News for November 5, 1999

News from Portugal

Courtesy of Rui Pinto

The SL Benfica team has signed Italian rider Giuseppe Di Fresco, for next year. Giuseppe Di Fresco is 26 years old, and has ridden this season for the Colombian-Italian team Selle Italia. He will be third Italian rider in the team for next year, after Fabio Quercioli and the new sprinter Marco Madrucci.

According Benfica's manager, Antonio Bras, only one rider will leave the squad next year. It is likely to be Joona Laukka (Fin), who tode for the team in the Vuelta.

The Portuguse Team LA/Pecol/Alpiaráa squad for 2000 is:

Directeur Sportif: Vitor Paulo Branco
Assistent Directeur Sportif: Eduardo Correia 
Current riders:
Joaquim Gomes(Por)
Bruno Castanheira (Por)
Pedro Lopes (Por)
Josè Rosa (Por)
Fernando Mota (Por)
Michele Laddomada (Ita)
Saulius Sarkauskas (Lit)
Youri Sourkov (Rus)
Stefano Venturini (Ita)

New Signings:
Andrei Zintchenko (Rus, Vitalicio)
Philippe Fernandes (Fra, Porta Ravessa)
Segis de la Torre (Esp, Matesica)
Ignacio Gutierrez (Esp, neo-Kelme)
Ruben Orbeaskoa (Esp, neo-Olarra)
The other Portuguese team, Matesica/Abûboda (GSIII), will have the following riders on it's roster for next year:
Luis Castellano (Esp)
Vicente Elvira (Esp)
Unai Yus (Esp)
Jorge Capitan (Esp, Alcosto)
Xavier Llamas (Esp, Porta da Ravessa)
Sèrgio Rodrigues (Por, neo-Orima)
Hèlder Lopes (Por, Gresco/Tavira)
Alexandre Pinho (Por, neo-Orima)
Hèlder Silva (Por, neo-Orima)
Pablo Getafe (Esp, CAI)
Slio Norte (Por, neo-Alpendre/Tavira)
Luìs Pedro (Por)

Dekker investigation to take some weeks

The commission investigating Erik Dekker's expulsion from the World's due to his high hematocrit will not reach a conclusion until at least December 1, according to ANP (Netherlands press). The doctors involved in the case, Dr. J. Marx, Mr. R. Verbunt and Prof. Dr. W. Mosterd require more time to examine the complexities of the case.

Kiwis dip out in Nation rankings

By Tomas Nilsson, correspondent

Norway managed to grab the important 25th place on the UCI nations ranking. Not by going to Australia to gain points, but rather by looking on as the New Zealand riders were unable to repeat their last year's performance in the Herald Sun Tour (two stages to Graeme Miller and Guyton 9th overall). The upgrading of the Commonwealth Bank Classic to category 2.4 didn't help either, as the Kiwis weren't there when points were awarded.

This means that the next New Zealand road race champion will be awarded 15 points while his Norwegian counterpart reaps 60. For the ITT titles the values are 8 and 30 respectively. A high value on the national championships is important in qualifying for the World Championships where a handful of points above 100 is usually sufficient for riders from nations ranked 16 and below on the 15th of August.

The participation in the World Championships is based on the ranking of the 15th of August in the same year. Also, the top 30 nations as of December 31st 1999, gain automatic entry into the Olympic men's road race.

Nation rankings as of October 31

1. Italy            	  11,238.00
2. Belgium          	   9,560.50
3. Spain            	   8,711.00
4. Netherlands      	   7,244.50
5. France           	   7,206.50
6. Switzerland      	   7,045.00
7. Germany          	   5,746.30
8. USA              	   4,475.00
9. Denmark          	   4,063.00
10. Russia          	   3,489.00
11. Kazakhstan      	   2,339.50
12. Poland          	   2,258.00
13. Latvia          	   2,114.00
14. Australia       	   1,939.00
15. Estonia         	   1,925.50
16. Sweden          	   1,791.80
17. Colombia        	   1,692.00
18. Great Britain   	   1,542.50
19. Ukraine         	   1,509.00
20. Austria         	   1,468.00
21. Lithuania       	   1,314.00
22. Czech Republic  	   1,248.00
23. Slovenia        	   1,081.50
24. Portugal        	   1,043.00
25. Norway          	     680.80
26. New Zealand     	     648.00
27. Canada          	     585.00
28. Venezuela       	     542.00
29. South Africa    	     306.00
30. Slovakia        	     290.00
31. Egypt           	     235.00
32. Luxembourg      	     231.00
33. Finland         	     225.00
34. Moldavia        	     224.50
35. Iran            	     199.00
36. Mexico          	     163.00
37. Yugoslavia      	     158.00
38. Chile           	     155.00
39. Cuba            	     154.00
40. Ireland         	     153.00
41. Japan           	     122.00
42. Hungary         	     114.00
43. Uruguay         	     113.00
44. Hong Kong       	     112.00
45. Zimbabwe        	     101.00
46. Burkina Faso    	      99.00
46. Uzbekistan      	      99.00
48. Croatia         	      98.50
49. Guatemala       	      92.00
50. Argentina       	      86.00
51. Belarus         	      83.00
52. Peru            	      80.00
53. Algeria         	      78.00
54. Brazil          	      51.00
55. Dominican Republic        47.00
56. Kirghyzstan     	      39.00
57. Syria           	      19.00
58. Armenia         	      13.00
59. Trinidad and Tobago        6.00
60. Liechtenstein   	       5.00
61. Costa Rica      	       4.00
61. Georgia         	       4.00

Roger quits

Crédit Agricole's sports director Roger Legeay will be succeeded as president of the Ligue Nationale du Cyclisme Professionnel Français (LNCPF), the organization of French pro teams, by Festina's assisting sports director Yvon Sanquer. Sanquer came from the folding Mutuelle de Seine-et-Marne a year ago as part of Festina's effort to clean up after the drug scandals earlier that summer.

"I was shocked last March as president of the league when I was accused of responsibility for the drug situation. That was completely unjust," said Legeay in an official statement. This is not his only reason for resigning: "I have said on several occasions that it's time for someone younger to take over," said the 50 year-old Legeay after he handed over the leadership to the ten years younger Sanquer.

Teutenberg goes Dutch

29 year old Lars Teutenberg from the small German team EC Bayer will ride for Dutch team Batavus next year. The team has also signed Wim van de Meulenhof from elite team MGI-De Jonge Renner and is also trying to get Belgian Wim Omloop from Spar-RDM. Batavus has lost veteran John Talen to Belgian Spar-Iveco.

Teutenberg is right now busy on the Munich velodrome and is also known for breaking the one hour HPV record this summer. He rode, or rather laid down, 81.158 kms at the Adam Opel Testzentrum 4778 meter track in Dudenhofen, thus becoming the first person ever to go faster than 80 kph on his own muscle power.

Oscar Camenzind not yet confirmed

Oscar Camenzind and team manager Giuseppe Saronni have not yet reached an agreement regarding Oscar's contract for 2000 but they are due to decide this shortly.

The team will be riding Fondriest bikes next year instead of Colnagos but not because of any animosity with the latter firm. Saronni: "Our relationship with Colnago remains the same. The friendship and esteem won't change. But he has always been very committed to Mapei-Quick Step and Rabobank. We accepted Maurizio Fondriest's proposal, who is a family friend in Galbusera (Lampre), who rode with us during his best season in 1993 and he is an emerging builder".

The 20 riders on Lampre's list will include: Franco Ballerini, Mariano Piccoli, Ludo Dierckxsens, Marco Serpellini, Gilberto Simoni, with Camenzind likely but not confirmed.

Kelme-Costa Blanca 2000 squad

Vicente Belda is taking over from Alvaro Pino as the manager of the Kelme-Costa Blanca team next year. The team will be smaller in 2000, losing seven of it's current riders and gaining three.

Fernando Escartín will maintain his team leadership over the following riders: José Joaquín Castelblanco, Santiago Botero, Francisco Cabello, Carlos Contreras, Juan José de los Angeles, Alvaro Forner, José Javier Gómez, Aitor González, José Enrique Gutiérrez, Roberto Heras, Franceso León, Javier Pascual Llorente, Javier Otxoa, Javier Pascual Rodríguez, Eligio Requejo, José Luis Rubiera, Oscar Sevilla, Toni Tauler, Angel Vicioso, and José Angel Vidal.

The three new riders will be Ricardo Otxoa (formerly ONCE, last year amateur), and neo pros, Juan Miguel Cuenca and Jesús Manzano.

USA 2000 National Racing Calendar

The U.S. Cycling Federation (USCF) has sanctioned 53 events for its 2000 National Racing Calendar, an increase of 8 more than this year. Among the changes to the 2000 schedule are the additions of the US Olympic Trials for the road race and time trial, which will also serve as the elite national championship events. In addition, an espoir-only event (Four Bridges of Elgin) has been added to the NRC and UCI calendars, and the Heritage Tour in South Carolina brings a major stage race to the Southeast region. The Redlands (Calif.) Bicycle Classic will be added to the UCI calendar.

In addition, the BMC Software Grand Prix will be expanded to four events, after holding events in Houston and Austin, Texas in 1999. The new cities are Boston and San Jose, Calif. Finally, the Junior Tour of Cycling, an UCI-calendar junior stage race, is scheduled for Aug. 6-12 in Virginia. This marks the first-ever UCI junior stage race in the United States.

Gord Fraser of Mercury and Saturn's Anna Wilson claimed the individual NRC titles in 1999, while Mercury won the men's team title and Saturn took the women's team crown.


Feb. 17-20  	McLane Pacific Bicycle Classic Merloe, Calif.
Feb. 25-27  	Another Dam Race Parker, Ariz.
March 4-5   	Sequoia Cycling Classic Sequoia, Calif.
#March 7-12	Redlands Bicycle Classic Redlands, Calif.
#March 16-18	Sea Otter Classic Monterey, Calif.
March 31-Apr. 2	Redding Stage Race Redding, Calif.
April 8     	BMC Software Lance Armstrong Criterium Austin, Texas
April 11-16 	Tour of Willamette, Oregon
#+April 19-23 	South Carolina Heritage Tour South Carolina
April 28    	First Charter National Bank Criterium Shelby, N.C.
April 29    	Golden Pantry Twilight Athens, Ga.
May 3-7    	Tour of the Gila Silver City, N.M.
#May 14      	BMC Software Houston Grand Prix  Houston, Texas
May 18      	USCF Elite Time Trial National Championship/Olympic
		Trials Jackson, Miss.
#May 18      	Trustmark Tour LeFleur Time Trial  Jackson, Miss.
May 20      	USCF Elite Road Race National Championship/Olympic
		Trials Jackson, Miss.
May 28      	U.S. Postal Service Clarendon Cup Arlington, Va.
May 29      	Tour of Somerville, Somerville, N.J.
#+May 30 	First Union Classic Trenton, N.J.
#May 31 	Christiana Care Cup Wilmington, Del.
#+June 1 	First Union Invitational, Lancaster, Pa.
#+June 4 	First Union USPRO Championships, Philadelphia, Pa.
#*June 4 	First Union Liberty Classic, Philadelphia, Pa.
June 6-11 	Atlantic Cup Classic Massachusetts
#*June 7-18 	HP LaserJet Women's Challenge Idaho
June 14-18     	Tour of Southeast Ohio, Ohio
June 18  	Tour de Wings, St. Paul, Minn.
June 24     	BMC Software San Jose Grand Prix San Jose, Calif.
June 25     	Nevada City Classic Nevada City, Calif.
June 29-July 3 	Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic Boston
July 7-9 	Dayton Pro/AM Cycling Series Ohio
#July 9 	Four Bridges of Elgin (espoir only), Elgin, Ill.
July 13-23 	Tour of Ohio, Ohio
July 15    	Red Zinger Classic Colorado
July 16 	Niwot Criterium, Niwot, Colo.
July 20-23 	Cascade Cycling Classic, Bend, Ore.
July 25-31 	Wendy's Internat'l Cycling Classic, Hilliard, Ohio
Aug. 1-6   	Tour de 'Toona, Altoona, Pa.
Aug. 5-13 	Criterium Ohio (amateur only), Ohio
Aug. 13 	Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Aug. 16-20  	Tour of West Virginia, West Virginia
Aug. 19   	Chicago Grand Prix, Downers Grove, Ill.
#+Aug. 20   	USPRO Criterium Championships, Downers Grove, Ill.
Aug. 20   	Elite Criterium National C'ships Downers Grove, Ill.
*Aug. 26 	NYC Conde Nast Women's Challenge New York, N.Y.
Aug. 27 	Chris Thater Memorial Criterium, Binghamton, N.Y.
Aug. 27 	Hotter 'N Hell Hundred, Wichita Falls, Texas
Sept. 2-4  	Killington Stage Race, Killington, Vt.
Sept. 10 	Bear Mountain Road Race Harriman, N.Y.
Sept. 16   	Univest Grand Prix (amateur only), Souderton, Pa.
Sept. 17   	BMC Software Boston Grand Prix, Boston
Oct. 7     	Michelin Classic, Greenville, S.C.
Oct. 14-15	Sunshine Cycling Classic Miami, Fla.

All events are for both men and women unless otherwise noted.

+ Men only
* Women only
#UCI race