Giro delle Marche - 2.6

Italy, April 21-25, 2000

Savoldi wins Marche

Italian rider, Roberto Savoldi from the dubiously named L’Edile ok Baby team has won the five day Italian cat. 2.6 stage race, the Giro delle Marche. The last stage was won by a Colombian Hector Mesa from the Centri Calzatura team.


Stage 4:

1. Alexander Parfimovitch (Rus) Parolin-Uniconfort Team

General classification after stage 4:

1. Roberto Savoldi (Ita) L’Edile ok Baby

Stage 5:

1. Hector Mesa (Col) Centri Calzatura

Final general classification:

1. Roberto Savoldi (Ita) L’Edile ok Baby