5th Doble Copacabana

Bolivia, November 5 - 7, 1999

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  • Stage 1 - November 5: La Paz - El Alto , 12 kms
  • Stage 2 - November 6: Río Seco - Tiquina - Copacabana, 133 kms
  • Stage 3 - November 7: Copacabana - Tiquina, 38 kms
  • Stage 4 - November 7: Tiquina - Calacoto, 122 kms


The "highest bicycle race of the world" (on average) - the Doble Copacabana in Bolivia will be held for the fifth time, starting on the 5th of November and running for 3 days (4 stages). The stages will be contested at heights of between 3,600 m and 4,200 m - roughly between 1 and 2 km higher than the Galibier, folks!

86 riders from the Americas, Italy, and Spain will take part in the event. Some of the better known riders include Spaniard José Ignacio Gutiérrez (World U-23 TT Champion), and the bronze medallist in the Pan-American games at Winnipeg (Canada), Cuban Pedro Pablo Pérez. The latter will be aiming for a win in the first stage 12 km time trial at La Paz.

The competitors will start at Paz, (3.600m), finishing in El Alto (4000m), in the suburbs of the Bolivian capital. Stage 2 will lead them around the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, while the third day will bring back them to Paz. The total distance is 305 km, and the altitude never drops below 3,800 m after day 1.

The conditions will be quite harsh at this altitude: the lack of oxygen, almost no humidity, sudden variations in temperature, with the sun being very strong. In addition the roads are in fairly ordinary condition. The organizer, Eduardo Perez-Iribarne, has also limited the teams to four riders apiece, making it very hard to control the race.

The various teams riding this event have generally had approximately fifteen days of acclimatisation to sort out their hematocrits. If they did not do this, the sudden change to altitude could be disastrous, EPO notwithstanding!

The team probably best equipped to deal with this type of race would be the Colombians, who are used to training at around 2000 m.

Teams and Riders

 Pedro Pérez Manríquez
 Marrley Alvarez
 Giovani Falcón
 Tomy Alcedo
 Omar Pumar
 Rubén Réngel
 John Navas
 Iván Gutiérrez
 Enrique García
 Joaquín Rodríguez
 Andoni Arana
 Roberto Arroyo
 Juan José Oros
 Francesco Belloti
 Michele Galli
 Salvatore Scarmardella
 Michele Scarponi
 Raúl del Rosario Ruarte
 Juan Manuel Aguirre
 Juan Manuel Contreras
 Fabian Contreras
 Norman Peña
 Cristian Castro
 Jorge Reynoso
 Alberto Cabrera
 Victor Gonzalo Garrido
 Fernando Sepulveda
 Patricio Aedo
 Angel Pérez
 Ismael Sarmiento
 Geovanny Huertas
 Jairo Pérez
 Flower Pérez
 Edgar Cueto
 Simón Choque
 Alfonso Silva
 Edgar Montaño
 Juan Carlos Manjon
 Christian Torrico
 Luis Aviles
 Edson Zapata
 Alfredo Reynoso
 Nelson Yugar
 Arnold Zapata
 Marco Antonio Torrico
 Herminio Cortez
 Benedicto Zenteno
 Omar Saavedra
 Angel Escalera
 Eddy Saravia
 Mauricio Vásquez
 José Téllez
 Victor Mendoza
 Isaac Poma
 Cristobal Bustos
 Victor Montecinos
 Jesús Herbas
 Gregorio Zenteno
 León Velásquez
 Germán Zenteno
 Richad Mita
 Richard Espinosa
 Fabricio Cachicatari
 Josué Boláños
 Silverio Maldonado
 Juan José Sandy
 Juan Cotumba
 William Núñez
 Alberto Rivera
 Alfonso Silva
 Severo Rivera
 Isaac Rivera
 Manuel Choquevillca
 Edwin Baldeón
 Daniel Willca
 Roger Rivera
 Germán Cerda