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Wilderness 101 - NE

State College, Pennsylvania, USA, July 26, 2008

2007 Results       Results       NUE Standings

Team-mates Sornson and Schalk victorious in Pennsylvania

By Harlan Price in Coburn, Pennsylvania

Stop number five of the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) series arrived outside of State College in Coburn, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, with over 300 racers filling up the small city park for the 7:00 am start. A lack of substantial rainfall the night before was a detour from the norm from the previous series races, which all experienced enough rain to significantly affect the courses. Even though racers for the Wilderness 101 were met with moderate temperatures and good trail conditions, the heat of the competition determined there would be a shortage of comfort for all vying for podium spots.

Sornson's new form rears back and strikes

Cheryl Sornson crosses a bridge
Photo ©: Bob Popovich
(Click for larger image)

Twenty two women on the start line marked a new record for attendance in the overall women's division. In the line up was hometown favorite Michelle Stopper (Visit PA), 2006 and 2007 winner Betsy Shogren (Sobe Cannondale), 2007 series winner Carey Lowery (Outdoor Store) and second at the Lumberjack 100 Karen Potter (mtbmind.com). Cheryl Soronson (Trek VW East Coast) looked at the competition and decided to race her own pace to a victory over the stacked field. En route, she shored up her overall first place in the series' standings.

For the women, racing in a field where they are outnumbered by men 15 to 1, it becomes important to be confident riding in a group in the opening miles. Sornson had a good beginning, using the pack to her advantage.

"I had a great start and got in a pack with the guys. I was able to get on some good trains (in the opening road sections)." She managed to lead up through mile 40 but was caught by Michelle Stopper (Visit PA) on one of the descents soon after. The two rode together briefly, but as the climbs began, Stopper pulled away.

"When she (Stopper) passed me," said Sornson, "I got a little gloomy, but when my friend Tom gave me some encouraging words, I just put it out of my head and tried to stay in my target heart rate zone."

Michelle Stopper
Photo ©: Bob Popovich
(Click for larger image)

By mile 60 and aid station three Stopper had put five minutes into Soronson. In the 101 people might start racing earlier, but it is often the singlerack climb out of aid station three where they determine what kind of day it is actually going to be. The sections of singlerack get longer and more frequent and the toll must be paid for earlier work done. Stopper managed to hold onto her lead until about mile 85 where the Sornson "came blowing by" on the flat, rolling dual track. "I tried to keep up, but didn't have that time-trailing motivation," said Stopper.

Once she was past Stopper, two minor climbs and about five miles of rails to trails remained. "I tried to keep it in the big ring and keep my heart rate where it needed to be," said Sornson.

At the finish line she came in just one minute behind the course record, but more importantly 10 minutes ahead of Stopper. Lowery was 23 minutes back, while Potter finished another five minutes back. Last year's winner Shogren was suffering an injured wrist and decided to ride her singlespeed for the day, but still managed a fifth place finish.

Schalk racks up win number 4 while Eatough and Price play cat and mouse

Jeff Schalk
Photo ©: Chris Scott
(Click for larger image)

Jeff Schalk (Trek / VW East Coast) arrived in Coburn with a hammer and one more nail to put in the coffin in which to bury the rest of his competitors fighting for the top spot on the NUE series podium. On another unfamiliar course with some of the most technical singlerack in the series, Schalk broke away earlier than usual at the 40 mile mark to win with a six minute lead over previous race winners Chris Eatough (Trek / VW) and Harlan Price (IFracing.org), who were left to a game of jockeying for second wheel for a sprint finish.

Schalk has reengineered the world of 100 mile mountain bike races. No longer are there neutral starts to allow a warm up. The Wilderness 101 has traditionally had an unofficial mellow to moderate tempo untill the climb after aid station one. This year, when the lead moto pulled away after the rollout through the morning chilled downtown , Christian Tanguy (American Cycle and Fitness), who's climbing skills may match those of Schalk, wasted no time stepping to the front of the group to set the tone for the day. He wasn't without help in the form of Schalk who was enjoying an almost free ride up the opening pavement climb.

The rapid rise in heart rates saw the peloton dwindle quicker than ever to eight riders. Schalk, Tanguy, Eatough, Price, Chris Beck (Gary Fisher 29er), Brandon Draugelis (Sobe Cannondale), Michael Simonson (Trek / VW midwest) and Weston Schempf (Visit PA) on his singlepeed.

Through mile twenty and aid station one, this group stayed together until Schempf was the first to drop off on a grassy dual track climb followed by a section of road that gave the advantage to a big ring although the group had briefly lost Tanguy after a singletrack section before rolling into aid station two.

Chris Beck leads Christian Tanguy
Photo ©: Chris Scott
(Click for larger image)

Schalk and Simonson got a hand-off at the aid station, allowing for a 20 second advantage over the rest of the group who were grabbing drop bags from the volunteers. Eatough, Beck, Draugelis and Price made chase up the next climb but were only able to stop Schalk from a greater gap, but not bring him back.

Beck bridged up to the Trek duo as Simonson was dropping off, which left Price and Draugelis to chase since Eatough was reluctant to put out any extra effort with a team-mate up the road and 24 hour solo nationals the next weekend.

"Since the other races had come down to the end, I was hoping to get this one over with earlier," said Schalk about his tactics after the race. "When Beck caught me, he encouraged me to go for it. I felt like I had hung myself out to dry when I attacked, but once I committed I had to pull on. I was in total panic mode for the rest of the race."

Harlan Price and Chris Eatough dropped back on
Photo ©: Chris Scott
(Click for larger image)

Maybe because, after Eatough and Price dropped the other riders on the singletrack climb after aid station three, they pursued Schalk with a consistent gap of four to five minutes. Never feeling comfortable with his lead, Schalk resorted to peeing off the bike but mostly on himself to avoid losing time stopping for a proper pee break. Price and Eatough were floating in the same boat, after one rider refused to stop for a break early in the race, forcing everyone to hold it for seven hours of racing.

The Trek and Independent Fabrication riders had their own worries with a climber like Tanguy behind them. "Tanguy is a beast on the climbs. Fortunately for us, his trail skills are not to sharp. Chris and I were constantly worried about him creeping up on us on one of the big climbs," said Price. The level of competition made the racing tense, but the course favored the more skilled trail riders as the miles counted down. The majority of singletrack was to be found in the last 40 miles of the race, giving the chasing pair an advantage over Tanguy.

While Schalk was up the road, Price and Eatough were playing their own games, with Eatough trying to ride just enough to take second and Price trying to figure out a winning strategy. Out of aid station four, only four minutes behind Schalk, Price attacked on the long dual track climb, but Eatough was able to take back the 20 seconds on the open descent off the other side. A little more cautious on the next climb Price pushed the pace to test Eatough's legs, and found them to be sound.

Brandon Draugelis
Photo ©: Chris Scott
(Click for larger image)

"I realized that Chris had some reserves, and I wasn't in a position to lay down a five mile time trail, so I started imagining a sprint finish," said Price. "Stage 18 and 19 of the Tour [de France] were fresh in my head as well as some spirited group rides I had been on lately, so I thought there was a good possibility of a win if I came in with a good position."

Eatough got a small gap on the descent leading up to the Fisherman's trail, the most technical trail of the course, but Price was able to close it early in the track. "Eatough is a legend on the Fisherman's trail, having cleaned it every time he rode it on the way to victory. But I had been out pre-riding it the day before and knew I could run it smooth. Probably not clean it, but at least predict mistakes," said Price. "I came into the entrance hot off the downhill and instantly had him back in sight. Then he did the unthinkable and came off the bike, and I knew I had a chance to be with him to the finish."

By the time Price and Eatough came out of the Fisherman's Trail, what remained were three miles of rail trail, a dark tunnel full of rocks and a mile of road leading to the final turns into town and the city park. Price went first into the tunnel, where only the outlines of rocks were visible. At the end, in the darkness, Price heard the unmistakable sound of Stan's sealant spewing out of a tire puncture. It stopped spewing and was presumably sealed, but the hesitation put him second wheel to Eatough for the last mile.

Men's podium
Photo ©: Chris Scott
(Click for larger image)

The pair played a game of cat and mouse with Eatough laying down two attacks quickly covered by Price, but by the final corner with a hundred feet to go, Price's front tire had lost enough air to make it impossible to negotiate the turn.

"I was really excited to be in a sprint finish with a rider like Chris," said Price. "It would have been a spectacle for the finish line crowd...a reward for all the people who had to sit around for hours (waiting for us)."

Schalk had already finished, with a comfortable seven minute lead after his chasers slowed to jockey for position. "I felt more beat up now than after the other 100s," said Schalk. "I'm not totally recovered from the BC bike race, and I wasn't feeling stellar." Despite feeling the effects of the season thus far, Schalk is planning to do the last three races to help him prepare for next year.

Watching the race at points from cars and his bike, promoter Chris Scott complemented the winner. "Schalk is impressive, and no one has been able to attack the whole race until now. A little bit of doubt about his abilities forces him to hit it hard and run from the skills of riders like Eatough and Price."

Myline takes second consecutive singlespeed win, while Masters do their own battle

Fuzzy John made good work of the Wilderness 101 course
Photo ©: Chris Scott
(Click for larger image)

Team Sho-Air-Niner rider John "Fuzzy" Myline, flew the beard with pride after winning his second 100 mile race in the top ten overall. He overcame a strong field including Weston Shempf (Visit PA) and John's traveling partner and recent BC Bike Race finisher Dejay Birtch (Sho-Air/Niner). His 20 minute margin over second place Schempf probably made the other riders glad that series scoring is based on place and not overall time.

On the way to besting the rest of the 63 singlespeeders, Benji Klimas of the WV Night Club Contingent finished third, while his West Virginian compatriots Chris McGill (WV 29er Cannondale) and the all around lovable, cane toting Gunner Shogren (Sobe Cannondale) squared off the top five spots.

Currently Birtch and Fuzzy have two wins each, so their battle royale is just beginning.

The masters division saw its fair share of warries. Although Scott Root (Dirty Harrys Bikes/Nimmo Chiropractic) is dominating the series, he was continuously challenged by Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication) in Saturday's showdown. Only ten minutes back at the end, Wurster had his best race of the series with a second place win. If his form continues to improve, he may be able to challenge Root for the overall.

Racers next head to the Fools Gold 100 in Georgia on August 16 and the Shenandoah Mountain 100 on August 31. With three races in total left, Schalk is looking good for an overall win; however, Breckenridge 100 winner Josh Tostado could conceivably win the last three races for the overall.


For a thumbnail gallery of these images, click here

Images by Bob Popovich

Images by Chris Scott


Open men

1 Jeff Schalk (Trek VW East Coast)                             6.41.17
2 Chris Eatough (Trek VW )                                        6.19
3 Harlan Price (Independent Fabrication)                          6.44
4 Christian Tanguy (American Cycle & Fitness)                    17.56
5 Chris Beck (Gary Fisher 29er)                                  19.34
6 Brandon Draugelis (SoBe Cannondale)                            23.23
7 Jesse Jakomait (SoBe Cannondale)                               28.47
8 Jacob Loverich (Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer)           52.33
9 Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/SPK/Salsa)                              56.32
10 Andy Gorski (Speedgoat/SPK/Salsa)                             59.40
11 Stephen Cummings (Indiana Regional Medical Center)          1.05.03
12 Michael Simonson (Trek/VW Midwest)                          1.08.00
13 Robert Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)                        1.14.57
14 John Burns (Bikeman.com)                                    1.15.44
15 Harry Precourt (Bikeman.com)                                1.32.03
16 Justin Pokrivka (Dirty Harry's.net)                         1.36.55
17 Jamie Huber (Sicklers/Twin 6)                               1.37.48
18 William Fernan (Charlie Chuck and the Komodo Dragons)       1.41.58
19 Nathan Deibert (Hermanos Lopez - CicloSport Coca)           1.44.21
20 Rich Straub (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                        1.46.41
21 Mukunda Feldman (Spooky Bikes)                              1.50.27
22 James Kelly (Ryan Fawley Has Sweet Cheeks!)                 1.52.18
23 Kyle Lawrence (Gary Fisher 29er)                            1.52.34
24 Stewart Staton (Plum Grove Cyclery)                         1.54.20
25 Andy Weidrich (WV Night Club Contingent)                    1.56.39
26 Morgan Miller (WV 29'ers)                                   1.57.45
27 Nicholas Shaffer (Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon)             2.08.04
28 David Olsen (Gripped Films/Kenda)                           2.18.53
29 Ryan Fawley (Shenandoah Mountain Touring)                   2.21.49
30 Mike Buchness (Pedal Shop)                                  2.23.38
31 Alex Kopko (IFracing.org)                                   2.23.41
32 Dan LaRocque (Endorphin Fitness)                            2.28.39
33 Steve Thorne (Mt Nittany Wheelworks)                        2.29.55
34 Calvin Cheung (LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies)                2.32.12
35 Jason Rody (Arrow Racing)                                   2.34.07
36 Alistair Siebert (NYCMTB)                                   2.37.20
37 Craig Dupree (Apple Power)                                  2.38.48
38 Mike Carter (Spokes Bike Shop, Kenda I-9 Tifosi 661)        2.40.11
39 Dennis Lessard (Healthy & Fit Magazine)                     2.40.41
40 Jonathan Scroggin (spud racing)                             2.41.33
41 Edward DeLuca (Scholl's)                                    2.41.52
42 Kevin Chichlowski (bikebarnracing.com)                      2.43.19
43 Joel Cahalan (The Hub Cycling League)                       2.43.55
44 Brett Mckay (Hollyloft/Truck-Lite)                          2.44.54
45 Charles Gaurman (Third Cog down)                            2.45.11
46 Chip Kogelmann (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                     2.45.58
47 Doug Milliken (ABRT/Latitude)                               2.46.11
48 Jeff Cote                                                   2.46.13
49 Jake McCrea                                                 2.47.57
50 Jacob Grantham (Pro Bikes Endura Cannondale)                2.49.49
51 Jon Rittling (Endorphin Fitness)                            2.51.30
52 Don Gustavson (Cycle Center / JAAT)                         2.51.41
53 Daniel Ellis (Sicklers)                                     2.56.17
54 John Selus (In Gear Cycling & Fitness)                      2.58.30
55 Pete Sontheimer (Gettysburg Cupcake Factory)                3.04.18
56 John Gerweck (Boulder Cycle Sport)                          3.04.29
57 Joseph Gabor (D.I.Y.)                                       3.05.52
58 Wade Newell (Team Trip)                                     3.08.16
59 Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/Campmor)                       3.10.36
60 Mike Maher (AG3R/Indianacyling.com)                         3.10.38
61 Henry Loving (Endorphin Fitness)                            3.12.22
62 Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle & Sport)                      3.13.04
63 Rob Brawley                                                 3.13.15
64 Neil Popovich (Bobs-Photogallery.com)                       3.15.57
65 Tyler VanRensselaer (Endorphin Fitness)                     3.16.39
66 Philip Wright (Ride Wright)                                 3.16.41
67 Jake Davidson (Intense/Beans Bikes/Ergon /Evomo/TekBolt)    3.18.05
68 Daniel Healy (tri town)                                     3.19.46
69 Allen Runkle (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                       3.20.01
70 Dan Orzell (Benidorm Bikes)                                 3.21.15
71 Mark Milliken (Erin, Reed and Rigg)                         3.23.15
72 Eric Reid (Bikesport)                                       3.24.02
73 Shane Cusick (designforum - Landscape Architects)           3.29.12
74 Chris Reynolds (Endorhin Fitness)                           3.29.13
75 Joseph Pallotto (Advanced Rehab)                            3.29.19
76 Michael Faust (Sicklers)                                    3.29.41
77 Eric Baum (Chain Gang)                                      3.33.05
78 Nate Mirus (BioWheels Cincy)                                3.33.22
79 Todd Peterson (Teambulldogs)                                3.33.24
80 Joey Boyle (Athens Bicycle)                                 3.41.15
81 Thomas Hurley (T3 south coast cycling)                      3.47.11
82 Myles McPartland (bikebarnracing.com)                       3.47.49
83 Aaron Hofelt (Nittany Mountain Biking Assoc)                3.47.51
84 Jay Cullen (Endorphin Fitness)                              3.48.05
85 Gary Contic (os20gear)                                      3.50.24
86 Todd Erdley (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                        3.50.26
87 Peter Spagnoli (hunky dorys)                                3.53.00
88 Peri Garite (Team Little P)                                 3.54.13
89 Martin Kozera (sweetsingletrack.com)                        3.54.54
90 Chris Robins (Carl hart bikes)                              3.56.24
91 Harry Sherrill (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                     4.00.25
92 Patrick Twomey (os20gear)                                   4.02.57
93 Ken Clark (Team Marty's)                                    4.03.50
94 James Dieringer (Spin/Dieringer Cycles)                     4.05.33
95 Kevin Pickett (bikebarnracing.com)                          4.09.17
96 Greg Morrison (Chain Gang)                                  4.09.41
97 Oliver Carbonell (Toga Multisport Club)                     4.09.43
98 Wayne Baker (NA)                                            4.10.12
99 Ray Harmer (team elise)                                     4.14.21
100 Jerry Jackson (Ghost Riders)                               4.16.44
101 Ed Hook (zephry)                                           4.17.09
102 David Stauffer (Team Cycleworks / Niner)                   4.22.29
103 Hamid Hariri (Gripped Films - Kenda Racing)                4.23.27
104 Albert Ciesielka (aroundnj.com/marty's reliable cycle)     4.24.03
105 Liam Twomey (OS20gear.com/Quad Cycles)                     4.28.48
106 Jonathan Zerbe (Durx.org)                                  4.32.19
107 Jason Zerbe (JBMountainBikes.com)                          4.33.19
108 Matt Keller (Ed's Ski & Cycle)                             4.33.21
109 Mark Nicoll (IRMC)                                         4.37.54
110 Ian Spivack (pilar and lucas)                              4.41.07
111 Dariusz Maciag (none)                                      4.51.14
112 Raymond Crew (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                      4.52.29
113 Michael Ryba (CAMBA)                                       4.54.06
114 Martin Schamis (Project Farmertan)                         4.54.49
115 Paul Leeger (Yeren ASR)                                    4.56.29
116 Lawrence Schlaline (Spud Racing)                           5.00.01
117 Erik Lenzing (NittanyMBA.org)                              5.02.47
118 Paul Wilczek (Life Cycle Fitness)                          5.04.45
119 Jake Brown (Source Endurance Dragonsauce Bikes)            5.04.47
120 Nathan Allen (Team Awesome)                                5.04.57
121 Frank Maguire (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                     5.05.51
122 David Aitkenhead (NONE)                                    5.08.37
123 Joe Gore (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                          5.08.46
124 Josh Kaffer (JoshKaffer.com)                                      
125 Ken Heil (Flannel)                                         5.09.14
126 Jason McKee (Insomniac Racing)                             5.09.18
127 Jim Glover (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                        5.12.28
128 Marco Deshaies (Athens Bicycle)                            5.12.30
129 Barry Rauhauser (Team Cycle Works)                         5.13.25
130 Scott Green                                                5.13.43
131 Bob Gilpen                                                 5.13.49
132 David Juneau (Team Mossman / Tokeneke Racing)              5.14.52
133 Glenn Eck (none)                                           5.15.19
134 Charles Buki (HPC-LIST)                                    5.17.15
135 Don Kelly (Chain Gang)                                     5.18.37
136 Ben Hess (durx.org)                                        5.26.37
137 Jeff Carlson (Motortabs/Nuun/Evomo/SunRingle/661)          5.26.40
138 Aaron Meier (Jbmountainbikes.com)                          5.26.42
139 Jesse Huot (self)                                          5.26.46
140 Laurence Etgen (Halter's Cycles)                           5.26.57
141 Kevin Williams (Wissahickonn Cycle / Engin)                5.36.18
142 Aaron Pontzer (Nittany Mountain Bike Association)          5.42.08
143 Per Heilmann (JAAT)                                        5.42.11
144 John Schuster (Negative Balance)                           5.43.16
145 Brian Hopkins (Ag3r/Indianacycling.com)                    5.47.19
146 Jeffrey Gagliardo (All American Bicycle Club)              5.48.04
147 Aaron Dietrich (The Little Egg Farm)                       5.49.39
148 Kevin Hazenstab (Hildebrand Chiropractic)                  5.51.15
149 Brian Boring (Luv Muscle)                                  5.53.38
150 Chris Kopec (No Team)                                             
151 Travis Williams (T6/Yellow Helmutt/Richmond Brownies)      6.00.45
152 Tim Nielsen (SunGard)                                      6.07.05
153 Clay Chiles (Penn State Cycling)                           6.11.13
154 Jonathan Schach                                            6.12.17
155 Bertrand Blunt (Griffin Cycles)                            6.20.08
156 Lincoln Harberger                                          6.28.17
157 Peter Rajcani (TORC/Triangle Cyclopaths)                   6.45.17
158 Steve Weil                                                 6.47.20
159 Steven Fisher (DRC)                                        6.47.24
160 Joe Ludden (DRC)                                           6.47.28
161 Joseph Hughes (Draz and ZaZ)                               6.47.32
162 Gary Cadelina (LUCBAN)                                     6.54.32
163 Kristopher Piemonte (None)                                 7.01.46
164 Russell Hildebrand (Hildebrand Chiropractic)               7.01.59
165 Kurt Rubeck (Toulon Oconnor Racing)                        7.20.03
166 Myles Glisson (Team Nitro)                                 7.20.07
167 Daniel Rapp (none)                                         7.28.23
168 Jae Choi (NYCMTB-PEAK Bikes)                               7.34.59
169 Michael Cone (Place Your Advertisement Here)               8.04.13
DNF Tom Franek (Advanced Rehab)                                       
DNF Brian Lennon (CAMBA/Bike Authority)                               
DNF Stu Hess (MBR Medical Billing)                                    
DNF Gregory Bridges                                                   
DNF Jeff Mckay (me ass is on fire)                                    
DNF George Scott (Type 1 Rider)                                       
DNF James Sinclair (Privateer)                                        
DNF Al Yoon (GFK Racing)                                              
DNF Kyle Becker (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                              
DNF Ben Reeder (LoweRiders)                                           
DNF Ken Roth (None)                                                   
DNF Scott Hildebrand (Hildebrand Chiropractic)                        
DNF Jim Airgood (HUP United)                                          
DNF Matthew Blacker (Me)                                              
DNF John Nielsen (nun)                                                
DNF Scott Sheeder (none)                                              
DNF Blake Sorg (Tritown Bicyles)                                      
DNF Kris Weber (Team Bulldog Campmor)                                 
DNF Tony Cervati (Type1Rider)                                         
DNF Gary Williams (Ohio Orthopaedic/Moro Cycling)                     
DNF David Doyle (WavyWaves.com)                                       
DNF Raymond Velez (wife and dogs)                                     
DNF Roy Vaccaro (Team Fitness)                                        
DNS Mike Kuhn (VisitPA.com)                                           
DNS Gil Lobell (Bike Depot)                                           
DNS David Spivey                                                      
DNS Rick Webb (Baltimore Bush Doctors)                                
DNS Fred Teichman (Data Cell Systems)                                 
DNS Charles Vigua (Bike Depot)                                        
DNS John Majors                                                       
DNS Claude Laberge (Team Marty's)                                     
DNS Rich Bilson (Evolution Cycling)                                   
DNS Chad Chaumont (Cadre)                                             
DNS Tony Howell (Connecticut Coast)                                   
DNS John Lien (Oksana, Sasha, Katya)                                  
DNS Jamie Weleber (Chalet Sports)                                     
DNS Christopher Broering (Speaker City, Krispy Kreme)                 
Open women

1 Cheryl Sornson (Trek VW East Coast)                          8.36.59
2 Michelle Stopper (VisitPA.com)                                  9.38
3 Carey Lowery (Outdoor Store)                                   22.11
4 Karen Potter (MTBMIND.COM)                                     27.55
5 Betsy Shogren (SoBe Cannondale)                                40.27
6 Vicki Barclay (State College Bicycles)                         55.43
7 Karen Moody (Sorella Cycling/BVM Engineering)                2.18.30
8 Reenie Greene (Luna Chix)                                    2.28.47
9 Adrianne Kroepsch (Accelerade)                               3.14.20
10 Heather Hendershot (None)                                   3.37.23
11 Jennifer Dean                                               3.40.37
12 Ruth Cunningham (Dirty Harry's.net)                         4.25.52
13 Ieva Perkons (The Bums Will Always Lose)                    4.54.46
14 Anne Noga (mtbmind.com)                                     5.06.22
15 Gillian Parsons (The Peddler)                               6.08.27
DNF Sinead Fitzgibbon (champion system)                               
DNF Misty (Shenendoah Mtn. Touring)                                   
DNF Marcia Ransom (ME)                                                
DNF Julie Urlaub (Team Bikesport)                                     
DNF Dawn Kaczor (mtbmind.com)                                         
DNS Connie Bazos-Blacker (Me)                                         
DNS Dawn Tomassi (Bike Depot)                                         
Singlespeed Women

1 Betsy Shogren (SoBe Cannondale)                              9.17.26
2 Reenie Greene (Luna Chix)                                    1.48.20
Singlespeed Men

1 John Mylne (Team Shoair / Niner)                             7.36.33
2 Wes Schempf (VisitPA.com)                                      21.01
3 Benji Klimas (WV Night Club Contingent)                        30.42
4 Chris McGill (WV29er Cannondale)                               31.32
5 Gunner Shogren (SoBe Cannondale)                               37.17
6 Tommi McMillar (TomiCog/Vassago)                               42.43
7 Topher Valenti (Bikesport)                                     46.17
8 Matt Ferrari (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                          50.55
9 Bill Alcorn (Speedgoat/ Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                51.34
10 Dejay Birtch (Sho-Air/Niner Bikes/Ergon/WTB/Stan's)         1.05.38
11 Robert Kranz (Spin -- RR Donnelley)                         1.15.38
12 Peter Schildt (Engin Cycles)                                1.17.27
13 Emile Smith (Bethel Cycle Sport)                            1.26.42
14 Aron Yevuta (WV Night Club Contingent)                      1.40.04
15 Chris Phillips (WV Night Club Contingent)                   1.40.06
16 Christopher Mahonski (Le Coq Sportif)                       1.48.35
17 Nate Kraxberger (NYCMTB-Peak)                               1.53.25
18 Michael Mazzarese (Avalon Cycles)                           1.56.11
19 Keith Ridenour (Bikesport)                                  1.56.49
20 Jeffrey Gilman (Bike Barn Racing)                           2.04.15
21 Nikolas Obrecht (Race Pace Bicycles)                        2.05.29
22 Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)                                2.06.48
23 Shawn Withers (Sample Racing)                               2.08.58
24 Thomas Greene (JRA Cycles)                                  2.16.04
25 Aaron Cruikshank (The Bicycle Shop)                         2.17.02
26 Nick Pedatella (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                     2.19.23
27 Douglas Jenne (Vicious Cycles / BKB)                        2.22.20
28 Ben Yoder (ECDB)                                            2.22.39
29 David Kelnberger (Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo)                 2.30.24
30 Carl Marin (Bilenky Cycle Works)                            2.46.02
31 Daniel Atkins (Bike Doctor)                                 2.52.37
32 Eddie Velasquez (team martys)                               2.59.04
33 Geoffrey Lenat (Team Marty's)                               2.59.07
34 Nick Hodge (none)                                           3.03.18
35 Larry Camp (The Bike Lane)                                  3.19.08
36 Johnny Martin (WV Night Club Contingent)                    3.24.57
37 Greg Bell (Friendly Bike)                                   3.38.40
38 Watts Dixon (Friendly Bike)                                        
39 Bob Reilly (Inspired Athletes)                              3.47.08
40 Dmitri Zorine (None)                                        4.08.22
41 Jan Faller (bikebarn racing)                                4.22.04
42 Max Steinbrenner (trophy bikes - team shiftless)            4.23.13
43 Richard Rude (cycle center racing)                          4.29.07
44 Tim Weaver (Team Cycle Works / Niner)                       4.57.42
45 James Bennetch (Down Hill From Here!)                       5.13.17
46 Dan Gingerich (Team Cycle Works / Niner)                    5.21.28
47 Dan Gemperline (Team OCD)                                   5.21.38
48 Jim Rohler (nah)                                            6.06.35
DNF Charles Meek (spin/dieringer)                                     
DNF Michael Tressler (Rad Racing)                                     
DNF Tim Dougherty (Sobe/Cannondale)                                   
DNF Chris Silkman (Jackass Racing)                                    
DNF Andrew Lovell (Mt. Nittany Wheelworks)                            
DNF Mark Epstein (Wooden Wheels Racing)                               
DNS Ben Thornton (SOULCRAFT BIKES)                                    
DNS Louis Secreto (HZ/PBR)                                            
DNS Ryan Mc Cullough (BodyGoals.com/First Endurance/Twin six)         
Clydesdale men

1 Steven Blackman (Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon)               9.18.38
2 Timothy Burton (Jackass Adventure Team)                      2.01.18
3 Mike Cusato (JAAT)                                           2.08.52
4 Timothy Koch (Smart PT/OC Interactive Design)                2.54.26
5 Barry Quigley (Pedal Shop)                                   3.28.20
6 Kirk Emig (Team Cycleworks)                                  4.11.15
7 Gerard Arantowicz (JewelCartoons.com/ Cowtown Cycling)       4.57.00
DNF Tom Kramer                                                        
DNF George Jones (None)                                               
DNF Stuart Lindsay (The Number 8)                                     
DNF John Moody (Hundred Isle Wines)                                   
DNF Dana Rapp (Rapps Real estate)                                     
DNF Bradley Smith (team iron maiden)                                  
DNF Michael Myers (Nittany Mountain Biking Assoc)                     
DNS Dylan Akinrele (Me)                                               
Master men

1 Scott Root (Dirty Harrys Bikes/Nimmo Chiropractic)           9.37.30
2 Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication)                        11.07
3 James Wilson (Human Zoom / Pabst Beer)                         45.18
4 John Friel (Newtown Bike & Fitness)                          2.22.18
5 Steve Mabry (None)                                           2.40.07
6 Charlie Hoover (Team Chullaggie)                             3.54.15
DNF Zeke Lilly (Cycle South)                                          
DNF Steve Fiore (Prioritech Inc.)                                     
DNF Larry Poliyak                                                     
DNS Tim Granger (None)                                                
DNS Rich Kelly (Rick Kelly)                                           
DNS Michael Kelly (Rick Kelly)                                        
DNS David Grauer (Orthopro)                                           
DNS John Hampton (None)                                               
DNS Gary Musgrove (Bikebarnracing.com)                                

1 Brenda and Robert Fletcher (Monticello Cycling Club)        11.19.55
2 Vicki and Mark Schow (Bikebarnracing.com)                      21.29