84th Ronde van Vlaanderen - CDM

Belgium, April 2, 2000

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9.45 - 0 km

185 riders start in Brugge for the 84th edition of the Ronde van Vlaanderen. Only one rider was not able to start - Danish Memorycard Jack & Jones' Nicolai Bo Larsen. He failed a hematocrit test and will be out for two weeks. Riders from Farm Frites, Memory Card-Jack&Jones, Cofidis and Vitalicio Seguros were tested.

10.38 - 16 km

Official start: 10:08. After 5 kilometres, the peloton is quite calm. After 13 kilometres, three riders attack: Gabriele Balducci (Fassa Bortolo), Hans De Meester (Collstrop) and Karel Vereecke (Vlaanderen 2002), but are caught. A few kilometres later, Kirk O'Bee (USPS) and Eric De Clercq (Collstrop) try a new attack. They have a 100 metre gap on the peloton.

10.49 - 24 km

The two in front are caught after 24 kilometres, and the peloton is complete. The tempo is high. A few kilometres later, Alvaro Forner (Kelme) falls, but is unhurt. He regains the peloton though.

11.06 - 37 km

Geert Van Bondt (Farm Frites) attacks briefly, but does not last long. The bunch reach Museeuw's town of Gistel, with a huge crowd to watch 185 cyclists scream past.

11.18 - 42 km

The peloton averaged 40.1 km/h in the first hour. Eric de Clercq (Collstrop) tries another escape. He takes Christian Salvato (Saeco), Gianmarco Ortenzi (Mercatone) and Steven de Jongh (Rabobank)with him, but the group do not last long. Then, the peloton en masse stops for a toilet break.

11.40 - 59 km

The peloton reaches Lichtervelde, where it is sunny but cold at 12 degrees celsius. Three riders have established a small break on the peloton: Leonardo Giordani (Fassa Bortolo), Kristof Trouvé (Vlaanderen 2002) and Tony Bracke (Collstrop).

11.56 - 72 km

Collstrop's Eric de Clercq attacks for the third time. He takes Wesley Huvaere (Vlaanderen 2002) with him, and the two manage a 100 metre break.

12.07 - 75 km

Michele Colleoni (Polti) is involved in a crash. The two leaders have really extended their break - it is now 3.15 at 75 kilometres.

12.23 - 90 km

The two escapees reach Tielt. De Clercq and Wesley Huvaere now have 6.50 lead, and this looks like it for a while.

12.34 - 98 km

In Kanegem the two have 8.33. There is a huge crowd watching them go by - four or five rows deep on both sides of the road.

12.47 - 108 km

A fall in the peloton, including Franky Andreu USPS) and Tony Bracke (Collstrop). Not serious though. There is bad luck for Maarten den Bakker (Rabobank) in Olsene. First a fall and then he punctures.

13.05 - 120 km

There is some oil on a pave section which causes several falls in the peloton. Spruch and Gaumont are in front. Meanwhile in the breakaway, Wesley Huvaere has rejoined Eric De Clercq. Peloton at 8.44.

It is a little warmer: 13 celsius and a weak SW wind.

Nicolai Bo Larsen update: Despite having a hematocrit of over 50% this morning, the Memorycard Jack&Jones rider has not been fired immediately by the team. Reason being: they had him tested at 45% yesterday, so they cannot understand it. They want to examine Rabobank's findings on Erik Dekker last year, to see where there could be a mistake.

13.28 - 125 km/145 km to go.

The peloton reaches the first climb Den Ast (still 15 climbs to go). Average 41 km/h in the first 3 hours. Not slow for RVV. The leaders still have 7.52" on the bunch.

According to Belgian and Dutch TV, Bo Larsen was fired. Stay tuned...

13.35 - 140 km/129 km to go

The peloton reach the Achterberg (climb 2). Jacky Durand (Lotto) leads. There is fall - José Ivan Gutierrez (ONCE) goes down. De Clercq drops Huvaere on the Achterberg.

Race leader Erik De Clercq has 30" on Huvaere on the third climb - the Wolvenberg (18%). There is still 6.44" to the bunch.

13.49 - 148 km/121 km to go

The peloton reach the Wolvenberg (climb 3) at 15:42. Lotto, Cofidis, Palmans and Telekom are in the front of peloton. Here he is, as promised on cyclingnews.com: Scott Sunderland leads the peloton!

De Clercq has 54" on Huvaere, and the peloton are at 6.33" . Five men have 200 meters on the peloton: Sunderland (Palmans), Hunter (Lampre), Marichal, Beeckman (Lotto) and Giordani (Fassa Bortolo).

About the breakways: Eric de Clercq, Collstrop, is 33 years old, has been a pro since 1991 and has thirteen victories in his career, currently ranked 730th on the UCI ranking while young Wesley Huvaere (23), made his debut last year for Vlaanderen 2000 and is currently unranked.

Ivanov, Van Dijck, Knaven, Museeuw and Van Petegem in front of peloton at Molenberg and Farm Frites driving the peloton now. Huvaere caught at Verzeke. Mazzoleni punctures. Jo Planckaert, Rolf Sorensen and Ballerini are reported to be behind the peloton.

14.10 - 160 km

Ivanov, Van Dijck, Knaven, Museeuw and Van Petegem in front of peloton at Molenberg and Farm Frites driving the peloton now. Huvaere caught at Verzeke. Mazzoleni punctures. Jo Planckaert, Rolf Sorensen and Ballerini are reported to be behind the peloton.

14.21 -170 km

Peloton breaks in two after Molenberg with about 25 riders in the first group. They have a bout 200 meters. Kirsipuu in the end of second peloton. Up front among others Peers, Steels, Baldato, Michaelsen, O'Grady, Grabsch and possibly Hondo. Farm Frites driving second group with van Petegem.


Peloton assembled again and three riders attack: Lars Michaelsen (FDJ) Vierhouten (Rabobank) and Ortenzi (Mercatone) attacks and Skibby (Memorycard) joins. De Clercq now at 2.34.


The quartet catches de Clercq approaching Kluisberg while the peloton is reported to have been stopped by a train! Michaelsen was 10th last year and wants a good postion before Kluisberg. Telekom active in the bunch. Mapei plays it cool. 2.41 to the peloton.

14.50 - 180 km

De Clercq tags along on the quartet, now quintet. In the peloton Farm Frites are in the back to get something to drink. Easy in the peloton so far at the last feeding zone before the race really is on.

Reactions of Nicolai Bo Larsen to Danish television: I will quit if this matter isn't cleared

14.58 - 191km

Kluisberg now. De Clercq is dropped in the front. US Postal Service in the lead of the peloton with Frankie Andreu first and Jemison following but now they have three minutes up. Lampre also seen in the front. It's tarmac all the way and no major problems. Jo Planckaert back in peloton asks for a doctor.

14.58 - 191km

Kluisberg now. De Clercq is dropped in the front. US Postal Service in the lead of the peloton with Frankie Andreu first and Jemison following but now they have three minutes up. Lampre also seen in the front. It's tarmac all the way and no major problems. Jo Planckaert back in peloton asks for a doctor.

15.05 - 198 km

Jan Koerts falls against a parked lorry and hurts his arm and lies down on the road in pain. In the front now Ol' Skibby is driving hard in this his 15th season and up the Knokteberg he gets a gap with Ortenzi for a little while but the others hang on up the hill. 1100 meters long- 2.40 now to the peloton. Kirispuu drops off the peloton now.

15.15 - 205 km

The front group are climbing Oude Kwaremont now. In the peloton Farm Frites and Telekom are driving. Even Magnusson (Farm Frites) is up front. Knaven is splitting the peloton, Ivanov takes over on the cobbles. Skibby in charge at the front, gets a gap and this is his country. A group ahead of the peloton now: Ivanov (Farm Frites) Vainsteins (Vini C) Spruch and Serpellini (Lampre) , van Dijk (Palmans) and now Mapei is coming from behind with Museeuw.

15.25 - 209 km

Skibby climbed Paterberg alone in the front and holds the others off on the way down. Too early. The peloton now split into several groups with about a dozen riders in each chasing the four in the front. Ivanov driving hard in the first of these group. Others: Missaglia, van Petegem, den akker, Spruch, van Dijck, Vainsteins, Serpellinin Wesemann, Tchmil and Museeuw when Tafi is attacking

15.38 - 220 km

Tafi got Wauters and Serpellini with him and catches Ortienzi, Vierhouten and Michaelsen, the latter is being dropped on Taaienberg immediately and his two companions are also having problems now. Skibby still alone in the front for awhile but hangs on when the three catches him on the following flat.

15.47 - 226 km

Also Ortenzi hangs on the Tafi group and in the peloton, one minute behind, Museeuw, is attacking now. The big guns are coming into the race. Mapei has suddenly a good posititon now, with tafi up front forcing Farm Frites to work hard for van Petegem. Commesso driving the peloton now chasing the leading quintet towards Eikenberg.

16.00 - 230 km

Names in the peloton chasing the front quintet with less than 40 kms to go: Zabel, Vainsteins, Zanini, Hincapie, Tchmil, Marichal, Museeuw, van Dijk, Ivanov, Klier. Lott now driving with Tchmil and Marichal. Less than a minute now behind the leaders. Baroli is not along and not Steels.

16.04 - 235 km

Skibby is dropped at last before the Leberg. Still a fairly good gap to the peloton for the front group, now three, 42 seconds ahead: It's Tafi, Serpellini and a tiring Wauters. Farm Frites driving, Its Knaven splitting the field when Ortenzi is caught when there is a fall: Hundertmarck and another rider (Mercatone Uno) is hitting a motorcycle.

16.13 - 240 km

Spruch attacks on Beredries, Ivanov tries to cover but cannot, Spruch goes alone. Lampre has a really good situation right now. Serpellini up front, Spruch chasing, Camenzind and more in the diminishing peloton. 30 kms to go now. Spruch has ten seconds to the peloton.

16.20 - 245 km

Inside Tenbosse's little climb Tafi attacks (where Museeuw decided th race two years ago) but tho others hangs on. Down town van Petegem attacks and gets Tchmil, Museeuw and Vainsteins along. Can they co operate? Wesemann is also along, and surprising Mengin. They are eleven now. They have caught Spruch earlier. Fifteen seconds now when Sacchi (Polti) attacks in this little group.

16.27 - 250 kms

The trio is caught now by a group of about 50 riders but Tafi attacks and the two others hangs along with some meters back to the peloton. Nothing comes out of Tafis attack and when they are caught several small testing attacks occur.

16.35 - 255 kms

Up the Muur in Gerardsbergen now: An unusually big group, about 50 riders and now Mapei becomes visible, they have had a nice ride so far with van Petegem's Farm Frites doing the hard work. Early attack now from Museeuw on the asphalt. Guesdon (FDJ) in the peloton front. But Museeuw alone in front and Tchmil, Weseman, Vainsteins following at distance and also van Petegem and Spruch. Museeuw can choose his own track upwards the 20 percent cobbled climb. Wesemann catches Museeuw and Tchmil, Hoffman and even Zabel is along in the little peloton following. Wesemann is a good sprinter. Too good for Museeuw. No brilliant passage this year. The weather too good perhaps. 15 kms to go. And the duo is waiting for Tchmil, Vainsteins, Hoffman, van Petegem and Zanini with more people approaching in small groups from behind.

16.43 - 260 kms

Nothing is happening on Boosberg but after there's a strong attack from Tchmil on the flat. There is a little peloton following and even Zabel was along on the Boosberg. A smaller group emerged up front from which Tchmil attacked. Tha gap is really good now to Museeuw, Vainsteins, Höj, Hoffman, van Petegem, Wesemann but no cooperation.

16.50 - 265 kms

The not so chasing group is growing from behind. Is Zabel coming? Wesemann is riding hard in front, is he the only from the Telekom train? Four km to go. 16 seconds for Tchmil.

16.52 - 268 kms

Tchmil is not giving up, but this will be narrow, really narrow and the peloton is approaching, but is it organized enough. Rabobank is driving. Last km now.

16.55 - 269 kms

Ekimov attacked from behind, Pieri countered but no one could stop Andrei Tchmil from winning his fourth Wold Cup race. He had around 50 meters to a disappointed Pieri followed by Vainsteins and Zabel in a strange Ronde van Vlaanderen almost ending in a bunch sprint.

Provisional results:

1. Andrei Tchmil (Bel) Lotto                  6.57.03 (38.699 kph)
2. Dario Pieri (Ita) Saeco Valli&Valli           0.03
3. Romans Vainsteins (Lat) Vini Caldirola
4. Erik Zabel (Ger) Telekom
5. Tristan Hoffman (Ned) Memorycard-Jack&Jones
6. Fabio Sacchi (Ita) Saeco Valli&Valli
7. Leon van Bon (Ned) Rabobank
8. Peter van Petegem (Bel) Farm Frites
9. Zbiegnew Spruch (Pol) Lampre-Daikin
10. Markus Zberg (Swi) Rabobank

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