Results and Reports for February 14

Austral Wheelrace

Melbourne, Australia, February 12, 2000

Courtesy of Adam Murchie

February 12 saw the 102nd running of the famous Austral Wheelrace. With over 180 entries, it proved it was going to be a big night for all. Earlier in the day, there was some anxiety with the promoters hoping that dark clouds overhead would not provide rain. Despite the cold, windy conditions, a large crowd came to witness this classic race. Attendees of note were Brownlow medallist Shane Crawford and Six-Day cycling star Scott McGrory.

Word around the track was the Gary Neiwand, Commonwealth Games Sprint Champion and Olympian was fired to win his first Austral. Off a handicap of 70m, he would be hard to beat. Stephen Pate was also in attendance, the only man to have won 4 Australs.

A first for the event was the staging of the Teska Carson Women's Austral. With $2000 provided by Teska Carson for the women's events, it saw one of the biggest female entries seen in many years. Helen Ingpen showed her heat win was no fluke, easily winning the event. It was a front markers race, with a late charge by Scratch rider Rahna Demarte being held off by the bunch.

The Dimmeys Austral final was always going to be a cracker. With an even spread of handicap marks, the race came together on the 5th of 6 laps. Troy Clarke, Todd Wilksch and Neiwand were all ready to pounce, but nearly lost the race as two outmarkers skipped away on the bell lap. With half a lap to go, Neiwand powered away from the bunch to record his first Austral. The crowd certainly appreciated his efforts, and he was given a standing ovation. Young riders Ben Jackson and John Madden put up great riders also, to fill second and third places.

Neiwand continued the good form with an easy win in the Victorian Keirin title. He held off the evergreen Pate and young Todd Wilksch to win the championship in a classic sprint finish. Pate must have been saving himself for the last race, the Victorian 20km title. Over the duration of the race, there were many attacks, but none really stuck. David Pell went off the front with 8 laps to go and looked dangerous, but a massive turn from Mark Roach brought it back together. On the bell lap, the lead-outs started early. At one point, it looked as though Matt Allan had Pate's measure. Pate held Allan on his hip, kicked and recorded yet another win in his illustrious career. It was a great end to a successful night, and all present looked forward to this event moving indoors next year.


W15/17 Scratch Race

1 Carina O'Neill                             4.58.73
2 Tiffany Godfrey 
3 Jessica Tanner 
W19/Women Elimination     

1 Karen Barrow 
2 Rochelle Gilmore 
3 Rahna Demarte 

W15/17 Handicap Final

1 Renee Hoppen (85m)                         1.16.73
2 Tiffany Godfrey (Scr)
3 Carina O'Neill (10m)

Sprint Challenge

1 Gary Neiwand                     	       12.74
2 Todd Wilksch 
3 Gavin White 
4 Adrian Sansonetti 

"G" Scratch Race     

1 Jerard Glennon 			     5.15.59
2 Marcus Aquilina 
3 Michael Burke 

"F" Scratch Race   

1 Graeme O'Neill 			     5.28.27
2 Dean Callaway 
3 Ray Jarratt 
"E" Scratch Race                             5.06.23

1 Peter Smith 
2 Greg Griffiths 
3 Steve Flower 
Aces Elimination                        

1 Stephen Pate 				    10.44.68
2 Darren Young 
3 Troy Clarke 
Teska Carson Women's Austral Heat 1                        

1 Helen Ingpen (210m)                        2.25.25
2 Kassie Anderson (245m)
3 Emelia Rusciano (260m)
Teska Carson Women's Austral Heat 2                       

1 Karen Barrow (10m)                         2.33.14
2 Katrina Purcell (60m)
3 Rahna Demarte (Scr)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 1                                    

1 John Madden (145m)                         2.16.08
2 Peter Smith (170m)
3 Dean Callaway (200m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 2                                    

1 Warren Knevitt (135m)                      2.14.16
2 Greg Griffiths (180m)
3 Ray Jarratt (210m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 3                                    

1 David dennis (180m)                        2.15.25
2 Brad Edmunds (100m)
3 Steve Flower (190m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 4                                    

1 Curtis Notting (160m)                      2.14.94
2 Jerard Glennon (230m)
3 Alan Bolton (180m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 5                                    

1 Tommy Nankervis (180m)                     2.13.14
2 Mark Roach (50m)
3 Shaun Collins (50m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 6                                    

1 Gary Neiwand (70m)                         2.13.79
2 Ben Jackson (145m)
3 Grant Lobb (180m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 7                                    

1 Troy Clarke (Scr)                          2.14.35
2 David maltby (70m)
3 David Pell (40m)
Dimmeys Austral Heat 8                                    

1 Todd Wilksch (25m)                         2.13.53
2 Luc Gilmore (65m)
3 Stephen Price (150m)
M15/17 Handicap Final                                     

1 David Tanner (20m)                         1.33.99
2 Nic Sanderson (10m)
3 Sean Finning (20m)
Teska Carson Women's Austral Final                        

1 Helen Ingpen (210m)                        2.22.74
2 Kassie Anderson (245m)
3 Emelia Rusciano (260m)
Dimmeys Austral Semi Final 1                              

1 Cameron McCormack (120m)                   2.14.99
2 Stephen Price (150m)
3 Malcolm Sawford (180m)
Dimmeys Austral Semi Final 2                              

1 Robert Tidey (125m)                        2.14.56
2 Dean Taylor (95m)
3 Tim Decker (70m)
Brunswick Mini Austral                                    

1 Mario Giramondo (Scr)                        52.18
2 Brenton Logan (Scr)
3 Meaghan Tanner (145m)
M15/17 "A" Scratch Race                                   

1 Brad Norton                                4.22.50
2 Sean Finning 
3 Nic Sanderson 
Dimmeys Austral Final                                     

1 Gary Neiwand (70m)                         2.07.24
2 Ben Jackson (145m)
3 John Madden (145m)
"D" Scratch Race                                          

1 Malcolm Sawford                            5.16.27
2 Matthew Smith 
3 Glen Hutchinson 
M15/17 "B" Scratch Race                                   

1 Dylan Newell                               4.41.12
2 Daniel Vains 
3 Peter Ladd 
Victorian Keirin Championship                             

1 Gary Neiwand                               2.46.55
2 Todd Wilksch 
3 Stephen Pate 
"B" Scratch Race                                          

1 Scott Callow 
2 Gary Mueller 
3 Cameron McCormack 
Women's/W19 "B" Scratch Race                              

1 Helen Ingpen                               4.54.17
2 Nyssa Little 
3 Jenni Ferris 
Women's/W19 "A" Scratch Race                              

1 Rochelle Gilmore                           4.43.23
2 Rahna Demarte 
3 Karen Barrow 
M19 Scratch Race                                          

1 Adam Carter                                4.09.51
2 Kirk Eddy 
3 David Salton 
Victorian 20km Championship   

1 Stephen Pate                              25.16.75
2 Matt Allan 
3 Franco Marvulli 

12th Circuit da Charneca/Memorial Manuel Maduro

Portugal, February 12, 2000

Courtesy of Manuel Azevedo

Results - 98.2 km

1. Pedro Cardoso (Por) Maia-Mss			      	2.24.00
2. Pedro Lopes (Por) La Pecol
3. Gonçalo Amorim (Por) Maia-Mss
4. Sergei Smetanine (Rus) Benfica
5. Rui Sousa (Por) Porta Da Ravessa
6. Xavier  Llamas (Esp) Troiamarisco-Matesica-Abóboda	   0.12
7. Paulo Ferreira (Por) Barbot-Torrié-Gondomar		   0.15
8. Bruno Castanheira (Por) La Pecol
9. David Blanco (Esp) Paredes Rota Dos Móveis Vip Antarte
10. Alexandre Pinho (Por) Troiamarisco Matesica Abóboda

Les Boucles de L'Ocean

Biarritz, France, February 13, 2000

Le Boucles de L'Ocean is the first of a series of six races run over nine days in the south west of France. The other reaces are:

February 14: Circuit de la Nive 126 km
February 16: Les Routes de L'Antlantique 128 km
February 18: Le tour de Labourd 117 km
February 20: GP Pays Basque 146 km, Cat 1.6
February 21: Ronde de Pays Basque 195 km, Cat 1.6

Twelve riders made the decisive break but the group fell apart during the last climb and only eight made it to the finish. The peloton came in four and a half minutes behind the winner, Stephane Couge.

Results - 126km

1. Stephane Couge (Fra) Jean Floch            2.57.30
2. Jerome Gannat (Fra) CC Etupe         
3. Frederic Delalande (Fra) Jean Floch           0.18