Results and Reports for April 26

US Olympic Track Trials

Frisco, Texas USA, April 25, 2000

Women's 3,000 m Individual Pursuit

Megan Troxell (Redwood City, Calif.) posted the fastest qualifying time in the women's individual pursuit Tuesday in the first day of competition of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track Cycling at the Superdrome in Frisco.

Troxell, who finished 11th at the 1999 World Track Cycling Championships, posted a time of three minutes, 47.137 seconds during the 3,000-meter event. Karen Kurreck (Los Altos Hills, Calif.) recorded the second-best time (3:48.578). 1999 Pan American Games champion Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (Colorado Springs, Colo.) registered a time of 3:51.872 for the third best U.S. time, and Angela Vargas (Emmaus, Pa.) also advanced to the final round.

Karen Kurreck, who rides professionally in road cycling in Italy, posted a winning time of 3:47.538 to win the 3,000-meter individual pursuit title. However, she did not earn a berth on the U.S. Olympic Team, as she did not meet the qualifying standard of 3:35.000. She is a member of the Olympic Long Team for her performances in road cycling.

The Olympic Long Team is a pool of athletes who have met certain qualifying standards in past international and national competitions, and the U.S. Olympic Track Cycling Team will be announced in early July.

"I trained two days on the track before racing today," and it was two years before at the same venue that Kurreck finished second in the individual pursuit at the EDS Elite National Track Cycling Championships. "Nobody posted a fast time today, but considering it was my first track cycling race in two years, I was pleased. To be considered for the Olympic team, I know I needed to be here, and now it is up to the coaching staff on what other track events I might compete in."

"The individual pursuit and the individual time trial (road cycling) are not that different. My work on the road makes me stronger for the individual pursuit. The two events compliment each other well. "

The former gymnast at the University of Illinois, Kurreck plans to compete at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Road Cycling in Jackson, Miss. May 18 and 20, as well as several other domestic road cycling events.

Men's 1 km Time Trial

Sky Christopherson (Tucson, Ariz.) captured the men's kilometer time trial in a time of 1:05.044. The 1995 national kilometer time trial champion was sidelined most of the 1999 campaign due to illness, and the Olympic Trials marked his 2000 debut. Defending national kilometer champion Jonas Carney was the last cyclist to race, and fell short and finisehd second with a time of 1:06.130.

"I have the Olympic Sprint tomorrow (Wednesday) and I wanted to get as much recovery as I could. The Olympic Sprint is very important to me," Christopherson said on why he elected to race first among the 39 cyclists.

"I was a little bit concerned with my time because I knew Jonas (Carney, defending national champion) was capable of beating my time. Fortunately, tonight's time was good enough to win.

Christopherson returns to action Wednesday with the Olympic Sprint, when he teams with 1999 Pan American Games gold medal winners Marcelo Arrue (Woodland Hills, Calif.) and Johnny Barios (Redlands, Calif.).

The U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track Cycling continues through Saturday, with the action beginning at 10:30 a.m. each day. The finals on Wednesday include the men's individual pursuit and Olympic Sprint.


Women's 3,000m pursuit

1. Megan Troxell (USA) Shaklee				3.47.137
2. Karen Kurreck (USA) Alto Velo			3.48.578
*3. Maria Calle (Col) Colombian National Team		3.51.740
4. Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (USA) Timex			3.51.872
*5. Sandra Smith (Aus) Velo Belles			3.52.319
*6. Mandy Poitras (Can) Intersports/Escape CC		3.52.765
*7. Erin Carter (Can) Team Elita			3.53.960
8. Angela Vargas (USA)			3.55.744
*9. Andrea Hannos (Can) Intersports			4.01.906
10. Karen Dunne (USA) Team Elita			4.02.208
11. Terry Ann Roach (USA) Team One			4.03.847
*12. Stephanie Hannos (Can) Champione Cycling Team	4.03.975
13. Ashley Kimmet (USA) East Coast Velo			4.06.029
14. Claire Olsen (USA) Redwood Empire Cycling		4.10.510
15. Annette Hanson (USA) Saturn Bellview		4.11.093
16. Laura Suditu (USA)				4.17.920
17. Christi Simmons (USA) Team Corima			4.27.529
18. Anne Marie Love (USA) Matrix			4.29.858

*not eligible for U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Track Cycling. 

The top four U.S. riders advance to the finals


For first and second place:

1. Karen Kurreck (USA) Alto Velo                        3.47.5
2. Megan Troxell  (USA) Shaklee	                        3.50.8

For third and fourth place:

3. Erin Veenstra-Mirabella (USA) Timex                  3.50.7
4. Angela Vargas (USA)                   3.55.4 

Men's 1 km Time Trial

1. Sky Christopherson (USA) Team UPS		1.05.044
2. Jonas Carney (USA) Shaklee			1.06.130
3. Nathan Rogut (USA)		1.07.944
4. Bobby Walthour (USA) Velo Club of Monterey	1.08.137
5. Josiah Ng (USA) Sparkletts			1.08.642
6. Todd Launt (USA) unattached			1.08.732
7. Adam Wick (USA) unattached			1.08.980
8. Chad Rodekohr (USA)		1.09.300
9. Mike Beers (USA) Shaklee			1.09.454
10. Mark Guerin (USA) Cody Racing		1.09.594
11. Joseph Miller (USA) Tokyo Joe's Pepsi	1.09.602
12. Ryan Crane (USA) Gulf Coast Cycling		1.10.323
13. Bill Short (USA)		1.10.403
14. Eric Swaidner (USA) Los Gatos Bicycle	1.10.614
15. Rory McAdams (USA) Team Texas		1.11.231
16. Stephen Prokopiw (USA) Hammer Racing Team	1.11.395
17. Eric Gerolstein (USA) unattached		1.11.485
18. Robert Lindstrom (USA) unattached		1.11.546
19. Scott Cook (USA) 7-Up/Colorado Cyclist	1.11.569
20. Andy Laktosh (USA) Tri-State Velo/Amoro	1.11.641
21. Terry Lott (USA) Eastside Wheelman		1.12.670
22. Brant Hendler (USA) CU Cycling		1.12.683
23. Ryan Sparks (USA) Hotter than Hell		1.13.595
24. Daniel Larson (USA) Cycle Science		1.13.757
25. Joey D'Antoni (USA) Team Cajun Cyclist	1.14.229
26. Gregg Germer (USA) Champions Racing Team	1.15.103
27. Eduardo Cocina (USA) Rubio/Banchi		1.15.615
28. Doug Pence (USA) Northbrook Bicycle Club	1.15.656
29. Christian Williams (USA) unattached		1.15.726
30. Gregory Allen (USA)		1.16.270

Non U.S. cyclists

Doug Baron (Can) Shaklee			1.05.761
Jim Fisher (Can) Shaklee			1.07.238
Kyle Hudson (Can) Intersport			1.07.896
Jeff Hopkins (Aus) Bankstown Sports CC		1.08.531
Tyler Hansen (Can) unattached			1.09.135
Murray Solem (Can) Atomic Racing Club		1.09.231
Steen Madsen (Can) Edmonton Juventus Sports	1.11.054
Chris Bentley (Can) Eurotech Cycles		1.11.381
Scott Williams (Can) Fairfield Cycling Club	1.12.683