (USA) NEBC-Cycle Loft-Sun Microsystems
6 Alicia Genest (USA) Trek/CYBC
7 Elizabeth Begosh (USA) 
8 Kathy Sarvary (USA) Cyclonauts
9 Odessa Osorio (USA) Trek/CYBC
10 Karen Nash (USA) 
11 Carole Harris (USA) 

Women 3

1 Michele Smith (USA) Independent Fabrication-Wheelworks
2 yvonne ilton (USA) BAM-Komen
3 Kathryn Kothe (USA) Northampton Cycling Club
4 Rosemary  Coleman (USA) 
5 Julie Monagle (USA) BAM/Komen
6 Michelle Kersbergen (USA) NCC
7 Rachel Brown (USA) Northampton Cycling Club
8 Bonnie Bourque (USA) NEBC-CycleLoft-Sun Microsystems
9 Cassie White (USA) Sunapee-Mowatt
10 Jessica Barnum (USA) GMBC-Excite-Smartfuel
11 Leslie  Ludtke (USA) NHCC
12 Jen Rhodes (USA) 
13 Erin  Farnsworth (USA) GMBC/Excite/Smartfuel
14 Shauna Gillies-Smith (USA) NEBC- CycleLoft Sun Microsystems
15 Paula Bedard (USA) NEBC-Cycle Loft-Sun Microsystems
16 Catherine Moore (USA) 
17 Amanda See (USA) Bell Atlantic Mobile-Komen
18 Kristine Bilyeau (USA) 
19 Sue Scully (USA) Excite SmartFUEL
20 Susan Fredrickson (USA) Essex County Velo
21 Anna Milkowski (USA) 
22 Dina Smith (USA) 
Women 4

1 Zoe Owers (USA) GMBC
2 Karina Assiter (USA) NEBC-Cycleloft-Sun Microsystems
3 Shelly Lutz (USA) GMBC
4 Jennifer Cunningham (USA) NEBC-Cycle Loft-Sun Microsystems
5 Molly Lauridsen (USA) GMBC
6 Anna Butler (USA) unattached
7 Jessica Truslow (USA) NEBC-Cycleloft-Sun Microsystems
8 Kathleen Shaw (USA) Bell Atlantic Mobile-Komen
9 Helen Pearce (USA) NEBC-CycleLoft-Sun Microsystems
10 Jennifer Olbrich (USA) Independent Fabrications
11 Jane Hayes (USA) Independent Fabrication
12 Katherine Farago (USA) NEBC-Cycleloft-Sun Microsystems
13 Michelle Walquist (USA) 
14 dorothy held (USA) Independent Fabrications
15 Carol DeCourcey (USA) NEBC-Cycleloft-Sun Microsystems
16 Lisa Bellafato (USA) GMBC-Excite 
17 Lillian Ramos (USA) Independent Fabrication
18 Hannah Sarnow (USA) Independent Fabrication

Colorado District Road Championships

Black Forest, CO, June 18, 2000


Elite Men 1/2

1. Michael Ley (USA) 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist
2. Andy Clark (USA) Monsoon Racing
3. Jon Tarkington (USA) Pro Peloton Velo
4. Nate Bush (USA) University of Colorado
5. Michael Gibson (USA) AST Sport Science
6. Chris Fisher (USA) Monsoon Racing
7. Mark Southard (USA) Fort Collins Cycling & Racing CLub
8. Danny Pate (USA) Saeco/Valli & Valli
9. Jeff Corbett (USA) 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist
10. Jim Copeland (USA) Merlin/Synergy Racing Team
11. Randy Whicker (USA) Monsoon Racing
12. David Aschwanden (USA)
13. Chris Baldwin (USA) Navigators/Somerset
14. Zack Vestal (USA) Nutra Fig/Noni
15. Brian Hludzinksi (USA) University of Colorado
16. Christian McCarthy (USA) Fort Collins Cycling & Racing Club
17. Colby Pearce (USA) Shaklee/Marin
18. Kelly Ruddick (USA)
19. Peter Mutuc (USA)
20. Travis Baugh (USA) GS925

Housatonic Hills Road Race

June 18, 2000


Men 1/2/3

1. William Innes (USA) Kissena                3.31.30
2. Ben Silverfarb (USA) ECV
3. Don Mills (USA) Wheelworks/Cannondale
4. Sean Nealy (USA) Kissena
5. Chris Peck (USA) Wheelworks/Cannondale
6. Bret Williamson (USA) Killington/Pico
7. Michael Brown (USA) Patuxent Velo
8. Kurt Gensheimer (USA) Team Tortuga
9. Matt Wilson (USA) CRC
10. Pat Sullivan (USA) Richard Sachs
-53 starters

Women 1/2/3

1. Paula McNamara (USA) Ridgefield Bank       2.37.16
2. Nina Strika (USA) RLX Polo Sport
3. Caryl Gale (USA) Cranford Bike Team
4. Yvonne Ilton (USA) BAM
5. Catherine Powers (USA) CRCA
6. Brenda Bahnson (USA) IF/Wheelworks
7. Michelle Smith (USA) Hudson Valley Velo
8. Elizabeth Renaud (USA) CRCA
9. Vanessa Mandel (USA) Kissena
10. Laura Kibelsbeck (USA) Matador Designs

Men 3

1. Ward Soler (USA) White Mountain Velo       2.27.42
2. Alan Potter (USA) OSVC/AFD Airbrush
3. Roger Aspholm (USA) Westwood Velo
4. Conor Hurley (USA) Galaxy Sports
5. Matt Lofties (USA) Northampton Cycling
6. Scott Plante (USA) CS Ardagna
7. Daniel Wolfson (USA) CRCA/Hot Tubes
8. Greg Loprete (USA) Millburn Chatme Wheelmen
9. Steven Lombardo (USA) AMC
10. Josh Davidson (USA) CRCA

Men 4

1. John Morrel (USA) Corner Cycle             2.31.01
2. Jesse Anthony (USA) Essex County Velo
3. Don Jackowitz (USA) RPI
4. Ralph Hassard (USA)
5. Anthony Allessio (USA) Laurel
6. Salvatore Abbruzzese (USA) Union Sportiva
7. Marc Mauceri (USA) CRCA
8. Aaron Applebaum (USA) BCA/TOSK
-102 starters

Men 5

1. Myron Baker (USA) unattached
2. Keith Gauvin (USA) Benidome
3. Tom Olsen (USA) unattached
4. Tony Cipola (USA) unattached
5. Sean Langford (USA) unattached
-33 starters

Women 4

1. Karen Mattson (USA) unattached             1.27.08
2. Michelina Mitchell (USA) SLCC
3. Hiroko Shimada (USA) Duiv's Cycle
4. Stephanie Bleecker (USA) CRCA
5. Jeanne Curtis (USA) unattached
-22 starters

Men 30+

1. Bill Yabroudy (USA) OSVC/AFD               2.29.26
2. Stephen Gray (USA) Le Chateau
3. Robin Zellner (USA) N.E. Hardware
4. Enrique Cubillo (USA) Keith Haring
5. Stephen Badger (USA) Remax
-34 starters

Men 40+

1. Doug Oneil (USA) Cranford/Spin Gym
2. Scott Wade (USA) Gear Works
3. Dave Kellogg (USA) Arcenciel
4. Bob Roldan (USA) Dream Bikes
5. Joseph Rano (USA) MRC
6. Manny Lopez (USA) Cranford/Spin Gym
7. John Monson (USA) Ridgefield
8. Tim Groesbeck (USA) CCB
9. Tom Lewis (USA) Heart of N.E.
10. Greg Pelican (USA) Zephyrs
-72 starters

Men 50+

1. David Rath (USA) Excite/Smartfuel          2.37.22
2. Jack Hutchinson (USA) NHCC
3. Larry Barbaras (USA) BRC
4. Barry Free (USA) Team Red Glare
5. David Kliger (USA) Competitive Edge
-40 starters

Men 60+

1. Joe Saling (USA) Somerset Wheelmen         1.26.18
2. Francois Mertens (USA) Zephyr
3. John Auer (USA) Somerset Wheelmen
-9 starters

Junior 15/16

1. Josh Gerwitz (USA) NECSA
2. Matt Tretin (USA) NECSA
3. Chris Mina (USA) NECSA
-8 starters

Junior 17/18

1. Peter Lawler (USA) NECSA                   1.18.34
2. Weston Ullrich (USA) NECSA
3. Matt Norton (USA) Portland Velo
-9 starters

Cargas Criterium

Lancaster, PA, June 18, 2000

Team Bicycle Therapy report

By Rob Palachick

Now to Cargas: I had another lousy week and have been plagued by this chest thingie and I only rode twice during the week (even though Twinkie thinks I do nothing but ride). In the 30+ race, I was the only Bicycle Therapy so I had a pretty easy day of following wheels and marking the moves. Nothing got away, and in the field sprint, I had good positioning but waited too long to hit out and could only muster 9th.

1/2/3: This race seems to have the same pattern over the last few years: aggressive from the start, then an early move goes. The same thing happened this year. A move went which had Scott included. Then more and more guys starting going across until the group numbered 15 or so. With only Scott along, it was important for us to get someone else up there. So Stephan and I exchanged top-secret, ultra-high priority, code red signals that we've been working on (I said "Stephan, I'm going to attack and you're going to jump across") and created a plan to get him to the break. So I went hard on the hill and Stephan jumped across. I was kicking myself in the ass after that as I opened a gap that only Stephan, Russ Blake and Andrew Albright could follow. The latter two got across as well and if I would have just dug a little deeper, I could've made it, too. Woulda coulda. That was the race.

The field then split into two groups with my group in danger of getting lapped so we were pulled. The officials then became trigger happy and pulled another group, even though they were close to catching a part of the breakaway group (which had split into 3 groups).

From the sidelines, I had a perfect view of how the race went down. A three rider breakaway that had Scott, Mike Pudlinski (Wendys-AllSport) and Mark May (Freddie Fu) got away followed by a 5 rider chase that included Stephan, Phil Cable (Enzymatic Therapy), Skip Menard (Snow Valley) and two other guys who I now forget. With 5 laps to go, the announcer offered a $100 prime to anyone in the second group who could catch the front group. Stephan waited until three to go then attacked in the hopes of making some cash. In the end, Pudlinski won the three-up sprint with Scott third. Stephan got very close to latching on and wound up 4th.


Women 1-2-3, 20 miles

1. Melissa Holt (NZl) New Zealand National              53.38
2. Tina Skelly (USA) Altoona Bicycle Club
3. Jeanne Farrell (USA) Team Fuji
4. Michele Bote (USA) G.S. Lancaster
5. Kelly Yoder (USA) Freddie Fu
6. Maria Collazo (USA) TSV
7. Diane Castor (USA) TSV
8. Lynda Maldonaldo (USA) TSV
9. Nonnie Howard (USA) Evolution
10. Ann Marie Greenwood (USA) First State Velo
11. Elizabeth Mayer-Sterling (USA) Altoona Bicycle Club
12. Kristine Oesterling (USA) Altoona Bicycle Club
13 starters

Women 4, 15 miles

1. Kara Fordney (USA) Penn State                        42.50
2. Marcy Diem (USA) Green Mt.
3. Sharon Backert (USA) Breakaway Fitness
4. Bonnie Stoeckl (USA) Evolution
5. Maria Frego (USA) Evolution
6. Christa Broomfield (USA) Penn State
7. Marj Adis (USA) Evolution
8. Mary Heisey (USA) G.S. Lancaster
9. Tammy Ebersole (USA) Evolution
10. Linda LaSalle (USA) Nittany Velo Club
11. Treasa Smith (USA) Breakaway Fitness
11 starters

Men's 40+ and 50+, 15 miles

1. George Theall (USA) QVW
2. Chip Berezny (USA) LWA
3. Eugene Petrella (USA) QVW
4. Art McHugh (USA) Vortex Cycling
5. Joe Manachio (USA) TSV
6. Darin Benson (USA) G.S. Lancaster
7. John Paproski (USA) Target Ice
8. Steven Schneider (USA) TSV
9. Doug Long (USA) Red Glare
10. Crail Gordon (USA) G.S. Lancaster
55 starters

Men 3-4, 20 miles

1. John Murray (USA) Bean's Reinhardt                   45.59
2. Brent Kresge (USA) Monroe Wheelman
3. Cody Ward (USA) Team Florida
4. Darco LaLevic (USA) QCW
5. Matt Hollenbach (USA) Green Mt.
6. David Lipscome (USA) TSV
7. Jonathan Adomsky (USA) Red Glare
8. Tom Kulzer (USA) BCRC
9. Jason Moore (USA) Bean's
10. Behard Straub (USA) NVC
72 starters

Tandem, 15 miles

1. Dave Drummer-Gary Rollman (USA) BCRC
2. Brad Ober-Mary Heisey (USA) G.S. Lancaster
3. Jeff Markham-Cindy Markham (USA) G.S. Lancaster
4. Baird Webel-Linda Mack (USA) AMVC-Dulles Ortho
5. Neil Crone-Eileen Crone (USA) unattached
6. James Eshleman-Brian Eshleman (USA) Green Mt.
7. Neil Gussman-Lauren Gussman (USA) Green Mt.
8 starting teams

Men 30+, 20 miles

1. Neal Stansbury (USA) TSV
2. John Frey (USA) Northampton Cycling Club
3. Bryan Chikotas (USA) Wendys-Allsport
4. Pete Thallner (USA) Enzymatic Therapy-Carrera
5. Ted Inoue (USA) Target Ice
6. David Black (USA) Enzymatic Therapy-Carrera
7. Casey Williams (USA) Enzymatic Therapy-Carrera
8. George Theall (USA) QCW
9. Rob Palachick (USA) Bicycle Therapy
10. Michael Orlet (USA) NVC
45 starters

Citizens 4-5

1. Scott Nevil (USA) Cycle Boards Sports                47.15
2. Steve Sambrano (USA) MLC
3. Kyle Eckley (USA) SVVC
4. Greg Fredrickson (USA) Breakaway Fitness
5. Michael Dolan (USA) Breakaway Fitness
6. Cameron Llewellyn (USA) G.S. Lancaster
7. Bryant Carter (USA) Breakaway Fitness
8. Christian Hunold (USA) QCW
9. Brent Hinkle (USA) Bean's
10. Greg Hodge (USA) Main Line Cycling
68 starters

Men 1-2-3, 35 miles 1:21:04

1. Mike Pudlinski (USA) Wendys-Allsport                 1.21.04
2. Mark May (USA) Freddie Fu
3. Scott Zwizanski (USA) Bicycle Therapy
4. Stephan Kincaid (USA) Bicycle Therapy
5. James Futty (USA) Red Glare
6. Phil Cable (USA) Enzymatic Therapy
7. Trey Reinhart (USA) Bean's
8. George (Skip) Menard (USA) Snow Valley
9. A.T. Stamp (USA) DeFeet-LeMond
10. Andrew Albright (USA) Wendys-Allsport
51 starters