News for July 21, 1998

Former TVM rider and Belgian champion admits to doping

Ex-TVM rider Alain van den Bossche said in an interview with Het Volk (Belgium) that he had used EPO. The ex-champion of Belgium was with TVM until 1994. He said that the use of EPO in the peloton is nothing unusual: Not only with TVM, but in other teams too".

Belgium, Tour of Liege, Cat 2.12

Stage 3:

 1. Gianni David (Bel)
 2. Andy Vidts (Bel)
 3. Rudy Verdonck (Bel)
 4. Jurgen Guns (Bel)
 5. Kim Van Dijck (Bel)
 6. John Van den Akker (Ned)
 7. Gunther Cuylits (Bel)
 8. Sven Nijs (Bel)
 9. Erwin Bollen (Bel)
10. Danny In 't Ven (Bel)

Stage 4:

 1. Danny In 't Ven (Bel)
 2. Jurgen Van Roosbroeck (Bel)
 3. John van den Akker (Ned)
 4. Sven Nijs (Bel)
 5. David Debremaeker (Bel)
 6. Johan Van Nueten (Bel)
 7. Danny Van Looy (Bel)
 8. Bert De Waele (Bel)
 9. Thierry De Groote (Bel)
10. Matté Pronk (Ned)


 1. Jurgen Van Roosbroeck (Bel)
 2. Danny In 't Ven (Bel)
 3. John van den Akker (Ned)

From Kris Verrreth, Belgium

UK National RTTC 100 Mile Championships, July 19


 1. Richard Prebble, Team Clean      		3.42.47 
 2. Kevin Dawson, Team Ambrosia      		3.42.52 
 3. Sean Yates, Team Clean           		3.45.06 
 4. Gethin Butler, Norwood Paragon   		3.46.09 
 5. Rowan Horner, Cannons SCCT       		3.48.59 
 6. Ian Gilkes, Team Ambrosia        		3.49.21 
 7. Mark Lovatt, Team Ambrosia       		3.50.34 
 8. Geoff Platts, Coalville Whs      		3.51.20 
 9. Andrew Archer, GS Invicta        		3.55.42 
10. Alan Ryder, St Budeaux CC        		3.56.01 
11. Steve Fullerton, R & D CC        		3.56.53 
12. Keith Murray, Army TTT           		4.00.15 
13. John Oxley, Guru               	 	4.01.09 
14. Graham Stirzaker, VC St Raphael 		4.01.16 
15. David Watts, Halifax RC        		4.02.09 


 1. Andrea Pogson, Midlothian CC     		4.12.52 
 2. Katie Allen, Race Scene CC       		4.13.44 
 3. Karen Steele, Swaledale CC       		4.20.47 
 4. Liz Milne, Coalville Whs         		4.21.22 
 5. Anne Plant, Swaledale CC         		4.26.52 
 6. Kathy Platts, Coalville Whs      		4.32.55 
 7. Sue Parrott, Swaledale CC        		4.43.01 
 8. Julie Blyth, Melton Olympic CC   		4.44.22 
 9. Sue Gray, API Resprays           		4.45.16 
10. Anne Wooldridge, Chippenham Whs 		4.59.10 
11. Christine Minto, Birdwell Whs   		5.01.53 
12. Nikki Crammond, Bishop Auckland 		5.04.48 
13. Mary Dawson, Teesside RC        		5.05.18 
From Brian Booth, Toronto, Canada

USA, Cascade Cycling Classic, July 15-19

Scott Moninger of the Navigators Cycling Team finished 2nd overall and took the honors in stage-5 of the five-day, six-stage Cascade Classic Stage Race in Bend, OR this week. Scott completed this demanding 353-mile event through the Cascade Mountains 15 seconds behind Lance Armstrong (US Postal Service) and 1:47 ahead of David Clinger (Mercury). This tough event, characterized by aggressive and very tactical racing from all of the major teams, saw the leader’s jersey on the backs of four men before it came to rest for good on the shoulders of Armstrong during the 77-mile stage-5 circuit race. In that stage, a group of seven men, including Moninger and Armstrong, formed a break that at one point had a 6:18 advantage over the field and current race leader Thurlow Rogers (Mercury). Scott won the uphill finish to move into 2nd overall but the day’s winning move also put Armstrong in the lead with a 15-second advantage.

In addition to Scott’s individual result, The Navigators Team showed their road racing depth as Trent Klasna took 2nd in the 111-mile stage-1 opener while Michael Engleman placed 3rd in the 100-mile stage-2 road race. Engleman also finished the event tied on points for the King Of the Mountain (KOM) competition with Burke Swindlehurst (Nutra-Fig). In the Team competition, The Navigators Team displayed their stage racing capabilities by taking the team prize with a very impressive 16-minute, 29-second advantage over Nutra-Fig. Team Saturn placed 3rd, another 58 seconds back.

The 19th annual 1998 Cascade Classic was comprised of two road races, two criteriums, a circuit race and a time trial, and is the 26th stop on the 35-city National Racing Calendar (NRC). The NRC is USA Cycling’s season-long point series of the top events in the United States and serves to rank the best Professional and Amateur athletes, as well as teams.

USA, International Cycling Classic, July 17

In the women’s Milwaukee Mile Criterium, the race began fast and close. With no corners on this course, a breakaway is hard to manage. But, 20 minutes into the race, the winning trio from Friday's opening criterium, Tina Mayolo (PowerBar), Dede Demet(Saturn) and Nichola Gugliotti (unattached), performed the almost impossible task by jumping ahead for six minutes before they were swallowed up by the field. This is when the PowerBar team came into action, holding the field and allowing teammate, Brenda Brashears to win the race.

In the men’s Great Downer Bike Race in Milwaukee, competition was hot in the evening race when 23 laps into the race, 10 riders broke away and lapped the field. Although 20 countries were represented in the race, nine of the 10 break-away riders were Americans. Shaklee's Jonas Carney, who finished second, said, "For Americans to lap the field is impressive. It's not the Americans against the Europeans or anything, but it shows the ability in the States. There are a lot of strong European racers in the Classic."

Saturn’s Mark McCormack took the win, giving his team and his family a second straight MICC victory.

"We use our strengths and weaknesses together," McCormack said. "We know each other so well"

Milwaukee Mile Criterium, 45 minutes plus 2 laps:

1. Brenda Brashears (Powerbar), Grants Pass, Ore.; 2. Lisa Mason (unattached),
Columbus, Ohio; 3. Karen Bliss Livingston (Saturn), Gainesville, Fla.; 4.
Barbara Gradley (Fat Dog Pro), Newport, R.I.; 5. Maria Hassan (New Zealand),
New Zealand; 6. Lisa Klein (Texas Premier), Austin, Texas; 7. Andrea Smessaert
(Wisconsin Health & Fitness), Eagle, Wis.; 8. Emily Gloeckner (Twin Peaks),
Arvada, Colo.; 9. Andrea Ratkovic-Bowman (Pedaler's), Norman, Okla.; 10.
Courtney Hagg (Velocity), Robstown, Texas; 11.Emly Hamilton (PowerBar),
Louisville, Colo.; 12. Dede Demet (Saturn), Boulder, Colo.; 13. Dana Vicker
(Wisconsin Health & Fitness), Shorewood, Wis.; 14. Jennifer Rodriguez (New
Berlin), New Berlin, Wis.; 15. Beth Widhalm (Hotter n Hell), Kankakee, Ill.;
16. Jennifer Morris (North Jersey), Indianapolis, Ind.; 17. Tiffany Pezzulo
(SmartFuel), Boulder, Colo.; 18. Tina Mayolo (PowerBar), Athens, Ga.; 19.
Kerry Hellmuth (Capital Velo), Madison, Wis.

Great Downer Bike Race, 80 kms:

1. Mark McCormack (Saturn), North Easton, Mass.; 2. Jonas Carney (Shaklee),
Asheville, N.C.; 3. Chad Gerlach (OilMe), Sacramento, Calif.; 4. Paul Martin
(Navigators), North Royalton, Ohio; 5. Olin Bakke (Shaklee), Sierra Madre,
Calif.; 6. Shane Thellman (BMC-WalMart), Greenwood, Ark.; 7. Chris Pic
(Atlanta Cyclery), Athens, Ga.; 8. Brice Jones (BMC-WalMart), Ft. Smith, Ark.;
9. Andrew Willis (Matrix-Richardson Bike), Lytle, Texas; 10. James Aodnett
(Lombardi’s), n.a.. 11. Yans Koerts (Rabobank), Belgium. 12. Frank McCormack
(Saturn), Leicester, Mass.; 13. Matt Koschara (Shaklee), Carrboro, N.C.; 14.
Gustavo Carrillo (Guatemala Road Team), Guatemala; 15. Kirk O’Bee (Ikon-
Lexus), Ada, Mich.; 16. Norm Alvis (Saturn), Colorado Springs, Colo.; 17.
Ronny Assez (Home Market), Belgium; 18. Oscar Pineda (GS Mengoni), Bronx,
N.Y.; 19. Torrey Marks (Snow Valley), Williamsport, Pa.; 20. Jason Waddell
(CRRC), Edmond, Okla.