World Track Championships

Germany, October 20-24, 1999

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Day 2 - October 21

Women's Individual Pursuit

Unlike the men's individual pursuit, the women have their qualification and finals on separate days. The qualifications were held this morning and are vital in determining who rides for the top four placings. The semi finals and finals will be held as part of tomorrow's evening session.

Today, it was France's former winner of this event and cyclingnews diarist, Marion Clignet who put in a blazing time to qualify fastest in 3.32.953, some three and a half seconds faster than Germany's Judith Arndt, with Olga Slioussareva (Rus) and Rasa Mazeikyte (Lit) taking 3rd and 4th spots. Clignet, who has had an amazing comeback from arthritis which threatened to finish her career, obviously found the right shoes to wear, as she averaged more than 50 km/h around the Berlin boards.

Unfortunately for Australia, defending champion Lucy Tyler-Sharman was unable to qualify in the top four, finishing 7th in 3:37.799 (49.587 km/h) thereby not advancing further in the competition. However, her last minute preparation was hampered by a mix-up with officials stopping her from wearing her rainbow jersey just before she was due to start. She had to borrow Shane Kelly's Australian top which involved changing with under a minute to go before she started. She told the Sydney Morning Herald "I've reached 34 and finally got to strip publicly!".

Alanya Burns' 10th place qualification meant that Australia will only be able to enter one contender in the event at next year's Olympics. Let the games begin...

Dutch rider and silver medallist last year, Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel was another of the losers, coming in 12th in 3:40.497. The World Road ITT Champion could not find her track legs in time for these championships and was hoping for a better result.

Qualification (fastest 4 through to semis):

1. Marion Clignet (Fra)                 3.32.953 (50.175 km/h)
2. Judith Arndt (Ger)                   3.36.584
3. Olga Slioussareva (Rus)              3.36.796
4. Rasa Mazeikyte (Lit)                 3.36.959
5. Elena Tchalykh (Rus)                 3.36.995
6. Sarah Ulmer (Nzl)                    3.37.321
7. Lucy Tyler-Sharman (Aus)             3.37.799
8. Erin Veenstra (USA)                  3.39.830
9. Antonella Bellutti (Ita)             3.40.001
10. Alayna Burns (Aus)                  3.40.340
11. Megan Troxel (USA)                  3.40.402
12. Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel (Ned) 3.40.497
13. Yvonne McGregor (Gbr)               3.41.386
14. Maria Luisa Calle (Col)             3.41.503
15. Rawea Greenwood (Gbr)               3.44.441
16. Anke Wichmann (Ger)                 3.45.964
17. Lada Kozlikova (Cze)                3.46.592
18. Gitana Gruodyte (Lit)               3.51.417

Women's Sprint

Quarter Finals:

Felicia Ballanger (Fra) beat Katrin Meinke (Ger) 2-0 

Yan Wang (Chi) beat Magali Faure (Fra) 2-1 

Michelle Ferris (Aus) beat Oksana Grichina (Rus) 2-0 

Tanya Dubnicoff (Can) beat Kathrin Freitag (All) 2-0 

9th - 12th ride-off

Lyndelle Higginson (Aus) 		12.496 
beat Jennie Reed (USA), Jiang Cuihua (Chn) & Szilvia Szabolcsi (Hun) 

Men's Team Pursuit

Qualifying (fastest 8 through to quarter finals).

1. France (Bos, Ermenault, F. Moreau, Neuville)		 4.05.655 
2. Germany (Becke, Fulst, Lademann, Pollack)             4.06.564 
3. Ukraine (Chernyavski, Fedenko, Klimenko, Pidgornyy)   4.07.483 
4. Russia (Borisov, Gritsoun, Markov, Smyslov)           4.07.755 
5. Australia (Aitken, Brown, Grigg, Lancaster)           4.08.664 
6. Great Britain (Clay, Illingworth, Steel, Wiggins)     4.10.437 
7. New Zealand (Anderson, Cameron, Carswell, Henderson)  4.10.712              
8. Spain (Galvez, Gonzalez Capilla, Jarque, Torrent)     4.10.845            
9. United States					 4.10.910 
10. Italy		                                 4.11.069 
11. Denmark  	 	                                 4.14.770 
12. Netherlands		                          	 4.15.040 
13. Argentina                         			 4.19.194 
14. Czech Republic                           		 4.19.599 
15. Chile                                  		 4.20.619 

Quarter Finals: 
Russia (Borisov, Gritsoun, Markov, Karpiets)             4.05.906 
Australia (Aitken, Brown, Roberts, Lancaster)            4.09.107 

Ukraine (Chernyavsky, Matveyev, Simonenko, Pidgornyy)    4.04.745 
Great Britain (Hayles, Illingworth, Steel, Wiggins)      4.07.719 

Germany (Becke, Fulst, Lademann, Pollack)                4.03.358 
New Zealand (Anderson, Vertongen, Carswell, Henderson)

France (Bos, Ermenault, F. Moreau, Neuville)             4.03.309 
Spain (Galvez, Gonzalez Capilla, Jarque, Alzamora)       4.11.221

Men's Olympic Sprint

France has preserved it's title in the Olympic sprint with their powerful combo (Laurent Gane, Florian Rousseau and Arnand Tournant) defeating surprise finalists Great Britain (Chris Hoy, Craig McLean and Jason Queally).

Earlier in the day, France had easily qualified the fastest, some three quarters of a second quicker than Australia, who had strong medal prospects. With Germany in third, Great Britain managed to edge out Greece for the fourth qualification spot. The remaining 4 teams to progress to the second round were Greece, Poland, Japan and the Czech Republic.

The results of the second round held true to form, with the 4 fastest qualifying teams all being victorious. However, there are no semi finals in this event - the ride off for the medals is determined by the individual teams' times in the second round i.e. the fastest two victors ride for gold and silver, while the slowest two ride for bronze.

In their match with Greece, Great Britain recorded a time of 45.517 which was faster than both Australia and Germany, meaning that they met France in the gold medal ride-off. Although France were too strong for them in the final, the British team were extremely more than happy with their silver medal.

For Australia's part, there was disappointment as they were defeated by Germany in the bronze medal ride-off, despite having been the second fastest qualifiers.

Qualifying (8 fastest through to quarter finals):

1. France (Gane, Rousseau, Tournant)               	44.683 
2. Australia (Day, Hill, Kelly)                       	45.445 
3. Germany (Lausberg, Nimke, Pokorny)              	45.750 
4. Great Britain (Hoy, McLean, Queally)              	45.812 
5. Greece (Georgalis, Himoneatos, Vassilopoulos) 	45.873 
6. Poland (Krejner, Mientki, Saczuk)                    45.969 
7. Japan (Fushimi, Inamura, Juponji)                   	45.986 
8. Czech Republic (Buran, Polak, Vrba)                  46.027 
9. Spain					        46.344             
10. Slovakia						46.370           
11. United States					46.565           
12. Latvia             					46.656           
13. Italy              					46.660           
14. Canada               				46.796           
15. New Zealand						47.004           
16. Ukraine              				47.339 

Quarter Finals:

Quarter Finals (times determine which place to ride for in finals):

Great Britain (Hoy, Queally, MacLean) 		45.517
Greece (Georgalis, Himoneatos, Vassilopoulos)  	45.666 

Germany (Nimke, Lausberg, Pokorny) 		45.634
Poland (Krejner, Mientki, Saczuk) 		Crashed

Australia (Kelly, Day, Dajka) 			45.736
Japan (Fushimi, Inamura, Jumonji)		46.328 

France (Tounant, Rousseau, Gane) 		45.095
Czech Republic (Buran, Polak, Vrba) 		46.369 


1. France (Gane, Rousseau, Tournant)		44.848
2. Great Britain (Hoy, McLean, Queally)		45.485
3. Germany (Lausberg, Nimke, Pokorny)		45.364
4. Australia (Day, Hill, Kelly)			45.687
5. Greece (Georgalis, Himoneatos, Vassilopoulos)45.666 
6. Japan (Fushimi, Inamura, Jumonji)		46.328 
7. Czech Republic (Buran, Polak, Vrba) 		46.369 
8. Poland (Krejner, Mientki, Saczuk)		Crashed