30th Nyngan to Dubbo

NSW, June 13, 1998

Nyngan - Dubbo, 160 kms:

This is the 30th running of this classic 160 kms handicap race. The "Nyngan" is a unique race in that it has no bends or hills for the first 120kms and the last 40kms has only slight undulations and bends. It is one of those races you either love or hate. Usually the riders have southerly cross winds to contend with but this year's race was run in overcast, almost windless conditions which suited the limit bunches, with the top 14 places being taken by the riders in the 28 minute bunch.

 1. Paul Rowher (Harlequin)
 2. David Pomfret (Penrith Panthers)
 3. Wayne Thorley (Hunter Valley Vets)
 4. Shane Whiley (Orange)
 5. Phil Harrex (Dubbo)
 6. Dwayne Grant (Orange)
 7. Steve Millington (Hunter District)
 8. Mark Walters (MacArthur)
 9. Graham Stait (Bathurst)
10. Luis Arias (MacArthur)
11. Maurie Ashford (Dubbo)
12. Dennis Milan (Sutherland)
13. Emma James (Northern Sydney)
14. Garry Boggs (Inverell)
15. Glen Chapman (Coffs Harbour)

Fastest Time:

 1. Michael Hardy (ACT)
 2. John Forrest (ACT)
 3. Ian Garrity (Biosport)

First Woman Rider:

 Emma James (Northern Sydney)
Results from Col Johnson, Dubbo Cycling Club