US National Track Championships - CN

7-Eleven Velodrome, Colorado, USA, August 22-26, 2000

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Day 5 - August 26: Points (M/W), Sprint (M), Oly. Sprint (M), Tandem Sprint (M), Madison (M), 500m TT (W)

Men's Points Race


1 Jame Carney                                         60 pts
2 Colby Pearce                                        30
3 Daniel Larson                                       17
4 Michael Tillman                                     27
5 Rad Cunningham                                      11
6 Ryan Miller                                          7

1 lap behind:

7 John Walrod                                         19
8 Tim Reinhart                                        16
9 Brian Whitcomb                                       9
10 Adham Sbeih                                         8
11 Eric Gerolstein                                     6
12 Dave Bailey                                         5
13 Kenny Williams                                      3
14 Scott Evans                                         1
15 Dave McIntosh                                       0

2 laps behind:

16 Joey D'Antoni                                       6
17 Charles Moore                                       2
18 Joseph Miller                                       1
19 Erik Sperling                                       0
20 Graham Hill                                         0
21 Mark Gorman                                         0

3 laps behind:

22 Ryan Sabga                                          3
DNF Robert Lindstrom                                   0
DNF Matt Chambers                                      0
DNS Douglas Beck                                       0
DNS Kit Kyle                                           0
DNS Adam Payne                                         0
DNS Spencer Yates                                      0
DNS Kevin Knapp                                        0
DNS Peter Antonvich                                    0

Women's Points Race

Erin Veenstra-Mirabella won the points race on Saturday after capturing the individual pursuit on Tuesday. She won gold medals in both events at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada and will compete in both events at the Sydney Olympic Games.


1 Erin Veenstra-Mirabella                             32 pts
2 Becky Quinn                                         27
3 Megan Troxell                                       23
4 Ashley Kimmet                                       19
5 Sarah Hammer                                        17
6 Marjon Marik                                        13
7 Amyazellie Tremelling                               13
8 Angela Vargas                                        3
9 Annette Hanson                                       2
10 Katie Krall                                         0

1 lap behind:

11 Renee Eastman                                       6
12 Claire Olsen                                        0
DNS Lucy Tyler                                         
DNS Jennie Reed 

Men's Sprint

Marty Nothstein completed the 'hat trick' for the fifth consecutive year Saturday in the final day of competition at the EDS Elite National track Cycling Championships in Colorado Springs, Colo. Nothstein won the match sprint and was a member of the victorious Olympic Sprint squad for the fifth consecutive year, in addition to the Keirin national crown he won earlier this week. For the three-time world champion, he increased his record tally of senior national titles to 22 following this competition.

Said Nothstein afterwards, "It's great to have had the opportunity to team up with these guys and grab another national title. They're all great riders and together we posted a very respectable time. With Marcelo (Arrue) back in the lineup in Sydney, I'm sure they will succeed. Being that the Olympic sprint would be my first event in Sydney, I would have to decline racing with the team if given another opportunity."

As much as I'd love to be out there with them, it would be unfair to the training and myself I've endured for my events (match sprint and Keirin). I have to stay focused and accomplish my own goals. It's been a great week. I come to these events ready to race and expecting to win convincingly. Everything is right where I expect it to be. I'm riding strong and it'll be great carrying this momentum into the Games."


Semi Finals:

1 Marty Nothstein (     2-0
2 Josiah Ng (South Bay Wheelman)

1 Jeff Labauve (Team UPS)              2-1
2 Marcelo Arrue (Team UPS)


For first and second:

1 Marty Nothstein (     2-0
2 Jeff Labauve (Team UPS)

For third and fourth:

3 Marcelo Arrue (Team UPS)             2-0
4 Josiah Ng (South Bay Wheelman)

Final ranking:

1 Marty Nothstein (
2 Jeffery Labauve (Team UPS)
3 Marcelo Arrue (Team UPS)
4 Josiah Ng (South Bay Wheelmen)
5 Josh Weir (
6 Garth Blackburn (Southern Elite)
7 Kirk Whiteman (Team Tam)
8 Ryan Watson (Team Watson)
9 Giddeon Massie (
10 Mike Beers (Shaklee/Marin)

Tandem sprint

The duo of Mike Beers and Mike Grabowksi defeated the team of Matt King and Kirk Whiteman in two successive races to win their first national title in the tandem sprint.



1 Tri State/Shaklee (Mike Grabowski, Mike Beers)         10.796   (66.691km/h)
2 Transgender Pirates (Craig Cain, Scott Cain)           11.175
3 ICG (Kirk Whiteman, Matt King)                         11.336
4 Union Bay Cycling (Christopher Vogel, Paul Thompson)   11.517
5 Natural Solutions (Scott Evans, Cara Dunne-Yates)      11.933
6 Nutra Fig (Kenny Williams, Lori Miller)                12.243

Final Standings:

1 Tri State/Shaklee (Mike Beers, Mike Grabowksi)
2 ICG (Matt King, Kirk Whiteman)
3 Union Bay TS (Christopher Vogel, Paul Thompson)
4 Transgender Pirate (Craig Cain, Scott Cain)

Women's 500m Time Trial

Tanya Lindenmuth (Trexlertown, Pa.), Jonas Carney (Pacifica, Calif.) and Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (Colorado Springs, Colo.) won a pair of national titles during the five-day event. Tany Lindenmuth won her second national title of the week in the 500m time trial, in front of Shaklee/Marin's Becky Quinn, while Olympic team member Chris Witty. placed third in the event. Lindenmuth set an American record of 35.236 seconds, breaking the previous mark set of 35.400 set by Jill Gianettoni on Aug. 12, 1996, also in Colorado Springs.

"I'm amazed and now somewhat tired. It's pretty exhilarating riding faster than any U.S. competitor ever. I call the 500-meter time trial my fun race. My concentration has always been the sprints. It has just been an amazing week and everything has just fallen into place. I can now go to Sydney on the confidence of the nationals," said Lindenmuth afterwards.

Third placed Christine Witty has been involved in a selection dispute with Tammy Thomas this week, but came out to race the national titles after successfully making the Olympic team. "I can now focus on the what I am here for - cycling. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and I know I will represent USA Cycling well at the Olympic Games," she said.

"I have only been on the track five days this week (first time since June). I can feel my cycling muscles coming back, and I am confident about being ready for the Olympics. "


1 Tanya Lindenmuth (Team UPS)                     35.236
2 Becky Quinn (Shaklee/Marin)                     35.619
3 Christine Witty (Unattached)                    35.751
4 Jennie Reed (Team UPS)                          36.058
5 Martha Dunne (Team Redlands/Jelly Belly)        37.371
6 Shan Ray Ray (Unattached)                       37.385
7 Annette Hanson (Saturn of Bellevue)             37.899
8 Rikki Boucher (unattached)                      38.662
9 Ashley Kimmet (East Coast Velo)                 38.958
10 Christi Simmons (Team Corima)                  39.198
11 Amyazeillie Tremelling (Make-A-Wish Cycling)   39.632

Men's Olympic Sprint

The men's Olympic Sprint was somewhat predictably won by the US National Team of Jonas Carney Marty Nothstein, Johnny Bairos and Marcelo Arrue. They recorded a winning time of 1:01.466. The Olympic Training Center resident-athlete trio of Joshua Weir, Giddeon Massie, and Adam Duvendeck earned the silver medal.


1. U.S. Olympic Team 						1.01.466
(Johnny Bairos, Marcelo Arrue, Marty Nothstein, Jonas Carney)
2. Resident Athlete Team 					1.03.105
(Josh Weir, Giddeon Massie, Adam Duvendeck
3. Southbay Wheelman 						1.04.023
(Josiah Ng, Kirk Whiteman, Stephen Steinman)
4. Hammer Racing Team One 					1.04.387
(Broc Thompson, Roy Simonson, Stephen Prokopiw)			
5. Team UPS 							1.04.045
(Jeff Labauve, Garth Blackburn, Nathan Rogut)
6. Hammer Racing Team Two 					1.05.524
(William Nitzsche, Morgan Montgomery, Trevor Young)
7. Eastside Wheelman 						1.06.624
(Terry Lott, Scott Cook, Joseph Miller)
8. Union Bay Cycling 						1.06.746
(Richard Juntunen, Paul Thompson, Christopher Bogel)
9. Rainbow Racing 						1.09.511
(Dave McIntosh, David Bauder, Rikki Boucher)

Men's 40 km Madison

Colby Pearce and Mike Tillman teamed up to win the 40 kilometer Madison. They posted 44 points to finish ahead of the duo of John Walrod and Brian Whitcomb. Tillman won the individual pursuit title earlier in the week.

"This victory tonight is extremely satisfying. A national title is the pinnacle of track racing. It doesn't get any better than this, at least nationally," said an elated Tillman. "Tuesday night was a really strange twist for me (Tillman won a national jersey in the Olympic sprint without racing in the finals). It was unfortunate that Adham Sbeih had mechanical problems. He is a great competitor and I am sure it would have been an incredible race. Coming back expecting to win the Madison and accomplishing it certainly is a great ending to the week."

His Shaklee teammate, Colby Pearce added that "winning the Madison is my second national jersey (1999 points race champ). My usual teammate for the event Jame Carney was unable to compete because he was focused on winning the points race at this year's nationals and of course, the Olympics. That's what he did and should have done to prove to himself and everyone else that he belongs on the Olympic team. I expected earlier in the week to ride with someone else, and Mike (Tillman) and I had a great ride. Our exchanges were nothing of finesse due to our weight differences but it was a lot of fun. He is a strong rider."


1. Shaklee (Colby Pearce and Michael Tillman)			44 pts

1 lap behind:

2. L'Equipe (John Walrod and Brian Whitcomb)			47

2 laps behind:

3. Pro Peleton Velo (Kit Kyle and Tim Reinhart)			16
4. (Daniel Larson and Rad Cunningham)		14
5. Pedali Aplini (Dave Bailey and Matt Chambers)		8

3 laps behind:

6. Logie Velo (Graham Hill and Jeremy Miller)			0

4 laps behind:

7. U.S. Postal Service/Nutra Fig (Ryan Miller and Kenny Labbe)	6

5 laps behind:

8. NARC (Peter Antonvich and Adam Payne)			8