News for July 3, 1998

Tour team news

The Festina team is: Richard Virenque, Laurent Brochard, Pascal Hervé, Christophe Moreau, Didier Rous, Neil Stephens, Armin Meier, Laurent Dufaux, Alex Zülle

Gianluca Bortolami was not selected because he is out of condition and race preparateion after breaking a collar bone in May.

Meanwhile, the only American-based cycling team set to compete in the upcoming Tour de France, the United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team, today announced its nine-rider roster for cycling's most prestigious event. The Tour de France, scheduled for July 11 - August 2, will cover 2,310 miles over 22 days of racing.

The U.S. Postal Service team at the Tour includes four Americans and a total of five nationalities on its roster.

Starting for the U.S. Postal Service team in Dublin, Ireland, on July 11 will be: Frankie Andreu (USA), Dariusz Baranowski (Pol), Pascal Derame (Fra), Viatcheslav Ekimov (Rus), Tyler Hamilton (USA), George Hincapie (USA), Marty Jemison (USA), Peter Meinert (Den), and Jean-Cyril Robin (Fra).

Jonathan Vaughters (USA) was scheduled to start the race for the team but suffered a deep muscle cut in his left calf during Sunday's fourth stage of the Rheinland Pfalz Rundfarht stage race in Germany.

In 1997, the U.S. Postal Service team became just the second American-based team to compete in the Tour de France. At last year's Tour, the team's top rider, Robin, finished 15th overall while the team was one of only three to finish all nine riders.

The U.S. Postal Service team has won 15 races in 1998, highlighted by Hincapie's victory at the U.S. Pro Championship in Philadelphia and Lance Armstrong's overall victory at the Tour of Luxembourg and RPR.

Mapei - Bricobi are without VDB. Italian Franco Ballerini is the leader of the Mapei team, whose composition has considerably evolved compared to the Tour 1997 team. The Belgians Wilfried Peeters, Tom Steels and the Italians Daniele Nardello, Andrea Tafi are the only "survivors" of last year. The Belgian Bart Leysen, the Czech Jan Svorada, the Italians Stefano Zanini, Giuseppe Di Grande will be at their sides at the start of la Grande Boucle. The substitutes are the Italians Davide Bramati, Gianluca Pianegonda, the Pole Zbigniew Spruch, the Belgians Nico Mattan and ... Franck Vandenbroucke.

ONCE: The Spanish team Once, will be lead by the Frenchman Laurent Jalabert and will consist of Rafael Diaz Justo, Herminio Diaz Zabala, Marcelino Garcia, Javier Mauleon, Melchor Mauri, Luis Perez Rodriguez, Roberto Sierra and Belgian Johan Bruyneel. The team only half resembles that of the Tour 1997 team with the big change being the departure of Zulle for the Festina Watches team.

Rabobank: Invest in Boogerd. Theo de Rooy and Adri Van Houwelingen chose Michael Boogerd as the leader of the Rabobank team for the Tour 98. The Dutchmen Erik Dekker, Maarten den Bakker, Patrick Jonker, Koos Moerenhout, Leon Van Bon, Max Van Heeswijk, Aart Vierhouten and Swiss rider Beat Zberg will be his teammates. Peter Luttenberger, Robbie McEwen, Rolf Sorensen (participating riders last year) are, with Marc Wauters, the substitutes.

A ride wth the Pirate

Yesterday, Marco Pantani from Mercatone-Uno-Bianchi was out for some fun with six of his teammates for almost 6 hours and 214 Kms through the provinces of Forlì, Rimini, Pesaro and Arezzo. They over did it. "The leader must impose the tempo", said Martinelli.

With 10 days for the time trial in Dublin, the pirate is pushing. "I'm happy with my success at the Giro, but at not satisfied. I have the desire to be combative at the Tour. I'm going to shoot for the podium, I have to see what my role will be".

START - 9 AM at the house of Marcello Siboni in Cesena. Fabiano Fontanelli, Giusvan Piovaccari and Davide Dall'Olio are also there. Nobody knows where they are going, so they have to wait for Pantani and he will decide. Without a water bottle, which is not abnormal. "Marco doesn't drink much, he is a camel", says Fontanelli. At 9:58, after 30 kms, Roberto Conti and Sergio Barbero also arrive.

Every car that goes by honks their horn, waves. Two guys in a Vespa: working for Radio Antares in Novafeltria, they see Marco pass by and they want to interview him.

At 11:02, after 67 km, Pantani stops at the fountain of S. Maria di Antico, in front of the church of la Madonna. We enter the Montefeltro. The road is ondulating and tortuous.

Kilometer 91, 11:51. With the usual agility, Pantani faces the climb of Badia Tedalda: his gearing is 53x21. "At the Tour he will have a great weapon: that of tranquility. He has improved, he is more of a leader", continues Martinelli. "The Giro victory was like passing an exam, now he can win anything important".

A sign says: Alto Marecchia road,. Five kilometers to Pratieghi. "It is called "Via Maggio" and is the road to the door of Sansepolcro". At km 103 Conti lights the fuse and goes off. Pantani, hands low in the handlebar, catches up. No compassion. Second fountain. A lady recognizes Pantani. "Can I give you a kiss?" "But we are all dirty" "It doesn't matter, a kiss for our champion". Martinelli goes shopping for Bananas, apples, apricot. The third fountain, Marco stops.

It is 13:00 and it is 33 degrees. At 13.18 Pantani takes off his hat. Pantani heads towards the climb of Maiolo: 8 kms. His hands at the bottom of the handlebar, Marco disappears in the woods. His teammates are spread out. By 13:44 Pantani finishes the climb and starts the descent to San Leo. His next appointment with his teammates is at a fourth fountain, at Villanova. If is 36 degrees.

After 176 kms, they return to Via Emilia. Barbero and Conti say good-bye. The others continue. Penultimate stop: Cesena, where Siboni, Piovaccari, Dall'Olio and Fontanelli stop. Then Cesenatico, Pantani rides a little while behind the car. He then goes to a kiosk and gets a slice of watermelon.

"It isn't easy to be strong for so long. Especially regarding the mental energy to confront the Tour after riding the Giro at a high level. Ullrich will be riding strongly because up until now he has only being preparing himself. Virenque has not raced too much and he is putting everything on the Tour, then Riis and Olano. They are all on the same page. But never say never, I will combat them all".

José Miguel Echávarri sums up

José Miguel Echávarri is an institution at the Tour de France. Since his debut in 1983 ahead of Reynolds, he hasn't missed a year. He begins his 16th Tour in Dublin this year. Six times he has achieved victory (once with Perico Delgado and five with Indurain). In the history of the Tour, only one director can brag of having a better palmares: seven wins, with Hinault (4), Fignon (2) and Van Impe (1).

Q: Spanish cycling has to thank you for breaking out of the mould. Before you our riders would get to the Tour with modest goals: to win a stage, the mountain prize, a good place in the overall...

A: There are different styles of confronting what seems like a Utopia. I always thought that the Spanish cyclist had innate conditions for the Major Stage Races and that there was no reason why the Tour should be out of our reach. We had to respect the Tour a lot and the many adversaries, but we had to take away the inferiority complex. I think that in cycling, Spaniards have become European before other aspects.

Q. You always knew how to look for a favorite: Arroyo, Delgado, Indurain and now, Olano.

A. I start with the basis that the overall win stands above al other achievements. That's why Reynolds and Banesto have always presented a winner. If we don't win it, that's OK, but we have to attempt it.

Q. Is there a winning play with Olano?

A. We have a good play, but we should raise false expectations. We should learn from the recent example of our soccer selection and be cautious. We will try for him to go as high as possible, but we have to be realistic.

Q. What is Olano missing to become a 'card' like Indurain was?

A. We always have to respect the body of every rider. There can't be a metamorphosis from one day to the next. Abraham is a great time trialist and he's not a climber. Based on the route and the rivals, he could win.

Q. Can it be this year?

A. We have to start from the basis that we will face a rider, Jan Ullrich, who is well rounded in everything. he dominates the time trial and the climbs. He has no gaps and has a great team backing him up. But to win the Tour you also need to be healthy, have form and be lucky. if one of this aspects is missing, then you're dead. And not even Ullrich is immune to this.

Q. This year's route seems to be more favorable, no?

A. Yes. The time trials are longer and more adequate for Olano's characteristics, plus the first one is disputed before the first big mountain stage and it is always favorable to get there with some advantage. It is only shades, because globally the route of the Tour is as always very balanced. The organizers are masters of choosing a route that will keep the interest until the last moment.

Q. Your team seems to have prepared better than ever.

A. The last results are optimistic, but that has to be seen and demonstrated at the Tour, where everything is always harder. In any case, we are happy with the performance of the team. We will arrive at the Tour with a good tone.

Q. Including Olano?

A. On paper things have to go better. Different than the cases of Delgado or Indurain, who grew up with us, Olano arrived at Banesto with different schooling, maybe not all that different, but with some differences. It also happened with Arroyo and in both cases we needed a year to gear up, to adapt ourselves to his methods and him to our style. Last year, in his willingness to prepare himself well, Abraham wasted energies, although I think that his problem was his fall at the Dauphiné Liberé, to close to the start of the Tour, which blocked his muscles. And even with that, he finished fourth.

Q. This time you have been able to slow him down?

A. We have sacrificed the results, saving his strength. Maybe we are wrong and his condition is to shine in other races and not at the Tour. But we have made our bet.

He sums up the rivals:

CASAGRANDE - "He is in a French team and for the first time, his preparation has been specific for the Tour, so he should be amongst the top 5".

ULLRICH - "Because of his qualities in all terrains, he is the favorite. But that doesn't mean that it'll be easy for him to win the race. Like it wasn't for Indurain".

PANTANI - "With his win at the Giro d'Italia he has taken care of his season. I don't think that he will fight for the overall at the Tour, but at the mountain stages, he will be dangerous in them".

RIIS - "This will be his last chance and the enemy is on his side. He has tasted the win and is one of the few that can aspire to win the Tour. He has the most experience".

JALABERT - "He went from being a sprinter to doing well in the mountains and now he has jumped again to being a good time trialist. I don't know if it will be enough, but it is admirable".

ZÜLLE - "I feel a lot of respect for Álex. His characteristics are perfect for the Tour, but he lacks luck. This year we will have to see how he assimilated the hit to his morale after losing the Giro".

ESCARTÍN - "Never fails, although it is difficult for him to win. He is though and gets the most out of his qualities. I seem him in the top five and maybe he will win the stage that he's be so close to taking".

VIRENQUE - "As always he will be a player in the race. More than winning, he can make you lose in an inspiring day. The problem will be to see how Festina will do with three leaders".

BLANCO - "It is difficult to predict him or Casero. They will be able to do the race freely and will have a different responsibility. We should see Blanco in the mountains".

Danish National Teams Championships

Bjarne Riis and his Herning team today - just as expected - won the Danish National Teams Championships. Acceptcard Pro Cycling with talented newcomer Tayeb Braikia, could have done better than their 2nd place, but lost one of their riders, Martin Kryger, already at halfway...

 1. Herning CK (1) 						1.27.35
    (Bjarne Riis, Michael Blaudzun, Carl Christian Pedersen)
 2. Acceptcard Pro Cycling					1.30.04
    (Jimmi Madsen, Tayeb Braikia, Martin Kryger)
 3. Team home Jack and Jones					1.30.22
    (Marc Strange Jacobsen, Michael Steen Nielsen, Christian Andersen)
 4. Odense CK  							1.31.54
    (Jan Bo Petersen, Claus Holm, Jimmy Hansen)
 5. Herning CK (2) 						1.33.17
    (Thorvald Jacobsen, Peter S. Jessen, Lasse Siggaard)

On Friday the time trial (with Riis, Meinert and Hamburger) will take place and then on Sunday the fight for the much desired red and white National Jersey (Dannebrogstrikot) will be fought on a tough 213km route. Only absentee is Rolf Sorensen.

US National Cycling Championships

National champion Marty Nothstein (Team EDS) qualified first overall to top the morning qualifying session at the EDS National Cycling Championships Wednesday at the EDS Superdrome.

Nothstein, who has not lost to an American in the men’s match sprint since 1995, qualified with a 200-meter time of 10.475 seconds. The other members of the top five are Trey Gannon (Team EDS), 10.671; Mark Garrett (Team EDS), 10.724; Jeff Solt (unattached), 10.745; and Marcelo Arrue (Cox Atlanta Velo), 10.793.

Men’s sprint action continues tonight with the round of 18 and the round of 12.

The female sprinters also began their competition with 200-meter qualifying. Jennie Reed (Ikon-Lexus) qualified first with a time of 11.676 seconds. Chris Witty (PowerBar), who won the 500 meters title Tuesday, was second in 12.064 seconds.

The surprise of the morning was the withdrawal from the sprints by defending champion Nicole Reinhart (Shaklee), who had qualified third in a time of 12.186 seconds. Instead, she opted to focus on the women’s points race, which is Saturday night. Reinhart won the 500 meters and the women’s match sprint last year, but placed second in the points race.

"I want to go into the points race with everything I have," Reinhart said. "My goals go beyond nationals."

Reed and Witty easily moved into the round of 12, which will be contested Wednesday night.

In other action, Ikon-Lexus qualified first in the team pursuit with a time of 4:18.533, topping an all-star EDS Composite team, which included three members of the 1996 U.S. Olympic team pursuit squad.

Men’s Match Sprint, 200 Meter Qualifying:

1. Marty Nothstein (Team EDS), Trexlertown, Pa., 10.475 secs; 2. Trey Gannon
(Team EDS), Plano, Texas, 10.671; 3. Mark Garrett (Team EDS), Arcadia, Calif.,
10.724; 4. Jeff Solt (unattached), Los Altos, Calif., 10.745; 5. Marcelo Arrue
(Cox Atlanta Velo), West Hills, Calif., 10.793; 6. Paul Swift (Shaklee),
Kenosha, Wis., 10.873; 7. Bill Clay (Ikon-Lexus), Gurnee, Ill., 10.927; 8.
Jason Garner (Ikon-Lexus), Newport Beach, Calif., 11.017; 9. John Bairos
(Ikon-Lexus), Redlands, Calif., 11.070; 10. Al Whaley (Coastal-Southern
Elite), Houston, Texas, 11.086; 11. Kirk Whiteman (unattached), Brooklyn,
N.Y., 11.094; 12. Gil Hatton (Team EDS), Alburtis, Pa., 11.102; 13. Nathan
Rogut (Cox Atlanta Velo), Tampa, Fla., 11.210; 14. Garth Blackburn (Cox
Atlanta Velo), Houston, Texas, 11.282; 15. Jeffrey Labauve (Matrix), Metarie,
La., 11.306; 16. Dan Dunaway (Coastal-Southern Elite), Houston, Texas, 11.325;
17. Adam Wilk (Wheels in Motion), Paris, Texas, 11.380; 18. Abraham Al-Khalisi
(Safeway-Saturn), Rorbett, Ore., 11.451.

Round of 18 Pairings:

Nothstein vs. Al-Khalisi; Gannon vs. Wilk; Garrett vs. Dunaway; Solt vs.
Labauve; Arrue vs. Blackburn; Swift vs. Rogut; Clay vs. Hatton; Garner vs.
Whiteman; Bairos vs. Whaley.

Women’s Match Sprint, 200 Meter Qualifying:

1. Jennie Reed (Ikon-Lexus), Issaquah, Wash., 11.676 secs; 2. Chris Witty
(PowerBar), Milwaukee, Wis., 12.064; 3. Becky Quinn (Tri State Velo),
Quakertown, Pa., 12.217; 4. Amber Holt (Ikon-Lexus), Torrance, Calif., 12.317;
5. Tanya Lindenmuth (Tri State Velo), Trexlertown, Pa., 12.561; 6. Tammy
Thomas (GS Laborde), Yazoo City, Miss., 12.574; 7. Linda Braley (Alan’s),
Philadelphia, Pa., 12.665; 8. Kelley Herndon (Peninsula Velo), Kensington,
Calif., 12.677; 9. Sarah Hammer (Celo Pacific), Temecula, Calif., 12.805; 10.
Robin Conley-Cutting (unattached), Plano, Texas, 12.848; 11. Suzie Marshall
(LGBRC), Redwood City, Calif., 12.935; 12. Kymberly Speer (VO2 Max),
Lafayette, Calif., 13.217; 13. Karla Bland (Team Fit), Dallas, Texas, 13.278;
14. Michelle Voight (SDVA), Carlsbad, N.M., 13.321; 15. Laura Suditu
(Shaklee), Beaverton, Ore., 13.349; 16. Shan Rayray (Alan’s), Federal Way,
Wash., 13.573; 17. Michelle McCulloch (Cox Atlanta Velo), Atlanta, Ga.,
13.605; 18. Norrene Valente (Safeway-Saturn), Battle Ground, Wash., 13.751.

First Round

Reed def. Valente; Witty def. McCulloch; Quinn def. Rayray; Holt def. Suditu;
Lindenmuth def. Hensler; Thomas def. Bland; Braley def. Speer; Marshall def.
Herndon; Hammer def. Conley-Cutting.

Reps: Conley-Cutting def. Bland (Valente did not start); Speer def. McCulloch
and Hensler; Herndon def. Suditu (Rayray did not start).

Round of 12 Pairings

Reed vs. Herndon; Witty vs. Speer; Quinn vs. Conley-Cutting; Holt vs. Hammer;
Lindenmuth vs. Marshall; Thomas vs. Braley.

Team Pursuit Qualifying

1. Ikon-Lexus I (Tommy Mulkey, Winterville, Ga.; Zach Conrad, Grand Junction,
Colo.; Dirk Copeland, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Kirk O’Bee, Ada, Mich.), four
mins, 18.533 secs; 2. EDS Composite (Mariano Friedick, Los Angeles, Calif.;
Adam Laurent, Shell Beach, Calif.; Chris Carlson, Dallas, Texas; Mike
McCarthy, New York, N.Y.), 4:18.550; 3. Shaklee (Jame Carney, Durango, Colo.;
Kent Bostick, Corrales, N.M.; Derek Bouchard-Hall, Palo Alto, Calif.; Dylan
Casey, Mountain View, Calif.), 4:22.351; 4. Cox Atlanta Velo (Adam Payne,
Conifer, Colo.; Craig McLaughlin, Decatur, Ga.; Steve Hogan, Woodstock, Ga.;
Chad Rodekohr, Auburn, Ala.), 4:27.737; 5. Junior National Team (Ryan Stoner,
Jacksonville, Fla.; Will Frischkorn, Charleston, W.Va.; Ryan Miller, Colorado
Springs, Colo.; Kyle Wamsley, Chadds Ford, Pa.), 4:33.301; 6. Ikon-Lexus
Composite (Derek Witte, Concord, Calif.; Andy Carlson, Indianapolis, Ind.;
Brian Whitcomb, Tenafly, N.J.; Brice Jones, Ft. Smith, Ark.), 4:39.639.

Semifinal Pairings: Ikon-Lexus I vs. Cox Atlanta Velo; EDS Composite vs.

Dylan Casey (Shaklee) completed a unique double as he won the men’s 4km individual pursuit title Wednesday at the EDS National Cycling Championships at the new EDS Superdrome.

Casey, 27, of Mountain View, Calif., won the final with a time of four minutes, 29.684 seconds, besting Tommy Mulkey (Ikon-Lexus), Winterville, Ga., who finished in 4:35.110.

Casey had previously won the individual time trial title -- a road championship -- last Thursday in Loveland, Ohio. He is the first rider since Steve Hegg in 1990 to win both events in the same year.

"It’s been a few years coming," said Casey, who had not competed on the track until this year. The championship ride was only his fourth individual pursuit ride in his brief career.

"The time trial title was a huge focus for me. The pursuit has been kind of a bonus."

Mulkey, who represented the United States at two World Track Cups this year, had never finished higher than ninth in this event at the national championships.

"That was still probably my best pursuit ride," Mulkey said. "That guy can fly."

In other action, defending national sprint champion Marty Nothstein (Team EDS) easily moved into the quarterfinals, where he will meet teammate Trey Gannon. Gannon, who qualified second, was upset in the second round by Garth Blackburn (Cox Atlanta Velo).

In women’s sprint action, top qualifiers Jennie Reed (Ikon-Lexus) and Chris Witty (PowerBar) moved into the quarterfinals.

The championships continue Thursday with finals in men’s match sprint, team pursuit and USABA Blind Mixed Tandem sprints.

Men’s 4km Individual Pursuit

1. Dylan Casey (Shaklee), Mountain View, Calif., four mins, 29.684 secs; 2.
Tommy Mulkey (Ikon-Lexus), Winterville, Ga., 4:35.110; 3. Kent Bostick
(Shaklee), Corrales, N.M., 4:38.140; 4. Derek Bouchard-Hall (Shaklee), Palo
Alto, Calif., 4:40.263; 5. Zach Conrad (Ikon-Lexus), Grand Junction, Colo.,
4:37.918; 6. Mariano Friedick (Saturn), Los Angeles, Calif., 4:39.517; 7. Adam
Laurent (Navigators), Shell Beach, Calif., 4:40.760; 8. Chris Carlson (Team
EDS), Dallas, Texas, 4:43.667; 9. Jame Carney (Shaklee), Durango, Colo.,
4:45.090; 10. Dirk Copeland (Ikon-Lexus), San Luis Obispo, Calif., 4:46.007.

Women’s Match Sprint, Second Round

Jennie Reed (Ikon-Lexus), Kirkland, Wash., def. Kelley Herndon (Peninsula
Velo), Kensington, Calif.
Chris Witty (PowerBar), Milwaukee, Wis., def. Kymberly Speer (VO2 Max),
Lafayette, Calif.
Becky Quinn (Tri State Velo), Quakertown, Pa., def. Robin Conley-Cutting
(unattached), Plano, Texas.
Sarah Hammer (Celo Pacific), Temecula, Calif., def. Amber Holt (Ikon-Lexus),
Torrance, Calif.
Tanya Lindenmuth (Tri State Velo), Bethlehem, Pa., def. Suzie Marshall
(LGBRC), Redwood City, Calif.
Tammy Thomas (GS LaBorde), Yazoo City, Miss., def. Linda Braley (Alan’s),
Philadelphia, Pa.

Reps: Braley def. Holt and Herndon; Marshall def. Speer and Conley-Cutting.
9th-12th Ride: 9. Holt; 10. Herndon; 11. Speer; 12. Conley-Cutting.

Quarterfinal Pairings
Reed vs. Marshall; Witty vs. Braley; Quinn vs. Thomas; Hammer vs. Lindenmuth.

Men’s Match Sprint
First Round

Marty Nothstein (Team EDS), Trexlertown, Pa.; def. Abraham Al-Khalisi
(Safeway-Saturn), Rorbett, Ore.
Trey Gannon (Team EDS), Plano, Texas, def. Adam Wilk (Wheels in Motion),
Paris, Texas.
Mark Garrett (Team EDS), Arcadia, Calif., def. Dan Dunaway (Coastal-Southern
Elite), Houston, Texas.
Jeff Solt (unattached), Los Altos, Calif., def. Jeffrey Labauve (Matrix),
Metarie, La.
Marcelo Arrue (Cox Atlanta Velo), West Hills, Calif., def. Garth Blackburn
(Cox Atlanta Velo), Houston, Texas.
Paul Swift (Shaklee), Kenosha, Wis., def. Nathan Rogut (Cox Atlanta Velo),
Tampa, Fla.
Gil Hatton (Team EDS), Alburtis, Pa., def. Bill Clay (Ikon-Lexus), Gurnee,
Kirk Whiteman (unattached), Brooklyn, N.Y., def. Jason Garner (Ikon-Lexus),
Newport Beach, Calif.
Al Whaley (Coastal-Southern Elite), Houston, Texas, def. John Bairos (Ikon-
Lexus), Redlands, Calif.
First Round Reps: Bairos def. Al-Khalisi and Rogut; Blackburn def. Clay and
Wilk; Labauve def. Garner and Dunaway.

Second Round

Nothstein def. Labauve; Blackburn def. Gannon; Garrett def. Bairos; Solt def.
Whaley; Arrue def. Whiteman; Swift def. Hatton.
Second Round Reps: Labauve def. Whaley and Hatton; Gannon def. Bairos and

9th-12th Ride: 9. Bairos; 10. Hatton; 11. Whaley; 12. Whiteman.

Quarterfinal Pairings
Nothstein vs. Gannon; Blackburn vs. Labauve; Garrett vs. Swift; Solt vs.

Junior Men’s Match Sprint

1. Sam Baker (Tri State Velo), Ventura, Calif.; 2. Jason Orowitz (Tri State
Velo), Bethlehem, Pa.

Karen Kurreck (Saturn) led the way in women’s individual pursuit qualifying as the EDS National Cycling Championships rolled on amid hot temperatures at the new EDS Superdrome.

Kurreck, sixth at the world championships in the 3km event last year, posted a time of three minutes, 44.394 seconds. Jane Quigley (PowerBar), a three-time world championship medalist in the individual pursuit, was second, with a time of 3:45.900. Both riders will compete in tonight’s semifinals.

Action also continued in the men’s and women’s match sprint competition. Top seeds Marty Nothstein (Team EDS) and Jennie Reed (Ikon-Lexus) easily moved into the semifinals. The men’s sprint tournament concludes tonight. Nothstein will meet Marcelo Arrue (Cox Atlanta Velo) in one semifinal, while Mark Garrett (Team EDS) will face surprising 19-year-old Jeffrey Labauve (Richardson Bike Mart) in the other semifinals. Labauve defeated Garth Blackburn (Cox Atlanta Velo) in three rides in the quarterfinals, while Garrett edged Paul Swift (Shaklee) in three rides in a tight contest. Garrett won the first ride, but in the second ride, he was relegated after causing Swift to crash. Swift fell again in the first attempt at a third ride, but that ride was stopped. Garrett comfortably won the re-ride to advance.

In the women’s sprints, Reed will face Tanya Lindenmuth (Tri State Velo) in one semifinal, while Olympic speed skating medalist Chris Witty (PowerBar) will meet Becky Quinn (Tri State Velo) in the other match. That competition concludes Friday night.

Thursday evening’s session includes finals in the men’s match sprint, team pursuit and USABA mixed tandem sprints.

Women’s 3km Individual Pursuit Qualfying

1. Karen Kurreck (Saturn), Cupertino, Calif., three mins, 44.394 secs; 2. Jane
Quigley (PowerBar), Encinitas, Calif., 3.45.900; 3. Erin Veenstra (BMC-
WalMart), Colorado Springs, Colo., 3:48.151; 4. Jennifer Evans (Team EDS),
Austin, Texas, 3:51.836; 5. Marisa Vande Velde (BMC-WalMart), Colorado
Springs, Colo., 3:51.957; 6. Megan Troxell (Shaklee), Palo Alto, Calif.,
3:52.082; 7. Laura Reed (Ikon-Lexus), Kirkland, Wash., 3:53.859; 8. Ryan Kelly
(Team EDS), St. Paul, Minn., 4:00.540; 9. Terry Ann Roach (Landis Cycling),
Phoenix, Ariz., 4:06.479; 10. Lisa Merrell (Gregg’s-Specialized), Seattle,
Wash., 4:06.605.

Women’s Match Sprint, Quarterfinals

Jennie Reed (Ikon-Lexus), Kirkland, Wash., def. Suzie Marshall (LGBRC),
Redwood City, Calif.
Chris Witty (PowerBar), Milwaukee, Wis., def. Linda Braley (Alan’s),
Philadelphia, Pa.
Becky Quinn (Tri State Velo), Quakertown, Pa., def. Tammy Thomas (GS LaBorde),
Yazoo City, Miss.
Tanya Lindenmuth (Tri State Velo), Trexlertown, Pa., def. Sarah Hammer (Celo
Pacific), Temecula, Calif.
Semifinal Pairings: Reed vs. Lindenmuth; Witty vs. Quinn.
Men’s Match Sprint, Quarterfinals
Marty Nothstein (Team EDS), Trexlertown, Pa., def. Trey Gannon (Team EDS),
Alburtis, Pa.
Jeffrey Labauve (Richardson Bike Mart), Metairie, La., def. Garth Blackburn
(Cox Atlanta Velo), Houston, Texas.
Mark Garrett (Team EDS), Arcadia, Calif., def. Paul Swift (Shaklee), Kenosha,
Marcelo Arrue (Cox Atlanta Velo), Alburtis, Pa., def. Jeff Solt (unattached),
Los Altos, Calif.

Semifinal Pairings: Nothstein vs. Arrue; Labauve vs. Garrett.

Junior Women 2km Pursuit, Qualifying

1. Leah Toffolon (Fraysse’s Sports Resort), Lisbon, N.Y., two mins, 41.748
secs; 2. Cheynna Treto (Jane’s Cosmetics), Temecula, Calif., 2:43.023; 3. Amy
Heckman (Tri State Velo), Lancaster, Pa., 2:46.286.

Tour Feminin de Bretagne, Cat 2.9.1

Laurie Cousins writes that Kathy Watt has finished second overall in the Tour Feminin de Bretagne. This is a 5 day event, Category 2.9.1 and so far results have been scarce. The result will lift Kathy into the top ten on the UCI rankings - on the list they have posted at present she is 11th just 4 points behind Rasa Polikeviciute. Just three months back (29.3.98) Kathy's ranking had fallen to 56th after her break from racing due to injury. Her improved ranking is a reflection of the consistency and quality of her results over this period. An interesting aspect of the UCI rankings is that 2 riders in the top twenty (Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli and Linda Jackson) are both 40 year olds. Six of the top twenty are 30 or older.

Here are stage 5 and 6 results.

Stage 5, Lesneven, ITT 9.8 kms:

 1. Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) 	       13.22 (43.990)
 2. Kathy Watt (Aus) 			0.11
 3. Ilavska (Slo) 			0.26
 4. McGregor (GB) 			0.27
 5. Mazeikyte (Lit) 			0.30

Stage 6, Ploudaniel - Relecq-Kerhuon, 68 kms:

 1. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lit) 	     1.53.30
 2. Valvik (Nor) 			1.16
 3. Schnorf (Ger)
 4. Jolanta Polikeviciute (Lit)
 5. Hannof (Can) 1.18

GC after Stage 6:

 1. Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger)         10.45.22
 2. Kathy Watt (Aus) 			2.39
 3. McGregor (GB)			3.49
 4. Flatas (Nor) 			4.41
 5. Rasa Polikeviciute 			4.45