News for June 1, 1998

Victoria, Canada World Track Cup, Round 2, May 29-31, 1998:

Robert Jones from Canadian Cyclist is providing direct reports from Victoria of the second round in the World Track Cup. Here is his second report from Day 1.

The final day for the Victoria Track World Cup has dawned as sunny as the previous 2, although it is a little cooler and windier than yesterday. So far we have had the women’s 500M time trial, won by Michelle Ferris of Australia (now 3 for 3 this weekend) and Keirin first round qualifying. The Keirin repechages and the Olympic Sprint qualifying are taking place as this is posted.

Women’s 500M Time Trial

1. Michelle Ferris AUS 37.111 seconds (48.503 km/h)
2. Olga Grichina RUS 37.125
3. Nicole Reinhart USA 37.372
4. Fiona Ramage NZL 37.562
5. Katrin Meinke GER 37.584
6. Tanya Dubnicoff CAN 37.637

Keirin 1st Round (top 2 move on, rest to repechage)

Heat 1

1. Frederic Magne FRA
2. Jan Van Eijden GER
3. Alwi Rosman MAS
4. Konrad Czajkowski POL
5. Juan Luis Contreras MEX

Heat 2

1. Marty Nothstein USA
2. Peter Jacques GBR
3. Kazuto Ozaki JPN
4. David Cabrero ESP
5. Valeri Potapov RUS

The final session of this World Cup track meet in Victoria, B.C. began with the women’s Points race. Lucy Tyler-Sharman (AUS) took her second gold medal of the meet in a strongly contested 20 kilometre race of 25 riders from 14 countries. Wind played a strong part in the race, with no one able to take a lap on the field. Tyler-Sharman and Olga Slioussareva (RUS) battled through the race, with the Australian taking points in 4 sprints, and the Russian in 5. This put the two neck and neck at 12 points each going into the final (double point) sprint. Tyler-Sharman wound it up early, with Slioussareva desperately hanging onto her wheel. Coming out the last corner, the Russian managed to pull up even with Tyler-Sharman’s back wheel, but that was as far as she could get, leaving Tyler-Sharman to take the points and the race.

Next up it was the men for the Olympic Sprint. Germany pulled out the second fastest ride of the day to take the bronze medal over France, while Poland repeated their qualifying win against the United States.

The 160 lap Madison was the third event of the evening, and offered some of the most exciting racing of the day. Spain took an early flyer and managed to gain a lap on the field. Australia followed just before the halfway mark, and picked up enough points during their chase around to the pack to move into the lead. The Spanish, Danish and Germans all tried to gap the field, but Australia covered every move and stopped any of their rivals from gaining the points necessary to displace them. Luke Rogers said "with the wind it was very difficult for anyone to get away, which helped us."

The meet finished off with the Keirin. Marty Nothstein, Jens Fiedler and Frederic Magne, the reigning world champion in this event, were the favourites. Nothstein took the early front position behind the pace motorcycle, and stayed there once the pacer had pulled off. Fiedler jumped from third position when Nothstein temporarily lost sight of him just before the start of the last lap. Magne was first on the German, with Nothstein having to work his way back up from 4th. Coming into the final straight, Magne passed Fiedler, as did Nothstein. It looked like Nothstein was about to challenge Magne, but the French rider had timed it perfectly to take the win. Magne was extremely happy with his victory, after the frustration of finishing third in the Sprint and 4th in the Olympic Sprint. "I was happy that Fiedler went early, I didn’t want to go to the front since I had big gear. My tactic was to wait, and it worked!"

Full results to follow.

Many thanks to the organizers, and especially the media volunteers for their incredible assistance during this very busy meet. We can’t wait to come back again next year!

Women's Criterium, London, May 31

  1. Mansveld, Debbie (Ned) 				44.22
  2. Grimberg, Arenda (Ned) 				44.40
  3. Zoller, Silvia (Swi)
  4. Brunen, Yvonne (Ned)
  5. Miller, Tania (Aus)
  6. Hunter, Angela (GB)
  7. Vonckx, Vanja (Bel)
  8. McGregor, Yvonne (GB)
  9. Krauer, Sandra (Swi)
 10. Hillenga, Angela (Ned)
 11. Boyden, Sally (GB)
 12. Hughes, Megan (GB)
 13. Johnson, Maxine (GB)
 14. Demeyer, Ruth (Bel)
 15. Lawrence, Maria (GB)
 16. Ellway, Ruth (GB)
 17. Rowntree, Isla (GB)
 18. Jones, Louise (GB)
 19. Derham, Jenny (GB)
 20. Triner, Miriam (Swi)
 21. Bauwens, Cindy (Bel)
 22. Clarke, Lindsay (GB)
 23. Murphy, Deirdre (Ire)
 24. Alexander, Caroline (GB)
 25. Copnall, Jenny (GB)
 26. Carter, Susan (GB)
 27. Pridham, Cherie (GB)
 28. Freeman, Julia (GB)
 29. Moore, Clare (Ire)
 30. Kershaw, Jenny (GB) 				46.30
 31. O’Mara, Susan (Ire)
 32. McGoey, Jane (Ire)
 33. Maes, Natacha (GB)

Sweden, Tjejtrampet, 55 kms, May 31

 1. Susanne Ljungskog (Swe)                		     1.21.35
 2. Marie Höljer (Swe)                     			0.07
 3. Monica Valen (Nor)
 4. Alessandra d´Ettore (Ita)
 5. Sanna Lehtimäki (Fin)
 6. Tuija Kinnunen (Fin)
 7. Sonia Rocca (Ita)
 8. Madeleine Lindberg (Swe) Västerås CK
 9. Ingunn Bollerud (Nor)
10. Lotta Green (Swe) CK Revenche
11. Gunn-Rita Dahle (Nor)
12. Valentina Pokhanova (Rus) Vizir Russian Roulette
13. Wenche Stensvold (Nor)
14. Sofie Andersson (Swe) Eslövs CK
15. Valentina Gerassimova (Rus) Vizir Russian Roulette     	s.t.
Results from Gabriella Ekström

Pink Shirt Stolen

Laurent Roux lost his pink shirt twice. First in the stage on Friday and on Sunday after his shirt was stolen. "It was the shirt I wore on Friday. Even though the organisation will give me a new shirt, it will have less symbolic value for me", the TVM-rider said.

New York State, Enchanted Mountain Stage Race, May 29-31

Stage 2, Road Race

The second stage of the Enchanted Mountain Stage Race wound through lush green hills and farmland of western New York, and included numerous steep climbs. The terrain was enough to thin the men's pack into a solo winner and then two thinned-out packs behind, while the women's field simply shattered.

The 75-mile men’s race began with a flurry of attacks through the first half of the race, which covered only a few mild hills. The group of 100 remained intact entering the first significant pitch at mile 45, but after more than a mile of the 12 percent grade, the field was in one long string with gaps opening up. A scant five miles later, on the next obstacle - a two mile grind up Dutch Hill - Mercury's Matt Anand made his move. Sitting in second overall after the time trial, Anand set an unmatchable pace up Dutch Hill, and the chase group of seven could only watch him ride away. He soloed the final 20 miles of the race to snag the win and take the overall lead.

The 48-mile women's race was owned by the Saeco-Timex squad. Time trial winner Elizabeth Emery (Saturn) found she had little help as teammate Dede Demet's derailleur shifted into the spokes of her rear wheel, forcing Demet to change bikes, with teammate Karen Bliss-Livingston dropping back with Demet. After rolling through the feed zone with a lead group still intact, Saeco-Timex riders Suzy Pryde and Pam Schuster, along with Shaklee's Louisa Jenkins, emerged as the lead trio. Using textbook tactics, the Saeco-Timex riders worked over Jenkins, with Schuster slipping away with a mile left to take the stage and the overall lead.

Men, 75 miles:

1. Matt Anand (Mercury), Calgary, Alb., Canada; 2. Tom Davis (Team Jeep),
Mashpee, Mass.; 3. Patrick Heaney (Lombardi’s), San Jose, Calif.; 4. Curt
Davis (Wheelworks), Branford, Conn.; 5. Kevin Monahan (Breakaway Couriers),
Northampton, Mass.

Women, 48 miles

1. Pam Schuster (Saeco-Timex), Northridge, Calif.; 2. Suzy Pryde (Saeco-
Timex), Auckland, New Zealand; 3. Louisa Jenkins (Shaklee), Boulder, Colo.; 4.
Elizabeth Emery (Saturn), New York, N.Y.; 5. Joan Wilson (Celestial
Seasonings), Palo Alto, Calif.

Stage 3, Baxter/Snow Memorial Criterium

The final stage of the Enchanted Mountain stage race provided no major upsets to the overall competition, but this technical criterium course provided plenty of excitement. With eight corners packed into a 0.85-mile loop, along with numerous painted crosswalks causing slick corners, the race leaders were kept anxious.

The 60 rider women's pack quickly began thinning out in the first few laps, before a four-rider breakaway pounded off at the mid-way point of the 23 mile race. The four riders - Saturn's Dede Demet, Giana Roberge and Susy Pryde (both Saeco-Timex), and Joan Wilson (Celestial Seasonings) swelled their lead to 35 seconds at the bell lap. Demet popped out of the last corner in the top spot, almost crashing as her bike slid sideways on a dry but slick crosswalk marking. Pryde wasn't so lucky, as she hit the tarmac right behind. Demet snagged the stage win, with Wilson in second. Race leader Pam Schuster (Saeco- Timex) cruised in with the field 39 seconds later to take the overall win.

The 35-mile Pro-1-2 men's race began without incident, but after just eight laps officials ordered the race neutralized and instructed riders to take cover - lightening was crashing, and rain began pouring down. With the streets soaking wet, many riders and managers were calling for the potentially hazardous stage to not be counted for overall classification. But after a 45-minute delay, and the skies yielding only occasional drizzle, the race continued as planned. Numerous riders chose not to start. On the wet streets, the field began breaking up, with the eventual fallout being a lead pack of only 30 riders. Shooting off the front with 15 laps to go was Iowa Spoke's Jason McCartney, who tempoed away and built his lead to a maximum of 40 seconds. McCartney held on for the win, with GS Mengoni's Oscar Pineda edging Go-Mart's Ashley Powell in the group sprint. Mercury's Matt Anand finished safely in the field to claim the overall win.

Men, 70 kms:

1. Jason McCartney (Iowa Spoke), n.a., one hr, 2.52 secs; 2. Oscar Pineda (GS
Mengoni), Bronx, N.Y., @:27; 3. Ashley Powell (Go-Mart), Greensboro, N.C.,
s.t.; 4. Tom Davis (Team Jeep), s.t., Mashpee, Mass.; 5. Kevin Monahan
(Breakaway Couriers), Northampton, Mass., s.t.


1. Matt Anand (Mercury), Calgary, Alb., Canada, four hrs, 20 mins, 34 secs; 2.
David Zabriskie (Team Jeep), Salt Lake City, Utah, @:34; 3. Curt Davis
(Wheelworks), Branford, Conn., @:44; 4. T. Davis, @:50; 5. Adam Sbeih (Nutra
Fig), Sacramento, Calif., @:57, 6. Paul Martin (Navigators), N. Royalton,
Ohio, @1:04; 7. McCartney, @1:11 8. Thurlow Rogers (Mercury), Van Nuys,
Calif., @1:16; 9. T. Burke Swindlehurst (Nutra Fig), Hurricane, Utah, @1:16;
10. Sean Nealy (Kissena), Boston, Mass., @1:22.

Women, 33 kms:

1. Dede Demet (Saturn), Boulder, Colo., 51 mins, 18 secs; 2. Joan Wilson
(Celestial Seasonings), Palo Alto, Calif., s.t.; 3. Giana Roberge (Saeco-
Timex), Saratoga Springs, N.Y., s.t.; 4. Susy Pryde (Saeco-Timex), Auckland,
New Zealand, s.t.; 5. Kendra Wenzel (Saeco-Timex), McKenzie Bridge, Ore.,@:35.


1. Pam Schuster (Saeco-Timex), Northridge, Calif., three hrs, 23 mins, 29
secs; 2. Pryde, @:55; 3. Louisa Jenkins (Shaklee), Boulder, Colo., @1:38; 4.
Elizabeth Emery (Saturn), New York, N.Y., @1:46; 5. Wilson, @2:22; 6. Roberge,
@2:24; 7. Tina Mayolo,(PowerBar), Athens, Ga., @5:11; 8. Wenzel, @5:23; 9.
Demet, @5:24; 10. Cheryl Binney (Ralph's-Klein), Los Angeles, Calif., @5:52.

Bark Hut Inn Handicap, Northern Territory, May 31

The Bark Hut Inn Handicap held on 31st May 1998 from the Bark Hut Inn just east of the Mary River to Humpty Doo along the Arnhem Highway. A followingwind became stronger as the morning went on and assisted the riders to respectable times for the seventy two kilometre course.

 1. Jock Mather              		2.00.21
 2. Peter Strong             		2.01.42 *
 3. Dal Hartley             		2.05.46
 4. John Andrews            		2.06.03
 5. Tony Pettit             		1.54.32
 6. Katrina Skellern         		1.59.32
 7. Tamba Simpson        		1.59.32
 8. Martin Hardie            		1.59.32
 9. Charlie Fryc            		1.54.32
10. Joseph Pintaudi          		1.54.54
11. Bob Pettitt              		1.59.59
12. Jytte Tiley              		2.11.42
13. Alistair Hartley         		1.48.53
14. Dwayne Thompson 			1.48.55
15. David Clark              		1.48.57
16. Margret McLauchlin  		1.48.57
17. Dave Wilkinson       		1.48.58
18. Peter Verhagen          		1.42.14 **
19. Tom Tindal               		1.42.15
20. Lindsay McDowell    		2.14.18
21. Paul Bubb                		2.00.21
22. Steve Morrow      			1.48.33
23. Andrew Simpson     			1.56.16
24. Andrew Hall           		1.57.05

* Broken chain in the last 100 metres
** Fastest Time

Berri Open, South Australia, May 30

Chelsey Zucker (Bicycle Express) made history Saturday 30th May 1998 by being the first female rider ever to win the Berri Open in South Australia's Riverland in its 30 odd year old history. Organised by the Norwood Cycling Club, the $2500 value prize will assist in her upcoming holiday to Europe to visit Cousin's Jay and Corey Sweet.

Riding from the 14 minute group in the 80 km handicap race she took the with a 20m lead over the line more reminiscent of Road Sprint cousin Jay. Rick McCaig won the sprint over the line for fastest time just 2 mins behind with an average of over 48kph. Chelsey continued her winning sweep that evening to win the Women's Roller derby before returning to Adelaide to win the Downhill and Cross Country races in the SA MTB series on Sunday.

Rick McCaig won the A grade Criterium on Sunday with criterium specialist Matt Donnon getting second. Matt Alan crossed in third position.

EDS Track Cup, May 29-31, Major Taylor Velodrome

Adam Payne (Cox Atlanta Velo) capped a marathon session by winning the men’s kilometer time trial as the second round of the EDS Track Cup continued at Major Taylor Velodrome.

Payne, of Conifer, Colo., won the kilometer time trial in a time of one minute, 6.100 seconds, 1.4 seconds faster than Jason Garner (Ikon-Lexus).

"I’m tremendously surprised," said Payne, who had ridden in a points race heat and team pursuit qualifying earlier in the day. "I thought I was going to be smoked."

Payne also advanced to tonight’s points race final and will be part of the Cox Atlanta Velo team pursuit squad that will compete against Shaklee in that final.

Team Shaklee showed its points race strength as the second round of the EDS Track Cup ’98 continued at Major Taylor Velodrome. Jame Carney led a top-three sweep in the 30km men’s points race, taking two laps and winning five consecutive sprints. Kent Bostick was second, followed by Jonas Carney.

"I had to prove a point," Jame Carney said. "All the right people from the (U.S. Cycling) Federation were here."

His performance puts him in line to represent the United States at the final two UCI World Track Cups next month in Europe.

The Shaklee squad improved upon its second place finish in the team pursuit, where it lost to Cox Atlanta Velo in the final. Shaklee had placed first in qualifying.

In other action, Trey Gannon (Team EDS) won the men’s match sprint, redeeming himself after a poor showing at the World Track Cup last week in Cali, Colombia, where he did not qualify for the first round. Gannon defeated Stephen Alfred (Ikon-Lexus) in two rides in the final.

"Definitely, part of this was making up for Cali," Gannon said.

In the Junior World Track Championship Long Team Trials, Sara Sorensen (UAW- Chrysler) was the top qualifier in the junior women’s match sprint. Sorensen and Michelle Woomer (American Classic) made the Long Team, though Sarah Hammer (Celo Pacific) won the event. Hammer is 15 years old and riders must be 17 or 18 years old to make the Long Team.

Will Frischkorn (Hot Tubes) won the junior men’s individual pursuit event, beating Mike Luther (Arizona Ice Tea) in the final. Both qualified for the Long Team.

Men’s Kilometer Time Trial

1. Adam Payne (Cox Atlanta Velo), Conifer, Colo., one minute, 6.100 secs; 2.
Jason Garner (Ikon-Lexus), Newport Beach, Calif., 1:07.503; 3. Nathan Rogut
(Cox Atlanta Velo), Tampa, Fla., 1:08.210; 4. Ian Bettinger (Jane’s
Cosmetics), San Diego, Calif., 1:09.757; 5. Chad Rodekohr (Cox Atlanta Velo),
Lawrenceville, Ga., 1:10.052; 6. Pete Selby (Aquafina), Newport Beach, Calif.,
1:10.377; 7. Dave Bailey (Sons of Italy), Brookline, Mass., 1:10.756; 8.
Richard Dickie (Cox Atlanta Velo), Trinidad and Tobago, 1:11.146; 9. Kurt
Marion (Team Productions), Portland, Ore., 1:11.909; 10. Andy Sparks (Bike
Wave), Greencastle, Ind., 1:12.720.

Men’s Match Sprint

1. Trey Gannon (Team EDS), Plano, Texas; 2. Steve Alfred (Ikon-Lexus),
Trinidad and Tobago; 3. Marcelo Arrue (Cox Atlanta Velo), Alburtis, Pa.; 4.
Paul Swift (Shaklee), Kenosha, Wis.; 5. Bill Clay (Ikon-Lexus), Gurnee, Ill.;
6. Garth Blackburn (Cox Atlanta Velo), Houston, Texas; 7. John Bairos (Ikon-
Lexus), Redlands, Calif.; 8. Al Whaley (Coastal-Southern Elite), Humble,
Texas; 9. Gil Hatton (Team EDS), Alburtis, Pa.; 10. Jason Garner (Ikon-Lexus),
Newport Beach, Calif.

Team Pursuit

1. Cox Atlana Velo (Steve Hogan, Woodstock, Ga.; Adam Payne, Conifer, Colo.;
Chad Rodekohr, Lawrenceville, Ga.; Craig McLaughlin, Decatur, Ga.), four mins,
34.827 secs; 2. Shaklee (Jame Carney, Durango, Colo.; Jonas Carney, Boulder,
Colo.; Steve Hegg, Cardiff, Calif.; Kent Bostick, Corrales, N.M.), 4:35.066;
3. Ikon-Lexus (Derek Witte, Concord, Calif.; Danny Reid, Redlands, Calif.; Ben
Sharp, Indianapolis, Ind.; Brian Whitcomb, Conyers, Ga.), 4:39.580; 4. Team
EDS Composite (Chris Carlson, Dallas, Texas; Andy Carlson, Indianapolis;
Curtis Tolson, Louisville, Ky.; Neil Fronheiser, Barto, Pa.), 4:41.094; 5.
BMC-WalMart (Carl Sundquist, Ft. Smith, Ark.; Cameron Hoffman, Pleasanton,
Calif.; Derek Wilkerson, San Antonio, Fla.; Brice Jones, Ft. Smith), 4:43.808;
6. Tri State Velo Composite (Kyle Wamsley, Chadds Ford, Pa.; Ryan Stoner,
Jacksonville, Fla.; True Brown, Manchester Center, Vt.; Will Frischkorn,
Charleston, W.Va.), 4:45.574; 7. Speedway Wheelmen (Doug Robinson,
Indianapolis; Darren Reno, Indianapolis; Tim Robison , Morgantown, W.Va.;
Roger Bowersock, Indianapolis), 5:12.116.

Men’s 30km Points Race

1. Jame Carney (Shaklee), Durango, Colo., 33 pts (5 sprint wins); 2. Kent
Bostick (Shaklee), Corrales, N.M., -1 lap, 23 (3); 3. Jonas Carney (Shaklee),
Boulder, Colo., -1, 23 (2); 4. Ben Sharp (Ikon-Lexus), Indianapolis, - 1, 11
(1); 5. Adam Payne (Cox Atlanta Velo), Conifer, Colo., -1, 7 (0); 6. Carl
Sundquist (BMC-WalMart), Ft. Smith, Ark., -1, 2 (0); 7. Chris Carlson (Team
EDS), Dallas, Texas, -1, 0; 8. Andy Carlson (Mongoose), Indianapolis, -2, 10
(1); 9. Ryan Oelkers (Team EDS), New Tripoli, Pa., -2, 10 (1); 10. Brice Jones
(BMC-WalMart), Ft. Smith, -2, 9 (1).

Women’s Match Sprint, Semi final Pairings

Chris Witty (PowerBar), West Allis, Wis., vs. Tanya Lindenmuth (Tri State
Velo), Trexlertown, Pa.
Missy Thompson (Cox Atlanta Velo), Colorado Springs, Colo., vs. Suzie Marshall
(LGBRC), Redwood City, Calif.

A trio of riders earned their second wins of the weekend during the final day of the second round of the EDS Track Cup ’98 at Major Taylor Velodrome.

On a day that saw several rain delays, Trey Gannon (Team EDS) won the keirin in a photo finish, edging Gil Hatton (Team EDS) and Paul Swift (Shaklee). Swift had the lead coming out of the final turn, but left the sprinter’s lane open and Hatton seized it. Swift moved down the track and forced Hatton off the track, but Gannon still won by a whisker thanks to a great bike throw at the line.

"I put my hands up," Gannon said, "but I’ve celebrated losses before."

Swift was relegated to last place for entering the sprinter’s lane during the final sprint when it was already occupied.

Chris Witty (PowerBar) earned her second win of the weekend when she easily won the women’s match sprint, defeating Missy Thompson (Cox Atlanta Velo) in two rides in the final. Thompson tried different tactics in each of the two rides, but was no match for the power of the double Olympic speed skating medalist.

The final double winner of the day was Jame Carney (Shaklee), who combined with his brother, Jonas, to decisively win the Madison. The pair, who have won three national championships in the event, won four of the five sprints to easily out-distance Team EDS.

The surprise of the day came in the Olympic sprint, where the all-junior Tri State Velo team defeated a number of top senior teams. Jason Orowitz, Sam Baker and Giddeon Massie won in a time of one minute, 5.940 seconds.

"Last year, the EDS Cups were a learning experience," Orowitz said. "This year, we came to race."

Four-time women’s individual pursuit national champion Janie Quigley (PowerBar) shook off the effects of a crash in Friday night’s points race to win the pursuit in a time of three minutes, 54.413. Marisa Vande Velde (BMC- WalMart) was second in 3:56.538.

"I’m just really excited about training for the next month and looking toward nationals," said Quigley, who did not compete nationally last year after narrowly missing a berth on the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team.

The EDS Track Cup ’98 continues next month with the EDS National Cycling Championships, June 30-July 4, at the new EDS Superdrome in Frisco, Texas.


1. Trey Gannon (Team EDS), Plano, Texas; 2. Gil Hatton (Team EDS), Alburtis,
Pa.; 3. Garth Blackburn (Cox Atlanta Velo), Houston, Texas; 4. Jason Orowitz
(Tri State Velo), Bethlehem, Pa.; 5. Jason Garner (Ikon-Lexus), Newport Beach,
Calif.; 6. Steve Alfred (Ikon-Lexus), Trinidad and Tobago; 7. Bill Clay (Ikon-
Lexus), Gurnee, Ill.; 8. Paul Swift (Shaklee), Kenosha, Wis.; 9. John Bairos
(Ikon-Lexus), Redlands, Calif.

Women’s Match Sprint

1. Chris Witty (Powerbar), West Allis, Wis.; 2. Missy Thompson (Cox Atlanta
Velo), Colorado Springs, Colo.; 3. Tanya Lindenmuth (Tri State Velo),
Trexlertown, Pa.; 4. Suzie Marshall (LGBRC), Redwood City, Calif.; 5. Tammy
Thomas (GS LaBorde), Yazoo City, Miss.; 6. Karen Dunne (Team EDS), Colorado
Springs, Colo.; 7. Amber Holt (Ikon-Lexus), Torrance, Calif.; 8. Kymberly
Speer (VO2 Max), Lafayette, Calif.; 9. Shan Rayray (Alan’s), Federal Way,
Wash.; 10. Kelley Herndon (Peninsula Velo), Kensington, Calif.

Olympic Sprint

1. Tri State Velo (Giddeon Massie, Zion Hill, Pa.; Sam Baker, Ventura, Calif.;
Jason Orowitz, Bethlehem, Pa.), one minute, 5.940 secs; 2. Ikon-Lexus 2 (Bill
Clay, Gurnee, Ill.; Jason Garner, Newport Beach, Calif.; Johnny Bairos,
Redlands, Calif.), 1:06.238; 3. Cox Atlanta Velo Composite (Chad Rodekohr,
Lawrenceville, Ga.; Adam Payne, Conifer, Colo.; Nathan Rogut, Tampa, Fla.),
1:06.512; 4. Shaklee (Jame Carney, Durango, Colo.; Jonas Carney, Boulder,
Colo.; Paul Swift, Kenosha, Wis.), 1:07.555; 5. Marian College (Jeffrey
Labauve, Metairie, La.; Aaron Hubbell, Indianapolis; Ryan Zook, Swayzee,
Ind.), 1:07.680; 6. Ikon-Lexus 1 (Steve Alfred, Trinidad and Tobago; Ben
Sharp, Indianapolis, Ind.; Brian Whitcomb, Conyers, Ga.), 1:08.481; 7. Ikon-
Lexus 3 (Amber Holt, Torrance, Calif.; Danny Reid, Redlands, Calif.; Derek
Witte, Concord, Calif.), 1:08.8; 8. Coastal-Southern Elite (Al Whaley, Humble,
Texas; Dan Dunaway, Houston, Texas; Eric Olson, Houston), 1:09.133; 9. Marion
Bicycle Club (George Geier, Marion, Ind.; Pete Selby, Newport Beach, Calif.;
Basil Milsal, Oakland, Calif.), 1:09.678; 10. Tri State Velo 2 (Bob Schuler,
Breinigsville, Pa.; Kyle Wamsley, Chadds Ford, Pa.; Neil Fronheiser, Barto,
Pa.), 1:09.699.

Women’s Individual Pursuit

1. Janie Quigley (Powerbar), Encinitas, Calif., three mins, 54.413 secs; 2.
Marisa Vande Velde (BMC-WalMart), Lemont, Ill., 3:56.538; 3. Jen Evans (Team
EDS), Austin, Texas, 3:58.025; 4. Megan Troxell (Stanford-NationsBank), Palo
Alto, Calif., 4:00.656; 5. Karen Dunne (Team EDS), Colorado Springs, Colo.,
4:03.725; 6. Terry Roach (Landis-Scott Toyota), Phoenix, Ariz., 4:06.199; 7.
Stephanie Derr (BS Racing), Indianapolis, 4:09.654; 8. Nina Strika
(unattached), Conyers, Ga., 4:10.191; 9. Erica Nelson-Wong (BMC-WalMart),
Edgewater, Colo., 4:10.743; 10. Lisa Merrell (Gregg’s-Specialized), Seattle,
Wash., 4:11.460.


1. Shaklee 1 (Jame Carney, Durango, Colo.; and Jonas Carney, Boulder, Colo.),
28 pts (4 sprint wins); 2. Team EDS (Chris Carlson, Dallas, Texas, and Ryan
Oelkers, New Tripoli, Pa.), 12 (0); 3. Ikon-Lexus 2 (Ben Sharp, Indianapolis,
Ind., and Brian Whitcomb, Conyers, Ga.), 12 (0); 4. Mongoose (Andy Carlson,
Indianapolis, and Curtis Tolson, Louisville, Ky.), 7 (0); 5. Shaklee 2 (Kent
Bostick, Corrales, N.M., and Steve Hegg, Cardiff, Calif.), 6 (1); 6. BMC-
WalMart 1 (Cameron Hoffman, Pleasanton, Calif., and Carl Sundquist, Ft. Smith,
Ark.), 1; 7. BMC-WalMart 2 (Brice Jones, Ft. Smith, and Derek Wilkerson, San
Antonio, Fla.), -1 lap, 0.

Junior Women’s 2km Individual Pursuit

1. Lauren Franges (FCCC), Barto, Pa., two mins, 46.275 secs; 2. Cheynna Treto
(Jane’s Cosmetics), Temecula, Calif., 2:48.110; 3. Suzanne Ruddy (FCCC),
Doylestown, Pa., 3:04.908.