Commonwealth Games Track Competition

Malaysia, September 16-19, 1998

Men's Sprint     Women's Sprint     Men's Scratch     Men's Pursuit     Women's Pursuit     Kilo    
Men's 40 kms Points     Women's 24 kms Points     Men's Team Pursuit

Men's Sprint

200 metre qualifying

 1. Darryn Hill (Australia) 			10.258 seconds 
 2. Sean Eadie (Australia) 			10.339 
 3. Daniel Day (Australia) 			10.600 
 4. Stephen Alfred (Trinidad and Tobago) 	10.629 
 5. Craig Maclean (Scotland) 			10.630 
 6. Douglas Baron (Canada) 			10.705 
 7. Craig Percival (England) 			10.751 
 8. J.P. Van Zyl (South Africa) 		10.857 
 9. Chris Hoy (Scotland) 			10.934 
10. John Cumberbatch (Barbados) 		10.964 
11. Barry Forde (Barbados) 			10.970 
12. Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) 			11.017 
13. Peter Jacques (England) 			11.051 
14. David Fitzsimmons (New Zealand) 		11.067 
15. Shawn Kelly (Barbados) 			11.069 
16. Alwyn McMath (Northern Ireland) 		11.076 
17. Clinton Grant (Trinidad and Tobago) 	11.145 
18. Stefan Baraud (Cayman Islands) 		11.643 
19. Godfrey Pollydore (Guyana) 			11.769 

Round One

Darryn Hill (Australia) beat Stefan Baraud (Cayman Islands) 11.539
Sean Eadie (Australia) beat Clinton Grant (Trinidad) 11.778
Daniel Day (Australia) beat Alwyn McMath (Northern Ireland) 11.291
Stephen Alfred (Trinidad) beat Shawn Kelly (Barmuda) 11.078
Craig Maclean (Scotland) beat David Fitzsimmons (New Zealand) 11.360
Peter Jacques (England) beat Douglas Baron (Canada) 11.617
Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) beat Craig Percival (England) *
Barry Forde (Barbados) beat J P Van Zyl (South Africa) 11.474
Chris Hoy (Scotland) beat John Cumberbatch (Barbados) 11.027
* Percival relegated for failing to ride a true line in the final 100 metres

Round Two

Darryn Hill (Australia) beat J.P. Van Zyl (South Africa) 11.597
Sean Eadie (Australia) beat Clinton Grant (Trinidad) 11.723
Daniel Day (Australia) beat Douglas Baron (Canada) 10.916
Stephen Alfred (Trinidad) beat Chris Hoy (Scotland) 10.920
Barry Forde (Barbados) beat Craig Maclean (Scotland) 11.253
Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) beat Peter Jacques (England) did not finish


J.P. Van Zyl (South Africa) beat Chris Hoy (Scotland), Rosman Alwi (Malaysia) 11.062
Craig Maclean (Scotland) beat Clinton Grant (Trinidad), Douglas Baron (Canada) 10.987

Quarter Finals

 1. Darryn Hill (Australia) beat Craig Maclean (Scotland) 2-0 
    (11.186, 10.954)
 2. Sean Eadie (Australia) beat J P Van Zyl (South Africa) 2-0
    (10.987, 11.019)
 3. Peter Jacques (England) beat Daniel Day (Australia) 2-1
    (11.283, 10.981-11.260)
 4. Barry Forde (Barbados) beat Stephen Alfred (Trinidad and Tobago) 2-1
    (11.464, 11.068, 11.100)


Gold Medal Race

 Darryn Hill (Australia) beat Sean Eadie (Australia) 2-0 
 (10.533, 10.618) 

Bronze Medal Race

 Barry Forde (Barbados) beat Peter Jacques (England) 2-1 
 (12.334, 12.055-11.499) 

5th - 12th placings

 5. Craig Maclean (Scotland)
 6. Daniel Day (Australia)
 7. J.P. Van Zyl (South Africa)
 8. Stephen Alfred (Trinidad)
 9. Chris Hoy (Scotland)
10. Douglas Baron (Canada)
11. Rosman Alwi (Malaysia)
12. Clinton Grant (Trinidad)

Women's Sprint

200 metre qualifying

 1. Tanya Dubnicoff (Canada)			11.490 (new Commonwealth Record)
 2. Michelle Ferris (Australia)			11.597
 3. Lori Muenzer (Canada)			11.624
 4. Lyndelle Higginson  (Australia)		12.133
 5. Fiona Ramage (New Zealand) 			12.153
 6. Melanie Szubrycht (England) 		12.268
 7. Halimah Janis (Malaysia) 			12.422
 8. Louise Jones (Wales) 			13.059
 9. Tracey Van Niekerk (South Africa) 		13.324

Round One

Tanya Dubnicoff (Canada) beat Louise Jones (Wales) 13.554
Michelle Ferris (Australia) beat Halimah Mohammed Janis (Malaysia) 12.883
Lori Muenzer (Canada) beat Melanie Szubrycht (England) 12.279
Lyndelle Higginson (Australia) beat Fiona Ramage (New Zealand), Tracey Van 
Niekerk (South Africa) 12.258

Quarter Finals

 1. Tanya Dubnicoff (Canada) beat Halimah Mohammad Janis (Malaysia) 2-0 
    (12.840, 12.704)
 2. Michelle Ferris (Australia) beat Melanie Szubrycht (England) 2-0
    (12.866, 13.023)
 3. Lori Muenzer (Canada) beat Tracey Van Niekerk (South Africa) 2-0
    (12.549, 12.110)
 4. Lyndelle Higginson (Australia) beat Fiona Ramage (New Zealand) 2-0
    (12.192, 13.133)


Gold Medal Race

 Tanya Dubnicoff (Canada) beat Michelle Ferris (Australia) 2-0 
 (12.061, 12.053) 

Bronze Medal Race

 Lori Muenzer (Canada) beat Lyndelle Higginson (Australia) 2-0 
 (12.086, 12.157)

5th - 8th Placings

 5. Fiona Ramage (New Zealand)
 6. Halimah Mohd Janis (Malaysia)
 7. Melanie Szubrycht (England)
 8. Tracey Van (South Africa)

Men's Scratch Race, 20 kms:

Michael Rogers took the first track gold for Australia in the opening night of racing by defeating four other riders in the sprint. He came past Shaun Wallace (England) on the outside to narrowly take the win with Wallace second, Tim Carswell (NZ) third and Brian Walton (Canada) fourth. The four riders had attacked together after only 10 kms and lapped the peloton very soon after that. Stephen Pate and Brett Lancaster, Australia's other riders were in the main bunch at the end.

Defending champion Stuart O'Grady, who Charlie Walsh (Australian Coach) had indicated would ride the race, was ruled unfit due to the injury he sustained in the fall during the road ITT.

Rogers, has twice won junior world track championships, will now ride in the teams pursuit squad and in the 40kms points score.

 1. Michael Rogers (Australia) 			25.18.340
 2. Shaun Wallace (England) 			25.18.340
 3. Timothy Carswell (New Zealand) 		25.18.340
 4. Brian Walton (Canada) 			25.18.340

Women's 3000m Pursuit:

Sarah Ulmer (NZ) beat Australian Lucy Tyler-Sharman in the first semi-final and controversy followed. In the other semi-final, Alayna Burns (18), who is looking to become a really great Australian rider, beat England's Yvonne McGregor. The final is now between Ulmer and Burns.

Lucy Tyler-Sharman, who recently took the World Championship in this event, attacked the Australian team officials after the event. Since her outburst before the Worlds, things have been simmering but quiet. No longer. She was angry with the team for forcing her to have Charlie Walsh at the track side giving her instructions during the race. The day started badly for her because she was sick (dehydration) but still managed to qualify second fastest (Alayna Burns was the quickest). Then she pulled her foot at the start of her semi-final against Sarah Ulmer. And then it started.

She gave the TV interview a real dose and Michael Flynn, so-called Australian team manager, then took her away out of site, because Michael Rogers was just about to be awarded gold. Funny, Australian cycling usually likes to air its dirty linen for all to see!

The allegations from Tyler-Sharman ranged from having to put up with Walsh's proximity to a conspiracy theory about her pedals.

Roger Vaughan, AAP's cycling journalist reported her comments: "Nothing has gone to plan since I came here. First of all they insisted - insisted - I have a head coach ordering me during the ride who wasn't my head coach. They informed me of that last night and wouldn't let me out of it."

On the pedal sabatoge: "When I went for my first ride this morning they insisted I changed my pedals. Then, bolted in as I was on the line, they both failed. I pulled out of one pedal on the line ... and someone yelled put your foot back in, so I went, and then I pulled out another foot in the course of the ride."


  1. Alayna Burns (Australia) 			3.40.389
  2. Lucy Tyler Sharman (Australia) 		3.41.015
  3. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 			3.42.063
  4. Yvonne McGregor (England) 			3.43.885
  5. Karen Barrow (Australia) 			3.45.824
  6. Rawea Greenwood (New Zealand) 		3.50.723
  7. Megan Hughes (Wales) 			3.54.300
  8. Andrea Hannos (Canada) 			3.54.864
  9. Lyne Bessette (Canada) 			3.59.877
 10. Zoe Anderson (Scotland) 			4.01.719
 11. Annie Gariepy (Canada) 			4.03.128
 12. Michelle Ward (England) 			4.03.498


 1. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 			3.41.667
 2. Alayna Burns (Australia) 			3.42.968
 3. Yvonne McGregor (England) 			3.53.977

Men's 4000m Pursuit:

Bradley McGee and Luke Roberts won the semi-finals to set up an all-Australian gold medal race. McGee looked very easy.


  1. Brad McGee (Australia) 			4.33.138
  2. Matt Illingworth (England) 		4.38.764
  3. Luke Roberts (Australia) 			4.39.597
  4. Bradley Wiggins (England) 			4.43.095
  5. Lee Vertongen (New Zealand) 		4.43.124
  6. Fraser Macmaster (New Zealand)		4.45.550
  7. Brendon Cameron (New Zealand) 		4.47.291
  8. James Perry (South Africa) 		4.47.586
  9. James Gladwell (Scotland) 			4.51.310
 10. Paul Henderson (Canada) 			4.55.007
 11. James Millar (Scotland) 			5.04.644
 12. David Mc Cann (Northern Ireland) 		5.07.355
 13. Michael Vernon (Cayman Islands) 		5.14.520
 14. William Simpson (Fiji) 			6.10.840


 1. Brad McGee (Australia) 			4.30.594
 2. Luke Roberts (Australia) 			over-taken
 3. Matt Illingworth (England) 			3.03.950

Men's 1000m Individual Time trial:

  1. Shane Kelly (Australia) 			1.04.018
  2. Jason Queally (England) 			1.04.427
  3. Joshua Kersten (Australia) 		1.04.618
  4. Daniel Day (Australia) 			1.05.442
  5. Craig Maclean (Scotland) 			1.06.020
  6. Matthew Sinton (New Zealand) 		1.06.211
  7. D. McKenzie-Potter (New Zealand) 		1.06.309
  8. Michael Phillips (Trinidad) 		1.06.525
  9. Chris Hoy (Scotland) 			1.06.541
 10. Douglas Baron (Canada) 			1.07.259
 11. Hayden Godfrey (New Zealand) 		1.07.284
 12. Alwyn McMath (Northern Ireland) 		1.08.246
 13. John Cumberbatch (Barbados) 		1.09.422
 14. Shawn Kelly (Barbados) 			1.09.476
 15. Clinton Grant (Trinidad) 			1.09.601
 16. Jamil Kadiron (Malaysia) 			1.10.112
 17. Stefan Baraud (Cayman Island) 		1.11.305
 18. Wong Ah Tiam (Malaysia) 			1.13.145
 19. Michael Vermon (Cayman Island) 		1.13.188
 20. Neil Teggart (Northern Ireland) 		1.13.795
 21. Mohammed Hardi Razali (Malaysia) 		1.14.398
 22. William Simpson (Fiji) 			1.17.156
 23. Crispine Omondi (Kenya) 			1.20.048
 24. Jonathan Lake (Antigua and Barbuda) 	1.20.549
 25. Jean-Piere Guiseppin (Zambia) 		1.21.411
 26. Mathews Maina (Kenya) 			1.26.071

Men's 4000m team pursuit:


 1. Australia 		4.17.999
    (Michael Rogers, Luke Roberts, Timothy Lyons, Brett Lancaster)
 2. New Zealand 	4.18.595
    (Lee Vertongen, Greg Henderson, Timothy Carswell, Brendon Cameron) 
 3. England 		4.19.872
    (Colin Sturgess, Jon Clay, Bradley Wiggins, Robert Hayles)
 4. Wales 		4.29.611
    (Paul Sheppard, Huw Pritchard, Alun Owen, Sion Jones)
 5. South Africa	4.31.353
    (Malcolm Lange, James Perry, Robert Dale, Moolman Welgemoed)
 6. Malaysia		4.38.29
    (Faizul Izuan Abdul Rahman, Mohd Hardi Razali, Lee Robert, Haris Fadzillah Othman)

Australia beat Wales inthe semi-final, nearly catching them soon after the 2000 metre mark. They cruised for the rest of the race and finished in 4.19.905 to Wales 4.27.930. England beat New Zealand in the other semi-final.


 1. Australia 		4.13.405 (lost Micheal Rogers) 
 2. England		4.14.298
 3. New Zealand		4.17.933 
 4. Wales		4.28.644

Average speed of winners: 56.82 km/h
Average speed of second: 56.63 km/h

Men's 40 kms Points Race

 1. Glen Thompson (New Zealand) 	35 points
 2. Rob Hayles (England) 		29
 3. Greg Henderson (New Zealand) 	24
 5. Michael Rogers (Australia)		17

Women's 24 kms Points Race (60 Laps)

 1. Alayna Burns (Australia)
 2. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand)
 3. Anne Gariepy (Canada)