News for April 15, 1998

Andrei Tchmil

Andrei Tchmil was followed by the Japanese TV station NHK before, during and after Paris-Roubaix. NHK are making a documentary about European cycling. Tchmil punctured four times and came 13th.

Andrei Tchmil has also contracted to ride in the the 8th RAI Dernyrace on May 17. Other starters are Franco Ballerini and Frank Vandenbroucke. Andrea Tafi will probably replace Johan Museeuw.

Franco Ballerini

Franco Ballerini's schedule did not include a start in Luik-Bastenaken-Luik. However, after a superb performance at Paris-Roubaix he is due to talk to Mapei team leader to see if he can start on Sunday. He is keen to remain at the top of the World Cup.

Omloop der Groene Gemeente, Vlijmen-Vlijmen, 123kms:

 1. Miriam Melchers (Ned) National Dutch Team		3.04.10
 2. Marion Borst (Ned) The Greenery
 3. Annouska van der Zee (Ned) Opstalan
 4. Ghita Beltman (Ned) The Greenery
 5. Angela Hillega (Ned) National Dutch Team
 6. Ina Yoko Teutenberg (Ger) Germany
 7. Debby Mansveld (Ned) National Dutch Team
 8. Yvonne Brunen (Ned) National Dutch Team
 9. Sandra Rombouts (Ned) National Dutch Team
10. Janneke Vos (Ned) The Greenery
11. Regina Marunda (Ger) Germany
12. Christine Becker (Ger) Germany
13. Marion van Zuylen (Ned) The Greenery
14. Nicolle Vermast (Ned) Opstalan
15. Chantal Beltman (Ned) The Greenery

Rund um Schönaich, Germany, 135 kms:

Marco Engels won the German Rund um Schönaich on April 13. He won the 135 km race for elite amateurs in 3.22.18. The German rider Oldrich was second at 3 seconds. The race was held in very bad weather with freezing cold conditions and snow. After 120 kms the organiser changed the distance from 160 to 135 km.

 1. Marco Engels (Ned)             135 km in 3.22.18
 2. Oldrich (Ger) 				0.03
 3. Koller (Ger) 				0.16

Weekend Update

Belgium, Heist-op-den-Berg-Zonderschot, Elite:

 1. Roes (Bel)             108 km in 2.25.00
 2. Claessens (Bel)
 3. Zuijderwijk (Ned)
 4. Lexberg (Noro)
 5. Christiaensens (Den)

Ronde van Steenbergen, Women:

 1. Mansveld (Gasselternijveen)      70 km in 1.42.14
 2. Hillenga (Finsterwolde) 			0.50
 3. Richardson (USA)

Gerwen, National Race:

 1. Van Pelt (Gerwen) 	            100 km in 2.17.49
 2. Van de Akker (Veldhoven)
 3. Dat (Lierop)

Nijverdal, Top Competition ATB, Second race


 1. Brentjens (Schaijk)             52 km in 2.00.26
 2. Dekker (Doetinchem)
 3. Paulissen (Bel) 				2.39
 4. De Knegt (Tilburg) 				2.40
 5. Tolhoek (Yerseke) 				3.54


 1. Dorland (Eerbeek)               38 km in 1.51.29
 2. Dahle (Nor) 				0.06
 3. Ravenstijn (Wijchen) 			2.39
 4. Van den Brand (Zeeland) 			4.58
 5. Pulitz (Ger) 				6.28