Tour of Serbia, Cat 2.5 Yugoslavia, September 21-27

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Stage 7, Sept 27 - Jagodina-Belgrade, 140 km


Kjell Carlström, Finland, got his greatest victory ever when he won Tour of Serbia in the city of Belgrade. His team, Swedish team Wirsbo, had the same tactics as the day before: High pace along the road to neutralize any attackers.

The two mountain passages tore apart the peloton but Carlström had all his team mates but one with him in the first group. Towards the end his main opponents attacked one by one but the team managed to keep the field together and the whole team could cross the finish line with hands in the air.

About Kjell Carlström: 22 years old. Livs in Borgå (Porvoo) in Finland. Racing nationally for Turun Urheiluliitto in Turku, but came to Team Wirsbo two months ago. Studies math and is now returning to school since the season is over for his part.



Jagodina-Belgrade	140 km

1.	Nagy Robert (SVK)	DUK	3.17'.11
2.	Jukka Heinikainen (FIN)	WIR
3.	Kapidura Dariusz (POL)	LEG
4.	Kruzic Jan (SVK)	DUK
5.	Praznovsky Martin (SVK)	SVK
6.	Slobodnik Ondrej (SVK)	SVK
7.	Mutuc Peter (USA)	CLR
8.	Rnjakovic Mikos (YUG)	YUG
9.	Gazi Jan (SVK)		SVK
10	Dvorscik Milan (SVK)	NAR

Final General Classification  After 7th Stage

1.	Kjell Calstrom (FIN)		  24h.25'.26
2.	Slobodnik Ondrej (SVK)		         .20
3.	Dvorscak Milan (SVK)		         .21
4.	Sedun Dimitri (RUS)		       02.27
5.	Jukka Heinikainen (FIN)		       02.57
6.	Kruzic Jan (SVK)		       03.47
7.	Rebiewski Jaroslaw(POL)		       03.50
8.	Milenkovic Aleksandar (YUG)	       04.19
9.	Valach  Jan (SVK)		       04.36
10	Cerepan Martin (SVK)		       04.36