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Girvan Three Day
WCRA Stage Race

33rd Girvan 3-Day Cycle Race - NE

Scotland, April 22-24, 2000

Jon Clay wins the Girvan 3 Day

Last week it was the Lancaster Grand Prix in Welwyn Garden City and this week, Jon Clay again finished on top of a premier calendar event with a win in the Girvan after placing 3rd in the final stage in a small group that had distanced leader at the start of the stage, Rod Ellingworth. Clay's win also took him to the top of the Premier Calendar table with Chris Newton dropping to second after placing 7th overall and winning the king of the mountains competition.

Stage 1 - April 22, 2000

75 riders took the start in the first stage of the 33rd Girvan 3 Day Stage race in bright sunshine. Duncan Urquhart of "Scotland A" took the first Prime Byrn Hill after 3 miles of racing. Paul Dotchin RAF A, recent record breaker of the Military Hour Record was among the early puncture victims, never to regain the main field. Julian Winn and Mark Kelly (Linda McCartney) were the first successful breakaway of the day but it was short lived. Next to attack were Duncan Urquhart of Scotland and Graeme Lackford, Anglia Sport but were reeled in at the Barrhill Hot Spot.

The most significant break of the stage was initiated by Duncan Urquhart who was joined by Martin Ford, Arctic 2000 and Ian Hellawell of Middridge Engineering who moved clear of the main field after 15 miles of racing. A further 2 miles later this trio were joined by 7 chasers who made up the day's winning breakaway.

Over the next 6 miles there was a classic pursuit match between the 10 leaders and the main bunch, with the advantage never being more than 20 seconds. 6 miles before Newton Stewart the lead began to increase reaching 44 seconds with 29 miles covered.

An appreciative crowd were out to cheer the leaders through Newton Stewart where the bunch was trailing by 1 min 43 secs. With 40 miles completed the advantage of the leaders was 2 mins 30 secs. Eventual stage winner, Mark Lovatt, ProVision was particularly active, but all riders were contributing to the effort.

After a further 8 miles a chasing group of 3 riders emerged from the main bunch - Chris Newton, Middridge, Neil Brown, Deeside, and Mike Harrison, Tunstall Wheelers. Their deficit on the leaders was 2 min 40 secs after 54 miles of racing with the main field being a further 45 seconds behind. Within the next 7 miles, 2 further groups of riders consolidated this chasing group making a total of 16 riders. This group began to eat into the advantage which was timed at 2 mins 11 secs at 64 miles but decreased rapidly thereafter.

With 10 miles remaining, 3 riders broke free from the leading group - Mark Lovatt, Rod Ellingworth, Team McEll, Steve Stoneman, Real Cost Car Imports. Phil West, Middridge tried to bridge, but was left in the gap until 6 miles to go when he was swallowed up by the remainer of the first group. Lovatt made his final successful breakaway as the race joined the A718 and was never headed to the finish. Stoneman and Ellingworth continued to play cat and mouse, but Ellingworth succeeded in keeping the upper hand and won the sprint for 2nd place.

The chasing group mainly driven by Jonny Clay and Chris Newton closed rapidly on the 5 remaining riders of the leading group, catching them within the final 300 metres. Jonny Clay took 4th place, just ahead of Chris Newton after a highly competitive stage.


 Stage sponsored by Dunfries and Galloway Council
 1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro Vision/Planet X     2.59.02
 2 Rod Ellingworth (GBr) Team McCell        	0.19
 3 Steve Stoneham (GBr)
 4 Jon Clay (GBr) BCF Private Member      	1.22
 5 Chris Newton (GBr) Midrridge Engineering
 6 Jeff Wright                              
 KOM (Sponsored by The Carrick Gazette):
 1. Steve Stoneham 
Stage 2: April 22, 2000

Roddy Riddle made the break in the first lap, chased by Julian Winn, Phil West & Anthony Malarczyk then Chris Walker & Mark Kelly chased. Bill Nickson cottoned on to these two and by lap 8 all 7 of the leaders were together. In the meantime, Riddle had taken first sprint after 5 laps.

The leading group continued to increase their advantage to 49 seconds in the final lap. Attempts made to split the group, notibly by Chris Walker were quickly brought to heal but he was rewarded for his efforts in taking the 2nd sprint at lap 10.

In a keenly contested final sprint after 15 laps, man in form, Roddy Riddle took the honours from Anthony Malarczyk with Scotland's under 23 Bill Nickson in 3rd spot. British Criterium Champion Chris Walker, surprisingly only took 5th place.

The next chasing group contained the Yellow Jersey, Mark Lovatt who retained his overall lead and current Premier Calendar leader Chris Newton. Other leading positions remain unchanged.


  Sponsored by Active Office Scotland
 1. Roddy Riidle (GBr) Desside Thistle 		39.36
 2. Antony Malarczyk (GBr) Real Cost Cars
 3. Bill Nickson (GBr) Under 23 Scotland
Stage 3: April 23, 2000

A field 73 riders took the start of Stage 3 of the Girvan 3 Day amid frequent squally showers. After only 3 miles of racing, an attack by four riders provided the springboard for the stage winning move. The first attacker was Tim Buckle (Paul Moy Assocaites), soon to be joined by James Griffiths (Wales), Chris Newton (Middridge) and the winner of yesterday evening's stage in Victory Park, Roddy Riddle, Deeside Thistle.

Working effectively together the 4 leaders increased their advantage over the main field until it reached 1 min 10 secs after 10miles of racing. 5 chasers were 25 secs ahead of the bunch, but were later reeled in. Approaching the Electric Brae, a group of 9 riders formed up at the head of the bunch and gave chase to the leaders.

Among these riders were the first two places at the stage finish, Chris Walker & Jonny Clay. Another rider in this group was Newton's Middridge team mate, Phil West, who had the misfortune to puncture and later to crash at Dunure, remounting and ultimately rejoining the main group after a heroic chase. The 4 leaders were joined by the eight chasers after 20 miles of racing.

During these early miles, the yellow jersey of race leader, Mark Lovatt, Pro Vision was prominent at the rear of the main field, riding at the back for 15 miles.

The order on Dunure Hill Prime 1st time round was Newton, Ellingworth and Winn. Newton also took first place on the Alloway Hill Prime, being followed there by Winn and Ellingworth with Mike Harrison taking 4th spot.

Using the Alloway Prime as a launch pad, race leader Mark Lovatt powered clear of the main bunch,accompanied by Paul Rennie, Team Active Office and Mark Kelly, Linda McCartney, the latter not contributing to the effort in any way. At this stage the leading 12 riders had an advantage of 1 min 32 seconds over the main bunch. It was noted that Riddle was particularly active in the breakaway.

On the 2nd time up Dunure hill,, Newton again took the honours followed by Winn and Ellingworth. At Heads of Ayr, the 12 leaders had an advantage of 1 min 45 secs on the yellow jersey group, with the main bunch a further 20 secnds in arrears.

These three continued to reduce the gap. Over the next 6 miles the efforts of Lovatt and Rennie saw them reduce their deficit on the leaders to 1 min 3 secs, while James Griffiths punctured in the breakaway and early attacker Tim Buckle was dropped by the leaders. These latter two riders were caught by Lovatt and Kelly who had by this time shaken off Rennie. This junction took place just before Dalrymple.

At 5 miles to go, Jonny Clay attacked, followed by Ellingworth and quickly established a 50 metre gap. They were soon joined by Chris Walker and built up a gap of 30 seconds. With 4 miles remaining, a weakeing Lovatt was timed at 2 mins 28 secs behind the leaders. In the final sprint Clay led out but Chris Walker took the stage by a bike's length from Clay and Ellingworth a little further behind but close enough to take the overall lead.

Lovatt, leader at the start of the stage fell from 1st to 7th place 2 mins 6 secs in arrears. Best placed Scottish Rider @ 3 mins 14 secs down on Ellingworth is Roddy Riddle. Chris Newton Middridge took over the lead in the King of the Mountains competition.


 Sponsored by South Ayrshire Council 
 1 Chris Walker           	             2.49.03
 2 Jon Clay (GBr) BCF Private Member 
 3 Rod Ellingworth (GBr) Team McCell 	 	0.07
 4 Peter Murdoch (GBr) Scotland			0.39
 5 Roddie Riddle (GBr) Deeside Thistle
 6 Chris Newton (GBr) Middridge
Stage 4: 24th April, 2000

A field of 66 riders from the 75 that started commenced the final stage of the Girvan 3 Day Stage Race 2000. Chris Newton, Middridge Engineering, laid the foundations for his ultimate victory in the King of the Mountains competiton by taking first place at the the Penkill Hill Prim. After 6 miles of racing, three riders broke away from the main field, Danny Axford (Real Cost Car Imports), Roddy Riddle (Deeside Thistle) and Chris Walker (On the Edge). These riders were joined one mile later by two chasers, Axford's team mate, Steve Stoneman and Phil West (Middridge Engineering).

By Barr, these five leaders had a margin of 30 secs on the main bunch. As the riders approached the feared Nick O' Balloch hill prime, the leading quintet held an advantage of 48 secs over four chasing riders with the main bunch 1 min 27 secs in arrears.

The main field was shreaded into five groups over the top of the Nick with Chris Walker being first over the Prime followed by Chris Newton. In form, Roddy Riddle took 3rd spot here. Over the subsequent climb to Tairlaw and the descent thereafter, a great deal of regrouping took place. After the descent towards Straiton a new 8 man lead group held an advantage of 15 seconds over a much larger group of chasers.

At Straiton, Stoneman and Walker had gone clear of their former companions by 32 seconds with a strong chasing group at 1 min 1 secs behind 2 leaders. At the Largs Hill Prime Chris Walker was again 1st over the line. By this time Walker and Stoneman had been rejoined by 10 other riders.

Yellow Jersey Rod Ellingworth, Team McEll who had been in the second group of 17 riders began to mount a vigourous chase just after Dalrymple. A truly classic pursuit match then took place over many miles and provided an enthralling contest for the race followers. Approaching Straiton for the second time the Yellow Jersey chasing group closed to within 32 seconds of the leaders.

Thereafter over the next ten miles, the advantage and the ultimate overall race victory passed to Jonny Clay, who was particularly active in the front group taking more powerful turns than his companions at the head of the race. These proved to be the decisive miles of the entire race for approaching Dailly, Clay's leading group had consilidated its lead now having an advantage of 1 min 32 secs over Ellingworth's group.

In the final sprint for stage victory, Chris Walker repeated his feat of last year, by recording his second stage win over Steve Sotneman with the overall winner Clay in third spot. Leading Scot, Roddy Riddle took fourth place from Phil West, Mark Lovatt, Pro Vision and Anthony Malarczyk Real Cost Car Imports. All 7 riders given the same time.

Taking the final overall honours by 32 seconds from his Composite teamm colleague, Julian Winn and 3rd placed Rod Ellingworth, Jonny Clay recorded his 2nd Girvan victory, having also won the event in 1998.

Report and results courtesy of Larry Hickmott,


 Sponsored by South Ayrshire Council 
1 Chris Walker (On the Edge)			2.48.44
2 Steve Stoneman (GBr) Real Cost Car Imports
3 Jonny Clay (GBr) SLBM
4 Roddy Riddle (GBr) Deeside Thistle/Union Transport
5 Phil West (GBr) Middridge Engineering
6 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro Vision
Final Overall Classification
Sponsor - South Ayrshire Council
1. Jonny Clay (GBr) SLBM           			     9.18.02
2. Julian Winn (GBr) Composite F 		 	0.32
3. Rod Ellingworth (GBr) Team McEll 			0.48
4. Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro Vision/Planet X 		1.19
5. A Malarczyk (GBr) Real Cost Cars 			2.11
6. Roddy Riddle (GBr) Desside Thistle 			2.33
7. Chris Newton (GBr) Middridge Engineering 		2.38
8. Huw Pritchard (GBr) Linda McCartney/WCU 		2.38 
9. Mike Harrision (GBr) CMB 		 		2.48
10. Steve Stoneman (GBr) Real Cost 		4.49
11. Peter Murdoch (GBr) Soctland Under 23 		5.02
12. Phil West (GBr) Middridge Engineering 		5.32
13. Duncan Urquart (GBr) Scotland 			7.56
14. Neil Brown (GBr) Deeside 				8.03  
15. Danny Axford (GBr) Real Cost Cars 			8.03 
16. Paul Rennie (GBr) ACTIVE OFFICE 			8.05
17. Jeff Wright (GBr) CME 				8.05
18. Chris Walker (GBr) On the Edge 			8.52
19. Bill Nickson (GBr) Scotland Under 23 		10.04
20. Alex Ross (GBr) Soctland Under 23 			10.22
21. John Ibbotson (GBr) Gore Bike Wear
22. Pete Swettenham (GBr) Gore Bike Wear-Twickenham CC 		
23. Martin Ford (GBr) CMB 
24. Ian Hellawell (GBr) Middridge Enginieering
25. Tim Buckle (GBr) MOY
King of the Mountains. Sponsored by The Carrick Gazette
1. Chris Newton Middridge Engineering 23
2 .Chris Walker 
3. Julian Winn
Teams Overall
1. Composite F (Walker,Winn & Clay)
2. Real cost car Imports (Axford,,Malarczyk, Stoneman and Martin)
3. Scotland U23 (Murdoch, Ross, Nickson & Muir)
UK Premier Calendar Series Overall 
1 Jon Clay (GBr) BCF Private Member    	130 pts
2 Chris Newton (GBr) Middridge CRT         	124
3 Huw Pritchard (GBr) Linda McCartney-WCU   	102
4 Julian Winn (GBr) WCU-Private Member     	89
5 Andy Lyons (GBr) BCF Private Member     	85
6 John Tanner (GBr) Provision Powerbar     	78
7 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Provision Powerbar     	74
8 Wayne Randle (GBr) Provision Powerbar     	71
9 Rod Ellingworth (GBr) Team Mcell             70
10 Gordon McAuley (GBr) Equilibrium Oleum RT   69
Premier Calendar Races in Series 
* 1. 12th March Oleum-Starlight Grand Prix 
* 2. 19th March Grand Prix of Essex Road Race 
* 3. 26th March Romford-Harlow Road Race 
* 4. 1st - 2nd April Europa 2 Day Stage Race 
* 5. 9th April Archer International Grand Prix RR 
* 6. 16th April Lancaster Mercedes Grand Prix RR 
* 7. 22nd - 24th April Girvan Stage Race 
8. 7th May Lincoln International Grand Prix RR 
9. 14th May Chairman's Silver Spoon Road Race 
10. 20th-21st May East Riding of Yorkshire Classic
11. 27th - 28th May Tour of the Kingdom Stage Race 
12. 10th - 11th June Robert Hobbs Memorial Stage Race 
13. 23rd June Manx International Road Race 
14. 9th July Five Valleys Road Race 
15. 30th July International Tour of the Cotswolds RR 
16. 6th August Havant International Grand Prix 
17. 13th August Glasgow - Dunoon Hayward Tyler Classic 
18. 10th September International Tour of the Peak RR 
19. 17th September Gun Hill Premier Race 

WCRA Stage Race

Leicestershire, Great Britain, April 22-23 2000

Danes sweep Leicester

Danish Champion Ann Svendsgaard Mathiesen won the final stage and andvanced from an overall fifth place to victory in the women's three day race in Leicester, 44 seconds ahead of Caroline Cook, England. Sanne Schmidt won the sprint competition and her sister Lotte the mountains competition.


Stage 1, Willoughby Waterleys, 99.75 km

1. Sanne Schmidt (Den) Denmark                       2.45.36
2. Frances Newstead (Gbr) AC Slumberland
3. Lein Verhaege (Bel) Belgium
4. Siobhan Mullan (Gbr) Private
5. Rachel Heal (Gbr) WCRA
6. Joanne Cavill (Gbr) Scotland
7. Katie Allen (Gbr) Dinnington RC
8. Nina Davies (Gbr) Ogmore Valley Whs
9. Lotte Schimdt (Den) Denmark
10. Karina Sørensen (Den) Denmark

Stage 2, Time Trial, 12 km

1. Caroline Cook (Gbr) Mussellburgh CC                 17.48
2. Julie Hooper (Gbr) Letchworth Schils          	0.08
3. Natacha Maes (Gbr) In Gear RT           		0.12
4. Ann Svendsgaard Mathiesen (Den) Denmark        	0.16
5. Melanie Szubricht (Gbr) Private         		0.21
6. Ine Wannijn (Bel) Belgium           			0.23
7. Rachel Heal (Gbr) WCA                   		0.24
8. Frances Newstead (Gbr) WCRA             		0.30
9. Marie Reilly  Ireland               			0.41
10 Rhiannon Allport (Gbr) Clarke Contracts              0.48

Stage 3, 64.36 km

1. Ann Svendsgaard Mathiesen (Den) Denmark
2. Ruth Ellway (Gbr) Team Undergear

Overall Classification

1. Ann Svendsgaard Mathiesen (Den) Denmark           4.48.45
2. Caroline Cook (Gbr) Mussellburgh CC              	0.44
3. Julie Hooper (Gbr) Letchworth Schils             	0.52
4. Ruth Ellway (Gbr) Team Undergear     		0.57
5. Frances Newstead (Gbr) WCRA                 		1.03
6. Rachel Heal (Gbr) WCA                 		1.05
7. Ine Wannijn (Bel) Belgium             		1.07
8. Sanne Schmidt (Den) Denmark             		1.15
9. Mette Fischer (Den) Denmark      			1.25
10. Rhiannon Allport (Gbr) Clarke Contracts             1.31

Best Junior: Ine Wannijn (Bel) Belgium
Best 3rd category: Julie Hooper (Gbr) Letchworth Schils
Best 2nd Category: Charlotte Goldsmith (Gbr) WCRA
Hill Competition: Lotte Schmidt (Den) Denmark
Sprint Competition: Sanne Schmidt (Den) Denmark
Under 23 Competition: Ine Wannijn (Bel) Belgium
Lanterne Rouge: Karin Helmink (Ned) Netherlands

Denmark         14.29.34
WCRA                1.13