Australian National Men's Road Titles

Australia, Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 1999

Individual Time Trial - 42 km, Stapylton/Jacobs Well, September 30

Jonathan Hall capped off his selection in the Australian squad to race in the upcoming World Championships with a strong victory in the Individual Time Trial at the Australian National Road Championships, held at the Mercedes Benz Driver Training Centre on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Hall covered the flat time trial course in 47.53.91, almost one and a half minutes faster than second-placed Denis Mungoven. Following his victory, Hall departed Australia for Spain, where he is scheduled to race on Saturday, before heading to Italy for the World Championships where he will represent Australia in the road race.

1     Jonathan Hall  Illawarra                 
2     Denis Mungoven  Canberra Catalyst        
3     Peter Milostic  Penrith Panthers         
4     Matthew Tuck  Carnegie Caulfield Fitzroy Cycles
5     Jaaron Poad  Southern Dist               
6     Ben Godridge  Northern Dist              
7     Jamie Drew  Warrnambool VIS              
8     Ben Day  Victors Victor Cycles           
9     John Freiberg  University                
10    Tom Brook  Parramatta                    
11    Tony Stanley  Ffast Triathlon World      
12    Dean Jones  Hunter Dist                  
13    Nathan Clarke  Mersey Valley             
14    Cameron Hughes  Astra Merida             
15    Geoff Cook  Sutherland                   
16    Glen Chadwick  Rockhampton Different Cycles
17    Glen Stojonow  Hunter Dist               
18    Russell Van hout  S.A. Bike South/Café Pasano
19    Stephen Woolridge  St George             
20    Eddie Salas  Penrith Panthers            
21    Michael O'donoghue  University           
22    Steve Williams  Caravello                
23    Simon Gerrans  Benalla                   
24    Bart Duraj  Victor Victor Cycles         
25    Anthony Fitzpatrick  Alice Springs       
26    Brad Davidson  Carnegie Caulfield VIS    
27    John Forrest  Canberra Catalyst          
28    Kelvin Martin  Caravello                 
29    Mark Laspina  Goldstars Mikes Biles/Starkl
30    David Pell  Bendigo                      
31    Robert Bowers  Logan City                


Road Race - 180 km, Hinze Dam, October 2

Eddie Salas (Penrith Panthers, NSW) capped off fantastic season by capturing the National Road Championships on the Gold Coast. In the process Eddie also secured the 1999 COMPAQ National Road Series.

It is an excellent result for Eddie, who "retired" a few years ago after coming 3rd in the Nationals. But, he just couldn't resist the lure...


1   Eddie Salas  Penrith Panthers             4.47.04
2   Bart Hickson  Caravello
3   Cameron Hughes  Astra Merida              
4   Steve Williams  Caravello                    1.03
5   Jason Phillips  Cats Die Continentale     
6   Peter Milostic  Penrith Panthers            
7   Matthew Tuck  Carnegie Caulfield Fitzroy     1.12
8   Bradley Mills  Caravello                    
9   Stuart Cowin  Victor Victor Cycles           1.20
10  Kristin Lewis  S.A. Bike South/Café Pasan 
11  Hilton Mcmurdo  Northern Dist                1.22
12  Allan Davis  Bundaberg                       
13  Tyson Lawrence  Northern Dist                
14  Simon Gerrans  Benalla                       
15  Cameron Jennings  Rockhampton                
16  Ben Day  Victors                             
17  Kelvin Martin  Caravello                     
18  Russell Van Hout  S.A. Bike South/Café Pa    
19  Mark Ledgerwood  Astra T.C.'S Bike Barr      
20  Danny Hennessy  Canberra                     
21  John Freiberg  University                    
22  Jeffrey Wheeler  S.A. Bike South/Colnago     
23  Darren Benson  Lidcombe                      
24  Geoff Cook  Sutherland                       1.30
25  Hamish Guy  Hamilton P.Riv Burleigh Cycle    1.35
26  Jay Stockwell  Hamilton P.Riv Lifecycle/S 
27  Bart Duraj  Victors                        
28  Trent Wilson  Parramatta                     1.45
29  Henk Vaassen  Sutherland                
30  Chris White  Caravello
31  Darrel Beddome  S.A. Bike South
32  Klayten Smith  Eastern Suburbs
33  Stephen Blackburn  Canberra Catalyst
34  Andy Stewart  Goldstars
35  Glen Chadwick  Rockhampton Different Cycles
36  Gerard O'shea  Harlequin
37  Paul Forrest  Canberra Bike Shed
38  Marcel Bengston  The Regulators
39  John Forrest  Canberra Catalyst
40  Garry Chapman  Northern Sydney
41  Reinhard Vanspeybroeck  Claremont/Nedlands
42  Tony Stanley  Ffast Triathlon World
43  Gavin Finlay  University
44  Denis Mungoven  Canberra Catalyst
45  Allan Seiper  Canberra Catalyst
DNF Samuel Ouwerkerk  Southside Rats
DNF David Mcpartland  Wagga
DNF Glen Stojonow  Hunter Districts
DNF Stephen Woolridge  St.George
DNF Paul Mcdonald  Turramurra
DNF Christopher Carr  Carnegie Caulfield Mildara Blass
DNF Brad Davidson  Carnegie Caulfield V.I.S.
DNF Jamie Drew  Warrnambool V.I.S.
DNF Gilles Beaudet  The Riders Club
DNF Mark Chadwick  Rockhampton Different Cycles
DNF Scott Davis  Bundaberg
DNF Paul Hanley  University
DNF John Kane  Murwillumbah
DNF Mark Laspina  Goldstars
DNF Brett Lentz  Astra Merida/Powerbar/Velocity
DNF Terry Nightingale  Hamilton P.Riv
DNF Steven Rooney  Cats
DNF Tom Brook  Parramatta
DNF Chris Clarke  Manly
DNF Brent Dawson  Dubbo
DNF Colin Reay  Parramatta
DNF Dean Jones  Hunter Districts
DNF Lindsey Burke  Canberra
DNF Rob Lewin  Canberra
DNF Michael Tolhurst  Canberra
DNF David Pell  Bendigo
DNF Nathan Clarke  Mersey Valley
DNF Trevor Innes  Launceston
DNF Matthew Rice  Launceston
DNF Ben Godridge  Northern Dist
DNF Jaaron Poad  Southern Dist
DNF Anthony Fitzpatrick  Alice Springs
DNF Luke Stockwell  Hamilton P.Riv Lifecycle/Sidi
DNF Nic Brown  Parramatta
DNF Baden Burke  Griffith

DNS Gavin Arnold  Towns.
DNS Patrick Blannin  Ffast
DNS Craig Saunders  Astra Merida/Power Bar/Sidi
DNS Christopher Savage  Victors Victor Cycles
DNS Ben Brooks  St George
DNS Michael Simms  Southern Dist
DNS Justin Stockwell  Hamilton P.Riv

Criterium - Nerang Criterium Circuit, October 3

In the criterium held the day after the road race, Brent Dawson (NSW) continued his consistency of the year by beating Ashley Hutchinson and Leigh Bryan (Tas) in the sprint.


60 min + 3 laps
1. Brent Dawson (Dubbo)
2. Ashley Hutchinson (Victors)
3. Leigh Bryan (Northern Dist)
4. Jason Phillips (Cats)
5. Eddie Salas (Penrith Panthers)
6. Hilton Mcmurdo (Northern Dist)
7. Peter Milostic (Penrith Panthers)
8. Kelvin Martin (Caravello)
9. Denis Mungoven (Canberra)
10. Cameron Jennings (Rockhampton)
11. Craig Saunders (Astra)
12. Gilles Beaudet (The Riders Club)
13. Simon Gerrans (Benalla)
14. Andy Stewart (Goldstars)
15. Jamie Drew (Warrnambool)
16. Michael Tolhurst (Canberra)
17. Scott Davis (Bundaberg)
18. Baden Burke (Griffith)
19. Nathan Clarke (Mersey Valley)
20. Russell Van Hout (S.A.)
21. Ben Day (Victor)
22. Steven Rooney (Cats)
23. Paul Forrest (Canberra)
24. Jaaron Poad (Southern Dist)
25. Mark Chadwick (Rockhampton)
26. Marcel Bengston (Regulators)
27. Bart Duraj (Victors)
28. Nic Brown (Parramatta)
29. Paul Mcdonald (Turramurra)
30. Bradley Mills (Caravello)
31. Mark Laspina (Goldstars)
32. David Mcpartland (Wagga)
33. Stuart Cowin (Victor)
34. Darren Benson (Lidcombe)
35. Reinhard Vanspeybroeck (Claremont/Nedlands)
36. Jay Stockwell (Hamilton P.Riv)
37. Hamish Guy (Hamilton P.Riv)
38. Cameron Hughes (Astra)
39. Terry Nightingale (Hamilton P.Riv)
40. Brett Lentz (Astra)
41. Dean Jones (Hunter Districts)
42. Kristin Lewis (S.A.)
43. Garry Chapman (Northern Sydney)
44. Chris Clarke (Manly)
45. Steve Williams (Caravello)
46. Darrel Beddome (S.A.)
47. Jason Reed (Ffast)
48. Ben Godridge (Northern Dist)
49. Stephen Woolridge (St George)
50. Glen Stojonow (Hunter Districts)
51. Geoff Cook (Sutherland)
52. John Forrest (Canberra)
53. Jeffrey Wheeler (S.A.)
54. Allan Seiper (Canberra)
55. Colin Reay (Parramatta)
56. Michael O'donoghue (University)
57. Paul Hanley (University)
58. Glen Chadwick (Rockhampton)

DNF John Kane (Murwillumbah)
DNF Mark Ledgerwood (Astra)
DNF Justin Stockwell (Hamilton P.Riv)
DNF Tom Brooks (Parramatta)
DNF Bart Hickson (Caravello)
DNF Gerard O'shea (Harlequin)
DNF Chris White (Caravello)
DNF Trent Wilson (Parramatta)
DNF Stephen Blackburn (Canberra)
DNF Danny Hennessy (Canberra)
DNF Rob Lewin (Canberra)
DNF Brad Davidson (Carnegie Caulfield)
DNF Matthew Tuck (Carnegie Caulfield)
DNF Tyson Lawrence (Northern Dist)
DNF Tony Stanley (Ffast)
DNF Samuel Ouwerkerk (Southside Rats)
DNF Luke Stockwell (Hamilton P.Riv)
DNF David Pell (Bendigo)
DNF Robert Tighello (Carnegie Caulfield)