Results and Reports for April 10

Espoir/U23 racing

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5th Memorial Danilo Furlan - 1.13

Montebeluna, Italy, April 9, 2000

The Memorial Furlan was raced near Montebeluna in the north of Italy. The course covered a 7.5 km circuit with a 2 km climb done 16 times followed by a 29.8 km loop to be covered once with a nasty 5 km climb, 4 km from the finish.

The main break of the day was 25 riders, who were reduced to 7 with 20 km to go. Australian rider, Michael Rogers attacked with 15 km to go but was caught on the last climb, eventually finishing 6th in the race which was won by Daniele Pietropoli from Zalf. Rogers gained the prize for the most aggressive rider.

Results- 149.8 km

1 Daniele Pietropoli (Ita) Zalf
2 Graziano Casperi (Ita) Bergamasca
3 Stefano Guerrini (Ita) Vellutex
4 Michele Scarpone (Ita) Zalf
5 Franco Pellizzotti (Ita) Travignani Mapei
6 Michael Rogers (Aus) Australian National
8 Baden Cooke (Aus) Australian National

190 starters

Results & report courtesy of Brian Stephens, AIS coach

Bundesliga round 2

Laabertal, Germany, April 8, 2000

Results - 165 km

1. Björn Schröder (Ger) Ger Peugeot Radteam Berlin   3.53.42 
2. Thomas Ziegler (Ger) TEAG Team Köstritzer 		0.05 
3. Marco Appler (Ger) Peugeot Radteam Berlin 		
4. David Kopp (Ger) Telekom Juniorteam 			0.08 
5. Patrick Sinkewitz (Ger) TEAG Team Köstritzer 	0.12 
6. Steffen Weigold (Ger) Telekom Juniorteam 		
7. Werner Henri (Ger) Team Röwert Dresden		
8. Owczarek Jonas (Ger) Telekom Juniorteam 		
9. Werner Christian (Ger) LG Giant Frankfurt 		
10. Wächter Bernhard (Ger) LG Giant Frankfurt 		
11. Hieckmann Torsten (Ger) Peugeot Radteam Berlin 	0.36


1. Peugeot Team Berlin 
2. Deutsche Telekom "Jan Ullrich" 
3. TEAG Team Köstritzer 
4. LG Giant Frankfurt 
5. Team Bavarian Lions 
6. Bunte Berte Leipzig
7. Team Stadler VC Regensburg 
8. RG Westfalen Team VBM 

Courtesy of Bayern radsport news