81st Giro dell'Emilia, Cat 1.1

Italy, September 26, 1998

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Race Report

At the end of the race Mirko Celestino said two words: "Thanks Michele". The two words were enough to render the sense of what had happened during the day. Polti's Mirko Celestino won the 81st Giro dell'Emilia from Massimo Donati. A few seconds back, and manifestly disinterested in the sprint, came Michele Bartoli. Bartoli looms large in Italian cycling these days. He is the obvious leader of the Italian team for the Worlds, he directed the attack in this race and looked as if he could have won the race if he desired.

Celestino is a young rider with great athletic talents and after 7 second placings he has finally won his first professional race in Italy. He has now virtually ensured that he has a place in the Italian team alongside Bartoli.

Bartoli had to say thanks too. With 10 kms to go, he punctured and he had to swap bikes with a Asics teammate. But in a flash he was back with Celestino and Donati. Later it was confirmed that Celestino and Donati had waited for him.

This northern classic (around Bologna) was raced in cold and rain - the usual weather for the race. After 65 kms, 10 riders including Zanini, Roscioli and Elli attacked and stayed away for around 100 kms. If Zanini and Roscioli were aiming to demonstrate to Antonio Fusi, the Italian National Team selector, that they could ride the first 150 kms of the Worlds fast, then they were successful. They were eventually caught and the race went through a period of constant surging and attacks.

The last survivor of the 10 was Stefano Zanini and he was pulled in by Celestino and Donati who were pushing hard. Bartoli was also in this group as they headed to the finish. Most active in the pursuit was Davide Rebellin, Andrea Tafi, Gianni Faresin and Wladamir Belli.

Celestino said: "Michele is the champion to which I aspire. I want to have a career like he has made for himself. He is the biggest favourite for the Worlds."

Bologna, 197 kms:

 1. Mirko Celestino (Ita) Polti			     4.37.00 (42.671)
 2. Massimo Donati (Ita) Saeco
 3. Michele Bartoli (Ita) Asics				0.02
 4. Alberto Elli (Ita) Casino				0.59
 5. Wladimir Belli (Ita) Festina			0.59
 6. Davide Rebellin (Ita) Polti				0.59
 7. Christian Gasperoni (Ita) Amore e Vita		0.59
 8. Andrea Tafi (Ita) Mapei-Bricobi			0.59
 9. Sandro Giacomelli (Ita) Amore e Vita		0.59
10. Felice Puttini (Swi) Ros Mary			0.59
12. Gianni Faresin (Ita) Mapei-Bricobi			0.59
13. Oscar Pellicioli (Ita) Mercatone Uno		1.05
14. Franco Ballerini (Ita) Mapei-Bricobi 		1.18
15. Nicklas Axelsson (Swe) Scrigno-Gaerne		1.18
16. Marco Vergnani (Ita) Kross-Sella Italia		1.33
17. Amilcare Tronca (Ita) Ballan			1.39
18. Bo Hamburger (Den) Casino 				1.42
19. Stefan Colagè (Ita) 				1.56
20. Vladislav Bobrik (Rus) Riso Scotti			2.09
22. Luca Mazzanti (Ita) Cantina Tollo			2.18
24. Rodolfo Ongarato (Ita) Ballan			2.18
27. Luca Scinto (Ita) Asics				2.18
31. Fabio Roscioli (Ita) Asics				5.32
34. Stefano Zanini (Ita) Mapei-Bricobi			5.32

Started: 158
Finished: 42

Past Winners

1909	Eberardo Pavesi (Ita)
1910	Luigi Ganna (Ita)
1911	Clemente Canepari (Ita)
1912	Ugo Agostoni (Ita)
1913	Alfonso Calzolari (Ita)
1914	Ezio Corlaita (Ita)
1917	Angelo Gremo (Ita)
1918	Constante Girardengo (Ita)
1919	Constante Girardengo (Ita)
1920	Giovanni Brunero (Ita)
1921	Constante Girardengo (Ita)
1922	Constante Girardengo (Ita)
1923	Michele Gordini (Ita)
1924	Pietro Linari (Ita)
1925	Constante Girardengo (Ita)
1927	Domenico Piemontesi (Ita)
1928	Alfonso Piccin (Ita)
1929	Allegro Grandi (Ita)
1930	Mario Bonetti (Ita)
1931	Glauco Servadei (Ita)
1934	Marco Cimatti (Ita)
1935	Aldo Bini (Ita)
1936	Giuseppe Olmo (Ita)
1937	Cesare Del Cancia (Ita)
1938	Carrado Ardizzoni (Ita)
1939	Serafino Biagioni (Ita)
1940	Osvadlo Bailo (Ita)
1941	Fausto Coppi (Ita)
1942	Adolfo Leoni (Ita)
1943	Nedo Logli (Ita)
1946	Adolfo Leoni (Ita)
1947	Fausto Coppi (Ita)
1948	Fausto Coppi (Ita)
1949	Virgilio Salimbeni (Ita)
1950	Luciano Maggini (Ita)
1951	Luciano Maggini (Ita)
1952	Gino Bartali (Ita)
1953	Gino Bartali (Ita)
1954	Nino Defilippis (Ita)
1955	Nino Defilippis (Ita)
1956	Bruno Monti (Ita)
1957	Bruno Monti (Ita)
1958	Diego Ronchini (Ita)
1959	Ercole Baldini (Ita)
1960	Pierino Baffi (Ita)
1961	Diego Ronchini (Ita)
1962	Bruno Mealli (Ita)
1963	Italo Zilioli (Ita)
1965	Michele Dancelli (Ita)
1966	Carmelo Preziosi (Ita)
1967	Michele Dancelli (Ita)
1968	Gianni Motta (Ita)
1969	Gianni Motta (Ita)
1970	Franco Bitossi (Ita)
1971	Gianni Motta (Ita)
1972	Eddy Merckx (Bel)
1973	Franco Bitossi (Ita)
1974	Francesco Moser (Ita)
1975	Enrico Paolini (Ita)
1976	Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
1977	Mario Beccia (Ita)
1978	Bernt Johansson (Swe)
1979	Francesco Moser (Ita)
1980	Gianbattista Baronchelli (Ita)
1981	Pierino Gavazzi (Ita) 
1982	Pierino Gavazzi (Ita)
1983	Cesare Cipollini (Ita)
1984	Ezio Moroni (Ita)
1985	Acacio Da Silva (Por)
1986	Hubert Seiz (Swi)
1987	Jean-Francois Bernard (Fra)
1988	Tony Rominger (Swi)
1989	Dimitry Konychev (Rus)
1990	Davide Cassani (Ita)
1991	Davide Cassani (Ita)
1992	Gianni Bugno (Ita)
1993	Maurizio Fondriest (Ita)
1994	Francesco Casagrande (Ita)
1995	Davide Cassani (Ita)
1996	Michele Bartoli (Ita)
1997	Alex. Gontschenkov (Rus)
Past Winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin