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Elite Women's Individual Time Trial, 25.8 kms

15:00 Tuesday, October 5, 1999

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Piazza dei Signori - Piazza Duomo 25.8 kms:

Final times - the day of the double rainbow!

Courtesy of Tim Maloney, correspondent

In a very tightly contested individual time trial with the first nine riders within one minute of each other, Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel (Ned) has taken out her second World ITT title in as many years with a time of 32.31 for the 25.8 km course. The conditions were still and overcast for this year's ITT for elite women and in second place was Australia's Anna Wilson, who completed the course some five seconds down in 32.36.

Van Moorsel was very satisfied with her second consecutive ITT title, getting good use out of her 53x12 on the flat course. She is not sure yet whether she will race in the Saturday's road race, preferring to concentrate on the upcoming track Worlds where she is aiming for more gold.

Taking out third place was the Lithuanian Edita Pucinskaite who covered the 25.8 km course in 33.03, while Zulfia Zabirova of Russia was fourth and German Hanka Kupfernagel in fifth place. Pucinskaite, winner of "Le Grand Boucle Feminin" held the fastest time for a long while, but Wilson blasted her time with six riders left to race. Her time held until the waning moments of the race, when Zijlaard-Van Moorsel rode in for the win.

Some observers said that there been a hill on the circuit, powerhouse Wilson would have certainly won. " The plan was...uh, to go hard!" Wilson told The Australian, who rides for the Saturn team, told us " I was dying with 20km to go...." but the cheery faced Wilson was well pleased with her excellent silver medal ride.

Australian coach James Victor said Anna Wilson was "more than happy" with her silver medal and is looking forward to Saturday's road race. "It was an awesome ride (by Anna) but the best bike rider on the day won - that's what time trials are all about". Wilson was the only rider to use disc wheels on both front and rear on the same bike she won a Commonwealth Gold Medal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last year.

Nonetheless, the Australians are already thinking of Sydney 2000, and Victor said the Dutch rider - as the defending World Champion - will be under greater pressure to succeed at the Olympics.

As for the road race, to be held this Saturday, "Anna's in great form at the moment and the other (Australian) girls will be out to save her legs - she will be really hard to beat if it stays together and comes down to a bunch kick," he said of Wilson's sprinting ability.

Australian Kathy Watt completed the course in 33.40, finishing in tenth place while Clara Hughes of Canada came in at 33.23 and finished in seventh. The highest-placed USA rider was Elizabeth Emery in 12th, with Mari Holden in 18th.

Multiple world champion Jeannie Longo was off the pace a little and with the flat course, could not force the pace on any climb. She finished in ninth, nearly one minute behind. She blamed herself for taking the turns too slowly, although the flat course wasn't particularly suited to her abilities anyway. She will now concentrate on the road race on Saturday.


1 Leontien Zijlaard van Moorsel (Ned) 32.31.87 (47.7 km/h) 2 Anna Wilson (Aus) 4.57 3 Elita Pucinskaite (Ltu) 31.75 4 Zoulfia Zabirova (Rus) 37.53 5 Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) 49.78 6 Judith Arndt (Ger) 50.07 7 Clara Hughes (Can) 51.36 8 Diana Ziliute (Ltu) 51.81 9 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (Fra) 54.71 10 Kathryn Watt (Aus) 1.08.45 11 Marion Clignet (Fra) 1.10.41 12 Elizabeth Emery (Usa) 1.18.67 13 Emily Robbins (Usa) 1.24.81 14 Dori Ruano Sanchon (Esp) 1.27.74 15 Tracey Gaudry (Aus) 1.37.16 16 Yvonne Mcgregor (Gbr) 1.39.42 17 Soirun Flataas (Nor) 1.40.79 18 Mari Holden (Usa) 1.44.47 19 Valentina Polkhanova (Rus) 1.45.68 20 Lyne Bessette (Can) 1.59.35 21 Lenka Ilavska (Svk) 1.59.37 22 Antonella Bellutti (Ita) 2.05.62 23 Mirjam Melchers (Ned) 2.06.41 24 Tatiana Stiajkina (Ukr) 2.22.78 25 Bogumila Matusiak (Pol) 2.28.87 26 Susanne Ljungskog (Swe) 2.37.06 27 Jenny Algeud (Swe) 2.41.31 28 Anke Erlank (Rsa) 2.41.34 29 Chantai Beltman (Ned) 2.52.91 30 Paola Pezzo (Ita) 3.31.25 31 Zinaida Stahurskaya (Blr) 3.36.42 32 Kirsty Robb (Nzl) 3.38.90 33 Tatsiana Makeyeva (Blr) 4.14.91 34 Miho Oki (Jpn) 4.17.36 35 Valentyna Karpenko (Ukr) 4.21.68 36 Dorota Czynszak (Pol) 4.58.21 37 Fatma Galiulina (Uzb) 5.29.36 38 Veronika Pare (Hun) 5.48.35 39 Alena Peterkova (Cze) 5.54.07 DNF Lisbeth Simper (Den)


By Tomas Nilsson

This year's ITT course for the women is completely different than last year's in Valkenburg which contained a couple of climbs, ending with the famous Cauberg at 12 percent. In Treviso the "climb" is just 30 meters during the first 13 kms which calls for a steady pace for all of the 25.85 kms (almost three kms more than in Valkenburg).

All the top riders from last year will be riding in Treviso and the starting order will therefore be in reverse for them i.e. best start last.

But the numbers are reversed for the nations not for the riders, which means that last year's sixth placed Kathy Watt had to swap her starting position with rival Anna Wilson. Watt has also not been nominated for the road race, and these two facts that might help fuel her on.

Last year's top trio, Zijlaard-van Moorsel, Zabirova and Kupfernagel, who were all within 2.15 seconds, did not ride Le Grand Boucle Feminin (Tour de France) where the ITT stages were dominated by Diana Ziliute (fourth in Valkenburg). In the Giro di Italia, Zabirova won the only "normal" ITT - 13 kms at 47.225 km/h, beating the rest of the field by more than 40 seconds.

A glance in the starting list shows that Swedish champion Jenny Algelid will set the standard starting as sixth. Paola Pezzo, Italian MTB ace starts as 14th but we will not be talking medals until Kathryn Watt has completed her race with thirteen others behind her on the road.

Why not Ziliute this time? If she stays away from the espresso that is!

Complete Starting List - Country and Date of Birth


Juanita Feldhahn              (Aus)   07-06-1973
Tracy Gaudry                  (Aus)   17-06-1969
Kristy Scrymgeour             (Aus)   20-09-1973
Kathy Watt		      (Aus)   09-11-1964
Anna Wilson                   (Aus)   26-11-1971


Heidi van der Vijver          (Bel)   31-12-1969


Larisa Chuyenka               (Blr)   25-05-1979
Tatsiana Makeyeva             (Blr)   07-09-1976
Zinaida Stahurskaya           (Blr)   09-02-1971


Lyne Bessette                 (Can)   10-03-1975
Clara Hughes                  (Can)   27-09-1972
Anne Samplonius               (Can)   11-02-1969


Paola Madrinan                (Col)   18-10-1973


Alena Peterkova               (Cze)   13-11-1960


Line Lykke-Meyer Nielsen      (Den)   27-06-1972
Rikke Sandhoj Olse            (Den)   20-04-1972
Lisbeth Simper                (Den)   13-01-1978
Ann Svendsgaard Mathiasen     (Den)   18-09-1971


Dori Ruano Sanchon            (Esp)   11-01-1969


Sanna Lehtimaki               (Fin)   16-11-1975
Pia Sundstedt                 (Fin)   02-05-1975


Marion Clignet                (Fra)   22-02-1964
Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli        (Fra)   31-10-1958

Great Britain

Ceris Gilfillan               (Gbr)   03-01-1980
Yvonne Mcgregor               (Gbr)   09-04-1961


Judith Arndt                  (Ger)   23-07-1976
Hanka Kupfernagel             (Ger)   19-03-1974
Petra Rossner                 (Ger)   14-11-1966


Veronika Pare                 (Hun)   03-05-1977


Antonella Bellutti            (Ita)   07-11-1968
Paola Pezzo                   (Ita)   08-01-1969


Akemi Morimoto                (Jpn)   22-02-1968
Miho Oki                      (Jpn)   08-03-1974
Ayumu Otsuka                  (Jpn)   01-10-1978


Jolanta Polikeviciute         (Ltu)   25-09-1970
Rasa Polikeviciute            (Ltu)   25-09-1970
Edita Pucinskaite             (Ltu)   27-11-1975
Diana Ziliute                 (Ltu)   28-05-1976


Ina Bogulean                  (Mda)   20-07-1974
Dina Tibirna                  (Mda)   15-09-1974

The Netherlands

Chantal Beltman               (Ned)   25-08-1976
Mirjam Melchers               (Ned)   26-09-1975
Leontien Zijlaard van Moorsel (Ned)   22-03-1970


Gunn Rita Dahle               (Nor)   10-02-1973
Solrun Flataas  	      (Nor)   28-08-1967

New Zealand

Jacinta Coleman               (Nzl)   17-07-1974
Susy Pryde                    (Nzl)   15-10-1973
Rosalind Reekie-May           (Nzl)   03-02-1972
Kirsty Robb                   (Nzl)   23-05-1979


Dorota Czynszak               (Pol)   22-01-1980
Bogumila Matusiak             (Pol)   24-01-1971
Monika Tyburska               (Pol)   27-05-1979

South Aftrica

Anke Erlank                   (Rsa)   28-06-1977


Ioulia Martissova             (Rus)   15-06-1976
Valentina Polkhanova          (Rus)   15-08-1971
Svetlana Samokhvalova         (Rus)   20-12-1972
Zoulfia Zabirova              (Rus)   19-12-1973


Nicole Brändli                (Sui)   18-06-1979
Karin Möbes                   (Sui)   19-02-1968


Lenka Ilavska                 (Svk)   05-05-1972


Jenny Algelid                 (Swe)   06-03-1976
Susanne Ljungskog             (Swe)   16-03-1976


Valentiana Karpenko           (Ukr)   09-12-1972
Yuliya Murenkaya              (Ukr)   03-02-1975
Tatiana Stiazhkina            (Ukr)   10-04-1977

United States

Elizabeth Emery               (Usa)   16-03-1964
Mari Holden                   (Usa)   30-03-1971
Emily Robbins                 (Usa)   03-09-1974


Fatma Galiulina               (Uzb)   30-05-1969