Melbourne to Warrnambool, 1.5

Australia, October 9, 1999

Drew scores second major in two weeks

By Adam Murchie

The race started at 7 am in warm and blustery conditions. With the event being under neutral control for 15 km, the riders were itching to race and it was shown by the nervousness of the bunch. This resulted in an early fall while the race was still under control.

This year's winner Jamie Drew
Photo: Copyright The Standard
Once the flag was dropped, the speed quickly rose from 30 to 63 km/h, with riders strung out down the road. Just 5 kms into the race, the first major moves were made with the field driving into a strong cross wind. The result was that approximately 40 riders were dropped from the main bunch at this point. After the sprint in Werribee, the race split again in the crosswinds. With some groups able to make it back on to the main pack, the bunch was still 80 strong as the race headed for the hills

The large field with all the major favourites still intact produced a few attacks, but none that really stuck. The 4 KOM sprints were hotly contested, and resulted in the field splitting again further on the final Mt Moriac climb. It was here that the winning move was made, with Jamie Drew, Chris White, Tim Decker and John Flood accelerating over the top of the climb, to be joined by a small group of riders later.

The bunch proved to be strong, with time checks showing them to be pulling away. At the 120 km mark, the weather set in and it began to rain. The lead group has their lead reduced to 90 seconds, but they again accelerated and moved away again.

At this point, the main field became edgy, and a group of riders launched off the front to form a smaller chase group. This sealed the race and the main field was now content to ride for the lower placings and grade results.

Drew, Decker, White and Flood attacked the lead group and rode away, with Drew breaking away on the final climb 2 km out to seal the event. He was one of the favourites to win and the Warrnambool crowd was ecstatic at having a local win the event. Cameron Hughes lead in the chase group from Eddie Salas and USA rider Matt Annand, while Rik McCaig took out the main bunch sprint from Adam Murchie and Marc Loecherer. Colin Barnard rode strongly to win D grade from local Brendan Pendergast, followed in by the only female entrant, Katie Mactier who put in a stellar effort


1 Jamie Drew Wbl               6.42.51
2 Chris White (Nsw)                        
3 Timothy Decker (Bgo)                     
4 John Flood (Bgo)                         
5 Cameron Hughes (Qld)                     
6 Heiko Szonn (Ger)                        
7 Matthew Anand (Can)                      
8 Peter Milostic (Nsw)                     
9 Jason Phillips (Qld)                     
10 Kelvin Martin (Nsw)                      
11 Brendon Vesty (Nzl)                      
12 Eugene Moriarty (Ire)                    
13 Antonio Cruz (Usa)                       
14 Rene Stadelmann (Swi)                    
15 Simon Gerrans (Bnl)                     
16 Ciaran Power (Ire)                       
17 Rik Mccaig (Bgo)                         
18 Adam Murchie (Fty)       1st C grade               
19 Marc Loecherer (I-A)     2nd C grade             
20 Chris Carr (Car)         1st B Grade               
21 Simon Small (I-A)        3rd C Grade  
22 Brendan Gilholme (Car)   4th C Grade   
23 Daniel Bellis (Fty)      2nd B Grade    
24 Paul Forrest (Act)       3rd B Grade    
25 Danny Hollingworth (Car) 4th B Grade    
26 Justin Hogan (Car)       5th C Grade    
27 Evan Moore (Car)         6th C Grade    
28 Timothy Wilson (Glw)     5th B Grade    
29 Jaaron Poad (W.A)        6th B Grade  
30 Tyson Lawrence (W.A)        
31 Simon Bone (Car)                        
32 Morgan  Barnes (Lga)                     
33 Michael Mcnena (Ire)                     
34 Michael Yarski (Usa)                     
35 Aaron Gullan (Bbn)                      
36 Christoph Goehring (Swi)                 
37 Michael Themann (Swi)                    
38 James Taylor (Car)                       
39 Graham Carlson (Fty)                     
40 Benjamin Jackson (Lga)                  
41 John Lieswyn (Usa)                       
42 Anthony Kellen (Qld)                     
43 Wayne Anderson (Nsw)                     
44 Benjamin O'Leary (Fty)                   
45 Robert Tighello (Car)                   
46 Dermot Finnegan (Ire)                    
47 Andrew Stalder (Bbn)                     
48 Anthony Di Battista (Bbn)                
49 Brad Mills (Nsw)                         
50 Brad Davidson (Car)                      
51 David Collins (Shp)                     
52 Adham Sbeih (Usa)                        
53 Gareth Atkins (Tas)                      
54 Matthew Jackson (Fty)                    
55 Trent Wilson (Nsw)                       
56 Zeth  Romanis (Stk)                      
57 Stephen Taylor (Wbl)                    
58 Craig  Taylor (Ptf)                      
59 Adam Pyke (Chs)                          
60 Chris Eichler (Ptf)                      
61 Michael Watkins (Bbn)                   
62 Dean Monk (Mlt)                         
63 Raymond Turner (Bgo)                     
64 Robert Young (Nsw)                       
65 Karl  Wood (Car)                         
66 Edward Harman (Fty)                     
67 Colin Barnard (Bbn)                     
68 Stuart Terrall (Nsw)                     
69 Brendan Pendergast (Wbl)                
70 Stuart West (Mtg)                        
71 Katie Mactier (Car)                      
72 Nick Pasharis (Fty)                      
73 Terry Sketcher (Ptf)                     
74 Kevin Harley (I-A)                    
75 Trent Stevenson (Shp)                    
76 Gerard O'shea (Qld)                      
77 Dennis Markouris (Bwk)                   
78 Damien Power (Nsw)                       
79 Michael Hollingworth (Car)              
80 Brian Mcnamara (Wbl)                     
81 Stephen Henery (E-M)                  
82 Daryl Habel (Prs)                        
83 Tom Mcdonough (Cbg)                     
84 Gerard Farrell (Wbl)                     
85 Richard Knight (Bbn)                     
86 Christopher  Bourke (Mpr)                
87 Phillip Tehan (Fty)                      
88 Mark Braddock (Fty)                     
89 Peter O'callaghan (Car)                  
90 Chris Gippel (Mpr)                       
91 John  Grima (Fty)                        
92 Brendan Budge (Cbg)                     
93 Drew Arthurson (Mpr)                     
94 Robert Pagey (Car)                       
95 Peter  Sens (Bgo)                        
96 Dave Heath (Bgo)                         
97 Paul Robinson (Bbn)                     
98 Cameron Hill (Mlt)                      
99 Dermot Avon (Car)                       
DNF Allan Iacuone (Mlt)                      
DNF Brent Mccaig (Bgo)                      
DNF Robbie Ventura (Usa)                     
DNF David Lee (Nzl)                          
DNF Lukas Zumsteg (Swi)                      
DNF Nathan Clarke (Tas)                      
DNF Ben Day (Qld)                            
DNF Baden Cooke (Bnl)                        
DNF Tim Bennett (Bgo)                        
DNF David Pell (Bgo)                        
DNF Ashley Sheard (Bgo)                     
DNF John Forrest (Act)                       
DNF Matthew Allan (E-M)                   
DNF Troy Clarke (Car)                       
DNF Luke Weir (Car)                         
DNF Robert Boag (Fty)                        
DNF Matthew Tuck (Car)                       
DNF Steve Williams (Nsw)                 
DNF David Hiley (Nsw)                        
DNF Christian Heule (Swi)                    
DNF Hilton Clarke, Jnr (Car)                
DNF Peter Zvedenyk (Car)                     
DNF Peter Herrewyn (Fty)                    
DNF Darren Roberts (Fty)                     
DNF George Vallins (Glw)                    
DNF Anthony Challinor (Nsw)                  
DNF Christopher Savage (Qld)                 
DNF Matt Sydes (Tas)                         
DNF Tim Bennett (W.A)                      
DNF John Baker (Wod)                        
DNF Martin Tobin (Wng)                      
DNF Shayne Kirby (Bfd)                       
DNF Robert Lewin (Act)                       
DNF Paul Brewer (Bbn)                       
DNF Andrew Swatton (Bgo)                    
DNF Cameron Dean (Bgo)                      
DNF Steve Morrow (Car)                      
DNF Gary West (Car)                         
DNF Dean Smith (Car)                        
DNF Troy Lethlean (Glw)                     
DNF Jason Stirling (Glw)                    
DNF Christopher Bradford (Ftf)               
DNF Brendan Rowbotham (Fty)                 
DNF Jay Bessell (I-A)                      
DNF Nicholas Oakley (Mpr)                   
DNF Geoffrey Stevenson (Shp)                 
DNF Andrew  Miller (Car)                    
DNF Jacinta Roache (Wbl)                    
DNF Luke Medhurst (Bwk)                      
DNF Peter Howard (Car)                      
DNF Trevor Jones (Cbg)                       
DNF Robert Looby (Ire)                       
DNF Andrew Coster (I-A)                    
DNF Brett Cahir (Mlt)                        
DNF Mark Neiwand (Nor)                      
DNF William Clifton (Nor)                   
DNF Harry Berkery (Nsw)                      
DNF Jonathan Maher (Wbl)

Sprint King	
Jamie Drew
KOM Champion	
Matt Annand

1st Warrnambool Rider	
Jamie Drew