Results and Reports for April 22-23

Racing from Australia

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Jack MacGowan Handicap
Carnegie criteirum

Jack MacGowan Road Handicap

Modella, Australia, April 22, 2000

Under scattered overcast with a steady southwesterly breeze, 84 riders contested the Jack MacGowan Handicap. Run in honour of 74 yo former club president Jack MacGowan the riders were broken into 7 groups starting up to 30 minutes ahead of the scratch group of 15 men. This form of racing has been popular in Australia for many years compensating for the small fields attracted to club racing. Jack himself rode off the scratch mark for 30 years! His record of contribution to the Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club is too long for this article, he has filled every post available to a member including being President from 1969 to 1994!

The 9 limit markers for this year received 30 minutes start with another 9 off 23 minutes, 13 at 17 minutes, 12 at 13 minutes, 14 at 9 minutes, 12 at 5 minutes all ahead of the 15 strong scratch bunch.

After the first flat, 50km lap through Longwarry, Tynong, Bayles and back to Modella the field had aggregated into four bunches with scratch still 11:45 adrift of the outmarkers. Limit had taken 1:24 to cover the lap while scratch took 1:06.

The leading three groups came together between Tynong and Bayles during the second lap, the cross wind wreaking havoc on those trying to sit on as the rough edges of the road offered no place to hide. At the second crossing of the "pick-a-plank" bridges at Bayles more lost touch as due care was taken of the less than perfect bridge surface. As the big bunch bore on downwind, with the "scratchies" now in sight, a late attempt at escape came from Shane Mills and Karl Woods from the 5min bunch with the wily Dylan Boone off 9min.

As the capture occurred some 5km from the line the trio was still away but within sight and therefore doomed as the backmarkers wound up for the finish. The sprint saw Jayco/VIS rider Troy Clarke victorious, due in part to the selfless work of brother Hilton jnr. Second place to Dylan Boone! On the comeback trail after a two-year spell, Boone showed he has lost none of his ability to pick a wheel! Murray Fenwick (Gios) took third ahead of Robert Boag (Ashburton) and the lightweight Ashley Goewie.

Results - 100km

1 Troy Clarke (Jayco/VIS) scr 
2 Dylan Boone 9min
3 Murray Fenwick (Gios) scr
4 Robert Boag (Ashburton) scr
5 Ashley Goewie scr

First woman: Rachel Rademaker

Juniors 50km                       

1 Michael Ford                     
2 Aaron Moody                      
3 M Wilson                         
4 April Eppinger

Sub-Juniors 30km

1 Michael Downing
2 Louise Bourke
3 Simon Bourke

Results and report courtesy of Mark Chadwick

Carnegie-Caulfield Criterium

Mulgrave, Australia, April 23, 2000

An overcast Melbourne morning + 103 riders + Glenvale Crescent crit circuit equals a fine finale to the Sunday morning crits for this year. Being Easter Sunday the small fields were not unexpected, the racing still competitive enough.

Troy Clarke (Jayco/VIS) showed his sprinting form for the second time in two days taking a five up sprint going away. The five took a lap from the other 28 A graders in the dying stages of the race having been away and working well for the better part of the hour. Robert Boag (Ashburton), also backing up from yesterday’s race, took second holding off Brendan Rowbotham (Fitzroy Cycles) and Matt Jackson (Giramondo).

Johnny Clarke, younger brother of Troy and Hilton jnr, showed he has his share of Hilton snr’s sprinting genes as well by blitzing home ahead of the B grade bunch. Hot on his heels came Richard England, ’97 World Duathlon Champ David Clark and Eddie Perez. The B grade group rode hard enough to get mixed up with the A grade second group on a couple of occasions, maybe some re-grading to come?

C grade kept a quick tempo, no escaping those determined to stage a field sprint. The finale saw Adam Clarke raise his arms in victory ahead of Jamie Robertson, Jason Plowman and Alan Schnable.

Only 13 in D grade, which became a procession again with the sprint going to Scott Hawke. M Bermino held off Aaron Moody and Mick Paul


A GRADE 33 starters 60 minutes + 3 laps

1 Troy Clarke (Jayco/VIS)
2 Robert Boag (Ashburton)
3 Brendan Rowbotham (Fitzroy Cycles)
4 Matt Jackson (Giramondo)

B GRADE 26 starters 60 minutes + 3 laps

1 Johnny Clarke
2 Richard England
3 David Clark
4 Eddie Perez

C GRADE 31 starters 40 minutes + 3 laps

1 Adam Clarke
2 Jamie Robertson
3 Jason Plowman
4 Alan Schnable

D GRADE 13 starters 35 minutes + 3 laps

1 Scott Hawke
2 M Bermino
3 Aaron Moody
4 Mick Paul

Results and report courtesy of Mark Chadwick