44th Lincoln Grand Prix, Cat 1.5

Great Britain, May 9, 1999

Past Winners    

Lincoln, 12.5 laps for 164 kms:

Roger Thomas reports that the GP Lincoln is a "climber's special". The race consists of 12.5 circuits that take in a 16% max cobbled climb up to the cathedral and the castle each lap. Very good cobbles I might say. 600 goes to Ruskis riding for the small French pro team that also fielded Eddy Seigneur. Among the British pro teams and a GB under 23 selection and a Scottish selection there was also Belgian team Sportgroep Koksijde and continental based individuals including Banesto's Jeremy Hunt. Hunt was climbing well, in the first group all the way, and attacked on the penultimate climb, but pulled his foot out the last time up.

 1. Saulius Ruskis (Ltu) Saint Quentin-Oktos-MBK	     3.58.50
 2. John Tanner (GB) Planet X					0.03
 3. Ciaran Power (Ire)						0.03
 4. Bjorn Rondelez (Bel) Sportsgroep Koksijde			0.03
 5. Mika Heitanen (Fin) Saint Quentin-Oktos-MBK			0.03
 6. Chris Newton (GB) Linda McCartney				0.10 
 7. Huw Pritchard (GB) Men's Health				0.10
 8. Matt Stephens (GB) Harrods					0.10
 9. Paul Esposti (GB) Men's Health				0.10
10. Gethin Butler (GB) Men's Health				0.17 
11. Heiko Szonn (GB) Linda McCartney				0.35 
12. Jeremy Hunt (GB) Banesto					0.44 
13. Matt Beckett (GB) Men's Health				1.10 
14. Paul Wilke (GB) (VC St Martinus				1.23 
15. Gordon McCauley (GB) Men's Health				2.02 
16. Rob Reynolds-Jones (GB) Linda McCartney			2.22 
17. Gary Baker (GB) Anglia Sport				2.25 
18. Ian Gilkes (GB) GS Strada					2.30 
19. Franck Trotel (Fra) Saint Quentin-Oktos-MBK			2.30
20. Jean Michel Thilloy (Fra) Saint Quentin-Oktos-MBK		2.43
Thanks to Roger Thomas, UK

Past Winners

1999 Saulius Ruskis (Ltu) Saint Quentin-Oktos-MBK