News for October 28, 1998

Transfers and Contracts

* Tag Heuer, the Swiss producer of sporting watches, has hinted that it is planning a new team next year with French rider Richard Virenque. A communique from the company said: "It is still at the stage of negotiations and we are seeking an agreement between Tag Heuer and Richard Virenque for the creation of a new cycling team."

* Stefano Cattai who rode this year with Ballan will change to Team Polti in 1999. He will be joining Ivan Gotti, Oscar Pellicioli and the neo-pro Denis Lunghi. The Polti Team has confirmed that in addition to these new additions the team will be Daniel Atienza, Enrico Cassani, Mirko Celestino, Cristiano Colleoni, Mirko Crepaldi, Fabrizio and Leonardo Guidi, Silvio Martinello, Davide Rebellin, Fabio Sacchi, Cristian Salvato, Gian Luca Valoti and Mauro Zinetti.

* Lance Armstrong will ride one more year with the American team US Postal. The Texan has taken a new contract after coming 4th in the Vuelta and also in both road events at the World Championships in Valkenburg. The Belgian rider Johan Bruyneel will take up the role of team leader following Dane Johnny Weltz. US Postal has strengthened its squad in 1999 with the addition of the American rider Kevin Linvingston (ex-Cofidis), the Swede Glenn Magnusson (ex-Amor e Vita), the Dane Frank Hoj (ex-Palmans-Ideal) and the New Zealander Julian Dean (ex-Mercury).

The word is that there is great disappointment in the Danish cycling community over the 'demotion' of Johnny Weltz (he will remain with the team in a reduced capacity). Weltz is reportedly somewhat disappointed with the situation - not the least because he declined several offers a few months ago, which suddenly appear now to be more attractive.

* 24 year-old American Pauly Burke has signed a contract with the Belgian professional cycling team, Ipso. Burke, who lives in Gent has had a solid 1998 season riding for the amateur team, Kings North International Wheelers. He won the Ronde Van Zwijnaarde in June and soon after he won the 2 Daggs Sluize-Wactebeke, the Omloop Deinze, the Grand Prix Knesselare, the Kermese Muldegem and the Erondegem Criterium.

* Mapei splits with Bricobi - After collaborating for one year, Bricobi, the Belgian company, has decided not to renew there contract with Mapei. Mapei have said that they will remain in cycling until 2001 and are considering candidates for the second sponsor for 1999. The third sponsor will be Belgian Latexco.

* Bortalami leaves Festina - Gianluca Bortolami will ride for Vini Caldirola in 1999. Enrico Maggioni has confirmed three riders for Caldirola: Gianluca Sironi, Guido Trentin and Mauro Zanetti. Seven new riders will join the team: Bortolami, the Casagrande brothers (Francesco and Filippo), Emanuele Lupi and Massimo Donati. They will also sign two young Slovenians: Zoran Klemencic and Andrej Hauptmann.

* Andrea Ferrigato will sign for Ballan-Alessio in 1999 and will improve the team which is lead by Fabio Baldato.

* Cantina Tollo-Alexia Alluminio is one of the most active teams in the market. The latest additions are Roberto Sgambelluri and Danilo Di Luca. Di Luca finished on the podium at Valkenburg for the Under-23 road race behind Ivan Basso (gold) and Nocentini (silver). Sgambelluri and Di Luca are to reinforce a group that will ultimately be headed by Dane Bo Hamburger and Italians Nicola Minali and Gabriele Colombo. New riders coming to the team include Gasperoni, Mondini, Marzoli, Bossoni, Tonti, Negrini, Giabbegucci, Brognara, Piovaccari and Di Biase. Confirmed so far are Baronti, Cavagnis, Di Renzo, Gentili, Giunti, Magnani, Mazzanti, Pierdomenico, Trenti and Villa.

A letter from Heiko

Heiko wrote to me yesterday and asked me to post this goodbye letter. I have not corrected the text in any way. The question that arises is: what the hell are we doing? The text follows:

"As I am flying out today for a job interview with the German Cycling Federation I just want to say good bye to these supporters and friends I couldn't reach personally. It was a very emotional farewell I received last night from Phill Bates, Paul Sherwen and all my friends from the Commonwealth Bank Classic.

Special thanks to all the riders I worked with and who stood to me during the good and during the bad times. Patrick, Grant, Darren, Henk, Robbie, Jono, Jay (I'll keep my promise), Marcel, Jens, Nick, Matt, Pete: it was a honour to work with you. Robert, Adrian, Bart, Jason, Allan, Tony, Brett, Damian, Declan, Tristan, Rodney, Nathan, John: thanks for your commitment and remember the good times we had together. There are many others to be mentioned, thank you all. Kathy, Lucy, Petra, Anna, Cadel, Paul, Tracey: good luck for your future and stay out of trouble.

I will be not be able to list all my friends and colleagues, just a few: Phil, Paul, Phill, Bill, Andrew, Brian, Damien, Gayle, Emery, Matt, Martin, Clark, Dave, Joe, Bob, Bernd, Rupert, Jeff, Roger, Victor, Stuart, Rob, Frank, Tim, Lynn, Henk, Michael, Ian, Jackie, Gennie, Amanda, Graeme, Karen, Graham. We became friends for life.

These five minutes standing ovation at the final dinner of the CBCC were quite embarrassing for me as it was the longest applause and recognition I ever received. (Maybe, some people misunderstood and applauded more for the fact tat they finally got rid of me. I am sure, there are some, but probably not at the Bank Classic).

But for these, don't get excited too early, because I am flying out of this country but not out of this world. Finally, some points for clarification (for your backmind):

* I have not got the job (yet).
* I don't even know (yet) if I want the job
* My family remains in Australia.

Heiko Salzwedel

Interviews with the Champions

Alex Zülle

After a very tough year, it was apparent that Festina was willing to negotiate his contract to depart. After first considering Richard Virenque, who is in a similar situation, Banesto decided on Zülle, who yesterday was thrilled with the news: "I can't feel better than right now. I was in a complicated situation and suddenly a big team indicated it wanted my services. At Festina they didn't want to respect a contract already signed, after giving it all on the road for them".

Are you ready to become the leader for Banesto?

Everybody is talking about this, but I have a lot of respect for Jiménez. I will work next to him. He is a great rider as he showed in the Vuelta. He was the strongest rider in that Tour. Chaba can win a major stage race. We still need to talk about it, but Jiménez and I can divide things depending on the races. Banesto is a team that I've always liked, since the times of Indurain.

How are you doing with your suspension?

I was upset about not going to the Worlds, because just the same as I finished the Vuelta, I could have won the time trial over there. I only want to look at the future. I would like to participate in the races before May, but it doesn't matter. I will train with more intensity and aggro, if it is possible.

And after May 1st, with the Tour be your main objective?

I would like to say that. I want to have a program concentrating on the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. I don't want to get too tired before the Tour and that could be the only positive to come from my suspension.

Zülle at Banesto and Olano at ONCE. Curious, isn't it?

Curious and beautiful. Life has many twists and the public will be the one to win. We will see who's the best one the road.

Happy to come back to Spain?

For sure. I like this country a lot, where I'm loved. For me, Spain is the best nation in the world to practice cycling.

Which are your favorite riders at the new team?

I'm satisfied because we have a strong group, like they showed at the last Vuelta. There is a lot of good people. I was impressed by Beltrán, who is a great worker, the strength of Chente García and then there are other riders that have been signed, like Baranowski or Piepoli, who could give good results.

Will you be joined by Torrontegui?

I'm sad to say that I can't bring him with me. In the case of Banesto it is very difficult because they have many masseurs. I will try to bring him in the future.

Miguel Indurain

Miguel received the medal of the Asociación de Ciclistas for his accomplishments and he talked to about different subjects:

On Abraham Olano - "Without a doubt he was the just winner of la Vuelta a España. He was the most consistent and at the end, that's what counts. There were better riders depending on the terrain, but in the end, he was the one that lost the least amount of time in each type of terrain. For me, Olano is the number one Spaniard because he has the best palmares of all, with Vuelta a España and two World Championships. Then there is Escartín and Jiménez".

On Pantani or Ullrich - "I won't decide among them. Each one has their style and that's it. They are good riders, but I don't get excited by either of them. I enjoy things more with my friends, like 'Chaba' Jiménez or Abraham Olano. I don't think that Ullrich is my heir. There is no heir to Miguel Indurain. Every one had their moments and their time and I don't think that we compare".

On the 1999 Tour - "I don't think that the teams will stop coming if they aren't assured that there won't be police presence next year. They will all go to the Tour, because it is the Tour. It is the most important race in the world and nobody has the luxury of missing it".

Gianni Bugno

In 1990 he blinded the world and enamored Italy. It was the year that he won the Giro, dressed in pink from the first day to the last. When Indurain arrived and he lost the glory, but he kept his class. Yesterday he retired in Valencia.

How do you see your 13 year career?

Very good, I have always tried to do my best. I'm retiring with the satisfaction of finishing with a good season and a stage victory at the Vuelta a España.

Why have you decided to retire right now?

I'm 34 years old and I think that it is the best moment to say good-bye.

Will you still be linked to cycling?

Yes, I have signed with Mapei for Public Relations and I will be a commentator for a radio station at the next Vuelta a España.

Do you have any regrets?

I'm happy, although it is true that I would have wanted to win a Tour. But I was riding during the time of Miguel Indurain and he prevented me from winning.

Did Indurain hold you back?

No, it was an honor to race with him and to have known him, because he was a great cyclist and we are still friends.

You went from leader to domestique in the last years. How did you handle the change?

A domestique works for the team and that job makes me happy, I like it. I gave from my experience to the young riders.

Claudio Chiapucci

Claudio Chiappucci is part of the history of cycling in the last decade. Il Diablo, who is already 35 years old, was a witness of Indurain's greatness at first hand and was in contrast to Bugno's coolness. Claudio is far from cycling's elite, but he still refuses to abandon.

Is it true that you plan to postpone your retirement?

This Winter I have time to concentrate and think well if I continue or not. I have the month of November to decide, because, even though I know that it would be difficult to continue for one more year, I would like to try. What I'm very clear about is that I will only continue if I have the physical form to continue riding at a good level.

Would you continue with Ros Mary?

I think that I would change teams, since I have some offers from other teams.

At first you decided to retire this year, but then you changed your opinion, why?

It has been 14 years as a Pro and I'm the only rider my age to still be active. At 35 years of age, it is complicated to maintain yourself, but yet many people are encouraging me and I think that I can do it and give them some happiness.

What is your best memory of your career?

The stage to Sestrieres at the 1992 Tour de France. I saw myself in bad shape, because I thought that I wouldn't last 200 kms of escape with all the riders coming behind me. I was nervous and I finished broken, but it was the happiest moment of my career.

What would you have done differently in your career?

I would have wanted not to be second so many times, but I had to live during the time of Miguel Indurain, something which was both a curse and an advantage. For both is was similar because Miguel has won with me and I gained popularity with him.

Where was the nickname, 'Il Diablo' born?

At a stage race in Colombia. They started to call me that way, because of my way of racing.

Bjarne Riis update

Jon Jay Neufeld updates us from Denmark regularly and says that Bjarne Riis has indicated a change of course for 1999. In a recent interview in the Danish daily Politiken, Riis states that for the first time since his 5th place Tour break-through in 1993 he will not be building his season around the Tour in 1999.

"Next year I am aiming for top results in the spring Classics. They are my first priority. Time will tell what I am capable of when the Tour rolls around."

Concerning the Telekom strategy in 1999 of focusing more strongly on GC victory in the Tour for Ullrich:

"I can accept that. And I don't have anything against working for Jan, if that is for the team's best. My only demand is that I am not stripped of my expectations and ambitions before the race even begins. Which means that there has to be a door that is held open allowing for me to give it a go, in the event that opportunity knocks."

"But I am approaching 1999 with the declared goal to make my presence felt in the spring Classics. My victory last year in the Amstel Gold Race demonstrated that I can do it. This will mean that I have to be in form much earlier than has been the case the past few years, and I am therefore planning on already opening my season in the beginning of February on Mallorca. Hopefully then, by the end of the month and certainly by March I should be so strong that I have grounds on which to hope for being able to ride well in the Classics."

It has been suggested that means of avoiding further rivalry with teammate Ullrich might be found in riding the Giro. "The team has already asked if I am interested in riding the Giro, but as things stand at this moment, I don't feel that it fits my plans for the coming season. If all goes according to plan and I do well in the Classics, I am counting on taking a bit of a break before the Tour. I have already started training regularly in preparation for the coming season. Naturally I will be taking a bit of a break, but thereafter I will continue to strive ahead for 1999. Aside from continuing pain and discomfort in my injured wrist, I don't have any problems with my health."

Switzerland, Liestel Cross Country, October 25

 1. Beat  Wabel (Swi)at      1.01.27
 2. Kamil Aushuber (Cze)at      0.16
 3. Petr Dlask (Cze)at          1.01
 4. Dieter Runkel (Swi)at       2.26
 5. Jezek (Cze)at               3.06
 6. Christian Heule (Swi)at     3.26
 7. Danny De Bie (Belat         3.26
 8. Maarten Nijland (Ned)at     3.44
 9. Roland Schätti (Swi)at      4.17
10. Thomas Steiger (Swi)at      4.39

Dutch demand release of Priem

The KNWU Chairperson has asked the French judicial authorities to release Cees Priem from "house detention" and allow him to return home to the Netherlands. Priem has been held in France since his arrest on July 23 which followed the discovery of drugs in the team's hotel. Also arrested was the TVM team's Russian doctor Andrei Andrei Mikhailov. Joop Atsma said that: "We've waited long enough. Our patience with the French is running out. It is time for the Foreign Minister to tell our ambassador in Paris to express our displeasure."

Priem reports to the police each day.

Italy, Firenze-Pistoia, ITT 32 kms:

 1. Marco Velo (Ita) Mercatone Uno               37.33 (51.132)
 2. Ruslan Ivanov (Mol) Brescialat-Liquigas)      0.53
 3. Luca Scinto (Ita) Asics-Cga                   1.06
 4. Marco Serpellini (Ita) Brescialat-Liquigas    1.12
 5. Romans Vainsteins (Lat) Kross-Selle Italia    1.30
 6. Malberti (Ita)                                1.42
 7. Hvastija (Slo)                                2.04
 8. Basso (Ita)                                   2.05
 9. Bonetti (Ita)                                 2.07
10. Contrini (Ita)                                2.11
11. Aggiano (Ita)                                 2.26
12. Belluomini (Ita)                              2.42
13. Bettini (Ita)                                 2.56
14. De Pasquale (Ita)                             3.13
15. Mondini (Ita)                                 3.28
16. Frizzo (Ita)                                  3.54
17. Galletti (Ita)                                3.59
18. Beggi (Ita)                                   4.47
19. Varotti (Ita)                                 4.56
20. Auriemma (Ita)                                5.12
21. Balducci (Ita)                                5.28
22. Baronti (Ita)                                 5.43
23. Colonna (Ita)                                 6.05
24. Daddi (Ita)                                   7.11


The intake of Colostrum may lead to anabolic effects via the IGF contained in the compound. The Australian Institute of Sport medical staff have made a lot of the fact that the IGF effects do not occur because the IGF is broken down when it enters the stomach.

This raises the question which requires an answer: In what form was the colostrum taken? A source has told me that colostrum comes in powder form and is mixed into a liquid and drunk. Thanks Tony.