News for May 20, 1998

Scott Sunderland Update

Sabine has sent me the following report.

Dear Bill,
It is 5.30 am and I got up with Saen so Scott can sleep, if that is possible that is. Scott came home on Friday and I must say it hasn't been all that positive for him since. He has tried to o of the heavy painkillers - 3 sorts of them - and it doesn't seem that easy. Although he has taken a few over the weekend I can see the ups and downs he going through. Ome moment he'll be peacefully joking around with Saen and only minutes later he'll sit on the loung with a painful, worried look on his face.

Friday afternoon he was on a high as William Fotheringham from the English Magazine, Cycling Weekly came over to see him with a colleague photographer and they were impressed with the strength Scott displayed. So was I. But only a little time after they left Scott was in bed. Saturday and Sunday have been very quiet with only short visits from my parents and a couple of friends. But yesterday evening Scott admitted he'll have to rest even more if he wants to get to his goal which is racing again in September.

Today we go back to the University Hospital in Gent for his first real rehabilitation session with the team working with Dr. Rousseau.
Before I close, I'd like to thank all the people who have been sending us emails via Neil. It's been great for Scott to read them.

By the way, the Palmans team deserves mentioning here too. This is actually the first team Scott had been in which shows such interest and concern. Charles Palmans calls almost daily to ask about Scott's health and Walter Planckaert, the team director, has got the biggest heart I've ever found in a team boss. All of the Palmans riders have been visiting or sending flowers, fruit baskets etc. Its wonderful to have this support. You see, bigger does not always mean better. This relates to cycling teams as well!

And William Fotheringham filed his own report on Scott:

Thought you might be interested to know I went to see Scott yesterday (Friday) together with Rob Lampard, photographer at Cycling Weekly. Scott had just come out of hospital that lunch time, and seemed in incredible health for a man who had been so close to death: he was able to guide us to his home via the mobile phone and was standing waving on the balcony as we arrived.

The scar on the back of his neck is pretty frightening, but what really caught my attention was the vast yellow bruising still apparent around his neck almost three weeks after the accident - apparently it was all black at one point. He looks a little thinner, but his morale was high and he was tucking into his mother-in-law¹s banana cake.

As he recovers, he is having spells when he feels good, and spells when he feels really tired. It¹s still uncertain when he will ride his bike again, and it¹s also unclear whether he will race again this year. What is certain is that he isn¹t going to do too much too soon, even though his progress has surprised the doctors.

What is clear, however, is that the vast number of faxes and e-mails which he has had from all round the world have made a real difference to his morale in the periods he has when he¹s feeling down. The e-mails have been faxed through by Neil and the pile of fax paper is absolutely huge.

If you run this on your page, I'd be grateful if you could mention that there's to be a report and picture of our visit in Cycling Weekly this week.

So Cycling Weekly gets a free ad!!

Climbing l'Alpe d'Huez

Hennie Kuiper (two times winner in the l'Alpe d'Huez stage in the Tour de France, one time after a disqualification of Michel Pollentier) is organising cycling clinics, motivation days and now the biggest cycling race on l'Alpe d'Huez.

560 Dutch riders will start in Bourg d'Oisans for a 14 kilometers climb to the top of the famous 1860 meters high Tour de France-mountain with 21 hair-pins on May 30.

The Dutch riders are between 12 and 73 years old.

There has never been so many riding climbing the mountain at the same time. Hennie Kuiper is hoping the record will go into the Guinness Book of Records.

Netherlands, Ronde van Gelderland, 180 kms:

This was race 5 in the Club Competition, Regio 1, organised by S & F Apeldoorn.

 1. Herold Dat		RTC Groenewoud
 2. Arjan Vinke		Ysselstreek
 3. Marcel Nagengast	Wsv de Peddelaars
 4. Bennie Helmers	WSV Emmen
 5. Martijn Vos		NWV Groningen
 6. Erik Boezewinkel	Otto Ebbens
 7. Sander Hup		KWC
 8. Jan Willem Blauw	Omega
 9. Erik Dagelet	NWV Groningen
10. Jos Wolfkamp	CC’75
11. Wout Lammertink	KWC
12. Remco Kramer	Ysselstreek
13. Maarte Tjallingi	Adelaar Apeldoorn
14. Bram Tankink	OWC
15. Jacob Slenema	Assen/Roden

Laurent Jalabert's One Hundred Plus Two

With his win in the 7.5km Stage 1 time trial in the Vuelta a Asturias UCI classification leader Laurent Jalabert notched up his 100th victory in a UCI-recognised race. His win in the final stage of Asturias on Sunday and his overall victory in that race take his current tally to 102. The wins listed below do not include criteriums or classifications such as points jerseys (Jalabert took these in the Tour de France inh 1992 and 1997) and climber's jerseys (he won the Vuelta a Espana climber's competition in 1995). Only one of Jalabert's overall wins in the Challenge of Majorca, the 1993 one counts. In 1997, when he also won the "official" overall, the race series was "a la carte" (riders could pick and choose which events they started) and the overall was not UCI-recognised. Jalabert is only the second French rider since Bernard Hinault (the other was Laurent Fignon) to break through the century barrier.

How does Jalabert's record to date compare with other "greats"?

Of the riders currently in the peloton, Mario Cippollini leads the rankings (using the same criteria as Jalabert's record) with 104 victories. Others are:

Johan Museeuw 		69
Adri Van der Poel	67
Marcel Wust 		64
Gianni Bugno 		60
Maurizio Fondriest 	60
Riders no longer in the peloton rank as follows:

Eddy Merckx 		333
Rik Van Looy 		301
Roger De Vlaeminck 	248
Eddy Maertens 		214
Sean Kelly 		181
Francesco Moser 	158
Bernard Hinault 	144
Walter Godefroot 	132
Eric Vanderaerden 	121
Herman Van Springel 	118

The Breakdown

Jalabert's 102 wins break down as follows:

Sprints (more than five riders) 44, Sprints (fewer than five riders) 21, Lone wins 16, Individual time trials 5, Overall classifications in stage races 16.

and by year:

1989  3
1990  3
1991  1
1992  8
1993 17
1994 10
1995 22
1996 14
1997 18
1998 to date 6

The 102 wins in chronological order

  1. Stage 1 of Tour d'Armorique 1989 (Landerneau)
  2. Overall classification Tour d'Armorique 1989
  3. Stage 3 of Tour de Limousin 1989 (La Souterraine)
  4. Stage 3 Circuit de la Sarthe 1990 (La Suze)
  5. Stage 1 Paris--Bourges 1990 ((Asnieres-les-Bourges)
  6. Overall classification Paris--Bourges 1990
  7. Stage 2 Quatre Jours de Dunkerque 1991 (Boulogne-sur-Mer)
  8. Stage 3 Euskal Bizikleta (Bicicleta Vasca) 1992 (San Sebastian)
  9. Stage 6 Tour de France 1992 (Brussels)
 10. Stage 3 Vuelta a Burgos 1992 (Miranda de Ebro)
 11. Stage 4 Vuleta a Burgos 1992 (Trespaderne)
 12. Stage 6 Vuelta a Burgos 1992 (Burgos)
 13. Stage 2 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1992 (Lleida)
 14. Stage 5 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1992 (Sants)
 15. Stage 7 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1992 (San Fellu de Guixois)
 16. Stage 2 Vuelta a Mallorca 1993 (Magaluff)
 17. Stage 4 Vuelta a Mallorca 1993 (Alcudia)
 18. Overall classification Vuelta a Mallorca 1993
 19. Trofeo Luis Puig 1993
 20. Stage 6 Vuelta a la ComunidadValenciana 1993 (Valencia)
 21. Stage 8 Paris--Nice 1993 (Nice)
 22. Stage 3 Vuelta a Espana 1993 (Orense)
 23. Stage 7 Vuelta a Espana 1993 (Madrid)
 24. Clasica Alcobendas 1993
 25. Stage 3 Vuelta a Asturias 1993 (Avila)
 26. Stage 1 Vuelta a la Comunidad Galega (Lugo)
 27. Stage 5 Trofeo Castilla-Leon 1993 (Benavente)
 28. Stage 4 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1993 (Barcelona)
 29. Stage 5 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1993 (Granollers)
 30. Stage 2 Vuelta a Rioja 1993 (Najera)
 31. Stage 3 Vuelta a Rioja 1993 (Logrono)
 32. Overall classification Vuelta a Rioja 1993
 33. Stage 2 Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco 1994 (Vitoria)
 34. Stage 2 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Salamanca)
 35. Stage 3 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Caceres)
 36. Stage 5 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Granada)
 37. Stage 12 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Zaragoza)
 38. Stage 13 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Pamplona)
 39. Stage 16 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Lagos de Covadonga)
 40. Stage 21 Vuelta a Espana 1994 (Madrid)
 41. Stage 5 GP du Midi Libre 1994 (Sete)
 42. Stage 5 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1994 {Lerida)
 43. Stage 2 Vuelta a Mallorca 1995 (Playa de Palma)
 44. Stage 2 Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana 1995 (Benidorm)
 45. Stage 2 Paris--Nice 1995 (Roanne)
 46. Overall classification Paris--Nice 1995
 47. Milano--San Remo 1995
 48. Stage 1 Criterium International de la Route 1995 (Albi)
 49. Stage 2 Criterium International de la Route 1995 (Pic de Nore)
 50. Overall classification Criterium International de la Route 1995
 51. GP Primavera, Amorebieta 1995
 52. Fleche Wallonne 1995
 53. Stage 3 GP du Midi Libre 1995 (Carcassonne)
 54. Stage 1 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1995 (Monserrat)
 55. Stage 7 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1995 (Olot)
 56. Overall classification Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 1995
 57. Stage 12 Tour de France 1995 (Mende)
 58. Stage 3 Vuelta a la Comunidad Galega 1995 (Vigo)
 59. Stage 3 Vuelta a Espana 1995 (Alto de Naranco)
 60. Stage 5 Vuelta a Espana 1995 (Orense)
 61. Stage 8 Vuelta a Espana 1995 (Avila)
 62. Stage 15 Vuelta a Espana 1995 (Barcelona)
 63. Stage 17 Vuelta a Espana 1995 (Luz Ardiden)
 64. Overall classification Vuelta a Espana 1995
 65. Classic Haribo 1995
 66. Stage 1 Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana 1996 (Calpe)
 67. Overall classification Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana 1996
 68. Stage 3 Paris--Nice 1996 (Chalvignac)
 69. Stage 4 Paris--Nice 1996 (Millau)
 70. Overall classification Paris--Nice 1996
 71. Stage 1 Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco 1996 (Oria)
 72. Stage 2 GP du Midi-Libre 1996 (Mazamet)
 73. Stage 5 GP du Midi-Libre 1996 (Sete)
 74. Overall classification GP du Midi-Libre 1996
 75. Classique des Alpes 1996
 76. Overall classification Route du Sud 1996
 77. Stage 3 Vuelta a Espana 1996 (Albacete)
 78. Stage 13 Vuelta a Espana 1996 (Lagos de Covadonga)
 79. Second event Trofeo de Mallorca 1997 (Port de Soller)
 80. Stage 1 Paris--Nice 1997 (Paris time trial)
 81. Stage 6 Paris--Nice 1997 (Sisteron)
 82. Overall classification Paris--Nice 1997
 83. Stage 2 Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco 1997 (Viana)
 84. Stage 4 Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco 1997 (Garate)
 85. Fleche Wallonne 1997
 86. Stage 1 Vuelta a Castilla-Leon 1997 (Valladolid)
 87. Stage 2 Vuelta a Burgos 1997 (Lagunas de Neila)
 88. Overall classification Vuelta a Burgos 1997
 89. Stage 6 Vuelta a Espana 1997 (Granada)
 90. Stage 20 Vuelta a Espana 1997 (Avila)
 91. World Time Trial Championship 1997 (San Sebastian)
 92. Milano--Torino 1997
 93. Giro di Lombardia 1997
 94. Massed start stage Escalada a Montjuich 1997
 95. Time trial stage Escalada a Montjuich 1997
 96. Overall classification Escalada a Montjuich 1997
 97. Tour du Haut-Var 1998
 98. Stage 1 Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco 1998 (Hondarribia)
 99. Stage 6 (time trial) Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco 1998 (Hernani)
100. Stage 1 (time trial) Vuelta a Asturias 1998 (Gijon)
101. Stage 6 Vuelta a Asturias 1998
102. Overall classification Vuelta a Asturias

Sicily start for 1999 Giro d'Italia

Next year's Giro d'Italia cycle race will start on May 15 in the town of Agrigento, site of the 1994 world road race championship in Sicily.

The Giro will spend 3 days on Sicily with 565 km of racing from Agrigento to Ragusa, Noto to Catania, and Catania to Messina.

Middelkerke, Belgium Junior Championships, 120 kms

 1. Kevin D'Haese (Erpe-Mere)		   2.51.00
 2. Karel Bontinck
 3. Kevin De Croock
 4. Joachim Schoonacker
 5. Kevin Van Impe
 6. Nick Nuyens
 7. Glen Zelderloo
 8. Bart Bastiaens
 9. Kris Lissens
10. Frederic Gilson
11. Claude Pauwels
12. Claude Durant				0.40
13. Wouter Van Mechelen 			0.45
14. Giovanni De Beyter
15. Gorik Gardeyn
16. Davy Commeyne
17. Sven Vanthourenhout
18. Benny De Schrooder
19. Nico Verhoeven
20. Aron Huysmans
21. Gert Steegmans
22. Tony Heirbaut
23. Pieter Mertens
24. Dominique Perissi
25. Tom Boonen
26. Kjell Gryspeert
27. Kim Broodtaerts
28. Geoffrey Coupe
29. Sjef De Wilde
30. Davd Barrez
31. Frederik Pieters
32. David De Neve
33. Geert Steurs
34. Dimitri De Fauw
35. Kenny Lisabeth
36. Steven Hanselaer
37. Stijn Retore
38. Peter Harinck
39. Jurgen Van Goolen
40. Steven Duthoo
41. Renzo Brackez
42. Manu Van Loo
43. Tom Linten
44. Tom Borremans
45. Aaike Depree
46. Jeroen Proost
47. Harry Bouillon
48. Dirk Bullen
49. Sven De Kerpel
50. Tom Schotte

UK Men's RTTC 10 mile championships, May 10

                                        5 Miles 10 Miles
 1. Robert Hayles Team Brite         	8.20    18.49
 2. Jonny Clay Team Brite            	8.30    19.16
 3. Matt Illingworth Team Brite      	8.39    19.19
 4. Colin Sturgess Team Brite        	8.37    19.32
 5. Chris Ball Harrods               	8.59    19.53
 6. Syuart Dangerfield Wheelbase CC  	8.55    19.54
 7. Richard Prebble Team Clean       	8.50    19.59
 8. Tim Stevens Team Clean           	9.02    20.14
 9. Nic Hutchins MCS RT              	9.11    20.26
10. D Sweeney Rockingham Forest Whs 	9.09    20.27
11. Geoff Platts Coalville Whs      	9.31    20.32
12. Harry Walker Guru               	9.05    20.33
13. Gary Dighton Leo RC             	9.11    20.35
14. David Akam Team Clean           	9.17    20.39
15. M Hutchinson Cambridge Univ CC  	9.38    20.43
16. Dave Redding Team Clean        	9.18    20.51
16. Matt Belfield Team Ambrosia    	9.50    20.51
18. Matt Bottrill Team Northern     	9.42    20.52
19. Les Palmer Leo RC               	9.14    20.57
20. Ken Platts Coalville Whs        	9.40    20.58
21. Andy Critchlow Team Chevin     	9.40    20.59
21. Alun Owen CC Abergavenny       	9.15    20.59
23. Ceri Pritchard Condor Cycles  	9.28    21.01
24. Sion Jones Harrods              	9.56    21.07
25. Darren Willetts Birchfield CC   	9.45    21.09

Brian Holm to Team Acceptcard

Jon Jay Neufeld writes from Denmark that Brian Holm who recently left Team Home-Jack and Jones will ride for Team Acceptcard. The break has been caused by differences with the team's leadership - with sports director Alex Pedersen and team manager Torben Kølbæk. Apparently Holm began talking about retiring after this season and setting up his own team for next year. Which didn't sit too well with Pedersen.

Jack and Jones released Holm (after sending him home immediately prior to Amstel Gold, where Holm was otherwise supposed to have been team captain).

Any day now there will be a new conference in which Holm's signing with the other UCI-recognized team, Team Acceptcard, will be announced. The 'plan' would seem to be that Holm will complete the season riding for Acceptcard (a Danish credit card), and next season will become the team's sports director.

Darwin CC, Cafe Bella Cup, Round 2, May 17

34 degree celsius
60 % humidity

Around 140kms from Darwin by road is found nestled up against the Tabletop range Wangi Falls in Litchfield National. Now as is often the case during the dry season the area is full of tourists, some day visitors, some campers. Today the usual tourist were joined by a group of cycle tourers who had just ridden in from Adelaide River 100km away (enroute from Adelaide to Darwin) and riders from Katherine and Darwin assembled for Round Two of the Café Bella Cup.

The A Grade road an uneventful race, the race seemingly used as a training rider for the Top End Tour in three weeks. The 60km Veteran's and Women's races, which were run over a course which featured three 20%climbs, two over a spur of the Range, the Walker Creek jump up, and the other up the jump up to Tolmer Falls, following which the course turned around for a 10km mostly downhill run back to Wangi Falls. These races proved far more competitive. The womens bunch didn’t split during the whole race, whilst the veterans split dramatically on the first climb There on the first climb of the Walker Creek a select group of Sean Catley , Charlie Fryc and Tom Pettit went clear, leaving Martin Hardie near the top of the climb. Over the next two climbs the breakaway joined by Margaret McLachlan and Katrina Skellern increased their lead on the chase group of Paul Bubb and Martin Hardie. Sean Catley and then Tom Pettit separately got away on the final climb, each to ride the last ten kms to the finish solo.

20 kms Junior Road Race

 1. Larry Snell               	43.55
 2. Lillie Hardie Burstow    	47.32

60 kms Veterans Road Race

 1. Sean Catley               1.51.49
 2. Tony Pettit              	 2.02
 3. Charlie Fryc              	 4.11
 4. Martin Hardie            	12.45
 5. Paul Bubb                	12.49
 6. Bob Pettit                	21.49
 7. Dal Hartley               	30.48
 8. Graham Franklin       	s.t.

60 kms  Womens Road Race

 1. Margaret McLachlan       1.55.00
 2. Katrina Skellern         	s.t.

60 kms A Grade Road Race

 1. Alistair Hartley
 2. David Clarke*
 3. Dwayne Thompson*
 4. Dave Wilkinson*

Standings after Round 2


 1. Peter Verhagen 		100
 2. Alistair Hartley 		100
 3. Dwayne Thompson 		100 *
 4. Anthony Cooper 		 70
 5. David Clarke 		 70 *
 6. Gordon Atkinson  		 40
 7. David Wilkinson 		 40 *
 8. Justin Miller 		 36

* subject to protest by CDMTBC.


 1. Martin Hardie  		140
 2. Sean Catley 		100
 3. Barry Densley 		 70
 4. Tony Pettit			 70
 5. Charlie Fryc		 50
 6. Paul Bubb           	 36
 7. Bob Pettit            	 32
 8. Dal Hartley			 26
 9. Graham Franklin 		 26


 1. Margaret McLachlan      	100
 2. Katrina Skellern  		 70


 1. Larry Snell 		170
 2. Brendan Mouatt 		100
 3. Lillie Hardie 		120
 4. Ross Sinclair 		 40
 5. Nicky Sinclair 		 36

Darwin CC, Cafe Bella Cup, Round 1, Pine Creek-Kakadu Highway Road Race, 60 kms:

Here are the results of Round One of the Cafe Bella Cup which is a 10 round trophy event run by the Darwin CC. It works like the World Cup with points awarded in each grade - with the rider from any grade (open, veteran, junior, and women) - with the most points over the ten rounds taking the cup. The leading rider in each grade picks up a flash jersey. The cup events are open to all NT and visiting riders.


 1. Peter Verhagen (Darwin CC)                          1.42.12
 2. Anthony Cooper (Crazy Dogs Katherine MTBC)          1.42.43
 3. Dwayne Thompson (Crazy Dogs Katherine MTBC)         1.42.45


 1. Martin Hardie (Darwin CC)                           1.51.32
 2. Barry Densley (Crazy Dogs Katherine MTBC)           1.51.36

JUNIORS (25kms)

 1. Brendan Mouatt (Darwin CC)                          49.42
 2. Larry Snell (Katherine Cycling Club)                50.59
 3. Lillian Hardie (Darwin CC)                          58.24


 1 100
 2 70
 3 50
 4 40
 5 36
 6 32
 7 28
 8 24
 9 20
10 16