News for June 14, 1999

Telekom used drugs - new allegations

A report in German magazine Der Spiegel over the weekend has claimed that the Telekom team has secretly been using EPO and other banned substances. The teams allegedly has been engaging in systematic doping of its riders. The article will be published in Germany this morning (Monday). Der Spiegel has said that it has in its possession the training program of the team for 1998 and includes annotations and records of riders individual drug programs. It says that the records prove that the Telekom riders were using EPO as well as human growth hormones.

It also challenges Jan Ullrich's claim that he has never used any drugs. It says that the 1997 Tour de France winner stayed alone ina separate hotel room one night in an effort to avoid any drug testing. This was after the team's doctor had found his hematocrit level was above 50 per cent. Der Spiegel also has a statement from a former (un-named) Telekom rider. The rider says that EPO was first used in 1994 and since 1996 the self-administration of EPO (by injection) has been practised by each rider. The code word for EPO within the team is "Vitamin E", while HGH is known within the team as "Vitamin G". Other former riders (un-named) have also told the magazine that Belgian team manager Walter Godefroot ordered that the team destroy all its stocks of drugs during a stage of the Tour de France in the Pyrenees. This was because he feared the team would be dragged into the Festina scandal. A spokesperson for the company Deutsche Telekom, Juergen Kindervater has replied to the allegations claiming that Der Spiegel is conducting "cheque book journalism" to run a "smear campaign". The team has also taken out full-page ads in Monday's edition of Der Spiegel (a good money winner for the publisher!) claiming that all their performances in the 1997 Tour de France were achieved without the use of drugs. They say nothing about prior Tours!!

Kindervater said to the press on Saturday: "We have the tests from the hospital in Freiburg (which carries out anti-doping tests on team riders) that no-one on our team takes doping products,." The Der Spiegel claims also fit with the allegations made earlier this year on Danish TV regarding the possible use of EPO by Bjarne Riis when he was with Ballan."

UCI limits weight of bikes

The UCI announced on Friday that its rule committee had decided to limit the minimum weight of racing bikes (road, track and cyclo-cross) to 6.8 kgs from January 1, 2000.

The UCI said the decision "was aimed at keeping equality in racing and emphasising the rider rather than the machine."

Since it adopted its Lugano Charter on October 8, 1996, the rules committee of the UCI has been reflecting on the impact of technology on cycling. They also said that: "We believe that performance is becoming dependent more on the technology in the bike rather than the physical qualities of the cyclist and that is a conflict with the ideals of sport."

Yeh, and they might have added after technology "...and the drugs being taken."

Dutch rider makes his professional debut

Dutchman Bram de Groot (24) makes his professional debut in the Tour of Sweden next week. He has a contract for 2 years with Rabobank and was previously with the amateur team of Nico Verhoeven. Last year he was the Dutch champion in the Elites without Contract category. He was prevented from turning professional earlier than this because of illness.

New Dutch team

Within a few weeks a new Dutch cycling team called the Pamflet Cycling Team 1999 will be launched. The initiator for this team is the Dutch poet and publisher Carl Versteeg. The 1999 team will be pretty small and it will grow together with Versteeg's business interests. One of the riders will be the 27 year old American Ryan Steele, who comes from Alto Velo-MCR. Other sponsors and riders are being sought.

Scott Sunderland seeking 825,000 guilders

Australian rider Scott Sunderland has taken the Dutch truck insurance company TVM to court and is seeking damages of 825,000 guilders. The case began last week in the Belgian courts at Tongeren. The case will be heard in September or October. The Australian has claimed that TVM team leader Cees Priem caused him damage on April 24 1998 during the Amstel Gold Race. Priem has also been charged by Belgian police for failing to stop after being involved in an accident.

The accident has meant that Sunderland has not raced for 15 months in Europe. He has had a series of medical and physical problems following the accident with Priem. He has also been deprived of competing for the premie bonuses which were the major part of his salary. According to the lawyer representing Sunderland, TVM have offered to pay 25,000 guilders. But that was not acceptable to Sunderland. Since that time there has not been an agreement between the parties.

On a positive note, Sunderland is planning his return to European racing on July 18 at a kermis race in Oossteeklo. At the beginning of July he will be working with an Australian Olympic Squad in Italy in preparation for the Sydney games in 2000.

USA, International Team Challenge, Lehigh Valley Velodrome, June 11

With three different Australian teams, the competition between the three was expected to be tight. Team Down Under made up of the world's best, Lucy Tyler-Sharman, Graham Sharman and Darryn Hill, proved to be too much for the rest of the all-star field, including two Australian teams who just couldn't match the power, strength and pure speed of the World Champion team from down under. Team U.S.A., made up of Becky Quinn, Jame Carney and Marty "the blade" Nothstein, edged in for second place in the team competition.

On the women's side, 1996 Olympic Record holder, Michelle Ferris, Australia, represented her team well helped her teammate Lyndele Higginson maintain a steady lead in the overall omnium. Jame Carney raced all night long to take the men's omnium giving a great preview of what may be to come for next week's "Fastest Man on Wheels" competition at the "concrete crater".

Team Challenge-Women Chariot Final:

 1. Lucy Tyler-Sharman
 2. Michelle Ferris
 3. Becky Quinn
 4. Jane Quigley
 5. Lyndelle Higginson

Junior Miss and Out:

 1. Giddeon Massie
 2. Ryan Stoner
 3. Tim Reinhart
 4. Andy Lakatosh
 5. Mike Friedman

Pro-Am Tempo:

 1. John Walrod
 2. Ryan Oelkers
 3. Jame Carney
 4. AJ Smith
 5. J.P. Van Zyl

Women One-Mile:

 1. Lyndelle Higginson
 2. Michelle Ferris
 3. Becky Quinn
 4. Lucy Tyler-Sharman
 5. Fiona Ramage

Team Challenge-Men Keirin Final:

 1. Darryn Hill
 2. Jame Carney
 3. Gary Neiwand
 4. J.P. Van Zyl
 5. Jonas Carney

Junior Scratch Race:

 1. Ryan Stoner
 2. Giddeon Massie
 3. Kurt Bishop
 4. Jon Frederick
 5. Tim Reinhart

Pro-Am Miss and Out:

 1. Jonas Carney
 2. Graeme Miller
 3. Tim Carswell
 4. Ryan Oelkers
 5. Jeff Hopkins

Women Points Race:

 1. Lucy Tyler-Sharman
 2. Lyndelle Higginson
 3. Becky Quinn
 4. Jane Quigley
 5. Fiona Ramage

Team Challenge-Men Flying Lap TT:

 1. Marty Nothstein
 2. Ben Kersten
 3. Jobi Dayken
 4. Tim Carswell
 5. Craig Corbett

Women Unknown Distance:

 1. Becky Quinn
 2. Michelle Ferris
 3. Lyndelle Higginson
 4. Lucy Tyler-Sharman
 5. Tammy Thomas

Pro-Am Points Race:

 1. Jame Carney
 2. Graeme Miller
 3. Tim Carswell
 4. Jon Retseck
 5. Ben Lindsay

Team Challenge-Oly

 1. Down Under (Hill, Sharman, Sharman)
 2. Australia 2 (Danka, Neiwand, Higginson)
 3. Australia 1 (Kersten, Day, Ferris)
 4. USA (Carney, Nothstein, Quinn)
 5. South Africa (Corbett, Van Zyl, Quigley)
 6. New Zealand  (Carswell, Jonas Carney, Fiona Ramage)

Official US Standings after USPro Championships:

 1. Gord Fraser (Can) Mercury 			604
 2. Jacob Piil (Den) Acceptcard 		486
 2. Eddy Gragus (USA) Ikon-Lexus 		486
 4. Frank McCormack (USA) Saturn 		464
 5. David Clinger (USA) Mercury 		372
 6. Brian Walton (Can) Saturn 			334
 7. Harm Jansen (Ned) Smartalk 			304
 8. Levi Leipheimer (USA) Saturn	 	292
 9. Scott Moninger (USA) Mercury 		276
10. George Hincapie (USA) US Postal Service 	276
11. Bart Bowen (USA) Saturn 			264
12. Chris Wherry (USA) Saturn 			223
13. Jesus Zarate (USA) Mercury 			222
14. Graeme Miller (NZ) Shaklee 			220
15. Jonas Carney (USA) Shaklee 			202
16. Erik Wohlberg (USA) Shaklee 		196
17. Morten Sonne (Den) Acceptcard 		180
18. Todd Littlehales (USA) Navigators 		173
19. Robbie Ventura (USA) Saturn 		170
20. Marty Jemison (USA) US Postal Service 	170

Men's Teams Rankings:

 1. Mercury 				       1625
 2. Saturn 				       1577
 3. Shaklee 					804
 4. Acceptcard 					795
 5. US Postal Service 				784
 6. Navigators 					489
 7. Smarttalk 					413
 8. Mapei 					345
 9. Team 7-Up 					309
10. Ikon-Lexus 					279

USA, National MTB Championship Series, Seven Springs, June 11-13

Day 1, June 11

The biggest buzz at the third stop of the National Championship Series wasn't about any rider, but instead, the sweltering heat. Italy's Paola Pezzo (Gary Fisher-Saab) and Travis Brown, Boulder, Colo. (Trek-Volkswagen) were able to beat the heat and the competition taking first place honors at Friday's Seven Springs, Pa., event.

The start line for the women's race looked similar to a World Cup, with Russian Alla Epifanova (Volvo-Cannondale), Australia's Mary Grigson (AIS) and Pezzo comprising the international faction. After a short start lap led by Clif Bar/Breezer's Niki Pippin, Vail , Colo., Pezzo took over the top spot and quickly put a gap on the field.

"Even though I was little tired today, I felt good and I'm happy with the race today. The course was difficult and very technical, but I was strong on the climbs," said Pezzo, who won the World Mountain Bike Championships and the UCI World Cup overall title in 1997.

Grigson, who won her first National Championship Series race last year in Breckenridge, Colo., also separated herself early from the pack and settled into second. Trek-Volkswagen rider and three-time national champion Ruthie Matthes charged to catch Grigson, but couldn't muster up the power.

"A was little bit off today and wasn't feeling 100 percent," said Matthes, a Durango, Colo., resident. "I was frustrated because I wanted to go hard, but my body didn't let me."

Matthes, the 1991 World Mountain Bike Champion, found company with Airborne's Ann Trombley, Golden, Colo., and Rene Marshman, Lafayette, Colo., all of who had only 20 seconds between them at the start of third lap. During the first climb, however, Matthes used what energy she had to pull away from Trombley and Marshman.

"Like every other race, I just raced the best I could. This was a tough NORBA race. The next two races are World Cups and today's race helped keep me in check." said Matthes.

Trombley finished fourth and held on to the overall leader's jersey, while Marshman took fifth.

The men's race resembled a game of off--road musical chairs, with the leader changing five times before Brown settled into first place at the start of the third lap. Two-time Seven Springs winner Steve Larsen was at the helm during the first lap until mechanical problems became overwhelming. Larsen couldn't get into his small chain ring and ended up running parts of the course with his bike.

"I had kind of a rough day with a lot of mechanical troubles. I was losing about 45 seconds a lap because I had to keep messing with my bike. At that point, I was in survival mode. All I could do was ride a solid race and keep the national title in check" said Larsen, who took the national cross-country title in 1997.

Relative newcomer New Zealand's Kashi Leuchs (SoBe/Headshok) took advantage of Larsen's misfortune and took the front spot. The 21-year-old Kiwi made his way from the back of the pack, but couldn't fend off Brown's third lap attack.

"I caught Kashi (Leuchs) after he cracked up on the climb," said Brown, who posted his fourth national series race-win Friday. "I felt pretty good throughout the race. I took off sort of early in the race, so I was leery about pushing it, but I kept an even pace and I felt good."

Brown's three previous race-wins came while racing at altitude. Friday's win, Brown said, proved him to an all-around rider.

"I never thought of myself as an altitude racer. I think because I live at altitude, it's definitely an advantage, but after my win here today, I'm glad to get over that hump."

Larsen, who finished second, kept the leader's jersey, while Colorado neighbors Patrick Bower (Fisher U23/Saab) and Jimi Killen (Diamondback) rounded out the top five.

Race Notes

Friday's fourth-place finish was Patrick Bower's best Chevy Trucks National Championship Series race finish. A member of the Fisher U23/Saab team, Bower, 19, is also a resident-athlete at the U.S. Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs, Colo. Since placing fourth at the 1998 Junior World Mountain Bike Championships, Bower has competed on the UCI World Cup and national circuits. A two-time high school Nordic skiing state champion, Bower is gearing his training for the 2004 Olympic Games.

Bower on Friday's race:

"I wasn't sure how today was going to work out. I've been home in Wyoming for awhile and took some time off," said Bower, who added that hydration was the key to today's race. "I kept a high intensity and picked off riders where I could. I felt capable of a top-10, but I didn't know I had a top-5 in me. This is one of the biggest moments in my life."

Day 2, June 12

Spectators at the Seven Springs National Championship Series were treated to a full day of mountain bike action Saturday. Italy's Paola Pezzo (Gary Fisher/Saab) and Canada's Roland Green (Team GT) reigned supreme in the pro short-track cross-country, while Brian Lopes, Laguna Beach, Calif. (Volvo-Cannondale) and Foes/Azonic rider Missy Giove, Durango, Colo., took wins in the dual slalom.

Though Pezzo dominated the women's race, she had an early, and relatively unknown, challenger in the first two laps. Trek/Volkswagen regional rider Katie Compton, Newark, Del., who finished 12th in Friday's event, led the front of the pack before Pezzo reeled her and took the lead permanently.

By the start of the third lap, Pezzo had 12 seconds on the pack and stretched it to nearly 25 by the middle of the race. Trek-Volkswagen's Ruthie Matthes, Durango, Colo., and Moots rider Rene Marshman, Lafayette, Colo., were left to battle behind the Italian champion.

Halfway through the race, Matthes had a stroke of bad luck, plowed one of her pedals into a tricky hill area and fell off the bike. Marshman took advantage of the three-time national champion's spill and easily took over second place.

"After Ruthie (Matthes) went down, I just hauled it at the top and tried to get as much time between myself and the rest of the pack," said Marshman, who was a member of the 1998 U.S. World Mountain Bike Championship Team. "I knew I couldn't catch Paola (Pezzo), so I just went as hard as I could to hang on to second."

Down, but not out, Matthes quickly recovered and regained third place.

"I worked so hard to get to the front and get a good spot, and when I fell I was so mad," said Matthes, the 1991 World Mountain Bike Champion. "Spectators love this event, and it was the crowd's encouragement that really got me back into the race."

The opposite of the women's race, the men's event didn't find a clear front-runner until more than halfway through the race. Familiar short-track faces Steve Larsen, Bend, Ore. (L.L. Bean/Mongoose), Travis Brown, Boulder, Colo. (Trek-Volkswagen) and Green were in the lead group. Carl Decker, Bend, Ore. (Deschutes Brew) had a brief stint at the front before Green and Larsen reeled him in.

After nearly three laps together, Green left Larsen behind on the course's short climb.

"At the beginning of the race, I didn't feel great, but as the race went on I felt stronger," said Green, who won the STXC season opener in May at Snow Summit Resort, Calif. "I was unhappy that I didn't finish yesterday, so today I wanted to go out hard. Larsen's an extra savvy rider, so it's good to put some distance on him early on."

Larsen, who moved into second overall after his second-place finish Saturday, pointed out that Green's short race Friday might have benefited the Canadian rider Saturday.

"I think Roland (Green) may have had an advantage today, since he double flatted and didn't finish yesterday's race. He didn't use as much energy as some of us," said Larsen, who moved into second overall after Saturday's race. "I'm proud of the fact that I haven't finished lower than second in any of the nationals this year. My consistency will start to pick up, and I know I'll be at the front of the group again."

In the dual slalom competition, the usual stellar field of men and women battled a new Seven Springs course, designed by Pennsylvania local Jay de Jesus. The course's mixture of tight, off-camber turns, huge tabletop jumps, and long, sweeping berms gave the strong pedalers, and former BMX racers a distinct advantage.

In the men's race, an enthusiastic crowd of 3,000 lined the course, and witnessed 1998 U.S. national champion Eric Carter, Temecula, Calif. (Team GT) come from a large deficit to make the cut in qualifying. He then came from behind twice to advance to the quarterfinals, only to break his chain, and be eliminated. In the end, it was Lopes, taking a hard-fought victory over King, who had missed training today due to bike troubles, but still came around to challenge for the victory.

The women's race was just as close, with less than a second separating Miller and Giove in the final. At the line, it was Giove by mere thousandths of a second, to take her first dual slalom victory since 1997. As they crossed the finish line, the two collapsed in the grass, with Giove exclaiming "I'm just glad I didn't crash on my head," in reference to her two past Dual appearances this year.

Results, Day 1 and 2

Pro women

1. PAOLA PEZZO, Boscochiesanuov, Italy (Gary Fisher/Saab) at 1 hour, 55
minutes and 37 seconds; 2. Mary Grigson, Belcannen, Auckland, Australia
(AIS) @ 1:44 back; 3. Ruthie Matthes, Durango, Colo. (Trek/Volkswagen) @
4:14; 4. Ann Trombley, Golden, Colo. (Airborne/Kore/White Bros.) @ 4:38; 5.
Rene Marshman, Lafayette, Colo. (Moots) @ 5:49; 6. Hanneke Geysen,
Belcannen, Auckland, Australia (AIS) @ 7:43; 7. Audrey Augustin, Williston,
Vt. (Schwinn-Toyota) @ 8:10; 8. Mary Hearn, Menlo Park, Calif. (Gary
Fisher/Saab) @ 8:12; 9. Alla Epifanova, Samara, Russia (Volvo-Cannondale) @
9:57; 10. Sarah Wallick, Durango, Colo. (SoBe/Headshok) @ 10:23

Pro men

1. TRAVIS BROWN, Boulder, Colo. (Trek/Volkswagen) at 2 hours, 22 minutes
and 46 seconds; 2. Steve Larsen, Bend, Ore. (L.L. Bean/Mongoose) @ 1:22
back; 3. Kashi Leuchs, Dunedin, New Zealand (SoBe/Headshok) @ 3:17; 4.
Patrick Bower, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Fisher U/Saab) @ 4:16; 5. Jimi
Killen, Fort Collins, Colo. (Diamondback) @ 4:23; 6. Rob Woods, Cronulla,
Australia (AIS/GT); 7. Greg Randolph, Winooski, Vt. (Team GT) @ 7:05; 8.
Paul Rowney, Vista, Calif. (Haro) @ 7:36; 9. Carl Decker, Bend, Ore.
(Deschutes Brew) @ 7:54; 10. Andy Bishop, Williston, Vt. (Gary Fisher/Saab)
@ 8:25

Overall Standings, after 3 of 6 events

Pro Women
1. TROMBLEY, 530 points; 2. Marshman, 486; 3. Hearn, 420; 4. Shari Kain,
Capistrano, Calif. (RLX Polo Sport) 404; 5. Augustin, 390

Pro Men
1. LARSEN, 572 pts.; 2. Brown, 528; 3. Killen, 428; 4. Marc Gullickson
(Marin) 426; 5. Dave Wiens, Gunnison, Colo. (RLX Polo Sport) 412

Short-track Cross-country

Pro Women: 1. PAOLA PEZZO, Boscochiesanuov, Italy (Gary Fisher/Saab); 2.
Rene Marshman, Lafayette, Colo. (Moots); 3. Ruthie Matthes, Durango, Colo.
(Trek/Volkswagen); 4. Mary Grigson, Belcannen, Auckland, Australia (AIS);
5. Ann Trombley, Golden, Colo. (Airborne/Kore/White Bros.); 6 Shonny
Vanlandingham, Pagosa Springs, Colo. (KHS); 7. Audrey Augustin, Williston,
Vt. (Schwinn-Toyota) @ 8:10; 8. Shari Kain, Cuportino, Calif. (RLX Polo
Sport); 9. Susan Haywood, Davis, W.V. (Trek/WV Tourism); 10. Niki Pippin,
Vail, Colo. (Clif Bar/Breezer)

Pro Men: 1. ROLAND GREEN, Victoria, BC, Canada (Team GT); 2. Steve Larsen,
Bend, Ore. (L.L. Bean/Mongoose); 3. Marc Gullickson, Durango, Colo.
(Marin); 4. Tinker Juarez, Downey, Calif. (Volvo-Cannondale); 5. Travis
Brown, Boulder, Colo. (Trek-Volkswagen); 6. Kashi Leuchs, Dunedin, New
Zealand (SoBe/HeadShok); 7. Gregory Randolph, Winooski, Vt. (Team GT); 8.
Rob Woods, Cronulla, Australia (AIS/GT); 9. Andreas Heslter, Victoria, BC,
Canada (RLX Polo Sport); 10. Michael Rasmussen, Tollose, Denmark (Gary

Overall Standings, after 3 of 6 events
Pro Women: 1. MARSHMAN, 526 points; 2. Kain, 478; 3. Quick, 434; 4.
Vanlandingham, 412; 5. Gina Hall, Orinda, Calif. (Clif Bar/Breezer) 412

Pro Men: 1. GREEN, 574 pts.; 2. Larsen, 572; 3. Killen, 454; 4. Gullickson,
446; 5. Brown, 428

Dual Slalom Series

Pro Women: 1. MISSY GIOVE, Durango, Colo. (Foes/Azonic); 2. Katrina Miller,
Australia (Team Jamis); 3. Lisa Sher, Laguna Beach, Calif. (Foes/Azonic);
4. Leigh Donovan, Capistrano Beach, Calif. (Intense)

Pro Men: 1. BRIAN LOPES, Laguna Beach, Calif. (Volvo-Cannondale); 2. Mike
King, Vista, Calif. (Haro Bikes); 3. Wade Bootes, Dallas (Trek/Volkswagen);
4. Pete Loncarevich, Orange, Calif. (Vans/Ironhorse)

Overall Standings, after 2 of 5 events
Pro Women: 1. MILLER, 360 pts.; 2. Donovan, 320 pts.; 3. Giove, 240; 4.
Tai-Lee Muxlow, Australia (GT Hutchinson) 220; 5. Tara Llanes, Newport
Beach, Calif. (Mt. Dew/Specialized) 200

Pro Men: 1. LOPES, 380 pts.; 2. King, 260; 3. Bootes, 260; 4. Eric Carter,
Temecula, Calif. (Team GT) 220; 5. Loncarevich 200

Australia, Footscray CC, Michael Toyne Memorial, 105 kms, June 5

1. Graham Carlson
2. Agostino Giramondo
3. Robert Wilson
4. Danny Bellis
5. Mark Finlay
Michael Toyne was the son of Australian Olympic Team Doctor Dr Howard Toyne.

Sweden, 1st Bergslagstouren, Elite, June 3-6

Tomas Nillsen, who reports from Scandinavia for writes that the first edition the Bergslagstouren was held between June 3-6. It was not a UCI-classified event although it could have been given a 2.6 category. The race has 2.5 ambitions for the future. The race was important for the Swedish riders as a final test for the national selections for the Tour of Sweden which starts on June 16.

Stage 1a, Ånnaboda, Mountain ITT, 3.1 kms:

 1. Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Sweden U23  		      6.54.52
 2. Stefan Andersson (Swe) Motala AIF  			 6.09
 3. Esa Rosendahl (Swe) Team Wirsbo   			 6.79
 4. Nicklas Rönnerling (Swe) Team Crescent 		14.06
 5. Gustav Larsson (Swe) Sweden U23  			14.42
 6. Michael Reihs (Den) Denmark U23 			15.18
 7. Henrik Sparr (Swe) Team Wirsbo   			15.58
 8. Tobias Lergård (Swe) Sweden U23  			16.17

Stage 1b, Örebro - Hällefors, 130 kms:

Steady pace along the road in the pouring rain but the final laps in Hällefors split the peloton.

 1. Martin Johansson (Swe) Team Crescent-Tranemo 3.17.27
 2. Daniel Eriksson (Swe) Skoghalls CK Hammarö
 3. Jacob Nielsen (Den) Denmark U23
 4. Robert Österling (Swe) Team Crescent-Tranemo 0.03
 5. Christian Selin (Fin) IF Länken 0.14
 6. Henrik Oldin (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna 0.19
 7. Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Sweden U23
 8. Tony Andersson (Swe) Borlänge CK
 9. Lars Breiseth (Nor) Horten OCK
10. Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Västerås CK

Stage 2, Kopparberg - Gillers Klack, 189 kms:

Eight riders attacked early and had eight and a half minutes along the road. The Swedish nationals started the chase at the 100 kms mark and finally caught the group with about 40 kms to go. After several attacks 16 riders got a lead and at the foot of Gillers Klack, a 2 kms final climb, Esa Rosendahl attacked, Österling followed and won the sprint and the yellow jersey.

 1. Robert Österling (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo      4.41.25
 2. Esa Rosendahl (Swe) eam Wirsbo CK
 3. Lars Breiseth (Nor) Horten OCK 			 0.07
 4. Michael Reihs (Den) Denmark U23			 0.07
 5. Johan Nyman (Swe) IF Länken 			 0.07
 6. Stefan Andersson (Swe) Motala AIF CK		 0.07
 7. Toni Lehtimäki (Fin) IF Länken 			 0.07
 8. Magnus Lömäng (Swe) Skoghalls CK Hammarö 		 0.07
 9. John Nilsson (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK 			 0.07
10. Klas Johansson (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo		 0.07

Stage 3, Kopparberg-Fagersta, 172 kms:

Martin Johansson regained the yellow jersey from team mate Österling with a four seconds margin after an attack on the finishing laps in Fagersta. Martin got Jacob Nielsen with him but left the Dane behind on the last lap.

 1. Martin Johansson (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo      4.05.55
 2. Jacob Nielsen (Den) Denmark U23 			 0.14
 3. Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Sweden U23 			 0.44
 4. Stefan Andersson (Swe) Motala AIF CK		 0.44
 5. Stefan Adamsson (Swe) Sweden U23			 0.44
 6. Rikard Öhlander (Swe) Motala AIF CK			 0.44
 7. Henrik Oldin (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 0.44
 8. Tobias Nilsson (Swe) IF Länken 			 0.44
 9. Anders Eklundh (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 0.44
10. Toni Lehtimäki (Fin) IF Länken			 0.44

Stage 4, Norberg-Västerås, 167 kms:

Team Wirsbo tried several attacks on the finishing laps in Västerås but it all ended in a mass sprint. 29 year old Martin Johansson took his greatest victory ever i this dress rehearsal for the Tour of Sweden where Team Wirsbo might get their revenge for this, a bit emabarrasing, defeat on home roads in the Swedish mining district.

 1. Stefan Andersson (Swe) Motala AIF CK 	      4.01.11 (41.5 km/h)
 2. Henrik Sparr (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK
 3. Michael Reihs (Den) Denmark U23
 4. Rikard Öhlander (Swe) Motala AIF CK
 5. Esa Rosendahl (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK
 6. Tony Andersson (Swe) Borlänge CK
 7. Lars Breiseth (Nor) Horten OCK
 8. Stefan Adamsson (Swe) Sweden  U23
 9. Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Västerås CK
10. Magnus Lömäng (Swe) Skoghalls CK Hammarö 		 s.t.

Final GC

 1. Martin Johansson (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo     16.13.41
 2. Robert Österling (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo 	 0.04
 3. Esa Rosendahl (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK 			 0.14
 4. Stefan Andersson (Swe) Motala AIF CK		 0.14
 5. Jacob Nielsen (Den) Denmark U23 			 0.29
 6. Michael Reihs (Den) Denmark U23 			 0.32
 7. Tobias Lergård (Swe) Sweden  U23  			 0.37
 8. Klas Johansson (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo 		 0.41
 9. Magnus Lömäng (Swe) Skoghalls CK Hammarö 		 0.48
10. John Nilsson (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK			 0.48
11. Johan Nyman (Swe) IF Länken				 0.51
12. Toni Lehtimäki (Fin) IF Länken 			 0.58
13. Jonas Ljungblad (Swe) Sweden U23			 1.00
14. Fredrik Johansson (Swe) Västerås CK 		 1.07
15. Johan Malmsten (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 1.08
16. Lars Breiseth (Nor) Horten OCK			 1.18
17. Henrik Sparr (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK			 1.14
18. Kristofer Bremström (Swe) CK Hymer			 1.14
19. Christian Selin (Fin) IF Länken			 1.17
20. Nicklas Rönnerling (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo	 1.18
21. Kristoffer Ingeby (Swe) Sweden U23			 1.24
22. Erik Jungåker (Swe) Skoghalls CK Hammarö		 1.27
23. Valentin Tabor (Den) Denmark U23			 1.32
24. Henrik Oldin (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 1.36
25. Martin Axelsson (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 1.40
26. Alexander Kjaer (Nor) Horten OCK			 1.45
27. Henrik Aldebo (Swe) Team Stockholm			 1.47
28. Lars Bak (Den) Denmark U23				 1.56
29. Mattias Karlsson (Swe) Team Göteborg		 2.02
30. Krister Sjödahl (Swe) CK Hymer 			 2.16
31. Philip Tavell (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 2.24
32. Michael Johansson (Swe) CK Hymer			 2.27
33. Rikard Öhlander (Swe) Motala AIF CK			 2.34
34. Tobias Nilsson (Swe) IF Länken 			 3.03
35. Mikko Nurmela (Fin) IF Länken			 3.07
36. Mikael Andersson (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo	 3.59
37. Anders Juhlin (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK			 4.07
38. Arvid Nilsson (Swe) Team Göteborg			 4.18
39. Daniel Eriksson (Swe) Skoghalls CK Hammarö		 4.21
40. Emil Skog (Swe) Team Göteborg 			 4.29
41. Thomas Eriksen (Den) Denmark U23			 4.37
42. Anders Eklundh (Swe) Örebrocyklisterna		 4.48
43. Tony Andersson (Swe) Borlänge CK			 4.57
44. Hans Carlsson (Swe) Team Göteborg			 5.29
45. Jukka Heinikainen (Fin) Team Wirsbo CK		 5.33
46. Magnus Ljungblad (Swe) IF Länken			 5.41
47. Dan Kuylenstierna (Swe) Team Göteborg		 6.02
48. Andreas Larsson (Swe) Team Stockholm		 6.22
49. Martin Westby (Nor) Horten OCK			 6.44
50. Trond Schweder (Nor) Horten OCK			 7.43
51. Marcus Johansson (Swe) CK Hymer 			 7.46
52. Stefan Finman (Swe) Team Stockholm 			 8.24
53. Stefan Adamsson (Swe) Sweden U23 			 9.39
54. Robert Fogelkvist (Swe) Motala AIF CK 		11.21
55. Peter Resar (Swe) Västerås CK  			11.24
56. Jonas Rydberg (Swe) Team Crescent Tranemo 		11.38
57. Johan Flodin (Swe) Sweden U23  			11.40
58. Peter S Jensen (Den) Denmark U23 			12.23
59. David Johansson (Swe) Västerås CK 			12.39
60. Fredrik Lundblad (Swe) Västerås CK 			12.59
61. Jonas Olsson (Swe) Motala AIF CK 			13.06
62. Anders Bergstedt (Swe) Team Stockholm 		16.29
63. Magnus Albertsson (Swe) Team Wirsbo CK		16.29
64. Henrik Andersson (Swe) Team Stockholm 		18.28
65. Marcus Juneholt (Swe) Borlänge CK 			23.23
66. Jesper Andersson (Swe) Team Stockholm 		24.35
67. Mats Hedlund (Swe) Borlänge CK  			24.58
68. Magnus Olzén (Swe) CK Hymer  			28.44
69. Mattias Reck (Swe) Team Göteborg 			29.37
70. Mikael Hägg (Swe) Borlänge CK  			36.44
71. Björn Sjöberg (Swe) Motala AIF CK 			41.28
72. Mattias Borup (Swe) Motala AIF CK 			53.03

Points overall

 1. Jukka Heinikainen (Fin) Team Wirsbo   		   15
 2. Anders Eklundh Örebrocyklisterna  	   		    8
 3. Johan Flodin Sweden U23   		                    5

Teams overall:

 1. Team Crescent Tranemo  	    		     48.42.04
 2. Team Wirsbo CK 					 1.23
 3. Denmark U23  					 1.46
 4. Sweden  U23  					 2.00
 5. IF Länken  						 2.02
 6. Skoghalls CK Hammarö 				 3.05
 7. Örebrocyklisterna 					 3.24
 8. CK Hymer  						 4.21
 9. Team Göteborg 					 4.56
10. Motala AIF CK 					 7.01
11. Horten OCK  					 7.02
12. Team Stockholm 		       			13.07
13. Västerås CK  		      		 	16.53
14. Borlänge CK			       			34.17

Sweden, Vättern GP. Criterium, Motala, June 10

 1. Henrik Sparr (Swe) Team Wirsbo               1.03.28
 2. Jonas Emanuelsson (Swe) Team Crescent
 3. Stefan Andersson (Swe) Motala AIF               0.11
 4. Stefan Adamsson (Swe) Team Wirsbo               0.11
 5. Anders Juhlin (Swe) Team Wirsbo                 0.11