11th Boucles de l'Artois - 1.6

France, April 22, 2000

Jean Floc' h too strong

The 11th edition of the Boucles de l'Artois formed part of the French Elite 2 teams championship. Starting in Maroeuil and finishing in Arras, the 173 km race was conducted in miserable weather. At the back of the peloton a number of flats and other mechanical troubles decimated the field.

The main part of the peloton remained together for much of the race, with the final attack coming on Mont Saint Eloi with 18 kilometres to go. Olivier Lénaïc, Renaud Dion , Stéphane Auroux, Carlo Meneghetti, Jérôme Desjardins, and Frédéric Delalande established a lead of 30 seconds, which remained until the finish. Jean Floc' h-Mantes teammates, Delalande and Lénaïc worked together to ensure that no-one got away before the sprint.

Lénaïc Olivier got Carlo Meneghetti's wheel and at 300 metres the Parisian made the final move and won ahead of Renaud Dion and Stéphane Auroux. "I knew I was the best sprinter. I feared Meneghetti but I have beaten him in all the sprints this season", said the winner after the race. At age 23 this is Olivier's most important victory, his second this season.

Results - 173.4 km

1 Olivier Lénaïc (Fra) Jean Floc'h - Mantes        4.09.13 (41.74 km/h)
2 Renaud Dion (Fra) CG Orléans 
3 Stéphane Auroux (Fra) CR4C Roanne 
4 Carlo Meneghetti (Fra) VC Roubaix 
5 Jérôme Desjardins (Fra) VC Rouen 76 
6 Frédéric Delalande (Fra) Jean Floc'h - Mantes 
7 Eric Drubay (Fra) CC Etupes 
8 Thierry Masschelein (Bel) Koksijde                 0.35
9 Raphael Jeune (Fra) CC Etupes 
10 Franck Morelle (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise 
11 Sylvain Lajoie (Fra) VC Roubaix 
12 Michel Lallouet (Fra) VC Rouen 76 
13 Stéphane Couge (Fra) Jean Floc'h - Mantes 
14 Jérôme Pineau (Fra) Vendée U 
15 Pascal Carlot (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise 
16 Faat Zakirov (Rus) CC Lada 
17 Laurent Chotard (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise 
18 Igor Bogatyrev (Rus) CC Lada 
19 Eddy Lemoine (Fra) CG Orléans 
20 Cédric Jourdan (Fra) CM Aubervilliers 
21 Fabrice Paumier (Fra) Dunkerque Cyclisme 
22 Thomas Voeckler (Fra) Vendée U 
23 Stéphane Foucher (Fra) CG Orléans 
24 Jean-Philippe Yon (Fra) VC Rouen 76 
25 John Ownsworth (Nzl) 23 La Creuse 
26 Ludovic Vanhee (Fra) VC Roubaix 
27 Frédéric Arnaud (Fra) CR4C Roanne 
28 Anthony Rokia (Fra) 23 La Creuse 
29 Christophe Le Mevel (Fra) Jean Floc'h-Mantes 
30 Anthony Testa (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise 
31 Grzegorz Zoledziowski (Pol) CC Etupes 
32 Jérôme Gannat (Fra) CC Etupes 
33 Cédric Herve (Fra) Jean Floc'h-Mantes 
34 Nicolas Andre (Fra) CC Etupes 
35 Anthony Geslin (Fra) Vendée U 
36 Frédéric Lubach (Fra) CM Aubervilliers 
37 Olivier Maignan (Fra) CG Orléans 
38 Franck Havidic (Fra) CG Orléans 
39 David Leboucher (Fra) Sélection Sarthe 
40 Nicolas L'hote (Fra) VC Roubaix 
41 Eric Leblacher (Fra) CM Aubervilliers 
42 Christophe Guillome (Fra) VC Roubaix 
43 Pascal Bousquet (Fra) US Créteil 
44 Cédric Vanoverschelde (Fra) VC Roubaix 
45 Benjamin Levecot (Fra) CM Aubervilliers 
46 Jean-Claude Thilloy (Fra) VC Roubaix 
47 Stéphane Rifflet (Fra) VC Rouen 76 
48 Laurent Planchaud (Fra) CG Orléans 
49 Mark Scanlon (Irl) CC Etupes 
50 Denis Tichtchenko (Rus) CC Lada 
51 Stanislav Takouchev (Rus) CC Lada 
52 Karl Zoetemelk (Fra) CR4C Roanne 
53 Eric Duteil (Fra) CM Aubervilliers 
54 David Corbeau (Fra) Sélection Sarthe 
55 Benoît Luminet (Fra) CR4C Roanne 
56 Marc Thevenin (Fra) CR4C Roanne 
57 Guillaume Lejeune (Fra) CR4C Roanne 
58 Nicolas Meunier (Fra) CM Aubervilliers 
59 Cyril Bouhoux (Fra) Sélection Sarthe 
60 Martial Locatelli (Fra) Jean Floc'h-Mantes 
61 Pascal Pofilet (Fra) CC Etupes 
62 Vladimir Efimkine (Rus) CC Lada 
63 David Dheruelle (Fra) Sélection Sarthe 
64 Stéphane Petilleau (Fra) Jean Floc'h-Mantes 
65 Mickaël Fouliard (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise 
66 Lionel Lorgeou (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise 
67 Frédéric Lecrosnier (Fra) VC Rouen 76 
68 Cédric Loue (Fra) VC Rouen 76 
69 Laurent Paumier (Fra) Jean Floc'h-Mantes 
70 Marian Hary (Fra) Vendée U 

Teams classification for French Championship:

1 Jean Floc'h-Mantes                                    85 Pts
2 CC Etupes                                             58
3 VC Rouen 76                                           57
4 CC Nogent-sur-Oise                                    49
5 CR4C Roanne                                           38
6 VC Roubaix                                            36
7 CM Aubervilliers                                      31
8 CG Orléans                                            24
9 23 La Creuse en Limousin                              15
9 Vendée U                                              15

Results courtesy of Velomania