Results and Reports for April 27

US Olympic Track Trials

Frisco, Texas USA, April 26, 2000

Men's Individual Pursuit

Two-time Olympic medallist Erin Hartwell (Indianapolis, Ind.) posted the second-fastest qualifying time in the men's 4,000-meter individual pursuit Wednesday in the second day of action at the U.S. Olympic Team trials for Track Cycling at The Superdrome in Frisco, Texas

Hartwell, who captured a silver medal at the 1992 Olympic Games and bronze four years later in the kilometer time trial, recorded a time of 4:38.736. He missed most of the 1999 campaign due to knee injuries and made the move to endurance track from sprint cycling in late 1999. Mike Tillman (Santa Monica, Calif.) registered the fastest qualifying time (4:38.234) and will face Hartwell in Wednesday night's finals.

1996 Olympian Kent Bostick (Oak Ridge, Tenn.) will vie for third place in the individual pursuit against Adham Sbeih (Granite Bay, Calif.), who will be riding his fourth career individual pursuit.


Qualifying (top four advance to finals)

1. Mike Tillman (USA) L'Equipe Chevral		4.38.234
2. Erin Hartwell (USA) Saturn			4.38.736
3. Adham Sbeih (USA) Navigators			4.39.230
4. Kent Bostick (USA) Shaklee			4.44.623
5. Colby Pearce (USA) Shaklee			4.45.159
6. Jame Carney (USA) Shaklee			4.49.269
7. John Kelly (USA) unattached			4.50.340
8. Dave Bailey (USA) Pedal Alpine		4.53.985
9. Daniel Larson (USA) Cycle Science		5.01.075
10. Rory McAdams (USA) Team Texas		5.02.359
11. Joey D'Antoni (USA) Team Cajun Cyclist	5.07.027
12. Joseph Miller (USA) Tokyo Joe's Pepsi	5.08.364
13. Adam Burke (USA) CCCCD			5.10.288
14. Eric Gerolstein (USA) unattached		5.11.183
15. Teran Martin (USA) Team UPS			5.14.003
16. Doug Pence (USA) Northbrook Bicycle Club	5.16.695
17. Terry Lott (USA) Eastside Wheelman		5.27.843
18. Drew Nelson (USA) Riversedge Athletic Club	5.34.332

Non-U.S. cyclists

Gary Alexander (Can) Bicisport Calgary BC	4.59.076
Men's Individual Olympic Sprint

In the qualifying round of the men's Olympic Sprint, the trio of Johnny Barios (Redlands, Calif.), Marcelo Arrue (Woodland Hills, Calif.) and Sky Christopherson (Tucson, Ariz.) registered the fastest time during the 750-meter race (46.912). Arrue and Barios were members of the 1999 Pan American Games gold medal squad. The third member of that Pan Am gold medal squad - Marty Nothstein (Trexlertown, Pa.) - was on the second fastest squad in qualifying. Christopherson won the kilometer time trial Tuesday.

The finals of the men's individual pursuit and Olympic Sprint, along with the qualifying round of the women's sprint are scheduled for Wednesday evening. The action continues through Saturday.



(top four advance to finals)

1. Team UPS (Johnny Barios, Marcelo Arrue, Sky Christopherson)			46.912
2. USA #1 (Christ Springer, Marty Nothstein, Jonas Carney)			47.780
3. Shaklee (Lars Madsen, Jim Fisher, Doug Baron (Can)				48.337
4. #2 (Joshua Weir, Giddeon Massie, Josiah Ng)			48.424
5. Intersport/Canada (Keith Bruneau, Tyler Hansen, Kyle Hudson (Can)		49.196
6. Composite #1 (Jeff Labauve, Jeff Solt, Adam Wilk)				49.488
7. Composite #3 (James Hibbard, Eric Swaidner, Bobby Walthour)			59.787
8. Tri-State Velo (Andy Lakatosh, Mike Beers, A.J. Smith)			50.579
9. (Nathan Rogut Mark Guerin, Kirk Whiteman)			50.858
10. Bankstown Sports (D. Wilson (USA), J. Beauregard (USA) J. Hopkins (Aus))	50.959
11. Composite #4 (Eduwardo Cocina, Chad Rodekohr, Todd Launt)			51.029
12. Hammer Racing (Ryan Watson, Scott Cook, Stephen Prokopiw)			51.957
13. Composite #2 (Keith Thorarinson, Chris Bentley, Scott Williams (Can)	52.329
14. Richardson Bike Mart (M. Solem (Can), T. Goodwin (USA), S. Madsen (Can)	52.533
15. Team Corima (Al Whaley, Garth Blackburn, Nick Chenowth)			52.580
16. Team Spincycle (John Johanssen, Bob Ostrom, Patrick Bartell)		53.075
17. Team UPS #2 (Teran Martin, Jared Beesley, Jay Robertson)			54.863