Tasmanian Institute of Sport Cycling Classic

Cressy-Poatina, Tasmania, July 18, 1998


The TIS Cycling Classic was conducted by the Launceston City Cycling Club over an undulating 23km circuit at the base of the Western Teir mountains near Launceston. The main races of the day finished off with a 3km climb into Poatina village.

In the A/B Grade race, right from the gun Matthew Conn and Steven Aitken launched an attack on the main group hoping that hesitation back in the filed would be enough to steal a win. Together they held the bunch at around 2 minutes for the first half of the event. At the 60km mark TIS Cyclist Matthew Rice and track specialist Darren Young sensed the likely success of the 2 man break and jumped away from the peleton together in pursuit of the race leaders. The 4 riders came together and worked well in teams time trial fashion over the next 50km until Matthew Conn, who had been out the front for over 110km, hit the wall and was dropped in the last lap. Young, Aitken and Rice kept the main field at around 1m30s heading into the final 3km climb to the finish. Aitken attacked early, only to be reeled in by Rice who then counter-attacked taking Young with him. Young was too good in the finish winning the hill sprint by a bike length on Rice and then 15 sec back to Aitken who after 120km of being in the break could not respond to the final jump. Aitken was awarded the most aggresive rider prize for his marathon effort.


Men A/B Grade, 130 kms:

 1. Darren Young
 2. Matthew Rice 			s.t.
 3. Steven Aitken 			0.15
 4. Gareth Atkins 			1.18
 5. Robert Carlisle (B)	
 6. Caleb Manion (B)	
 7. C. Gargioni (B)	
 8. Matthew Wilson (B)	
 9. Peter Smith (B)	
10. Vern Reid		
11. Cameron McCormack (B)
12. Paul Atkinson
13. Tim O'Shannessey
14. Chris Riley (B)
15. Luke Gilmore (B)

Most Aggressive Rider: Steven Aitken

Men C/D Grade, 105 kms:

 1. M. Sydes
 2. S. Price
 3. M. Dalton

D Grade  

 1. L. Godfrey
 2. T. Minehan
 3. J. Devries

Most Aggressive Rider: D. Pugh and J. Devries

Women, 70 kms:

 1. Naomi Williams
 2. Michele Dabner
 3. Eleanor Patterson

Most Aggressive Rider: Naomi Williams

U/17, 46 kms:

 1. B. Sulzberger
 2. T. Parnell
 3. D. James

1st U17 Woman: Meg Sulzberger
Most Aggressive Rider: Bernard Sulzberger

U/15, 46 kms:

 1. A. Manion
 2. R. Crawford
 3. R. Sullivan

1st U15 Wom: Belinda Goss
Most Aggressive Rider: R. Sullivan

U/13, 12 kms:

 1. B. Price
 2. W. Sulzberger
 3. C. Dabner

1st U13 Woman: S. Masters
Most Aggressive Rider: C. Dabner
Results from Kevin Tabotta, Tasmanian Institute of Sport