Results and Reports for April 10

Club racing

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Nestor Cup Training Series

Savannah (GA), USA, April 9, 2000

Courtesy of Bill Sellers

Welcome to the first edition of the Nestor Cup 2000. Round One was held at Hunter Army Air Field. Four laps of the ten 10 mile course showed a lot of promise, and the first round of the Cup is always fast. The average speed of the race was a little over 23mph. But we will get to that later.

The first lap started out like most of us expected,... fast. The first one to launch an attack was wearing last year's leaders jersey. Wes is pretty proud of adding that one to his palmares. Still, it must be tough to be a marked man because nobody would let him get away. Charles led us up the hill, and I would like to add that he stood up the whole way and was pushing a pretty big gear. Not a brutal attack, but definitely a tester. Everything stayed together and Johnny led us across the line at the end of the lap.

The second lap saw tons of attacks. Johnny and Michael Mathers got away and, instead of being gentlemen and helping to bring it all back together, Wes and Charles just counter attacked and joined them. Well we brought them back and somebody let Johnny drift off the front again. Why do we keep letting him do that?

Naturally Charles and Wes jumped and joined him. They held it, and were able to go for the Green Jersey sprint. Wes took first and Charles & Johnny got 2nd and 3rd. The pack was managing to close the gap, just not fast enough to be in contention for the points.

Everything came together and the third lap was a bit more intact. There were still attacks, but everybody had already learned the "Don't Cause Gaps" lesson, so at least it was an educational ride. As we got ready for the final lap, you could tell who was feeling it. You could tell who was cool with a sprint finish and who would rather try to do an Ekimov or Tchmil and get away at the end. So the last lap was very different than the others.

No brutal attacks from Wes and Charles and nobody would let Johnny get away. But this opened the door for others to try. John Baggett, Mike Maynor, John Skiljan and some others rolled away, but were swiftly brought back. It was kind of neat because we had the full pack of about 20 riders coming toward the hill, but I guess recovering from a crash can alter your tactics because I wanted to get out of this bunch.

Coming up the hill it started out as a single pace line. About half-way up, it turned into two lines and started to slow down a bit. I got to the front right at the top of the hill and tried to jump away. It felt good for about thirty seconds, but I couldn't go any faster and I wasn't going to stay away at that speed. So I just joined in the pace line. It is hard to write about the last kilometer, because so many things were going on. I got on Nestor's wheel, because he usually picks a good wheel to follow. But the single lane sprint gets pretty hairy and the wheel you're following doesn't always stay the same.

Coming up to the "S" turn, it started to slow down right as I was getting to the front, so I tried again and it felt good for a few seconds. Maybe I just need some more interval training. But I was unhappy to see the first person to catch me was the Yellow jersey, and nobody was pulling around, just waiting and waiting for the right time.

With about 300 meters to go, the sprint finally started. Charles took it by about 20 yards. Mike Maynor pulled in second and Sean got third. Then Statesboro took 4th-8th with Chad, Michael, John, Nick and Wes. Russ Beasely got 9th and Mack got 10th. The next cup is the Brooklet ride at 280 and I-16 on May 7th. We have rough maps now and you can get a pamphlet from Nestor that has all of the important information.


Overall: Division A
1. Charles Ridlehuber
2. Mike Maynor
3. Sean Coleman
4. Chad Cook
5. Michael Mathers
6. John Baggett
7. Nick Van Winkle
7. Wes Parrish (Bonus Sprint Point)
9. Russ Beasley
10. Mack M.

Sprint Overall
1. Wes Parrish
2. Charles Ridlehuber
3. Johnny Holloway

Overall Division B
1. Gary Griffin
2. Carter Mobley
3. Steve

Millenium Criterium and Dash for Cash

Florida, USA, April 8-9, 2000



1 Manny Aguilera
2 John Hawley
3 W Carigwan
4 Robert Snyder
5 Steve Pyne
6 Bob Cavannah
7 Dennis Sullivan
8 David Anderson
9 Joquin Garcia
10 James Nobles


1 Phil sutherland
2 Richard Connolly
3 James Eric Dekle
4 Mason Cole Trase
5 Adam La
6 Brianna Dillard


1 Tom Gillis
2 John Salsbury
3 Ken Hinkle
4 Matt Rini
5 Winston Edwards
6 Jim Wright
7 Darryl Tompkins
8 Earl Henry
9 Brian Jones
10 Dan Whitney


1 Paul Kavan
2 James Sweeney
3 Ivan Franco
4 Dennis Sutherland
5 Dave Stedje
6 Craig Duxbury
7 Chris Robertson
8 Todd Sanders
9 Peter Carlos
10 John Salsbury

Women 1 2 3 

1 Sharon Penn
2 Robin Thomas
3 Linda Murphy
4 Cindy Tompkins
5 Stephanie Cunningham
6 Michele Woomer
7 Natalie Burdon
8 Brandi Hanigan
9 Kristine Bilyean
10 Lillian Ramos

Women 4

1 Linda White
2 Lori Lynn Brundick
3 Rachel Ennis
4 Jeri Harrington
5 Lisa Blixt
6 Jenifer McFarland
7 Karen Whitney
8 Julie Johnson

Cat 3

1 Ryan Trembon
2 Brian Lancaster
3 Trevor Stoner
4 Sam Rodriguez
5 Lee Hamilton
6 Brett Park
7 Jeff Winterich
8 Wayne Scott
9 Rick Fidanzato
10 Scott Waters 

Pro 1 2

1 James Sweeney
2 David Stedje
3 Gregory Durovich
4 Paul Kavan
5 Ricardo Hernandez
6 Frank Travieso
7 David Beaudau
8 John Galvin
9 Daniel Holt
10 Ryan Stoner

Cat 4

1 Andy Mills
2 Bill Pryor
3 Mike Miles
4 Ryan Pumpian
5 Mike Reynolds
6 Mark Harrington
7 Shaun Moffet
8 Steve Turner
9 Steve Gregorios
10 Richard Connolly

Dash for Cash


1 John Hawley
2 Manny Aguilera
3 W. Carigwan
4 Dennis Sullivan
5 Robert Snyder
6 Steve Pyne
7 James Nobles
8 Joquin Garcia
9 Bob Cavannah
10 William Hutchinson


1 Phil Sutherland
2 Richard Connolly
3 Bobby Aprile
4 Aaron Brown
5 Mason Cole Troice
6 Adam Labadie
7 Steve Labadie


1 Jim Wright
2 Ken Hinkle
3 Dan Bushnell
4 Matt Rini
5 John Salsbury
6 Brian Jones
7 Steve Gregorios
8 Darryl Tompkins
9 Brian Crement
10 Kent Lofton

Women 4

1 Lisa Blixt
2 Lori Lynn Drundick
3 Micheal Young
4 Rachel Ennis
5 Adrian Crement
6 Jennifer McFarland
7 Jeri Harrington
8 Karen Whitney
9 Debra Yasmine
10 Nancy Jones


1 David Stedje
2 Paul Kavan
3 James Sweeney
4 Lloyd Hlavac
5 Gregory Durovich
6 Ivan Franco
7 Gary Smith
8 Craig Duxbury
9 David Reilly
10 Jimmy Hendry

Women 1 2 3

1 Cindy Tompkins
2 Stephanie Cumnningham
3 Robin Thomas
4 Lydia White
5 Michele Woomer
6 Lori Lynn Brundick
7 Kristine Bilyean
8 Lillian Ramos
9 Lisa Blixt

Pro 1 2 

1 Daniel holt
2 Ricardo Hernandez
3 James Sweeney
4 Lloyd Hlavac
5 Jeremy Tibbetts
6 Frank De la Rosa
7 Phil Sutherland
8 John Galvin
9 Frank Travieso
10 Dave Stedje

Cat 3 

1 Rick Fidanzato
2 Alan Cook
3 Brett Park
4 Tim Molyneaux
5 Dennis Sutherlin
6 Wayne Scott
7 George Woodruff
8 Pat Uhler
9 Trevor Stoner
10 Ed Gudemann

Cat 4

1 Robert Tyler
2 Stephen Turner
3 Andy Mills
4 Bill Pryor
5 Ralph Teten
6 Mike Reynolds 
7 Hugo Pradoneto
8 Richard Connolly
9 Tom Hayes
10 Kurt Galatro

Courtesy of James Wright

Dutch roundup

Netherlands, April 8-9, 2000


1 Reitsma
2 Van de Boom
3 Visser

1 Hofman
2 Burggraaf
3 Hol

1 De hey
2 Van de Ward
3 Lap

Omloop van Deventer
1 Ribbers
2 oldedubbelink
3 Dunnebier

Amsterdam (Velodrome)
1 Posius
2 Schager
3 Colijn

1 Brink
2 Verwaarst
3 Soepenberg

1 Bijlsma
2 Veldman
3 Hiemstra

1 Van Schoonhoven
2 Cornelissen
3 Ypenburg

1 Al
2 Van Nil
3 Bakker

1 Sienders
2 Vrouwdunt
3 J. ten Kortenaar

1 Ter Hennepen
2 Slingerland
3 Zaal

12 Bosman
2 Albers
3 Kolenbrander

1 Grit
2 Knippinga
3 Van de Werf

1 Leemreizer
2 De kinkeler
3 Oost

1 Wiedijk
2 Klasen
3 Massop

1 Veenman
2 Meyer
3 Van Luik

1 Bronkhorst
2 Van Wetten
3 Van der Reek

1 Van de Hoeven
2 Treurniet
3 lexmond

1 Westerink
2 Van Zomeren
3 Wollink

1 Hairwassers
2 Noterman
3 Driessen

1 Goes
3 Kamerling
3 Vernoy

1 Stuy
2 Weller
3 Brouwer

Amsterdam (Velodrome)
1 Van Zelst
2 Slikker
3 Groeneveld

1 Jansen
2 Van Rijswijk
3 Hulshof

1 Wolf
2 Binnepoorte
3 Edskens

1 Van Barneveld
2 Bunnik
3 De Jong

1 Senden
2 Pijl
3 Olsthoorn

1 De Vries
2 Van Erk
3 De Jong

1 Luiten
2 Sinke
3 Jansen

1 Brander
2 Van Kessel
3 Lubbers

1 Schutte
2 Broks
3 Kusters

Kings Valley Road Race

Corvallis, Oregon, USA, April 8, 2000

Results - 122.5 km

Pro 1/2

1. Corey Stayton (USA) Wizards of the Coast
2. Steve Wright (USA) Logie Velo
3. Maurice Torano (USA) Paramount-Hutch's
4. Hank Pfeifle (USA) Logie Velo
5. Jamul Hahn (USA) Nutra Fig
6. John Leonard (USA) Lemond-Bike Gallery
7. Luke Mauritsen (USA) Shaklee
8. John Bravard (USA) Wizards of the Coast
9. David Auker (USA) Team RCW-River City
10. Michael Sylvestor (USA) Unattached