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Junior Men's Road Race, 130 kms

Saturday, October 9, 1999

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Verona: Corso Porta Nuova, 8 laps/ 130 km

Hometown victory

Italy have secured their second gold medal in two events at this year's World Road Championships by taking out the junior men's race, again in a solo breakaway.

This time it was local Verona lad, Damiano Cunego who took the honours, managing to hold off the other main favourite, Rouslan Kaioumov (Russia) in a nailbiting run in to the finish.

The junior race was marred by a series of crashes, which reduced the 170-strong starting bunch to just a handful by the end. However, in what has become the pattern over all the races so far, it came down to the strongest rider rather than any kind of group sprint.

The race was typically aggressive early on, with many riders trying to get clear, but nothing sticking. The first few laps predictably had the most number of crashes, with several favourites being caught behind and missing the front group. On lap three, French rider Samuel Torres made the first serious attack, and Italian Giario Ermeti and Belgian Kevin de Weert joined him on the climb on lap 4. However, they were caught over the top.

A flurry of attacks followed, but nothing eventuated until lap 6, when Verona boy Damiano Cunego attacked, and formed a select group with dual TT champion Fabian Cancellara (Swi), Austrian star Bernhard Eisel, and French rider Christophe Kern. The Russians were very strong and worked for their favourite Rouslan Kaioumov, bringing the move back with two laps to go.

There was a little Italian confusion on lap 7 when Cunego chased down a break containing a teammate, and dragging up Kaioumov in the process. The front group was down to 13 at this point, but there was some regrouping by the end of the lap. Through the start/finish it was the only US rider left in the race - Mike Creed who attacked, taking with him Oliver Cambet (Fra).

However, on the final ascent of the leg-snapping Torricelle, Cunego and Kaioumov passed these two riders and put nearly a minute into the bunch. This looked like the gold and silver!

On the descent, Cunego using all of his home course knowledge, attacked on a bend and opened up a large gap to the Russian, who simply could not match Cunego's skills. Kaioumov in turn had another 30 seconds to the following group which was down to five.

On the flat run in to the finish, Cunego encountered a strong headwind, allowing the Russian to claw his way back into contention. He came close, but not quite close enough and Cunego held on to take a well deserved victory by a handful of seconds. In the chasing group 30 or so seconds back, French rider Christophe Kern edged out Italian Filippo Pozzato for the bronze, with Austria's Bernhard Eisel taking 5th place.

Another great result for the Italians and another solo win. Can they do it in the elite women's and men's races to come?

Homeboy Comes Through In Thrilling Final

By Tim Maloney, correspondent

"I wasn't sure I could make it, but I was tough and hung on..." so said Damiano Cunego of Team Italia after he won the Junior Men's World Road Championship in Verona, Italy on Saturday after an exciting last lap pursuit match with pre-race favorite Rouslan Kaioumov (Russia). Cunego attacked on the last of 8 climbs of the Torricelle and only Kaioumov could follow, but he never caught the blue clad Italian.

Traditionally the Junior Men World Road Championship for riders 17-18 years old is one of the most combative, hard fought races in cycling and this years edition was no exception. Every lap brought attack after attack, but with 3 laps to go, lanky blonde Morten Knudsen (Denmark) made a solid move on the climb, and was joined by Kevin Thaens (Belgium). They were joined by Cunego and Pavel Broutt (Russia).

After a regroupment on the descent, Chris Kern (France) and Antonio Bucciero (Italy ) attacked just before the team box with two laps to go.

After the finish line on the penultimate lap, American Michael Creed quickly bridged up to the two front runners, but behind, a violent attack from Kaioumov and the other Russians doomed this trio. Cunego and Kaioumov made the fast tempo up to the climb, and at the bottom of the Torricelle, Oliver Cambet (France) and Mike Creed led Cunego and Kaioumov by a few meters, while Kern and Bucciero had dropped back.

The situation remained the same until Cunego attacked at the base of the climb, blasting by Cambet and Creed and with Kaioumov chasing desperately behind. Cunego lives 10km from Verona and had done the Torricelle climb and descent hundreds of time in training, perhaps imagining that he was alone and winning the World Championships. But this time it was for real.

It was a mano a mano between Cunego and Kaioumov all the way down the descent, with a gap of only 15" most of the way. At the right turn of the base of the descent, Cunego still had 15", but Kaioumov was chasing very hard and taking back time. Cunego started to fade with 2km to go as Kaioumov got with in 8", but the determined Italian got his second wind and rode home in glory for the wind in front of his home town and country.

Damiano Cunego
1m63 / 62kg
Born 19.09.1981


1 Damiano Cunego (Ita)                  3.14.36 (40.08 km/h)   
2 Rouslan Kaioumov (Rus)                    .05    
3 Christophe Kern (Fra)                    0.37    
4 Filippo Pozzato (Ita)                         
5 Bernhard Eisel (Aut)                     0.38    
6 Kevin De Weert (Bel)                     0.39    
7 Andri Lebedev (Est)                         
8 Antonio Bucciero (Ita)                      
9 Alexandre Bajenov (Rus)                     
10 Christian Knees (Ger)                       
11 Alexandru Sabalin (Mda)                     
12 Ben Thaens (Bel)                            
13 Olivier Cambet (Fra)                        
14 Edgar Anao (Por)                            
15 Morten Knudsen (Den)                        
16 Petter Rennang (Swe)                        
17 Ruslan Gryschenko (Ukr)                     
18 Matija Kvasina (Cro)                        
19 Kanstantsin Siutsou (Blr)                   
20 Alexandre Kolobnev (Rus)                    
21 Fabian Cancellara (Sui)                 1.08    
22 Thomas Kaufmann (Ger)                   1.26    
23 Luuc Hutten (Ned)                       1.33    
24 Pavel Broutt (Rus)                      1.52    
25 David De La Fuente (Esp)                3.55    
26 Michael Creed (Usa)                      
27 Koen DeKort (Ned)                       4.26    
28 Wim DeVocht (Bel)                       4.47    
29 Harald Starzengruber (Aut)      
30 Samuel Torres (Fra)                     5.03    
31 Olegs Melehs (Lat)                      5.05    
32 Daniel Petrov (Bul)                     5.06    
33 Tomas Ciuplys (Ltu)                     5.49    
34 Bobby Traksel (Ned)                  
35 Peter Mazur (Pol)                       5.59    
36 Rickard Almqvist (Swe)                  6.10    
37 Erik Raadom (Est)                       6.50    
38 Pieter Weening (Ned)                    7.00    
39 Michal Vodicka (Cze)                    7.06    
40 Irakli Abramiane (Rus)                
41 Moises Aldape Chavez (Mex)        
42 Jaroslav Kocurek (Cze)                  7.13    
43 Sebastien Morvan (Fra)                  7.24    
44 Bernhard Kohl (Aut)                     
45 Martin Gratzer (Aut)                    
46 Gergely Zsombok (Hun)                     
47 Mark Schneider (Ger)                    8.36    
48 Tarmo Raudsepp (Est)                   
49 Gregor Zagorc (Slo)                     9.28    
50 Stefan Schumacher (Ger)                10.45    
51 Dawit Mehari (Eri)                     11.01    
52 Yoni Beauquis (Fra)                    11.03    
53 Marius Zaleskis (Ltu)                  12.10    
54 Bruno Pires (Por)                      12.15    
55 Pavol Juras (Svk)                      13.35    
56 Sune Frederiksen (Den)                   
57 Lukasz Bodnav (Pol)                    13.36    
58 Per Martin Lund (Nor)                  13.37    
59 Milan Gago (Svk)                       13.39    
60 Rok Jerse (Slo)                        13.49    
61 Valdas Juknys (Ltu)                    
62 Vladyslav Prygunov (Ukr)               14.05    
63 Theo Eltink (Ned)                    
64 Jurij Ferfolja (Slo)                   14.16    
65 George Mathioulakis (Gre)             
66 Viktor Avetisyan (Arm)                 14.18    
67 Caspar Austa (Est)                     14.48    
68 Kjetil Groven Löitegaard (Nor)         14.56    
69 Denis Lynch (Irl)                      15.54    
70 Bruce Mcintosh (Aus)                       
71 Marc Schiltz (Lux)                         
72 Marco Von Kanel (Sui)                      
73 James Shaw (Gbr)                           
74 Darren Rolfe (Aus)                         
75 Miyataka Shimizu (Jpn)                     
76 Oliver Zaugg (Sui)                     16.10    
77 Cornel Bachmann (Sui)                  
78 Zsolt Gyepes (Hun)                     16.32    
79 Pavel Linet (Cze)                       
80 Dominique Rollin (Can)                 17.26    
81 Uladzamir Autka (Blr)                     
82 Adrian Laidler (Aus)                   
83 Jose Alberto Benitez (Esp)             18.16    
84 Isaac Escola (Esp)                         
85 Evaldas Stankevicius (Ltu)                 
86 Andrew Bradley (Aut)                       
87 Frederik Pieters (Bel)                     
88 Sebastian Jezierski (Pol)              19.23    
89 Hirotaka Ando (Jpn)                    
90 Tetsuya Ishida (Jpn)                   19.31    
91 Jaroslaw Bialowiezec (Pol)             19.58    
92 Ivari Rannama (Est)                    20.45    
93 Timo Brewi (Ger)                       20.49    
94 Roy Hegreberg (Nor)                    22.36    
95 Martin Hebik (Cze)                       
96 Levan Meskhidze (Geo)                    
97 Gene Bates (Aus)                         
98 Mathieu Hedson (Sey)                     
99 Ricardo Samuel Tapia Rodriguez (Mex)       
100 Devon Hoff-Weeks (Usa)                    
101 Aliaksandr Ivanou (Blr)                  
102 Jose Sotelo Sanchez (Mex)                
103 Gatis Kelle (Lat)                     23.16    
104 Karolis Volungevicius (Ltu)                
105 Ioannis Metohianakis (Gre)              
106 Jens Erik Madsen  (Den)               24.11    
107 David Demanuele (Cro)                 24.44    
108 Daniel Fluhmann (Sui)                 25.01    
109 Ben Wurth (Lux)                       
110 Rusen Russev (Bul)                   
111 Alexandru Pugaci (Mda)                25.12    
112 Valeriy Muravyov (Ukr)                25.58    

Complete Starting list


Viktor Avetisyan              	(Arm) 17-02-1981
Tigran Korkotyan              	(Arm) 16-10-1982


Gene Bates                    	(Aus) 04-07-1981
Adrian Laidler                	(Aus) 31-03-1981
Caleb Manion                  	(Aus) 30-01-1981
Bruce Mcintosh                	(Aus) 01-06-1981
Darren Rolfe                  	(Aus) 11-11-1981
Andrew Bradley                	(Aus) 14-07-1982


Bernhard Eisel                	(Aut) 17-02-1981
Martin Gratzer                	(Aut) 20-01-1982
Bernhard Kohl                 	(Aut) 04-01-1982
Rene Planchet                 	(Aut) 25-09-1981
Johannes Sattelecker          	(Aut) 18-08-1981
Harald Starzengruber          	(Aut) 11-04-1981


Wim De Vocht                  	(Bel) 29-04-1982
Kevin De Weert                	(Bel) 27-05-1982
Frederik Pieters              	(Bel) 23-01-1981
Geert Steurs                  	(Bel) 24-09-1981
Ben Thaens                    	(Bel) 18-07-1981
Preben Van Hecke              	(Bel) 09-07-1982
Kevin Van Impe                	(Bel) 19-04-1981


Dmitri Aulasenka              	(Blr) 27-04-1981
Uladzamir Autka               	(Blr) 23-01-1982
Vasil Kirienko                	(Blr) 28-06-1981
Viktor Repinski               	(Blr) 17-06-1981
Raman Rutski                  	(Blr) 26-04-1981
Kanstantsin Siutsou           	(Blr) 09-08-1982
Dzmitry Tarasau               	(Blr) 26-07-1981


Atanas Kostov                 	(Bul) 27-07-1981
Ivaylo Marinov                	(Bul) 25-10-1982
Daniel Petrov                 	(Bul) 31-10-1982
Stelian Petrov                	(Bul) 28-07-1981
Roussen Roussev               	(Bul) 17-09-1982


Eric Dube                     	(Can) 11-01-1981
Martin Gilbert                	(Can) 30-10-1982
Dominique Rollin              	(Can) 29-10-1982


David Demanuele               	(Cro) 27-09-1981
Milivoj Glavica               	(Cro) 17-04-1982
Tonko Juras                   	(Cro) 28-09-1981
Matija Kvasina                	(Cro) 04-12-1981
Zvonimir Pokupec              	(Cro) 18-03-1982
Tomislav Tadic                	(Cro) 28-02-1982


Pavel Bartos                  	(Cze) 26-03-1981
Martin Hebik                  	(Cze) 11-11-1982
Jaroslav Kocurek              	(Cze) 15-09-1981
Pavel Linet                   	(Cze) 17-10-1982
Tomas Musil                   	(Cze) 04-04-1981
Lubos Pelanek                 	(Cze) 21-07-1981
Michal Vodicka                	(Cze) 08-09-1981


Glenn Bak                     	(Den) 07-06-1981
Jacob Filipowicz              	(Den) 14-05-1981
Lars Frederiksen              	(Den) 16-07-1981
Sune Frederiksen              	(Den) 22-02-1981
Morten Knudsen                	(Den) 21-09-1981
Jens Erik Madsen              	(Den) 11-07-1981
John Theis Madsen             	(Den) 13-08-1982
Jens Peter Nielsen            	(Den) 29-08-1981


Dawit Mehari                  	(Eri) 01-01-1981
Robel Solomun                 	(Eri) 21-12-1981
Tedros Tsegay                 	(Eri) 03-12-1982
Esayas Woldense               	(Eri) 25-11-1982
Habté Woldesemon              	(Eri) 03-06-1982


José Alberto Benitez          	(Esp) 14-11-1981
David De La Fuente            	(Esp) 04-05-1981
Juan Escamez                  	(Esp) 09-02-1981
Isaac Escola                  	(Esp) 13-12-1981
Koldo Fernandez               	(Esp) 13-09-1981
Jonathan Gonzalez             	(Esp) 13-02-1981
Jesus Hernandez               	(Esp) 28-09-1981
Alejandro Paleo               	(Esp) 10-10-1981
Genaro Ramos                  	(Esp) 28-04-1981
Leon Sanchez                  	(Esp) 25-09-1982


Caspar Austa                  	(Est) 28-01-1982
Andri Lebedev                 	(Est) 07-04-1982
Eerik Raadom                  	(Est) 24-01-1981
Ivari Rannama                 	(Est) 15-12-1981
Tarmo Raudsepp                	(Est) 04-12-1981


Samuel Ardouin                	(Fra) 15-07-1981
Moni Beauquis                 	(Fra) 10-02-1981
Olivier Cambet                	(Fra) 02-06-1981
Christophe Kern               	(Fra) 18-01-1981
Frédéric Lubach               	(Fra) 23-10-1981
Sébastien Morvan              	(Fra) 16-05-1981
Alexandre Naulleau            	(Fra) 22-01-1981
Samuel Torres                 	(Fra) 16-01-1981
Benoït Vaugrenard             	(Fra) 05-01-1982
Jean Zen                      	(Fra) 20-11-1981

Great Britain

Ian Armstrong                 	(Gbr) 24-06-1981
Mark Baker                    	(Gbr) 28-07-1982
Steven Cummings               	(Gbr) 19-03-1981
Martin Freeman                	(Gbr) 01-07-1981
David Heaven                  	(Gbr) 12-04-1982
James Jenkins                 	(Gbr) 19-02-1981
Nils King                     	(Gbr) 31-03-1981
Mike Kiss                     	(Gbr) 21-01-1981
James Shaw                    	(Gbr) 11-07-1981
Tom Southam                   	(Gbr) 28-05-1981


Levan Meskhidze               	(Geo) 12-04-1981


Timo Brewi                    	(Ger) 11-04-1981
Jochen Etzinger               	(Ger) 28-03-1982
Thomas Kaufmann               	(Ger) 28-09-1981
Christian Knees               	(Ger) 05-03-1981
Peter Magyarosi               	(Ger) 09-01-1981
Dirk Reichl                   	(Ger) 12-09-1981
Mark Schneider                	(Ger) 02-08-1981
Stefan Schumacher             	(Ger) 21-07-1981
Etstrathos Kosvis             	(Gre) 14-05-1981
George Mathioulakis           	(Gre) 15-07-1981
Ioannis Metohianakis          	(Gre) 01-08-1982


Norbert Abrok                 	(Hun) 06-05-1982
Zoltan Csomor                 	(Hun) 21-04-1981
Zsolt Gyepes                  	(Hun) 23-10-1982
Gergely Kiss                  	(Hun) 06-03-1981
Barnabas Vizer                	(Hun) 24-09-1982
Gergely Zsombok               	(Hun) 27-09-1981


Abbas Saeidi Tanha            	(Iri) 05-01-1981


Brian Ahern                   	(Irl) 06-02-1981
William Curtin                	(Irl) 13-08-1981
Michael Dennehy               	(Irl) 26-07-1982
Jonathan Kelly                	(Irl) 10-06-1982
Thomas Lavery                 	(Irl) 11-01-1981
Daniel Lynch                  	(Irl) 22-09-1981
Denis Lynch                   	(Irl) 22-09-1981
Brendan O'Brien               	(Irl) 16-02-1981


Bruno Bertolini               	(Ita) 10-06-1981
Antonio Bucciero              	(Ita) 19-04-1982
Daniele Colli                 	(Ita) 19-04-1982
Stefano Colpo                 	(Ita) 28-05-1981
Damiano Cunego                	(Ita) 19-09-1981
Giairo Ermeti                 	(Ita) 07-04-1981
Giacomo Garofoli              	(Ita) 06-11-1981
Patrick Martini               	(Ita) 07-03-1981
Daniele Marziani              	(Ita) 10-12-1981
Filippo Pozzato               	(Ita) 10-09-1981


Hirotaka Ando                 	(Jpn) 04-04-1982
Tetsuya Ishida                	(Jpn) 27-11-1981
Miyataka Shimizu              	(Jpn) 23-11-1981


Kaspars Aivaters              	(Lat) 14-03-1982
Olaps Andersons               	(Lat) 08-02-1981
Igors Dobrovolskis            	(Lat) 09-05-1982
Ingus Eisaks                  	(Lat) 19-01-1981
Gatis Kelle                   	(Lat) 17-07-1982
Olegs Melehs                  	(Lat) 24-03-1982
Arturs Zazerskis              	(Lat) 10-08-1981


Sergejus Apionkinas           	(Ltu) 12-03-1982
Tomas Ciuplys                 	(Ltu) 09-06-1981
Valdas Juknys                 	(Ltu) 01-01-1982
Vytautas Kaupas               	(Ltu) 01-04-1982
Marius Markevicius            	(Ltu) 05-02-1982
Remigijus Mickus              	(Ltu) 28-01-1982
Evaldas Stankevicius          	(Ltu) 31-01-1981
Tomas Vaitkus                 	(Ltu) 04-02-1982
Karolis Volungevicius         	(Ltu) 30-06-1982
Marius Zaleskis               	(Ltu) 15-01-1982


Marc Bastian                  	(Lux) 24-08-1981
Serge Majerus                 	(Lux) 16-10-1981
Luc Margreve                  	(Lux) 04-09-1981
Oliver Paderhuber             	(Lux) 10-05-1981
Marc Schiltz                  	(Lux) 21-05-1981
Ben Wurth                     	(Lux) 02-02-1982
Michel Zangerle               	(Lux) 12-07-1981


Valeriu Carp                  	(Mda) 08-11-1981
Arcadii Marcuta               	(Mda) 11-02-1981
Vasile Mihailov               	(Mda) 01-01-1981
Stanislav Novicov             	(Mda) 21-06-1982
Andrei Onisim                 	(Mda) 01-02-1981
Alexandru Pugaci              	(Mda) 21-01-1981
Alexandr Sabalin              	(Mda) 23-06-1981


Moises Aldape Chavez          	(Mex) 14-08-1981
Jose Sanchez Sotelo           	(Mex) 15-04-1981
Ricardo Samuel Tapia Rodriguez	(Mex) 09-03-1981

The Netherlands

Koen De Kort                  	(Ned) 08-09-1982
Michiel Elijsen               	(Ned) 31-08-1982
Theo Eltink                   	(Ned) 27-11-1981
Luuc Hutten                   	(Ned) 12-02-1981
Ruud Kooymans                 	(Ned) 03-12-1981
Peter Möhlmann                	(Ned) 29-09-1982
Bobby Traksel                 	(Ned) 03-11-1981
Peter Van Agtmaal             	(Ned) 25-01-1982
Frank Van Kuik                	(Ned) 04-02-1981
Pieter Weening                	(Ned) 05-04-1981


Kristian Eilertsen            	(Nor) 21-05-1982
Roy Hegreberg                 	(Nor) 25-03-1981
Kjetil Groven Löitegaard      	(Nor) 03-07-1981
Per Martin Lund               	(Nor) 13-02-1981


Pawel Bentkowski              	(Pol) 23-07-1981
Jaroslaw Bialowiezec          	(Pol) 08-09-1981
Lukasz Bodnar                 	(Pol) 10-05-1982
Piotr Dejewski                	(Pol) 22-02-1982
Sebastian Jezierski           	(Pol) 20-02-1981
Peter Mazur                   	(Pol) 02-12-1982
Dariusz Rudnicki              	(Pol) 28-06-1981
Marek Rutkiewicz              	(Pol) 08-05-1981
Tomasz Szolc                  	(Pol) 12-02-1982
Mariusz Witecki               	(Pol) 10-05-1981


Edgar Anão                    	(Por) 31-03-1982
João Cabreira                 	(Por) 12-05-1982
Rui Carneiro                  	(Por) 30-05-1982
Jose Costa                    	(Por) 09-02-1981
Bruno Pires                   	(Por) 15-05-1981
Domingos Salgado              	(Por) 17-03-1981


Cristian Axente               	(Rom) 14-07-1981
Ciprian Iulius Burtan         	(Rom) 09-03-1981
Marian Frunzeanu              	(Rom) 29-05-1981
Ciprian Iohan Macaria         	(Rom) 18-01-1981
Ionut Silviu Mainea           	(Rom) 18-01-1982

South Africa

Wesley Cole                   	(Rsa) 10-06-1982
Jaco Odendaal                 	(Rsa) 12-07-1982
Alwyn Scheepers               	(Rsa) 13-01-1981
DER  Van MAnton Erwe          	(Rsa) 22-10-1981


Irakli Abramiane              	(Rus) 05-08-1981
Alexandre Arekeev             	(Rus) 10-04-1982
Alexandre Bajenov             	(Rus) 26-04-1981
Pavel Broutte                 	(Rus) 27-01-1982
Boris Chpilevksi              	(Rus) 04-03-1982
Vladimir Gusev                	(Rus) 04-07-1982
Evgueni Iakovlev              	(Rus) 19-07-1982
Rouslan Kaioumov              	(Rus) 11-02-1981
Alexandr Kolobnev             	(Rus) 04-05-1981
Denis Titschtenko             	(Rus) 30-01-1981


Mathieu Hedson                	(Sey) 14-07-1981


Kristjan Fajt                 	(Slo) 07-05-1982
Jurij Ferfolja                	(Slo) 01-02-1981
Rok Jerse                     	(Slo) 16-03-1981
Miha Koncilija                	(Slo) 04-04-1981
Matej Mugerli                 	(Slo) 17-06-1981
David Tratnik                 	(Slo) 02-08-1982
Gregor Zagorc                 	(Slo) 25-05-1981


Cornel Bachmann               	(Sui) 23-01-1981
Fabian Cancellara             	(Sui) 18-03-1981
Andreas Dietziker             	(Sui) 15-10-1982
Daniel Fluehmann              	(Sui) 21-03-1981
Daniel Gysling                	(Sui) 20-03-1982
Von Marco Känel               	(Sui) 22-06-1981
Oliver Zaugg                  	(Sui) 09-05-1981


Milan Gago                    	(Svk) 12-05-1981
Marian Hecl                   	(Svk) 07-05-1982
Pavol Juras                   	(Svk) 25-09-1981
Ladislav Kocis                	(Svk) 16-12-1981
Tomas Kolesar                 	(Svk) 04-06-1981
Jaroslav Konopka              	(Svk) 23-02-1981
Peter Simora                  	(Svk) 16-03-1981
Branislav Stejskal            	(Svk) 12-04-1981


Rickard Almqvist              	(Swe) 26-03-1981
Jocke Bernström               	(Swe) 01-07-1981
Jonas Holmkvist               	(Swe) 17-08-1982
Fredrik Johansson             	(Swe) 13-02-1981
Fredrik Lindell               	(Swe) 16-03-1981
Petter Rennäng                	(Swe) 26-07-1981


Ruslan Gryschenko             	(Ukr) 04-02-1981
Oleksandr Kochyn              	(Ukr) 06-05-1982
Roman Kononenko               	(Ukr) 13-04-1981
Denys Kostyuk                 	(Ukr) 13-05-1982
Valeriy Muravyov              	(Ukr) 18-09-1981
Vladyslav Prygunov            	(Ukr) 04-08-1982
Evgen Shevchenko              	(Ukr) 16-01-1981
Denys Yablonskyy              	(Ukr) 07-12-1982
Denys Yunoshev                	(Ukr) 27-01-1981
Volodymyr Zavgorodnyy         	(Ukr) 27-06-1981

United States

Danny Buccambuso              	(Usa) 21-01-1981
Michael Creed                 	(Usa) 08-01-1981
Michael Freeman               	(Usa) 19-09-1982
William Frishkorn             	(Usa) 10-06-1981
Devon Hoffweeks               	(Usa) 06-12-1981
Matthew Kelly                 	(Usa) 16-08-1981
Jon Retseck                   	(Usa) 21-08-1982


Muradjan Khalmuratov          	(Uzb) 11-06-1982
Stanislav Nardyujev           	(Uzb) 28-02-1981
Denis Shkarpeta               	(Uzb) 03-11-1981
Artem Shlindov                	(Uzb) 12-07-1981
Sergey Wagutin                	(Uzb) 14-01-1981


Dejan Dorotevic               	(Yug) 17-08-1982
Viktor Laza                   	(Yug) 08-08-1981
Nenad Velicic                 	(Yug) 22-04-1982