News for September 19, 1998

Contracts and Transfers

* Lotto has signed Peter Wuyts (Vlaanderen 2002), the Belgian revelation of the Tour de l'Avenir. Riders who are leaving Lotto are: Nico Eeckhout (to Collstrop), Peter Farazijn (to Cofidis), Steve De Wolf (to Cofidis), Andrei Teterioek (to Brescialat), Joona Lauka and Laurent Madouas.

* Michel Vanhaecke (Ipso) will ride for Tönissteiner next year. Lampre will not have any Belgian rider next year. It had previously been thought that Marc Streel would sign with them.

* Former cyclo cross world champion Paul Herygers (Tonnisteiner) will ride for Spar.

* Both Ipso and Cedico have recently announced they will continue their teams in 1999.

Gianni Bugno Interview

Italian Gianni Bugno, one of the illustrious riders from the international peloton in the last years and winner of the 12th stage of Tour of Spain yesterday said as soon as he crossed the finish line: "This could be my last victory, because I plan to retire from the peloton at the end of the year and dedicate myself to flying helicopters. I want to pursue my life as a pilot. Winning a stage in any of the three big ones is never easy".

Bugno dedicated his victory to the Induráin family. He said by way of explanation: "Both Miguel, my number one rival during my best years and his brother Pruden are my friends and at this time they are not doing well due to the death of their father, a person I met, I think during Indurain's first Tour and who impressed me because of his quality and simplicity"

He said that the stage was a perfect one for an escape but also admitted that it was hard to open a gap, since none of the strong teams were represented. He said: "Luckily everything went well at the key moment of the stage, when the escape was consolidated, there was some hesitation amongst us and I took advantage to go away alone in search of the finish. Everything worked out well, but it seemed like the last kilometers would never end due to the headwind and the fatigue."


Jimenez is having a dream Tour of Spain as the number one climber and the winner of three stages already. He is enjoying the absence of Marco Pantani who usually is the superior climber. He was asked how he felt in his role as an attacking rider.

- You have won all the mountain top finishes and that makes three.

- Yes, yes.., This is impressive. I don't even believe it myself. Luck is on my side, although none of this would be possible if I wasn't in good form.

- Was yesterday's stage win part of the plan?

- It is always possible, as has been proven, but I also admit that this time I have won, almost without trying. I went after the attack by Kelme, the same as in the previous stage and at the end I was able to beat them.

- Paradoxically, Kelme's attacks could bring you to the podium.

- If things continue the way they are going it is always possible, but Banesto's objective is to look for a victory for Abraham Olano. With three stage wins and three days as overall leader, I feel very satisfied.

- Aren't you taking too much advantage from Kelme?

- No, why? To take advantage of Kelme's work is part of the race circumstances. If Banesto didn't have the leader, they would not allow me not to work in the breakaways. In any case I insist that if I wasn't in good form I wouldn't be able to win. I don't want to go round and round anymore about how I'm getting the wins.

- Do you think that they will have Jimenez-mania?

- I don't think so. At this Vuelta a Espańa, according to this situation, Kelme has had to attack and I've had to counter-attack. The opposite thing happened last year and nothing happened. It was I that I had to try to win everyday.

- Did yesterday's win respond to the team tactics?

- Yes. I was paying attention to the attacks by Kelme, because that doesn't harm Olano in any way. In the same way, if one day I had to stay behind to help Abraham, I would do it without any problem.

- How do you see the current race situation?

- We can't complain at all. We have already overcome two of the hardest days of Vuelta and we still have the leadership. Day after day we get closer to the final victory with Olano.

Lance sick

American Lance Armstrong, one of the most combative riders of la Vuelta, has been taking antibiotics for a respiratory infection that he's been suffering with since the stage on Mallorca. He hopes that his problems won't prevent him from fighting for a top 5 spot in the overall.

Drugs Update

Jeff D'Hont, the Belgian soigneur for La Francaise des Jeux was incarcerated by the investigating judge in Lille for his alleged involvement in the Festina affair. He had been held in custody since Wednesday (on drug charges).

It is understood that he has admitted to no part of the doping scandal. But sources have said that his arrest follows police interviews during the Tour with Emmanuel Magnien and Marc Madiot (manager of La Francaise des Jeux). D'Hont is a mate of the Festina soigneur Willy Voet.

The official reason for the decision to jail D'Hont is that he "supplyied and encouraged the use of doping substances."

Australian Cycling does it again!

Cycling Australia (CA) aka the Australian Cycling Federation has kicked its World Champion cyclist, Lucy Tyler-Sharman out of the Commonwealth Games after she made allegations of sabotage against Australian team officials. She was commenting on several incidents which she alleged constitute attempts by the Australian cycling officials to sabotage her chances of being successful at the Games.

She had troubles with her pedals and said she was not permitted (by Charlie Walsh) to use the same pedals that she had used to win the World Championship in France in August. She told the press: "I could have qualified for the final if not for my head. I don't know why he forced me to change the pedals in the individual pursuit. It has cost me the gold."

The Chief of the Australian team in KL met with other officials after the flare-up and announced to the press: "After discussions with Lucy Tyler-Sharman, with respect to statements made by her at the Veldodrome last night, it is my decision that Lucy should relinquish her place in the Australian Commonwealth Games team. Yesterday Lucy made a public statement criticising cycling section management and coaching staff which is a clear violation of the team agreement signed by all athletes prior to them joining the team."

She told ABC radio that she also had been sick before the semi-final and that she had never been sick like that before. The imputation was clear. She also said that she had demanded that the head coach Charlie Walsh not be at the track for her race. This was not respected and Walsh was there. She implied this was another act of sabotage.

CA president Ray Godkin supports the sacking decision. He said that she had not followed the conduct that is befitting a world and national champion. He said her comments were defamatory and degrading. He dismissed allegations that:

What does the coach and team manager say...


And what does Lucy say....

Nothing! She has refused to comment. She only said: I'm going to call Graham" (her husband back in Perth).

Pan American Championships

Rodrigo Gini, our Brazilian reporter writes that he has finally found somebody who could give him all information about Panamerican Cycling Championships. The Brazilian Federation has now established a press room in the small village of Americana and the results have started to flow.

The biggest problem to the cyclists has been the heat. The velodrome is outdoors and the daily temparatures are near to 40C. 15 countries have taken part in the competition, which will continue this Friday with the Women Road Race. On Saturday, the Under-23 road race will be held culminating with the Elite race on Sunday. In the first report that Rodrigo sent us (see earlier news) he reported that Marcelo Arrue was Chilean. He now says that this is "half true". He was born in Chile, but now he races for USA. Needless to say, the GT Superbikes are the great stars of the event, and the Argentinian squad is the biggest surprise, especially on the track.


 1. Marcelo Arrue (USA)
 2. John Gonzalez (Col)
 3. Flavio Guidoni (Arg)

Team 4000m Pursuit

 1. USA (Mariano Friedick/Adam Laurent/Dirk Copeland/Zach Conrad)
 2. Arg (Edgardo Simon/Gonzalo Garcia/Gustavo Artacho/Walter Perez)
 3. Col (Alexander Moncaleano/Yosvany Lopez/John Garcia/Victor Herrera)

Olympic Sprint

 1. USA (Erin Hartwell/Sky Christopherson/Marcelo Arrue)
 2. Arg (Flavio Guidoni/Marcelo Amendolia/Sebastian Alexandre)
 3. Ven (Ivan Lopez/Hector Rodriguez/Alexander Cornieles)


 1. Argentina (Juan Curuchet/Gabriel Curuchet)
 2. Mexico (Juan Serrano/Luiz Martinez)
 3. Colombia (Job Ramirez/John Garcia)

Points Race

 1. Juan Curuchet (Arg)	56
 2. Luiz Martinez (Mex)	29
 3. Kirk O'Bee (USA)	29

Women Points Race

 1. Marisa Vandervelde (USA)
 2. Janie Quigley (USA)
 3. Veronica Martinez (Arg)

Women Time Trial (20 kms)

 1. Elizabeth Emery (USA)       25.20.823
 2. Marisa Vandervelde (USA)    26.47.509
 3. Lorena Colman (Arg)         26.50.976
 4. Claudia Carceroni (Bra)

Under-23 Time Trial (40 kms)

 1. Elivelton Pedro (Bra)	50.49.107
 2. Mauricio Ardila (Col)	50.49.640
 3. Arlex Castro (Col)		51.05.143

Women 3.000m pursuit

 1. Erin Veenstra (USA)
 2. Janie Quigley (USA)
 3. Maria Luiza Calle (Col)